Wii - Virtual Console

According to this report on Telewatcher, there will be a Virtual Console in HD on the Project Café (the codename for Nintendo’s next home console), and from what’s been reported, it better be true!

The rumored Virtual Console is said to have a “select group of Virtual Console titles” for release in HD. The report also states that only a select group of Virtual Console games will be made available in HD due to “money, time and effort that would be needed to convert all of the titles.” The report also states that “each game must be individually re-done to take advantage of widescreen HD resolutions and aspect ratios.  They will be redone similarly to how classic games are being redone to take advantage of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS.”

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Telewatcher has also stated that games we have already bought on the Wii’s Virtual Console will be transferable to Project Café. Although, if you want to play the HD re-mastered version of the title, you will have to pay in full to re-download it. The rumors are also stating that “Sega is getting ready to port some of their “Xbox Live Arcade” Genesis HD games (such as Sonic) on Project Cafe’s virtual console service.”

As of now, ALL of this information is rumoured, and we here at ZU would be very happy to see classics like Super Metroid and Super Mario 64 in HD. Would you be willing to pay full price for an HD re-make of a game you already own on your Wii? Which older Nintendo games would you like to see re-mastered in HD? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Telewatcher