A new video guide has been added to the Big Poe Locations guide for our Ocarina of Time section, courtesy of Youtuber YoshiToMario. We will continue revamping all of our Ocarina of Time content with video guides as OoT 3DS approaches.

  • I actually have accomplished getting all the Big Poes, but props to Yoshi-ToMario for making his vid fun as well as instructive.

  • Rose

    How fun! I just started to play Ocarina of Time again so this will be for great help. ^ ^

  • Geo

    I never really found them all thanks this is very helpful!!

  • Ashmic

    god, i hated those poes, only because no matter where i was, one would pop up, and after a while their laugh is sickening XD,
    but i like that guy who's in castle town who buys them, so much mystery around him

  • Joko tree

    Nice vid thanks for the info dude.

  • QueenxLink

    I never bothered finding the Poes…

  • peachyioigi

    Y? I do not get this…this is funny as a chicken clown/cookie trash can. yes.

  • matt17

    wow, whoever made this video has used a guide first to see all the locations. who hasn't in this contest?

  • truth

    THIS is quality site content. Not frigging Zelda raps and legend of neil.

    Take note admins.

    • Joko tree

      The Legend of Neil is great.