Rumors abound that the Nintendo 3DS will be getting a makeover some time next year. If what’s being said is true, the 3DS will be toning down the 3D angle and receiving a redesign and possibly even a new name.

A separate rumor suggests that the 3DS will receive a second circle pad that will be available as a separate accessory. The idea is for it to attach to the right side of the console.

The 3DS did receive some amount of criticism after its release and Nintendo have a history of redesigning their hand-held consoles so it is plausible that there may be a second generation 3DS. But it’s also unlike Nintendo to talk about these sorts of changes so early. Time will tell as to whether these rumors come to pass or not.

Would you welcome a redesign of the 3DS?

Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
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  • linktmbg

    I'm gonna wait for it then 🙂

    • cloverplayer

      I just hope it has better battery life/new stylus slot

  • EshDee

    So, this is the true reason the 3DS price was slashed.

  • AdspA

    About time. The 3D screen led to a host of factors that really killed the 3DS in the eyes of many gamers. 3D itself isn't bad, but the technology and price just aren't there yet for Nintendo to be putting this on a handheld console that's suppsosed to be cheap, have a long battery life and be friendly to young children.

    Let's face it, everyone who knows about the 3DS knows that it has glasses-less 3D. They just don't value it enough to buy a system with so many flaws that are directly related to the 3D screen.

    • bradley

      I don't mean to sound rude, but they will not get rid of the 3D, just not market the 3DS with the 3D if these rumors are true. They might even improve the 3D screen.

      You can always turn the 3D off though 😉

      Also, I think the second slider would probably be included by default on the redesigned version (again, if the rumors are true) and just be an add-on on the older versions.

  • Super

    Nintendo and their redesigning…you get a Nintendo DS, a month later they release DS Lite and you be like "Why did I get the original DS…" and a month after that they release "DSi" and you be like "Why did I get the DS Lite"…and a month after that they release "DSi XL" and you be like "Why did I get the DSi XL"…and a couple of months later they release "3DS" and you be like "DAMN IT!". I honestly think this is one of Nintendos flaws. They always have to redesign and add features all the time instead of making a perfect product from the beginning. C'mon I can't be buying every single redesign…Wii Motionplus should've been obvious when making a console like Wii, but instead you have to buy it as an implement.

    • Chris

      Actually I think all new WiiMote controllers now have built-in Wii MotionPlus. I saw some of them at Wal-Mart.

      • Super

        Not exactly, they didn't replace the old Wii Remote, they just made a new one with built in Motionplus, called Wii Remote Plus. The original is still available.

    • mcdude910

      Well, I originally got a DS Lite. By the time the DSi came out, rumors of a new hand-held system were out, so I didn't see the point in getting it. I figured I'd wait for a new hand-held, instead of just getting a redesign of the one I already have.

    • "…and a month after that they release 'DSi XL' and you be like 'Why did I get the DSi XL'"


  • wdwdssadad

    Typical Nintendo bullsh*t. Nintendo is beginning to be just like George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise.

    • dark_link121

      i'm sorry, but that wasnt needed

  • MoronOfTime

    Not to be funny but why the hell are Nintendo suddenly deciding to throw out everything at once? Wii slim, which to be fair is quite pointless seeing as you can't play GC games on it, Wii U next year and now a possible revamp for the 3DS? If they do revamp it, that's going to annoy a lot of people who already have it, let alone the ones who got it when it first came out! Ugh, Nintendo, just focus on one thing at a time please >.>

  • Xosgni

    Can anyone remind me why I bought a 3DS again?

    • cloverplayer

      Oot 3d/Maybe MM 3d?

    • Russet

      20 free ambassador games?

    • mkd

      because you know in your heart you know its badass

  • Joshua Lindquist

    I agree that Nintendo ought to quit selling 3D and start selling the other features of the platform, but they've got to stop this constant redesigning crap. I'm planning to buy a 3DS before the end of the year (even after reading this article), but it makes me worried that they'll add some feature to make my platform completely obsolete.

    They can sell a different feature without redesigning the platform. I don't care of they change the name, but what's most important is changing their marketing strategy. Quit putting "3D" on the end of every games' name and quit making commercials that emphasize the 3D.

    If they want to get it in the hands of small children, then I suggest disabling 3D by default.

    • I totally agree on that, especially the thing about putting "3D" on the end of every game name. Ocarina of Time 3D, Starfox 64 3D, Rayman 3D, RE: The Mercenaries 3D. It's pretty damn stupid. Not that the games are bad; I'm almost done with my third playthrough of OoT 3D. The title thing still bugs me, though.

      • mcdude910

        I just realized how redundant the name "Starfox 64 3D" is. But that's not as bad as "Super Mario 64 DS". At least "3D" is naming a feature of the game, while "DS" is just naming the system that it's on, which leads me to believe we could go without the "64". It's not like it's on a Nintendo 64 or is only 64 bit.

    • mkd

      but the n64 sold great.
      and look at their names…………
      besides nintendo lost the mario kart 64.
      its mario kart 7, not 3d!

  • shreds97

    Wow, Nintendo. Just wow.

    I don't plan on buying another one, since the 3DS now has all I want.
    As for a new name, what would it be named? 3DS suits it fine. They might change it to Threeds, 😛

    Nintendo should at least wait 2 years instead of less than a year to make a second generation. I'd rather spend my money on a MacBook than getting a second gen 3DS because a second circle pad means nothing to me. The first one is bad enough with the fact it gets all slippery and my thumb slides off of it.

    I sure hope they don't go through with it yet.

    The 3DS was a failure to begin with. A better thing to make would have been a HD-DS, or HDS. It would sell probably just as good as the PS Vita. Nintendo, you only screwed yourself on this one. 😐

    • mcdude910

      As for the name, if they do go through with this, I'm thinking it'll be "3DS Lite" (Though, the system is small enough. I don't imagine they'll make it "Lite-r"). Also, on the subject of the name of the 3DS, what does the "D" stand for? DS stands for "Dual Screen", and 3D stands for "Three Dimensional". So, is it "Three Dimensional Screen" or "Three Dual Screen"? How about "Three Dualmensional Screen"?

  • altidefan1

    I would love a redesigned 3DS. All it needs is a better battery life. If it is about the same price as the 3DS is now, I would like to get one. For the redesign, I'd just like it to be smaller, Nintendo may have to give up on their analog controller design (which is REALLY comfortable) and go to a PSP-GO style. And the need a bigger stylus. The telescoping stylus is nice, but small. I prefer something I can hold like a pen. So yes, I'd like a redesigned 3DS.

    • mdk

      because of people like you, nintendo has to do this.

  • I might go for Skyward Sword now and 3DS sometime afterward. The again, the 3DS did receive a huge price cut, so why wait?

    • cloverplayer

      I'm waiting for MM 3d and a completely new 3ds zelda title, plus I'm kinda broke at the moment besides the $60 for SS

    • mkd

      Just get it, its a wonderfull system and its going to get a lot of good games.
      And I have a lazy left eye which means i can never get the 3d to work.
      Just get it, great system.

  • Ichigo

    Nintendo said it's probably not gonna happen.

  • …I just don't know what to think about this one.

    I'm 14, obviously still living in my childhood home with my parents. They don't understand gaming technology at all. When the Wii first came out, I wanted one so badly, but they saw how much time my cousins spent on theirs and decided it wasn't the right decision to buy one. To this day I have asked 9 times (the latest 3 times, I even had enough money to get one on my own, and they STILL said no). So basically I'm the only one of my friends without a Wii, yet I know the most about it and I look forward to new first-party games more than any of them. (For example, even though I don't have a Wii, I'll probably still buy Skyward Sword and play it at friend's houses.)

    Here's another example of how much my parents don't know: After being rejected for a Wii about 5 times, I asked for a Gamecube just to have something, and they said yes without hesitation. Yep. Anyway… (continued on next comment)

  • When I heard about the 3DS, I got excited, but I knew that if I were to ever have any chance of having one, I would have to ask my parents before they heard anything bad about it. They don't understand that Nintendo made both the Wii and the 3DS, and they are both potentially addictive. I didn't tell them that, of course. So, a few days after the 3DS release date and price were announced to the public by Nintendo, I worked out a payment plan and asked my parents. They had never heard of a 3DS, and they didn't see anything wrong with me having one, especially since I would be paying for most of it (after lots of lawn-mowing :P).

    I considered it a great personal triumph when I had the 3DS in my hands on March 27th. I still play it most every day; I'm on my third playthrough of OoT 3D, doing a 100% run. But this post, to me, is bad news. After I finally get something awesome and new out of my parents, Nintendo decides to make another one?! …That is just crap.

    • mcdude910

      That story breaks my heart. No offense, but, though I understand why, I don't like it when parents don't let their kids have a certain video game system, especially one that's so family friendly, and especially one that you have the money for.

      Now, on the other hand, I have a friend (I use that term loosely, as he's not shown much friendship these days), that only plays video games. ONLY. That's literally all he does. As soon as he wakes up, he grabs his 360 controller and his Turtle Beaches, and he's playing CoD or Halo (Can't bash Halo, I love it, though I'm not a fan of CoD). I would also like to point out that he wakes up around 7 AM. He plays it literally all day. He spends his entire day less than a foot away from his television screen (Not exaggerating). He, then goes to bed at about 3 AM.

      The reason that I say he hasn't been so friendly lately, is because if his friends (including myself) ever want to hang out with him, he's too busy playing video games. If I'm ever at his house, he gives me a laptop and plays video games all day with his Turtle Beaches in his ears, so that he can hear his teammates, instead of the person he invited over. He won't even let me play with him. I'm telling you this because his mom won't let him have a hand-held system. Also, he wants her to pay for it. I completely understand this. If he had a hand-held system, nothing would stop him from playing video games at every waking hour, including if he wasn't at home.

      In your case, as far as I can tell from who you are, I think having a Wii would be fine, I just hope your not like, or plan on becoming like my "friend".

      • That's the problem. My parents think that something like that will happen to me and I'll grow up to be homeless because I didn't go to college because I played video games too much or something. Honestly, the Wii will be outdated by the time I'm an adult anyway. I told them that but they won't believe it 🙁 Anyway, sorry about your friend. It reminds me of someone I know who has given me lots of crap. I would just ditch him if I were you.

        • mcdude910

          I'm not going to just ditch him, as we have been best friends since second grade. I try to spend time with him, but he makes it hard. Honestly, I do think he's throwing his life away at this point, and I love video games! (Especially Zelda) Well, I wish you the best in getting your Wii (Or just waiting for the Wii U)

  • I'll be annoyed if it happens. I really want a 3DS, but after I buy one, I don't want another new device to launch six months later. That means any new Zelda game probably wouldn't even be playable on the 3DS.

    • mkd

      if you people would just buy a 3ds now, nintendo wouldn't have to do this.

  • xshadowtriforcex

    your not supposed to ask your parents if you can buy it your supposed to ask them if they'll take you to go buy it i figure its my money i'll do what i want with it even if i wanna get some hookers!!! (maybe not that far) anyways if my parents say no i ask my grandpa and he takes me end of story

  • xxx

    I don't think it's gonna happen soon. Before a second generation, the first one needs to sell well and be accepted and wanted to ensure people will want a second one, and fact is the 3DS has not been exactly well accepted; the casual gamers that made DS a success are either unaware it's a new generation or alienated since it seems to be targeting to hardcore gamers, while hardcore gamer are waiting for PS Vita.

  • Cinder

    Nintendo needs to not do that.

  • Chozo Knight

    SCREW THAT!!!! if Nintendo knows what is good for them they will squash this rumor immediately, I mean, look at the first post! No one will buy the 3DS if they are waiting for a new Nintendo handheld to come out.

    That being said, if they do come out with a new 3DS with another analog stick, better stylus placement, a stylus that does not extend, and better power button placement (that is not where the start and select buttons used to be) then I might buy it

  • Aron

    Seriously, Nintendo, fuck you.

    You can put out like 80 different versions of the same goddamn system, yet localizing Xenoblade or porting Majora’s Mask–you know, something your consumer base actually WANTS–is out of the question?

    In the last seven years, I have had six different DSes. Enough with this BS. Put out a completed system for once. I know I wouldn’t mind waiting if it meant I don’t have to buy another one in a year.

    • TheMaverickk

      How many versions of the Wii did we get?

      Oh that's right…. two…. a white one…. and a black one….. I guess 3 now though with Europe Family Edition Wii.

      Also why did you buy 6 DS's…. there was really only 3 versions of the DS…. DS, DS Lite, and DSi….. the XL isn't doesn't have any new features…. it's pure aesthetic. Personally I just stuck it out with the DS Lite, the DSi didn't give much new worth purchasing a whole new system.

      • mkd


      • meh

        We got a red Wii too… just sayin'

  • Chu-Chu Train

    God no. I just bought my 3DS and they are already wanting to change it. NO! Can't I have the newest Nintendo system for just a little while. I bought the DS Lite. Oh look, DSi. Jeez!

    Nintendo, I love you dearly and have never owned anything other than something licensed by you. But please; when you perfect something, don't mess with it!

  • I am going to wait to buy a 3DS until I know if this is true or not

    • mkd

      if more of you bought it now, it won't happen 🙂

  • The Iron Giant

    Hopefully this is just a rumor, because I want the 3DS for Christmas 😉

  • KingDodongo1

    As long as they can play the same games, I won't mind. I just spent $200 on a 3DS, and I don't want to buy a new one anytime soon.

    • wdwdssadad

      cause it's your parents' money — not yours

  • Alessandra

    I just bought my 3DS at the beginning of this month, I hope this isn't true, but even if it is, I like the way the 3DS is designed, it looks just right for me, the only thing that they need to put out is a battery that outlasts the original that comes into the 3DS that way we wouldn't have to turn to a 3RD party to get a better life out of it.

  • Spoon Link

    This rumor is bullshit.

  • mcdude910

    I plan on getting a 3DS on September 11th (The day after my Birthday, where I shall surely get the money to do so). Now, I'm kind of hesitant. I'm not sure I want to buy a 3DS until I found out more information about this alleged "redesign". If the redesign doesn't add any significant features, I won't care, but if it renders certain games more playable on it, I'll want it. I just hope this is only a rumor.

  • Trolldad
  • TheMaverickk

    I think it's a load of bull.

    The smart thing to do from a business stand point would be to wait and see how the price drop affects sales. If sales begin to steadily rise then they don't need to do a redesign to try and resell the system.

    Also it's a tad ridiculous to go and create a new model that has a second analog nub and no 3D…. cause it would be a completely new system, and games created for it would be programmed differently.

    I think if anything this announcement will be more on games and new features and abilities of the system. Anyways I think people should just wait and see.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually rumors like this completely defeat the purpose of the price cut… cause now people are going to wait and hold off for a revised model. Again it's just really stupid rumors.

  • mario_master

    calm down people dont worry. we are seeing the tip of the iceburg. think about how the ds lineup was. now look at its sucess. granted the current lineup is not great there is potential. also not every game is based on 3d. another thing the battery life is not really a issue unless you want to rot your brain by playin for more than 2hrs. also if they do upgrade the 3ds u wont miss much (ds lite – dsi). also who said you needed to get the latest thing. u would just be wasting your money . the whole world thought galileo was nuts now we know he was sane and we were crazy.

  • ???

    I paid $270 freaken dollars for that and I would hate if they remade it with separate games.

    • Harold

      That's kin of expensive…

  • Joe

    Nintendo already said long ago that there would be some first party games that don't use the 3D angle. I know a better name for it, the 4DS.

    • Trolldad

      1. How will the 4D work?
      2. Wouldn't it be dangerous? Say you got stabbed in the game and it stabbed you in real life,

  • zelda4ever

    If it recieves a new design, control, screen system, and name, doesn't that make it a new console?

  • Russet

    I just hope having a second analog won't make the older version obsolete…
    You can make the thing, Nintendo, but I'm not buying it.

  • DNF

    Guys, this is a RUMOR.
    I guess the internet doesn't know what rumors are. :/

  • Turtleshell7

    All of these new rumors are making the Ambassadors program seem less worth it :/


    I don't think this is true.

  • but i really like the 3DS's design D: i hope they don't change it too much.

  • meh

    I was going to get the red 3DS for Christmas or something, but I don't know now… :/ Originally, I was one of the many who was planning on waiting for the "3DS lite", but I just decided that I might as well go ahead and upgrade, since I've stuck with my beat up white DS lite ever since. I think maybe I will wait, just to be safe. I don't really NEED a 3DS at the moment. There aren't really any games I NEED (Yes, Ocarina of Time too). I guess as soon as Animal Crossing, a new Pokemon game, or Majora's Mask 3D comes out will be when I finally get one.

  • TriforceGod55

    Hmmmmmmmmmm………well Nintendo remade the original DS… this rumor could have plausible believability to it. I bought a 3ds the Monday after the price drop with Ocarina of Time 3d and I have loved it…its a great system. However, when I play I turn the 3d effect off and the wifi option off which extends battery life significantly. Besides 3d is typically ''distracting'' in my opinion. I bought for the graphical power and the games that are scheduled to come out…not for the 3d effect. So if they remodel it yes they need to rename it. 3d is not as popular as it was earlier. I really like the slide pad; however, if they remodel the 3ds then make the slide pad feel more durable. It works great as it is, but it feels a little flimsy. If they made a new 3ds I wouldn't be angry since I got it after the price drop, but if they do I would like to see the changes I mentioned above.

    • TriforceGod55

      Oh by the way….I wish they had given free camera control with the d-pad in Ocarina of Time 3d like they did for TWW and TP with the C-stick on the GC. Not a big deal though, but it would be nice to see that function implemented with adventure games on the 3ds.

  • LinkerDinker

    I'm about ready to say screw it and forget about the 3ds. I got the 3ds in June. And the only game I got when i bought was that crappy rayman 3d game. I also have oot3d now which rocks (seriously, haven't taken that cartridge out in over a month.) and those are my only two games. Then they go and do a price drop. But it wasn't so bad with the ambassador program. Got my 10 NES games now (zelda 1 and 2 oh yeah :D) and they want to make a NEW 3DS MODEL?!? NO! NO! NO! WHY MAKE STUFF THAT NOBODY REALLY WANTS WHEN YOU COULD BE MAKING STUFF PEOPLE DO WANT!!!! (majoras mask 3ds anyone?!?) gosh nintendo, i'm sorry but, you're just not as good as you used to be…