Strike when you see the red of her eye!

This just in from Nintendo World Report: we finally have video footage of what is to be one of the greatest games in the history of electronic gaming. This will most likely be the longest look that we will take until the game’s release later this year. The video may not be on-screen, but the quality is still amazing. The sound, however, is on-speakers and comes in clear as crystal. There are a couple of bad spots where the camera guy got a little excited, but these are still amazing, hi-res vids that are totally worth viewing! Hit the jump to see this stunning video footage!

This video shows five minutes of the legendary Hero of Time beginning his great quest inside the Great Deku Tree. Although the gameplay itself is familiar to us and not too exciting, the graphics are off the wall and greatly improved from the original game. What shows the most improvement is the environmental textures that are shown. Now the treasure chests and doors look a little fuzzy, hopefully Nintendo will address this as the game has a few more months before hitting the markets worldwide.

This video shows us the handles of boss fights in this game. Although this only Gohma, the first boss of the game, the mechanics of basic battling have transitioned to the portable form in a favorable way. We will have the option of using the 3DS’s on-board motion sensors, or we can go old school and use the circle-pad to aim like we did when we used the control stick on the original N-64 game.

And if that’s not enough to knock you out of your gaming chair, Nintendo will have a series of preview events lined up over the next few months with a playable demo of Ocarina of Time 3D. As always, stay tuned to ZU for upcoming news of everything Nintendo & Zelda and tell us what you think in the comments below!

  • Hylian Phoenix

    Sweet! I am SO pumped!!!

    • Ice Vader7


  • Ahh….sweet nostalgia at its finest! Haha, but seriously I'm loving the sound quality here, it's crisp and clear and almost everything we OoT vets remember from the original game. Thought it was hilarious that you already get the slingshot at the start of the Deku Tree and find it AGAIN where it usually is (Link dual-wielding slingshots? o_O).

    Oh and I don't know if anyone noticed, but watch the end of the second video and read the Deku Tree's comments. They've been changed to fit the demo!

  • Phantom7

    First! Sound quality is impressive, but I kind of wish it was actually on-screen. And where's the orchestrated music, Nintendo??

    • Phantom7

      Never mind, third. πŸ™

  • Hylian Phoenix

    Did anyone else notice Link's hat doesn't go all the way down when he's standing still, like when he was talking to the Deku Tree? I hope they fix it…

  • Forrest

    if this is nothing but a graphic update that is lame they should of a put more into it. Like more dungeons and side-quest

    • Phantom7

      The gameplay is actually a lot different., and obviously the sound effects and music are clearer and higher quality. The music should be orchestrated, though, why not just use the same orchestra that's used in SS? But also, adding more dungeons/side quests could be very risky, and the game could be criticized for that.

      • Shadowknight1

        We only have a little info on Skyward Sword's music. One from Miyamoto claiming it'll be orchestrated, and another statement from Aonuma saying that they hadn't decided to do so yet.

        As for the sound and music, it's probably easier to use those assets from the n64, though we might get higher quality music later. Again, this is a demo.

        • Shrub

          No, later they said (in not so many words) that SS would be orchestrated. When asked about orchestration, Miyamoto said something to the effect of "we can't do what we did in SMG2 and not do that with Zelda."

          But as for OoT3DS, I see absolutely no reason it should be orchestrated… Like, only 2 songs in the game have more than two parts to them. Orchestration would be wasted time, effort, and money – very few of the songs lend themselves to full orchestration.

          But I WOULD like to hear the songs re-arranged. That'd be nice… Hopefully they'll add it in the final version of the game.

          • Nintendo could always ask to use ZREO's OoT tracks! Haha, I admit I was bummed out a bit that the music wouldn't be orchestrated, but now that I think about it it doesn't bother me much. Actually I kind of prefer the music to stay the way it is now, but re-arranged tracks would be cool too.

    • Oxling

      We don't actually know that they didn't put more dungeons and sidequests in it. I don't know why you would assume that.

    • Ben

      I wouldn't care if there wasn't anything new added. Just gives me another game to beat 1000 times. πŸ™‚

  • J09s#E%UG##&(^$

    It is only a graphical update, nothing more.

  • LadyBastet

    So… Link has the slingshot already when he begins his quest inside the deku tree?

    • Shadowknight1

      Because it's a demo, Link already has some things he'd need. After all, Link shouldn't have a bottle yet either.

      • Nakoun~

        Reminds me of that Final Fantasy 7 demo where you already had all the characters and a ton of awesome materia..

  • This game… is going to be so good. I'M SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!

  • textbookleftovers

    Am I the only one who got frustrated with the way the player was playing? It was kinda like watching my husband play. And he kinda sucks at Zelda.

    • pimpim

      Well maybe that guy is a beginner… or maybe he still needs to get used to the new controls.

      • Ice Vader7


    • Ice Vader7

      who cares

  • Lach Menel

    Yah, I was really pumped when they said there was a possibility of new stuffs, but seeing there will be no extra goodies, I might not get this one while it`s still hot of the assembly line. It looks great, but I'm not going to pay 40$ plus for a game I already own. I'll buy it, but after the price goes down.

    It looks great though! I can`t wait to see the rest of the world. Castle Town, the Ranch, Juba Juba`s belly, the Shadow Temple, it`s going to be fantastic! And we haven`t even seen it in its full potential! The best game ever premastered and in glorious 3D can be nothing short than the title of this article. This game will redefine epic!

    • Shadowknight1

      Um, keep two things in mind. This is a demo to show off the new graphics, animations, and the 3D effect. Secondly, the demo is only of the areas BEFORE leaving Kokiri Forest. If there are any new sidequests, items, techniques, etc. they're likely not going to be available until after leaving Kokiri Forest. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if any new content won't be available until after getting all three Spiritual Stones and get the Master Sword.

      • TnzSki

        I'm pretty sure they've officially announced that they won't add any new content.

        • Subrosian

          Source please? I'd love to see that.

          • TnzSki

            Check out the most recent mailbag in the post right below this one. At about 5:25 in the video, he says that Nintendo has officially announced that they won't add any new stuff. As for a truly official source, I'll have to leave you hanging, but I'd say Jason is pretty reliable.

          • Subrosian

            Psh… Yeah… Ok… Haha.

          • Bill Trinen told Kotaku we shouldn't expect any new dungeons.

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Didn't the name "Deku Baba" start being used in Majora's Mask? Also, they seriously need to fix the distance sensor, because the battle theme is starting waay off. That and the intensity of it. Damn.

    • Subrosian

      Nope, it was in OoT too. And I agree about the music, but they probably just did it for the demo.

  • bobbby

    Whoa… This si the first footage I've seen where the player doesn't suck balls! Awesome!

    • bobbby


    • 123qweasd

      actually, he DOES suck balls

  • zeldafreak

    at least the music is untouched

  • spirittracksmaster

    This is so cool, and they actually made it through to the end of the boss. Nice!

  • Becky

    Looks like they've re-done the Z-Targeting too, starts as a few rows of arrows before being like it used to. And what did it say when it was Z-targeted, 'next' or something?

  • "Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen! Hey! Look! Listen!"

  • Fostythesnowman

    Let's see some skyward sword instead of a remake of a game that was so-so for me and isn't even going to be released in the launch window of the 3ds. Yeah i'm gonna get this game, but i would rather see a new game in which i didn't know the storyline or anything for.

    • TnzSki

      If Nintendo were releasing info about Skyward Sword, I'm sure ZU would be reporting on it. The 3ds is the hot news now, so that's what videos are being released for.

  • Spectacular! This is the best disclosure of OoT 3D we've seen so far. I though it was funny how the camera man reacted those two times. At any rate, the game still flows great, and I'm literally smiling at the enhanced graphics; they look truly beautiful.

  • Elienkae

    Am I the only one kinda bummed with these demos? I mean, I love ocarina of time to pieces, but I've practically memorized the game. Sure the graphics are beautiful, but if the dungeons and gameplay are identical to the good ol' 64 version, I just don't see much reason to be all hyped up. Maybe if I see something that isn't in the original game…

    • Subrosian

      A) this is a demo
      B) it's the FIRST LEVEL… they wouldn't change that
      C) they aren't done with it

  • KyleLink

    I've already seen these but I'm still pumped for it's arrival! I love the death motion of Gohma, more realistic. Can't wait for Barinade's. X3
    The music gives you that retro feel; as if you're still playing it on the N64.
    The graphics are fantastic. I love the enhanced Deku Shrubs and the "getting item" motion is slower and more life-like. I hope they do add lost dungeons like the Light Temple but other than that I'll just have to play my old N64 version.

  • Okami

    Already? Just in?
    Those videos are 24 days old…

    Anyway, even though the music isn't orchestrated, the Deku Tree music have changed slightly. It "pulsate" more, and faster.
    I wonder how the music will turn out in the end. Hopefully they will at least change the singing vocals. Like Epona's Song, which Malon sings. It's… *shivers*

    • LinkMasterYoda

      they used that voice in TP so dont count on it

  • Arby

    God, Gohma took so long to kill. Either this guy is getting used to 3DS, or he's used to it and sucks, or Gohma is much harder to kill.

  • OhYeS

    Im not impressed by the graphical update. Links model looks great and all but the textures and rest of the environment looks lazily redone. Having said that, I havent played OoT in years and i might just pick this up to replay it in a fresh look. Im really hoping they add new areas and temples aswell as sidequests. Enemies in unexpected areas would be nice too. Not a first day buy for me. I'll pick it up when its in the bargain bin. Im waaaaay more excited for Skyword Sword.

  • Ozl

    wow, i remember when i first saw the 1st boss on the N64 i was like holy cow thats big!! D:

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Wow, those graphics should be used in Skyward Sword, seriously, they look 10x better

    Animations also look a lot smoother, I'm definitely more hyped for this even though I won't be getting any handheld system

    • Subrosian

      Haha, good one.

      • Sanity's_Theif

        I'm serious though >_>

  • To me, there's only three things that make this game worth buying: The 3D feature, the improved graphics, and the increased smoothness. Other than that, for people who already own Ocarina of Time, I doubt this will be that great. I'm way more excited for Skyward Sword… but seeing as I'm young in the gaming world and I don't have this on N64, GCN, or Wii Virtual Console, and the farthest I've ever gotten at a friend's house is JabuJabu's Belly, I'll probably still pick it up.

  • Paffe

    This was AMAZING!! But I still wish that they would make a completely new Zelda game for the 3ds. Hopefully, they'll do that next year!

    By the way. Have anyone thought that when we have finished OOT 3ds, we still have SS to finish too? This year is gonna be so EPIC!!!

  • AXBHikaru

    Virtual Console Demo PLZ!!

  • I have said this in previous comments but well character models look nice, the environment is still blocky just with improved texture quality and well there better be more to this game than just better looks as others and I have stated before, such as the missing dungeons and more sidequests and something new entirely somewhere. But so far from the looks of it… well we can't tell yet.

    The music though, it should of been re-done instead of using the midi music from the n64 one. Could of made the boss battles more epic with real instruments and adding more to the music than just re-hashing.

    To me it feels they didn't go all out as they could. Oh sure fans will still enjoy it, I know I will, but with so much room for further improvement, especially if no extras, could of made what was already an epic game into even a more epic game than what it already was. I feel as if they could of added Majora's Mask within the same game since I am sure there is the space for it since they didn't go all out anyway.

    I mean sure some people complain about a remake saying it is better to make a new game but I mean if they are gonna bother to remake a game in the first place, why not do more with it? To me it feels rushed and from the looks of it so far, could be better. We will have to see what else there is to be sure of that as I am sure little could be done at the start of the game to make it different or add something extra. Really hope that extra stuff goes in there and still wish there was a difficulty setting in Zelda games as they are just too easy, fun, but easy.

    • Subrosian

      Should HAVE. Could HAVE. Not should of or could of. Gosh that's annoying!

      • Not as annoying seeing people everywhere say "your" instead of "you're" and "then" instead of "than".

        • Subrosian

          Yeah. That too.

    • Zelda

      that's one big post of shit.

    • OhYeS

      i agree with you. This game is just being polished and rushed out from the looks of it, because nintendo knows that it will sell well and they want to get the 3DS off to a good start. Too bad tho, I would be very interested in any new additions made.

      • Subrosian

        If they were 'rushing it out' they'd make it a launch game.

  • vick

    yep and you only have to wait 28 more more mouths before the game comes out.

    • Yep, but it'll be worth worth the wait.

    • That's a lot of mouths.

  • dude… this video is already almost a month old. >.< it's still awesome tho. i really want this game!


    I gotta love how detailed the graphics look! All of the animations are fluid and modern, but the game still has that same feeling!

    I don't see much of difference in terms of sound/music though. Does anybody else notice any thing new?

  • Oxling

    I guess they aren't writing any new music for the bosses πŸ™

  • Johaun348

    This is so cool! Zelda is and always will be the best!

  • Selon

    Looks awesome. i KNOW this will be awesome… has been a hard time constraining myself from playing the original since i heard of the 3ds version coming…
    And i am so damn glad they didnt orchestrate the music!
    Seriously, i have heard NO orchestration of the music in this game that is as good as the originals… they all lack that special something that the original tunes have.

  • It's looking quite nice, even without the 3D aspect.

    I mourn the lack of extra content, but eh, a slicker and prettier version of an already fantastic game can't be wrong, can it?

  • I went to the event in Bristol yesterday, it was amazing and Zelda looked so good and the gyroscope worked much better than i thought, it must be 99% accurate. The 3D does bring it to life so I don't know why some people said it doesn't bring much to Zelda or that the effect didn't work well because it seriously did.

  • hero of twilight

    ive played the demo of this game along with kid icarus and it it great, the 3D sinks into the screen and it looks great. the only bad thing about the 3D is that if you move the ds slightly you lose focus and you have to re adjust your eyes for a couple of seconds, but once your eyes are used to the 3D its great and graphics look amazing aswell.

  • yanoit15

    i can tell its gonna bre great…and im glad nintendo didnt change all the sounds…i personally wanted almost everything to stay the same.exept you know the graphics.ocarina of time was a great game and all it needed was a revamp of graphics and there ya go. nintendo did a good job πŸ™‚

  • Best 8 minute footage ever! Since I was a former owner of Twilight Princess before Ocarina of Time, I must say that I enjoyed far greater than Ocarina of Time but before you vote me down I will have to say that Shigeru did a wonderful job on this remake and the graphics look almost parallel quality to Twilight Princess and I am pretty positive that I will have a wonderful experience with the 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

  • Barfaroni

    Haha I see that Navi hasn't changed one bit

  • TheRose

    Am I the only one that was impressed with the graphic on Deku Tree? I seriously wow out loud O.o

    That could be the lol…wol πŸ˜€

  • TheKushSmoker

    Meh… I still rather have a new zelda

  • Corson

    i wonder what adult link looks like

  • hero of c

    It would be so great if young link could be able to ride young epona, too , like in mm! Really! It should be optional…. Or does anybody disagree???

  • lolwut

    impressive, but again I REALLY hope they put some new stuffz in the game.

  • Sakume

    Is it just me, or does the Aqua Blue or whatever its named 3DS look much darker in this video?

    • D..

      Probably contrast. The camera is exposing for the brightly lit screen, so surrounding areas will appear darker as a result.

  • Sarias_secret_lover

    OMG the gfx is so next-gen!! LOL. honestly how can you people be so excited over a game that is this old? Same old Nintendo-lazyness to rerelease old games and call it a makeover. the textures are still the same 16×16 px stretched ones, okey maybe I exagurated a bit but you get my point. AND second the 2d images doesn't show shit! realize it!! The GBA-advanced suffered from this lazyness also. geez

  • Has anyone noticed that the enemy sound gets quiet when you are far away and louder when you are actually at the enemy? I just thought I'd point that out because the N64 game didn't have this quality.

  • robert

    although i love it i am tired of the old and want something new!!!!!!!

  • Ice Vader7


  • MrFlox888

    Can't wait to have it!!!
    I'm gonna play Ocarina of Time all over again!

  • A Woman


    Although, then again, Ocarina of Time is downstairs on an old disk. XDD



  • D..

    For all those whining about wanting new stuff… there’s plenty of new material coming out later (Heck, the big N practically churns out a new Zelda Title every year). Let those of us who enjoy the original have this one.

    I for one am glad they haven’t messed around adding new bells and whistles that frankly detract from the appeal that the game originally had (I have no problem with minor graphical tweaks, and fixing the odd issue – like the way I which items are equipped – but don’t mess with a classic). Case in point: I would have been annoyed if they’d made using the gyroscope to look around the only way you could do it, but as it is, Nintendo have wisely given us the choice in the matter, so that those who still prefer to use the stick can do so (it’s rare for a console developer to give their customers much in the way of ability to make their own choices regarding control configurations, so Kudos to Nintendo for this one…).

    Besides, we don’t know if other content will be in the game or not – all we have is some video from this one demo level, and a handful of screenshots from a couple of other places. Would it really surprise us that much if Nintendo had slipped an extra dungeon in somewhere, but just chosen to not advertise the fact until later.

    This will be a must-purchase – favourite game of all time, now available in a portable format that can do it justice (previous hand-helds just couldn’t do the job – not least of all for a lack of an analogue control device). You can’t take the N64 or Gamecube on the bus with you, and eventually those old consoles will stop working anyway (which means the classic game would no-longer be available to be played).

  • prettyawesome

    The way Link moves is so realistic and 3-D-ish… I'm not used to it.

  • not a bad idea for 3ds sales eh, Nintendo always seems to do that, put out a new system that isn't much of an improvement from earlier devices but then remake the game only for the new system and its "new and delighting" features forcing people into paying another 250 300 bucks for a new console and a game that everyone will obviously buy, they did the same thing with the Wii and twilight princess.
    nice marketing once again Nintendo.

  • otto tyjoro

    lol, love the new battle theme, the creepy part has been blurred out by the other parts. the old battle theme gave me nightmares. sounds weird huh?