Comic site Brawl in the Family was created by Matthew Taranto who specializes in writing and drawing comics based on the characters from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Naturally, this includes Link.

One of the site’s most recent comics depicts what happens when two annoying sounds assault Link’s ears simultaneously: the “low heart” bleeps and the voice of that persistently insistent fairy friend.

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Source: Brawl in the Family
  • This can be best described as entertaining, but disturbing.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Lulz. I guess Link finally found Navi again…maybe this is why we don't see her anymore…

    Good job on the comic though! Navi doesn't so much bother me, but I'd rather die than have that annoying beep going on for too long while I search for a source of health. xD

  • LoZymugglegater

    Yes!Brawl in the Family is amazing!Anyway,I think I'll go to the actual sight to read this one.

  • Death Killington

    Old joke is old.

  • DarkValoo909

    That is the creepiest way I have ever seen links face portrayed in the second to last box

  • lifesavers2

    I was wondering when this would get featured.
    I know Matthew Taronto.
    Hes my band teacher's son, and he lives down the street from me.
    Does anyone want his autograph?

    • Rohan

      Instead of an autograph, just tell him his comics always brighten my day, even the morbid ones.

  • Capt. Link

    well, fairies do restore health…
    bet they don't taste very good, though

    • Z-MAN7

      Let's just hope it didn't involve the legend of neil method of restoring health.

      • Joko tree

        It's a shame you couldn't do that in OOT but then again Navi wasn't that anoying.

        • lockx

          I don't think that method would be considered "Annoying"
          There's a reason Neil ended up in the game ;D

          • Joko tree

            Sorry about the mistake.Also Lockx you've got a cool avatar.

  • Askorak

    Funny third thing.

  • ian

    lol epic face link. The beeping was worst in alttp.

  • Ganonscreature

    you're all welcome for me finding this for ya's lol. although i gather most of you knew it already existed lol

  • Link-182

    I never hated Navi, and I was never in love with Dark Link. Does that make me a weird Zelda fan?

  • Death Killington

    What's wrong with saying that it's an old joke? I've seen hundreds of comics and stuff online and people saying stuff like "oh hurr durr why didn't Link just be smart and use Navi for health hurr durr".

    Why do people think I'm trolling when I voice my opinion? I don't claim that people are trolling when their opinion differs from mine.

    Try being less ignorant and more understanding, jerk.

    • The fault is mine for getting people to consider you a troll. The first time I opposed you, I thought you were referring the couple and those who congratulated them as *losers*. And though I understand you meant the couple only (if I'm right), I saw you don't care how blatantly you show your opinion. Such blatancy can put the idea in a reader's head that you were, for example only, trolling, because they figured you were insulting them (commenters or couple).

      Another time, when you called the Wind Waker pictures "Gay", we took it that you were trying to slight the series, like most trolls do (again as an example). The same thing happened this time. And the problem is this: the wording you choose to express your opinions make sound as if you're being sarcastic when, in fact, you merely give out your rightful views.

      So, what might be the correct recourse here? To just dismiss yourself from the site forever? No; I'd urge you to simply use such blatant terms such as "****ing losers" and instead say something that will give reason for your adverse view.

      Everything I've seen you put down has been curt and biting, but if you actually explained why you think things are the way you see them, then we could understand your perspective on such things.

      • Ashmic

        i agree with Thareous, u really come off as a troll.. that or u have a bad attitude, which is okay but don't insult others ^^

        • Joko tree

          Death Killington just be nice.

        • QueenxLink


      • Death Killington

        You better apologize.

        • I apologize for calling you a troll to begin with, but not for explaining why we assumed you were one.