Another month, another poll! November has arrived, and with it, yet another question is presented to the ZU community.

Last month, we decided to find out how many of you plan on buying Nintendo’s latest handheld console when it’s released this spring. With 3,225 votes cast, more of you participated than ever before, and now the results are in!

Do you plan on buying a 3DS?

1st (65%, 2109 votes) Of course!
2nd (14%, 453 votes) I’m still undecided.
3rd (14%, 451 votes) No – it’s worth the money, but out of my price range.
4th (7%, 221 votes) No – it’s not worth an arm and a leg.

It appears that most of you fully intend to purchase a 3DS and that only a small margin of voters have been dissuaded by the price. Based on its confirmed Japanese price, the 3DS will likely go for USD. While this is almost as much as, the general consensus seems to be that the 3DS will be worth it!

This month, we’ll be keeping the focus on the 3DS as we ask you whether or not Majora’s Mask will receive a remake after Ocarina of Time 3DS. Want to let your voice be heard? Cast your vote in our monthly poll!