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According to this report on Telewatcher, there will be a Virtual Console in HD on the Project Café (the codename for Nintendo’s next home console), and from what’s been reported, it better be true!

The rumored Virtual Console is said to have a “select group of Virtual Console titles” for release in HD. The report also states that only a select group of Virtual Console games will be made available in HD due to “money, time and effort that would be needed to convert all of the titles.” The report also states that “each game must be individually re-done to take advantage of widescreen HD resolutions and aspect ratios.  They will be redone similarly to how classic games are being redone to take advantage of the 3D capabilities of the 3DS.”

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Telewatcher has also stated that games we have already bought on the Wii’s Virtual Console will be transferable to Project Café. Although, if you want to play the HD re-mastered version of the title, you will have to pay in full to re-download it. The rumors are also stating that “Sega is getting ready to port some of their “Xbox Live Arcade” Genesis HD games (such as Sonic) on Project Cafe’s virtual console service.”

As of now, ALL of this information is rumoured, and we here at ZU would be very happy to see classics like Super Metroid and Super Mario 64 in HD. Would you be willing to pay full price for an HD re-make of a game you already own on your Wii? Which older Nintendo games would you like to see re-mastered in HD? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Telewatcher
  • LionHeart717

    Maybe if they don't make Majora's Mask 3D, they can release in HD? I don't know, but i'm still holding out for Majora's Mask 3DS.

    • DarkChu

      Bet you they do! that would be awesome;P

    • Soulless Creature

      You can play MM on the N64, GC and WII I think thats enough till the new games console.

      • aaa

        Shut up fucking bastard.

    • IcePhantom

      No, in all honesty, I'm quite disappointed that Nintendo just decided to remake OoT in 3D. Sure, I'm still looking forward to it, and I'm definitely going to buy it, but I would be pretty upset if they decided to make a Majora's Mask remake. I wish they would make 3DS games that aren't just minimally improved titles that were originally released a long time ago. (e.g. Rayman 3D, OoT 3D… that's another thing, I wish they would stop putting "3D" at the end of most of the games. I bought Pilotwings Resort because it's a new game and it doesn't have "3D" at the end.)

      • Nintendo is remaking Star Fox 64 as well.

      • aaa

        Don like'em don't buy'em

      • Craig

        You're completely misunderstanding the point… Everyone says "I'm not buying 3DS cos I don't like 3D" or "I won't buy this cos 3D is in the title"… You do realise that's there as it has the ABILITY to use stereo 3D, right? It's optional, it's just to alert you and show its for a brand new console not the old boring DS/Lite/i/iXL generation of console.

    • shadow/link

      I hope that they do make mm for the 3ds it will be awsome

      • T Dave

        Nintendo wouldn't miss out on the oppertunity to make a fortune, so a MM3D is very likely.

        • aaa

          Although the game had poor sellin originally, nowadays it'd sell better since it's come to be a cult game, and they already have the core engine programed with Ocarina of Time, so I think chances of it being remade are high in my opinion, and I really hope they do..

    • Aura

      If they do make a Majora's Mask 3D, the graphics would probably be different than that of the OoT Remake. OoT 3D just has too bright of graphics for Majora's Mask.

      • Craig

        In production terms, that's actually a good thing. Brightness in contrast to dark storylines tends to work better and create the perfect atmosphere. Not everything's black and white as in "if it's dark, it has to look dull" – look at TP, I don't think the graphics felt like the big wide adventure it was supposed to be, just felt restricted.

  • I'm going to pass. Why? We don't have an HDTV. Old-school 2000 TV FTW!


    • Silver Scale

      13" Hitachi built in 1978 FTW. 😛

    • Craig

      Problem is you don't know HD until you see it, crystal clear and can see so much more detail.

  • HisNameIsPhil

    Now i can have OoT on the wii VC, OoT HD, and OoT 3D.

    I'll have file schitzophrenia.

  • GECK-101

    Majora's Mask HD. That is all.

  • zeldarules

    I think I would probably like to see A Link to the Past redone. It was just the first Zelda game where you got that epic adventure feel. 🙂

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I'd like Majora's Mask, Super Mario 64 and I know this isn't Nintendo but the first one got a HD remix on PS3 and 360 so I would like an HD remix of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle with online multiplayer

  • Anomynous

    Make a Majoras Mask 3ds game and i will buy this

  • 3DGeekFreak

    Donkey Kong Country series in HD, me would love.

  • HD Zelda games? YES PLEASE!

  • blah

    Well if they release any N64 games in HD, I hope they go through them and fix the graphics so they're not all pixely on bigger TV screens. And if they re-release Majora's Mask, I hope they fix all the glitches in it.

    • blah

      Oh, and by glitches, I mean the ones in the Wii Virtual Console one. (i.e. framerate drop, choppy sound, etc.)

      • prada

        i enjoy the other glitches! so much fun!!! if anything they should include more glitches that we can exploit!

  • robotortoise

    I don't think they'd release sprite-based games in higher resolutions because Nintendo would have to redraw the sprites, but I'd love to see 3D games in HD! Majora's Mask HD FTW!

  • veeronic

    glad I've only bought smash bros. and castlevania rebirth then.

  • Z-MAN7

    Super Castlevania 4 in HD, hell yes.

  • A dro

    Of couse majora’s mask remake please (my favorite)… But for non-zelda titles the donkey kong country series, earthbound would be cool, super mario 64, the caslevania series, super metroid, F-zero, and the megaman series (especialy 2). The idea of these retro titles in hd just makes today epic. Nintendo i love you

  • alexanderrisner

    Having Twilight Princess and Wind Waker redone in HD would be glorious. Those games are already visually appealing and just imagine how they would be after some touchup.

    • prada

      omg that would be incredible…

  • Keith

    We'll h ave OoT HD next. just watch. :p

  • dragonchi26

    if these rumors are true..I have only one thing to say…


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  • Chapushki

    Am I the only one who has an HDTV…and still doesn't care about HD? I mean it looks nice and all, but I'd still love Nintendo games even if they weren't made in HD.

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  • DekuDude

    Since OOT is coming out in 3D and a classic it’ll be that