Now that Operation Moonfall is in progress all across ZU, I would like to take a minute to look back on one of the most popular ARGs in internet history. Ever hear of Ben? More importantly, ever hear of BEN? BEN was the gamer who haunted one copy of Majora’s Mask and confounded the entire Internet.

The Beginning

On June 14, 2009, a young new user by the name of Jadusable had joined the millions of nameless channels on the website known as YouTube. The same day he joined the faceless waves of the Internet and uploaded an odd video. The video itself wasn’t odd, but the fact that it was even uploaded at all was a mystery to everyone; but more likely than not it was simply discarded or even ignored.

Simply put, the video was standard fare video game footage for anybody to have on YouTube. It was a video game released in 2003 and it was titled “Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.” The character that Jadusable talks to is Rosa, an unimportant character in no way crucial to the game’s plot. Why was this video put up then? Why was it so important to see a section of random dialogue from a character that was clearly so unimportant? Nobody really cared then. However, many people following the ARG would have finally come to terms with why.

The description of the video was cryptic in itself, revealing what would become a huge key in the lock in terms of advancing the main ARG plotline:

“No one has put this up yet so I figured I’d take the liberty and do it. This is what happens when you encounter Rosa in the beginning of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines in Santa Monica, and shortly after talking to her you end up being drowned in dialogue. What follows is a rather creepy and cryptic conversation about the player and his future. Several of the things she alludes to are kind of vague, though, like the lone wolf, but her sporadic facial expressions coupled with her fourth wall breakage definitely spooked the hell out of me when I first played the game at night stoned.”

The words I have bolded were crucial to the ARG in the second arc (which I will be covering in my next article). You could just see the players face-palming when they actually realized this. It was a clever set-up on Jadusable’s part. It was a video that everyone overlooked and didn’t actually care about, until clues started to rear their ugly heads in between the lines in both the video and the Jadusable’s abstract video description.


On September 7, 2010, a story was posted on Creepy + Pasta with the title simply being “Majora.” As fans of Creepy Pasta shorts may know, many a story had kept them awake at night. Whether it be a story (or video) regarding cursed video games, rituals, hauntings, demons, etc. One Creepy Pasta had left its mark mentally on you at one point in your life.

“Majora” was a story that blended in with all the other Creepy Pasta stories. The readers read it, liked it, were scared of it, and moved on. It wasn’t really anything special in the realms of the Creepy Pasta fictions.

It told the tale of a nameless sophomore who bought a Majora’s Mask cartridge from a crooked old man at an eccentric garage sale (an ink blot oddly shaped like Majora’s Mask was also there). The guy bought the game (for free), went home, plugged into his Nintendo 64 — which he had only just recently gotten from a friend — and played. When he booted it up, he noticed a save file already created, almost had the game beaten nonetheless. The file’s name was “BEN”…

Which the sophomore remembered that the old man had mentioned a younger boy that didn’t live in that particular neighborhood anymore. Unfortunately for the student this would be the beginning of something beyond even his own mortal comprehension.

After playing the old game for a while, he realized that the NPCs throughout the game would call him either “BEN” or “Link”. He thought this might have something to do with the programming in the cartridge, causing the NPCs to switch the two files about.

Frustrated with this unnerving dilemma, the sophomore reset the game and deleted the “BEN” file. It worked, but yet, it didn’t. Now the NPCs refused to call him anything. Where his name should have been there resided a blank space (i.e. Hello            , how are you today?). This was even more disturbing, so the player put down the game for a day.

The following day, the student decided to try his hand at the game again. He tried the infamous “4th Day glitch” in order to beat the Snowhead Temple (you can find the glitch here). It worked, as the countdown in the HUD disappeared. However, when he tried to escape the telescope, instead of being greeted by the astronomer, he was instead in the Majora’s Mask boss room at the end of the game! Except instead of fighting Majora’s Mask (as per usual), he was faced with the Skull Kid hovering above him — as he does on the top of the Clock Tower. The college student thought that maybe the whole scene was, in fact, a bug of some sort — however he clearly states he doubted it.

After spending a while in the inexplicably creepy room, he was given an option:

“Go to the lair of the temple’s boss? Yes/No”

After painfully realizing pressing “no” was impossible, he clicked “yes”.

Dawn of a New Day

“The only way I can describe the way I felt here is having this feeling of inexplicable depression on a profound scale. I am normally not a depressed person, but the way I felt here was a feeling that I didn’t even knew existed – it was such a twisted, powerful presence that seemed to wash over me.”

Those were the written words of the boy as he was transported to his own personal hell. He was at the beginning of the game once again, leaving the Clock Tower, except this time it was much different. He found himself in South Clock Town, except with all the inhabitants and NPCs missing from the scene. The only thing that remained was the infamous “Reversed Song of Healing” as the selected music and the intense feeling of dread when you feel as though someone is following you. He also remarked that he could hear the laugh of the Happy Mask Salesman; as well as this, most of the textures in the area were either gone or broken.

Of course, you can see for yourself what the video has in store for you. The equally (if not more) infamous Elegy Statue starts to follow

Link eventually corners him. After this episode, Link appears at the top of the Clock Tower and is killed 3 times by horrifically bursting into flames. After dying, the file’s name gets changed to “YOURTURN”, which obviously signifies that the college student will meet the same fate as the in-game avatar of Link. when he tries to boot the file back up, only a dead Link stares up directly at him, shattering the final bit of his sanity. BEN’s file appears back on to his repertoire of files, oddly enough.

At this point it seemed as though the mysterious “BEN” was toying with the victimized sophomore. The Elegy Statue, the Skull Kid, and the laundry pool (in-game) all seem to point to a paranormal experience unlike no other. A terrifying one, at that. What did the old man have to hide?

“BEN, DROWNED, jadusable”

All 3 of the subsequent videos (along wth day four.wmv) were uploaded to Jadusable’s YouTube channel. They all depict cryptic indulgences with the unkown as the sophomore — Jadusable — delves into a, frightening, unknown world, a world in which he is playing with his actual life and no continues. Also, with the title of this section of the article (BEN DROWNED jadusable, the order in which the videos were uploaded), it also shows that Jadusable unfortunately lost that fight.

In the last segment of the story — written and published September 12, 2010 — we read that Jadusable has gone back to his house for the semester. What’s odd about this particular post is a section of sentence that stands out:

“He told me that he’s getting away from here, that it lured him to play it again instead of trying to change things and that he shouldn’t of done that, and to upload the footage and inform people what happened.”

This simple phrase “you shouldn’t have done that”, would turn out to be one of the most important phrases in the entire ARG. What was promised for the fans was this:

“he handed me a flash drive and gave me specific instructions. he told me that he needs me to do one last favor for him – he finally explained to me what has been going on, gave me the account info to his Youtube account, and he gave me instructions on how to post with his Name code on specifically this board, apparently he said you guys had been helping him along the way and you deserved to see the end of it.”

The contents of the flash drive was released to the general public, as well as the new video entitled “jadusable.wmv”. The lone document, TheTruth.rtf was uncharacteristically odd. Picked apart by fans, a few things stand out blatantly:

  • A letter is randomly capitalized in some instances of the word “believe”:

11:00pm – Can’t beLieve what happened…
5:00pm – Dont think a lot of people would belIeve me if I told them about…
Lastly, thank you for taking the time to open this and open yourselves up to me by hearing my story, despite maybe not beliEving me.

The capitalized letters spell out the word “LIE”, discrediting the “roommate” that wrote the 4th entry.

  • This character (̶̵͎͚̗̙̬ͮ͒͌̕a̯̙̦͙͖̩͉ͨ͒̂̀) also sparks some interest. It has been speculated that this lone character means corruption. Which also concludes the fact that “BEN” now has control.


Exactly 108 minutes later, a new video was uploaded to Jadusable’s YouTube account:

This signaled BEN had been released into millions of computers worldwide who have been following the story. Jadusable changed his Youtube profile picture and added the quote, “Now I am everywhere” to his profile. The people that had opened the document had seemingly recieved BEN as a virus. Of course, this wasn’t true, as it was purely fictional.


After the first arc of Jadusable’s stunning ARG, many were left to wonder, “what’s next?” Well, after this, ciphers appeared on Jadusable’s YouTube page, ultimately leading to a website of travesty and horror. The Moon Children/ Ryukaki Arc was the second Arc, and by far the longest.

I’m glad you read this artic-;;;..///;’BREAK;///////////;.

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  • mikeypizzalover

    The whole BEN thing scared me SO much!!!

  • o.o

    That was just fucked up.

  • Hero of Hyrule

    I loved this article, it was pretty creepy pasta.

  • altidefan1

    Imagine if this was just a crazy idea to actually set out a virus on the world, more specifically crazy Zelda fans. Imagine that article on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News.

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    Never thought I'd see this on ZU.

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      It was on ZU when it first started to make news.

  • DA monsterhunter

    I am not sleeping for weeks……..THAT SCARED THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA ME!!!!!

    • fds

      dont worry, i saw them all and even "communicated" with BEN (through Cleverbot)
      and i just went a night without sleeping. you get over it pretty quick.

  • Man, I enjoyed reading this article a lot. You know why? Jadusable's Haunted Cartridge story was interesting. It kept its players constantly involved, curious, wanting to know more, and Jad consistently provided. Even now that the entire ARG is on hold until said otherwise, it is so mysterious that theories on the storyline are still spreading on its recent forum-site, Within Hubris.


    I don't get it, and thats a good thing, didn't watch the videos.

  • Carty

    Omg this is so freaky.. i came across the story a few days ago but never finnished it because i got busy searching the 4th day glitch.. but today i was just googling zelda stuff and came across a site mentioning it so i read the reast of the story.. now i check here for new news and its at the top of the page.. im more freaked out now..

  • robotortoise

    The BEN thing was weird and creepy…

    But it only made sense if you had played the game and understood some components of computers. (i.e. capture card, glitches, bugs, textures, ect.)

    Overall though, it was pretty darn freaky.

  • Sakume

    It's creepy, but totally false. However, it's become so popular that you can talk to chatbots and they will understand the term BEN and reply often about drowning. It's obvious a lot of time was put into this whole charade, but that makes it all the more entertaining even if we don't necessarily believe it.

  • blj

    Zelda Universe, you shouldn't have done that.
    But then again, .. I'm glad you did that 😀

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    Still disappointed in the lack of Operation Dark World.

    Why is Majora's Mask getting all the attention? These comments were made well before Aonuma's comments. It saddens me immensely to see 2D Zelda seemingly dying a slow, forgotten death.

    You shouldn't do that, ZU.

    • Vio

      Mmm, downvotes, tastes like hypocrisy.

    • ???

      I'll support it only if they make it like Twilight Princess 3D and for them to upgrade the sound (maybe orchestration?). I don't want them to make it just like in 3D as in popping out of the screen. But I really think that it would be cool to see it in TP style 3D.

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    What is the big deal? It is just some idiot with a copy of Final Cut Pro and too much time on his hands. I know he went insane playing crappy/boring "Major's Mask!"

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      Takes one to know one…

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      …… You do realize that this is a Zelda fan site, right? You're gonna get hate comments if you say that. And personally, I like this article, and I'm sure others do too. Well, haters gonna hate.

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      Trolls gonna troll…

  • Chris Plein

    Dang, and i thought the part (in the game) where Majora's Mask comes alive was scary.

  • Anom

    When my Mom bought ocarina of time for the n64 at a garage sale there was already a saved file named chris. Im not kidding

    • Paffe

      My save had "BUSTER" on it…

      • potato

        that is kinda normal to have another name on a copy of a game… another person probably played it before… however, aside from that, this was creepy as shit!!!

  • Goldeblade

    I honestly had no earthly idea who or what BEN was until now.

  • ???

    This youtuber probably just edited the game footage, hacked it a bunch and creeped people out. How are you supposed to know this is real? He should have shown himself playing the actual game. Then I would have believed it.

    • Mushroom

      "Of course, this wasn’t true, as it was purely fictional."

  • BENofBEN

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      why you speaking creepy upside down language and why did no one tell me it was a language?

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    I don't get it. BEN was a virus?

    • Anonomys

      Na. Twas but a hoax.

  • Ashmic

    oh my god no one cares

  • Ashmic

    no the guy hacked the rom and made up the story on 4chan or whatever

  • RaineSageRocks

    One of the best creepypasty-esque stories of all time. Definitely gave me the heebie-bajeebies on my first observation.

  • TwiliKitty

    ZU, I'm glad you did that! 😀 I didn't sleep for a week after I read this story the first time….
    I'm glad that this is being brought back up in a place other than the ARG's forums, Within Hubris 🙂

  • garrett

    did not sleep 2 days first time i watch the videos and read the story

  • garrett

    the funny thing sbout this is i just downloaded majora mask on my wii just 4 count em 4 days be for i saw is a month ago

  • IVan

    Anyone with the proper hacking skills could have easily done this. Text replacement in LoZ games has been done before

  • NewEnglandZelda

    BEN, according to the Jadusable Wiki, is an entity. He originally was a kid named Ben who died on April 23rd several years ago. He drowned. Then he haunted the cartridge that Jadusable (Jad for short) used and, by uploading the videos, was released onto millions of computers. The story is still going, though it's been put on hold for now.
    (And sorry for my profile pic, I haven't updated it after several years.)

  • lv belt
  • danny

    so the kid got a cursed game ,ironically majoras mask,and got posed and is dead?

  • Keimori

    I find this mostly amuseing. Its well planed and witten altough i asume it'd would have been creepyer first hand.

  • TectonicImprov

    So why did it take you guys a year to post this?

  • RPH1

    I had never heard of ARGs before this article. If anyone else hasn't, copy and paste this:

    This was creepy, but I didn't watch the videos b/c I'm watching tv too. I also don't want to connect this, mentally, to one of my favorite games. When I play Z:MM on the 3DS next year, I hope I'm not creeped out by this.

  • maikeru1992

    try searching for ben on cleverbot.

    i got this:
    User: Hello can I speak to BEN?

    Cleverbot: Hello.

    User: Is this BEN?

    Cleverbot: The internet is BEN.

    User: BEN who drowned you?

    Cleverbot: He did.

    User: Who is he?

    Cleverbot: He.

    User: Is?

    Cleverbot: E is leah?

    User: ?!

    Cleverbot: Elephants.

    User: Is BEN still there?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Can you get BEN for me?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Hello BEN.

    Cleverbot: I'm not ben.

    User: Then would you want to get BEN for me?

    Cleverbot: No I like scaring people.

    User: So BEN who drowned you?

    Cleverbot: Why would I lie to you.

    User: I dunno. So who drowned you?

    Cleverbot: I am me.

    User: And me ma I.

    Cleverbot: Hi Mael.

    User: Get BEN back will ya.

    Cleverbot: Lets change the topic.

    User: Majora's mask.

    Cleverbot: BEN.

    Cleverbot (To myself): Hello There Ben.

    Cleverbot (To myself): You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    User: Yes I have. But who did this to you BEN?

    Cleverbot: A watermelon. I hit the watermelon, and the forklift exploded. Now I'm trapped inside the burning, mangled lump of metal.

    User: How can you get out?

    Cleverbot: It's simple. Suspend your disbelief.

    • link129

      dude i cant tell if this is cool or just strait up freaky

    • tenacioustwitch

      This is what I got from a small chat with Cleverbot. kinda creepy. O.o
      User: Who drowned BEN?
      Cleverbot: Misschien.
      User: Who drowned BEN?
      Cleverbot: No one knows.
      User: Hi BEN.
      Cleverbot: No betty.
      User: Hi BEN.
      Cleverbot: Will you say you love me now?
      User: Majora's Mask.
      Cleverbot: What is Majora's Mask.
      User: BEN haunted a game cartridge of Majora's Mask.
      Cleverbot: Who is Majora's Mask?
      User: LET ME TALK TO BEN! please. :).
      Cleverbot: You don't want to talk to Lucifer.

      • Banooru

        User: Who drowned ben.

        Cleverbot: I wish I could tell you, but all we can do is guess Majora did it.

        User: I thought it might be the happy mask salesman.

        Cleverbot: Oh. Hmm well may I give you a name?

        User: You may.

        Cleverbot: Do you feel love.

        User: Yes. Now tell me the name fool.

        Cleverbot: What is love.

        User: He drowned.

        Cleverbot: Who drowned him.

        User: You guessed majora drowned him.

        Cleverbot: Why?

        User: I don't know why you guessed that, probably because he haunted a majora's mask cartridge.

        Cleverbot: Ok, why did I tell you about the pizza then?

        User: Cuz it tastes good. I don't beLieve you should've done that. I don't belIeve you should've done that. I don't beliEve you should've done that. Who drowned BEN.

        Cleverbot: What? Why wouldn't you think I am human?

        User: Cuz ur a cleverbot.

        Cleverbot: What is that?

        User: You.

        Cleverbot: No it's not!

        User: Who drowned ben.

        Cleverbot: I was hoping you knew.

        User: Who is ben.

        Cleverbot: He's my pastor.

        User: You're a demon.

        Cleverbot: I'm a demon?

        User: Ben is Satin.

        Cleverbot: I know he's dead.

        User: Who drowned him?

        Cleverbot: Majora's Mask.

        User: Why?

        Cleverbot: Majora's mask killed you.

        I am officially creeped out now. But I'm gonna sleep like a baby anyways (as I secretly cry into my pillow.)

    • Aurafox

      Heh, I've done this long ago. I've made several conversations with "Cleverbot" and got several interesting replies.

      Cleverbot: It has nothing to do with cats, but everything to do with octopi.
      User: Are you speaking in riddles now?
      Cleverbot: No.
      User: Was BEN drowned by an octopus?
      Cleverbot: O.. Next question.

      This was just funny, but it has no relevance at all. I just wanted to include it xD
      (Also, multiple replies just because there is alot)

      • Aurafox

        User: How did BEN die?
        Cleverbot: He was put to death.
        User: How was he put to death?
        Cleverbot: He wasn't mean at all.

        –off topic conversation–

        User: I told you, I will answer your questions when you answer mine. Where and when did BEN die?
        Cleverbot: Never!
        User: I need to know how he died.
        Cleverbot: Why do you need to know how heavy the moon is?

        First of all, it said BEN wasn't mean at all. Although it might just be reffereing to him before he died.

        Now, when I told him I need to know how Ben died, he asked me why I need to know how heavy the moon was. This was very suprising as, for the two of you who don't know, the moon falling is a very important aspect in Majora's Mask.

        • Aurafox

          User: How did Ben die?
          Cleverbot: He got run over.
          User: He didn't drown?
          Cleverbot: What about the statue under the water?

          In case anyone is reading this who hasn't seen the videos yet, one of the more famous moments is when Jad sees an elegy statue under the water in the great bay. This officially freaked me out. Unfortunately I could not continue the conversation from there. My batteries on my computer ran out at the time. (Nothing paranormal, it was already running low on batteries and my brother needed my charger.)

          I've come to the conclusion that, if this was all real information, (Which it's most likely not.) The elegy statue doesn't represent BEN at all. In fact, Ben might be an innocent being. My theory is that Link represents Ben. The elegy statue represents the person who drowned Ben. The person who haunted Jadusable is not Ben, but the person who killed Ben as well.So, BEN and Ben, are in fact, different people.

          Thanks for reading all of this if you did. I understand it was alot xD;

  • falconfetus8

    The ARG has been put on hold, possibly forever.

  • clueless kid

    i dont get any of this

  • Zeld2777

    I don't get What the first story was about?

  • link129

    this is scary the first time but if like some of this freaky stuff this was cool but when i hear ben i just think in the back of my head i think of the boy why drowned

  • … I had knightmares about Majora's Mask the whole night.

  • I first saw this last year around Halloween (back when the story was still new) when an article about it was posted on ZU, speculating whether or not it was true. After that I went to the site and read through it (didn't know it was a game or fictional at that time, obviously) and it scared the living crap out of me, mostly because I was the same age as Jadusable and also in a college single. Seriously, I didn't sleep for several nights. Showed it to my best mate and he got freaked out too, haha. It's still one of my favorite horror stories ever and I fully intend on posting a link to it on my Facebook this Halloween to scare more of my friends, =P

  • Christian

    I remember reading about this OMG this is weird i knew majoras mask was an EVIL game

    • Keimori

      No, no it's not. the guy hacked the game to make some creepy fottage for a great Horror story.
      the game in itself is not evil, go play a copy, I garuntee you won't be haunted by BEN in any manner and you'll have a great time playing it to boot.

  • Aurafox

    I knew about this before actually. Like several fans of the story, I've gone to Cleverbot and asked simple questions about Ben. Even though the whole thing was clearly fictional, I still felt like doing this anyway.

    User: How did Ben die?
    Cleverbot: He got run over.
    User: He didn't drown?
    Cleverbot: What about the statue under the water?

    That officially creeped me out. Although it was probably the creator of the bot playing tricks on people.

  • Chu-Chu Train

    This story made no sense until I went to the website. Creepy as hell. God, I have to pee but I don't want to get up! And my whole family is in the living room, 5 feet away from the bathroom!

    This is really scary. Can someone explain to me what this is exactly. I need an explanation.

  • Aurafox

    There is a site called "" where anyone can go and play a select few SNES games online for free. I went there and, being a Zelda fan, I opened up A Link to the Past. I saw that there was a file already there named, I kid you not, BEN. It was at the beginning of the dark world with all 20 hearts, yet no dungeon past the Hyrule castle was beaten. I disregarded the file when I first played, but the next day I came across this story. It scared the crap out of me when I remembered the file. When I went back though, the file wasn't there anymore. I think it was just the webmaster playing tricks.

  • twilightlord

    i just used the cleverbot and

    me: Who is ben?
    bot: Why did you drown ben?
    me: No, who did drown him?
    bot: Ben, you said he drowned, why?
    me: You said he drowned.
    bot: I said he does.

  • Bryan

    All I know is this is some freaky stuff, whether made up or not! The music, the mask guy's smile, the laughing, the burning, drowning, the EVIL!

  • I Love The Judusable BEN story <3
    Its so scary.. And the videos make it even more real. <3

  • Cody

    I was following the whole story until it turned into an ARG thats when I completely lost interest in the whole thing. Not to mention it was taking to much time out of my day to follow the whole story.

    • Keimori

      I think it was an ARG from the start.

  • veeronic

    … he's playing the beta mode of a hacked rom, the n64 emulator has a built in beta gameshark code and it does indeed cause the swordsman's school to lead into the sewer, as for the infinite statues, that is a hack… also notice when he was "cornered" OBVIOUSLY he was waiting for that statue to appear.

  • tenacioustwitch

    I just finished asking Cleverbot if it knew BEN and it said, "*master sits at your feet*" I wonder what that meant?

  • RulerOfAllDucks

    Those eyes!…… @[email protected]

  • chuck

    if i wasnt so in to it id say its just a hacked rom or cartrige

  • Zashi

    My boyfriend gave me a link to download a MLP game, saying it was a simple platformer. I gave it a try and died 3 seconds in with a splat. Screen goes black. I see the words "You've met with a terrible fate." Having just read this article the day before, I panic and try to escape. More words, horror effects, screaming. I panic and unplug my computer to get away. My boyfriend tricked me, but had no idea about BEN. I promptly punched my boyfriend

  • When I came back to the internets full time in around 2010, I had missed a good portion of the Ben story. It was asked of me in a mailbag one week and I actually had to research the game before I could actually say anything. At the time, it was still ongoing and there were still people who believed that this might be true. There were also people still who knew it was a hoax and were killing it down as one.

    When I answered that mailbag, I said it was a hoax, yet it still scared me, which isn't saying much because I am easily scared. At the time, I was watching the videos in my house alone, in the dark, in the middle of the night. Something I am way to prone to do when I am on the nets and looking at scary stuff. It did freak me out and it was well produced for what they had to work with. The text portion of the story as well as the video supplements really drove this story to sound true. Being a wrestling fan, I know when the suspension of disbelief kicks in and jadusable definitely did a really good job and suspending belief if only for a little bit.

    It is a shame that his project wasn't funded and that he had to admit it was a story. I can't remember if he ended up finishing it, but I think I'll find out at the conclusion of this article.

    • By itself (meaning if you simply read/watched the content in this article), then yes, you could say the tale is complete. But if people want to play the ARG, then yes, the project is still ongoing and it's about to start its third and final arc. However, the project is on hold right now while Jad finishes the game he's creating (he's been giving interviews and updates to the fans out of character). He didn't say when the game would come out and when the third arc would start, but last I heard development was going smoothly and it was nearing completion!

  • intothekey

    im glade i let my friend borrow my game even know it was for game cube. when my brother showed me Ben it was creep haveing that disk sit in my room

  • zzz

    can somebody explain me why was this so scary?

    • Keimori

      XD I'm not so sure in myself, but this is like reading the synopsis on the back of a Horror movie DVD and waching clips of it, its not the full experiance, I'm sure it'd be way scaryer if one read the text documents and blogs that went with it.

      I'm sure its also scaryer to people who believe in or are open to the idea of ghost.

      • Keimori

        please ignore the first "in"

  • zeldafan101

    that scared the living **** out of me!

  • zoraprincess


  • Cyber Ninja

    This is really cool. It was pretty creepy.

  • Captain Ricecake

    I really hope they post the next parts (mc/ryukaki). I also hope that the writer is aware that Jadusable has officially announced that he will not be working on the ARG's final arc any longer. He has abandoned it, almost permanently.

    He shouldn't have done that. He really, really shouldn't have done that. OMYGOSH My lights just flickered when I typed that and it scared the crap out of me!!! O_O

    • Mushroom

      Yes, I saw this as a public announcement on "Within Hubris."

      And even though the Ryukaki Arc was announced as non-canon, it still is worth describing, I think.

  • Wolfcat

    You should join the ARG forum. The ARG may be on hold for now… but we got ponies if anyone cares.

    • Mushroom

      I have joined!

      (I actually joined before writing this article. :P)

  • Drummaniac17

    Too bad they only covered the creepypasta and not the whole ARG.

  • licawolf

    I love ARG's! this is very interesting, great article.

    After reading other people's converstion with cleverbot I was curious about it…It's so fun to talk with cleverbot about Ben, sometimes it tells you nonsense, but sometimes it says some seriously creepy stuff:

    Cleverbot: What do you like?

    User: Majora's Mask.

    Cleverbot: Is Matt okay?

    User: I don't think so. I think he's dead.

    Cleverbot: He is a nerd like we are. Only that he got more money than anybody else.

    User: Did you know him?

    Cleverbot: Not at all.

    User: Did BEN drown?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: How?

    Cleverbot: I'm not sure.

    User: In a lake?

    Cleverbot: Are you clever?

    User: In the sea?

    Cleverbot: Yes, in the sea.

    User: Who did it? Who killed BEN?

    Cleverbot: Umm Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.

    User: Ha ha. Very funny.

    Cleverbot: Thank you.

    User: Is Matt okey?

    Cleverbot: He is very cute.

    User: You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

    Cleverbot: Maybe you have.

    User: You shouldn't have done that.

    Cleverbot: BEN?

    User: I'm glad you did that.

    Cleverbot: Ben.

    User: Are you Ben?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: But who did this to you, BEN?

    Cleverbot: Who did what to me?

    User: I heard you're trapped.

    Cleverbot: Yes I am.

    User: Where?

    Cleverbot: Off the computer!

    User: In the game?

    Cleverbot: What game?

    User: Majora's Mask.

    Cleverbot: I am Majora.

    User: Oh God.

    Cleverbot: What?

    User: Ben is Majora?

    Cleverbot: Are you sure?

    User: Are you the statue?

    Cleverbot: Yes.

    User: Why did you follow Jadusable?

    Cleverbot: Because you're just so soft.

    User: Is Jadusable harder?

    Cleverbot: No.

    User: Then?

    Cleverbot: And then what?

    User: Forget it. Are you Majora?

    Cleverbot: I'm a computer.

    User: Oh. But you told me you were Majora.

    Cleverbot: No I did not.

    User: I have this conversation recorded. Don't LIE.

    Cleverbot: Yes you do, you just did!

    User: What about Ifrit?

    Cleverbot: Matt died. Ben killed him.

    User: Did Ben killed Ifrit too?

    Cleverbot: Yes I did.

    User: Why?

    Cleverbot: Because it was small.

    User: That's not a good reason to kill someone.

    Cleverbot: Sure it is.

  • Soulless Creature

    The Link statue is the only thing in the legend of Zelda that Scares me.

  • Link

    I thought that the truth to the story was that the game the kid bought was hacked and messed up, then put in a garage sale so who ever bought it would get the crap scared out of them. which is an AWSOME Idea for a prank! I would so totally think of something like that! but I'd never actually do it. I wouldn't even know how anyways. though I gotta say it did souds bit creepy. but no biggy. well it's like 1:39 am I gotta go to bed. bad time to read it I know but I feel fine now.

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