Strike when you see the red of her eye!

This just in from Nintendo World Report: we finally have video footage of what is to be one of the greatest games in the history of electronic gaming. This will most likely be the longest look that we will take until the game’s release later this year. The video may not be on-screen, but the quality is still amazing. The sound, however, is on-speakers and comes in clear as crystal. There are a couple of bad spots where the camera guy got a little excited, but these are still amazing, hi-res vids that are totally worth viewing! Hit the jump to see this stunning video footage!

This video shows five minutes of the legendary Hero of Time beginning his great quest inside the Great Deku Tree. Although the gameplay itself is familiar to us and not too exciting, the graphics are off the wall and greatly improved from the original game. What shows the most improvement is the environmental textures that are shown. Now the treasure chests and doors look a little fuzzy, hopefully Nintendo will address this as the game has a few more months before hitting the markets worldwide.

This video shows us the handles of boss fights in this game. Although this only Gohma, the first boss of the game, the mechanics of basic battling have transitioned to the portable form in a favorable way. We will have the option of using the 3DS’s on-board motion sensors, or we can go old school and use the circle-pad to aim like we did when we used the control stick on the original N-64 game.

And if that’s not enough to knock you out of your gaming chair, Nintendo will have a series of preview events lined up over the next few months with a playable demo of Ocarina of Time 3D. As always, stay tuned to ZU for upcoming news of everything Nintendo & Zelda and tell us what you think in the comments below!