Dun da da dun! "You found the Panties!"

Late last month we had to bid adieu to Legend of Neil via its final episode, but it seems we won’t have to say goodbye to its star or creator anytime soon.

Tony Janning (Neil) and writer Sandeep Parikh have just recently finished filming a new webseries entitled Suite 7 which is set to premier sometime in December. While it has nothing to do with Zelda, and nothing yet is known about it, it will be sure to be a winner amongst Legend of Neil fans with the dynamic duo of Parikh and Janning behind it.

In an interview with Nerd Reactor, Tony Janning spoke about his experience on Legend of Neil and the possibility of a Super Grimsley Bros. spinoff.  While saying that he couldn’t comment, Tony Janning went on to comment: “Never say never. The NeverEnding Story… Something else with never.” So keep your fingers crossed, fans! We might see it yet!

Source: Nerd Reactor
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