Eiji Aonuma
In this week’s Famitsu magazine, an interview with the producer Skyward Sword, Eiji Aonuma, was published.ย  In this interview, he covers all sorts of topics about Skyward Sword from the characters to the plot to whether or not we will be seeing good ol’ Ganondorf make his famous appearance. If you’re trying to avoid spoilers about this game, steer clear of the rest of this post as there are minor ones.

The interview contained a lot of little tidbits of information, some which are already known and some which are new. The actual interview has been translated from Japanese, so I’ll post a summary here:

  • Zelda is not a princess in this game. She is a childhood friend of Link’s. What she does share in common with her namesakes is that she disappears during the game and it’s up to Link to find her.
  • Aonuma describes the game’s opening sequence as being like a school drama. Link and Zelda go to boarding school, and Link competes in the flying contest against his classmates.
  • Skyloft, the town where you begin the game, is the central hub of the game and you’ll return to it many times throughout the adventure.
  • Aonuma also makes comparisons with The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. One of the best features of Majora’s Mask was the way it explored the lives of the various characters that Link met during his journey. Skyward Sword will have lots of events and interaction with the various townspeople in Skyloft, particularly those from Link’s school, that will intermingle with the main story.
  • Link will get some cool new gear early on in the game. Unlike previous Zeldas, where Link gets the most powerful and interesting items later in the story, he’ll get them very early on.
  • The residents of Skyloft are unaware of the existence of a world below. To them, living in the clouds and flying around on birds is completely normal. It’s also customary for each person to have their own bird. Link’s red bird is rather rare and special and it causes him to get picked on by the people who are jealous that Link has a fancy bird and they don’t. But this special bird will play an important role in helping Link to get to the mainland.
  • Demon Lord Ghirahim is an important character in the game. The demo involving him shown at E3 a few weeks ago is from early on in the game when Link first meets him. Aonuma compares him to Ocarina of Time’s Dark Link in terms of his ability to see through Link’s moves while they’re fighting. You won’t be able to beat him with mad sword-slashing, instead you will need to keep your distance, watch his moves and learn a strategy to beat him. Aonuma says that he’s a good change of pace for the boss battles, and that he changes over the course of the game. This suggests that we’ll have to fight him multiple times.
  • Skyward Sword will cover the birth of the Master Sword in its story, which is connected to Ocarina of Time. It will also touch on why Ganondorf showed up. Does this mean that Ganondorf will appear in the game? Only time will tell.
  • The game itself is complete and it’s currently being fine-tuned. It will be released at the same time across the world; Aonuma now realises that if the game is released earlier in some places than others, the story will be spoiled for those waiting to play the game. With that, he adds that even if the story has been a little spoiled, gamers will still have tons to enjoy.
Source: 1up.com
  • Oh, wow, he's making me even more excited than I already was <.<

  • Frista

    Um, well, in OoT, I think I recall Zelda referring to Ganondorf as an "incarnation of the darkness" or something… so… um… yeah… Like, this seems it's going to cover a lot of background and perhaps the Imprisoning War, but the thing with prequels is… this story probably wasn't in mind back when Ocarina of Time was made, so…

  • Ashmic

    I orgasmed and died when I read about ganondorf, I'm so excited it's not even funny

  • DekuSprout

    Jesus! The game
    is already finished?:O

    Dear release date,
    Please be kind and come a little bit earlier than holiday season[:

    • HylianPwnage

      I'd rather them take their time with the Final Touches ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • WOW!!!!, This made me more excited for Skyward Sword than I was before, this is awesome news!!!! I'm glad Zelda is not a Princess in this game, which means this game begin the origins of the Royal Family, and Possibly Link might become the First "Male" Heir to the throne. Also hearing about Ganondorf, it seems like this either going to reveal the origins of Ganondorf and why he's evil? (Imprisoning War Origins) or it might reveal a predecessor to Ganondorf which means "Ganon" might exist before Ganondorf, but only time will tell, I can't wait till this game comes out!!!!

  • ANdom

    im pretty turned on right now

  • licawolf

    All these sound so great, I'm so excited! Specially for the Majora's Mask part, I loved Majora's Mask's sidequests and NPC interactions, nice to hear SS will take some of that.

  • KyleLink

    Relations to Majora's Mask AND Ocarina of Time's DARK LINK?! MY FAVORITE GAME AND BATTLE IN ONE?! THIS IS PERFECT! From now on I will not look at any Skyward Sword things until I get the game.

    PS: Zelda, why you have to go and get yourself captured again? XD

  • Z-MAN7

    This just might be the Zelda game to trump all others in the series.

    • GorCoronSumo


  • Poe Princess Mara

    "Aonuma now realises that if the game is released earlier in some places than others, the story will be spoiled for those waiting to play the game."

    Wow, it took him this long to realize that XD? Nah I'm not having a go at him BTW. I'm glad we'll be getting the game at the same time as America and Japan. And I'm also glad to hear that they're concentrating on sidequests and Link's hometown in this game. I hope there's a trading game like the ones in OoT or TWW. Can't wait for this to come out!

  • Callin

    "Demon Lord Ghirahim is an important character in the game."

    I'm somewhat intrigued by this statement. If he's the primary villain, then calling him "important" feels underwhelming. It sort of makes me think that he's not the primary villain – then calling him important feels like a more significant reveal (more like the others reveals here)

    • Ghetto link

      I think he's more like the Zant in the Skyward Sword.

  • Silver-Lynx4

    GOD OH MY GOD I CAN'T WAIT!! what i read here was completely awesome!!! #1

    (and i somewhat hate myself because i can't stand it…everytime i see spoilers i read them…too much temptation D:)

  • I submitted this news but wasn’t given credit :(, oh well. Still awesome though.

  • 4n 0n 0h mu5

    i hope they take their time with the finishing touches, remember the warning about "if it's not the best, no more Zelda"? not that i believe that though. still,if they're that motivated,maybe they'll finally top O.o.T., and i hope so, because if they do,and the trend continues,each new Zelda will be better than the last.

    • cloverplayer

      they already changed that, they confirmed they've starting planning/working on zelda HD

    • T Dave

      Majora's Mask already topped Ocarina of Time, but Skywaed Sword seems to be shaping up to go even higher. All we can do is hope, for Zelda HD's sake that is.

  • cloverplayer

    the beginning of 2011 is already over

  • Paffe


  • The Iron Giant

    I'm loving EVERYTHING so far. From character interactions on the level of MM, to the possibility of us learning a shred of Ganondorf's backstory, (an oppressed Gerudo tribe, perhaps).

  • xgamedx

    but i'll hav to…

  • I'm psyched to hear that NPC's will have more depth akin to what we saw in Majora's Mask. Even though I loved Twilight Princess and its epic story, I felt often that the NPCs (especially Castle Town) were lifeless cardboard cutouts. Even in OoT there were many memorable ones whose words and interactions with you change as the game progresses and you complete certain tasks, but not so much in TP. It was disappointing and it took away the feeling of immersion I often experienced in other Zelda games, so I'm glad Nintendo noticed that too!

  • Silver-Lynx4

    …i have a question…
    does anyone know how old Link and Zelda R in this game?
    i'm pretty sure they're the same age…like 14-15?

    Whut do u think people?

    • Nessa

      16? Getting a bird is like getting a car for them I think lol

      • Darkstar

        Didn't Eaonuma state that this is the oldest Link yet? I was thinking more around early 20's

        • GorCoronSumo

          Oldest as in ancient history of Hyrule.

          • LinkFan

            they were talking about his age

    • LinkFan

      probably 19 or 20, because they said he's the oldest Link

  • Hussain

    Best announcement ever: NPC interactions being like in Majora's Mask.

    I'm sold!

  • Sam

    School drama -No…

    Everything else -YES!

    • Ghetto link

      I think the school drama seems pretty cool to me. Plus, it makes this Zelda a lot more different from the others.

  • darkgreenlink

    the school thing sounds weird to me, but the fact that nintendo decided to make zelda different by not making her a princess and including ganon in some way is awesome. If they explain the creation of the Royal Family, the imprisioning war, and make ganondorf the boss and sheik’s harp the instrument this could my favorite zelda game.

    also having more items in the beginning is a great idea.

  • link-tl

    think about it people ganons like what 40 at max in OOT the war was idk how long and this is before hyrule was a kingdom im sorry i was sad too when i learnt it but ganons not the boss but who knows maby nintendo can mix things up…maby ๐Ÿ™‚

    • darkgreenlink

      well there is a theory that ganon[s] is the same guy in all games or are incarnations of the original that are born every 100 years. Either way it is possible that ganon [maybe not human incarnation] existed before OOT and is in SS.

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  • LinkFan

    The booklet thing in Ocarina of Time 3D said Fall 2011, so which is it?

  • Gerben

    What if Link's rival will be Ganondorf and the school drama is Ganondorf being pissed at Link for hanging out with Zelda, and that's why he becomes evil. This school drama thing could be a disaster for the story ๐Ÿ˜›

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