You "red" that right.

It’s time to start saving for November 7th. This holiday season, Nintendo shows it’s no stranger to good marketing, and is releasing two special bundles in honor of the 25th (wow, has it really been that long?)¬†anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. on the NES.

The bundles are for the Wii and DSi, and if you hadn’t already caught on, feature red consoles. The Wii bundle comes with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports, a red Wii Remote with Motion Plus, and a red Nunchuk to accompany it. The suggested price is $199.99, which aside from being somewhat of a middle finger to those of us who already bought a Wii, makes for a damn good deal.

Click the jump for the information on the DSi bundle.

DSi owners will be seeing red this holiday season.

The new DSi bundle has quite a lot to offer. It includes Mario Kart DS on cartridge, and has Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters, and Brain Age Express: Math and Photo Clock preloaded into the console. Want to guarantee yourself a unit of either console (or even both)? The official Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary site has a special pre-order page with links to participating retailers. The suggested retail price is $179.99, so if you intend to get both consoles, you’ll want to save up quite a bit of dough in the coming weeks.

Source: GoNintendo
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