In my latest video I discuss several possibilities for the villain of the upcoming Skyward Sword. Who do you think Link will end up fighting?

  • ZeldaFanatic

    I think the that Ganondorf at the end of TP was a great way to end the game. It was unsuspected and thats what made TP's final boss so AWESOME :D. But anyway, what you said about Ganon's mentor would be so swicked!

    • Shadowknight1

      I wouldn't say it was unexpected. Technically, that's part of Ganondorf's modus operandi. He enjoys using others to further his own means. That's what Ganon did in Link to the Past. There's no telling who the villain is in this one, but Ganondorf IS a possibility. Not a good one, but a possibility. That's of course going off of the "No comment" line from Aonuma.

      • TheMaverickk

        Gott agree with Shadowknight here… it wasn't expected at all. I mean halfway through TP they reveal ganondorf… and characters in the story hint at his hand in the Twilight from that point on.

        I mean you had the scene of his sealing after defeating Stallord, and so forth. Everyone knew it was coming… not to mention Ganondorf had pulled this stunt in past Zelda titles, again like Link to the Past. Or even in the Oracle games (if you link them up that is).

        Truth be told it would be disappointing if they attempted to pull the same TP trick again. Personally I'm not reading into that "No Comment" line in the slightest.

        I think the "No Comment" was just an answer in order to not reveal any part of the plot at all. If other people haven't noticed yet, but Nintendo has been extremely hush hush about this Zelda story so far. Other then the fact that it takes place before Ocarina of Time… and has a Link who originates from the sky and has a magical sword… well not much is really known. Which I think Nintendo intends to keep that way until the game is nearing release.

    • link64

      I guess that would be cool,but I think the boss is going to be a mix between three of the best bosses. Almost like if Ganondorf,Zant, and Skull Kid all fighting Link at the same time.

    • Blade of Evil's Bane

      It shouldn't be Ganondorf as the game wouldn't make sense. Hyrule is a land habited only by monsters so none of the Hyrulian races exist yet. That means there are no gerudo. That means no ganondorf. There could be possibly be something to introduce Vaati.

    • Mugen Kagemaru

      "I mean you had the scene of his sealing after defeating Stallord, and so forth. Everyone knew it was coming… not to mention Ganondorf had pulled this stunt in past Zelda titles, again like Link to the Past."

      Why the hell is it that everyone misses the fact that at some point during development either Aonuma or Miyamoto confirmed that Ganon was gonna show up(1), but not how he was going to factor in.

      (1) If I knew where I saw it I would find it an link it, but sadly, I forgot. It's been about four to five years, so I wouldn't remember.

    • link45

      I think it should be Ganondorf
      link could have to powe up is sword int the master sword in order to beet Ganondorf

  • shadownin

    It would be cool if the new villain was some evil sword master that had an actual army with generals that ruled over Hyrule and you would fight them outside of dungeons. The final battle with the sword master should be a test of skill with the sword like dark link at the end of the adventure of link.

    • GenoKID

      Oh, gods, that would be terrible! And awesome! A wicked fight. Wait is this Path of Radiance?

    • bradley

      Maybe. Personally, I think the Dark Interlopers would be an awesome villain. Maybe this game could show the origin of the Twilight.

  • Keith

    Ganondorf is as likely to be in Skyward Sword as Count Bleck is to be in Paper Mario 3DS. Aka, not gonna happen. Sure, Nintendo twists the meaning of logic quite a bit, but still, I don't think they'd be so nuts as to put Ganondorf in Skyward Sword when its been confirmed to be earlier than OoT.

    • Phantom7

      I wouldn't count on that. Ganondorf has ancestors and descendants just like Link and Zelda, and don't forget, a Gerudo is born every 100 years.

      My guess: The Gerudo King born 100 years before Ganondorf. It's a new character but with the same evil ambitions of stealing the Triforce.

      • chad

        I don't see why all gerudos have to be evil there were only three evil gerudos in any of the games Ganandorf and twin rova and twin rova raised Ganandorf so it makes sense all the rest of the gerudos were nice after you infiltrated their fortress. (btw I'm not counting Majora's mask because it s set in an alternate dimension so therefore it does not count in this scenario.)

        • bradley

          Anouma actualy implied that MM wasn't in an alternate dimension. The only place that it states Termina is an alternate dimension is in the manual, which is not made by the same people as the game is, And even the manual can easily be interpreted differently.

      • Joe

        I don't think Ganondorf does have ancestors or descendants. It appears that every Ganon and Ganondorf are the same one. He just keeps being locked away in the 'Dark Realm', according to OoT, and the 'Twilight Realm' in TP, which seem to be the same place. It's possible that when he is locked away he is frozen in time. Although he obviously gets a fair amount of food, judging by his size in WW. But he is only portrayed to actually die in TP and WW, which are theoretically along parallel timelines and therefore do not affect each other.

        • Joko tree

          I'm not to sure he died in WW because In ST the final boss as I call him Demon Cole looks alot like beast Ganon from OOT.PS I haven't played ST so I'm just Quessing.

  • dylan

    I think it will be Ganon's MOTHER

    • ChainofTermina

      isn't that Twinrova?

      • TheMaverickk

        Yeah it is… mind you I believe they are referred to being the surrogate mother to be exact.

        I would think though that Ganondorf may not have had evil ancestors… I mean not all Gerudo were evil you know. Nabooru implies that Ganondorf was one of the most despicable men to come out of the tribe, and that was why she couldn't keep following him.

        Anyhow it would be too predictable for it to be Ganondorf… or another Gerudo.

    • Joko tree

      Or Ganondorf's Father. dun dun dun.

    • Jackson

      Or ganon's mentor.


    • nessa

      good one lol

  • former fro

    good one

    • link64

      Or his secret husband!

  • Ashmic

    Hey i like ganondorf its not his fault its nintnedos fault for throwing his A** in it, I want a Windwaker-emotion like ganondorf

    it could be twinrova because shes/they're alive, and

    i really want to hear ganondorfs backstory, and don't be like "oh my god u suck NO" because it is my opinion

    but it is possible ganondorf could be in it, we don't KNOW if hes born near OoT, we don't know ANYTHING about him lol
    anyways, we do KNOW that the gerudo and hylian were having problems

    but this could be just every race in a war, it would make sense, the EVIL force could be symbolic (nintendo with symbolism isn't exactly TOO common) but who knows, we don't lol

    But whomever it is, i will love this game because it is simply a zelda game :}

    • Ultimon

      But then Link would have to lose in oder for Twinrova to appear in OoT…

      • Ashmic

        no… he didn't lose against her in previous games………..and she showed up after the fact… ie.
        the joint oracle games

  • Ben

    isn't it pretty obvious it will be shadow link based off that official wallpaper? Onox from Oracle of Seasons would be a good one too if they spent more time on him….

    • Joko tree

      Onox is part of twinrova.

    • Tyler

      Either work on Onox as a recurring character or Veran, to where you have to fight her turtle form, spider form and fairy form. (am i missing one? i forgot)

  • Ben

    And I don't think Ganondorf was just thrown in at the end of Twilight. We found out after the desert level (about half way through) that the sages threw him in the same realm as Zant. That made me think he would be a main villian for the rest of the game

    • Joe

      I agree. They couldn't exactly throw Ganondorf in there and then 'oh, he's not in the rest of the game'. Plus, I like the concept of a villain, in this case Zant, not always being evil, just neglected, and then corrupted by a greater force, Ganondorf.

  • I actually hope they feature a new boss this time, since they've had Ganon(dorf) in the last few games anyhow, and since he apparently wasn't around at Hyrule's origin. They need to have a darker villain, like an Interloper King, since these shadow beings were told in TP to be around at the kingdom's creation, and hence that would be where they got the name for their group–and also eventually became known as the Twili people.

  • Calamitas

    One word:
    He definately needs an appearance in a 3D Zelda game… >_>

    • ChainofTermina

      I agree.

      • Nitemares

        Vaati's origin was already explained in Minish Cap

        • Tyler

          Yes but that doesnt mean that Vaati cannot be the main boss at the end of SS. Vaati has only been in Minish Cap and Four Swords and those were Gamecube and GB

          • Nitemares

            very true, that is if Minish Cap takes place before

          • Tyler

            who knows. it hasnt really been specified to the time period of each zelda game. so we dont know which game technically came first (time period wise)

    • nessa

      omg yes

  • dkp

    If we go by the whole, "SS takes place really close to OOT" Theory…


    Now that that's out of the way, I'd like to see something more primordial- like an animalization of corruption or something akin to that.

    Heck maybe Chibiganon's a secondary NPC protagonist who gets corrupted by the primordial demon.

  • Audrey

    I think it should be gannondorf because he is the ultamate villian of zelda. When you think of villians, you think of gannondorf.

  • Pete359

    Gandondorf in Twilight Princess felt, to me, like Sephiroth in Final Fantasy Advent Children – fan service.

  • Pete359

    The Majora idea is cool but, like you said, unlikely.

    How about an entirely new villian who can corrupt a young Ganondorf? Or do something to him that explains why he keeps breaking out of the Sacred Realm and getting resurrected beyond simply 'because he has the Triforce of Power'.

    • Nitemares

      good idea, but isn't this supposed to be at least a couple centuries before OoT, Ganondorfs not that old, but i like the idea of a supreme evil or another evil like Demon King, Vaati, Zant and others, only reason why Ganondorf is able to be ressurrected is cause of the Triforce of Power.

  • supergiraloz

    technically, it couldn’t be ganon or vaati since vaati goes bad only a few years prior to tmc and ganon is the same

    but you know, it would be epic to see onox and veran, and imagine twinvora in hi-def

  • GenoKID

    I think it most likely that a new villain or Ganon is in store. Majora would be fitting, being the "primordial" type I heard earlier. But I'm sure they won't do that. There are many one-timers, and I think he'll stay there. And nobody has yet mentioned time-travel. Of course Ganon could be there.

  • LuX

    Read the Majoras mask, Manga bonus chapter. That gives an insight into Majora and Fierce Diety. Although maybe not strictly cannon.

    • Tyler

      That would make sense, I mean speaking no one knows how old Majora is nor do we know when Majora's backstory took place, so I mean at least until there is some insight on when Majora came into being, that seems like a good possibility.

  • LuX

    I think that maybe another Hylian would be a good idea, someone like Link (Not dark Link ¬_¬) I mean apart from OoT the sight of Hylians are very few and far between, but with this being before OoT they should be all over the place. Which kind of makes Link less special in a way, which is interesting.

  • steve

    Totally unrelated but turn on youtube's closed captioning. Its hilarious what they do to Cody's voice.

    To answer the question, I'd love to see Ganondorf's mentor as the villain. This could give a greater back story on ganon's motive. All I really care for is an evil villain that fights Link several times and actively ruins the world around him.

    PS does the site have a Halloween theme now or am I imagining the candy in the lower right corner?

    • Tyler

      Ganondorf's mentor/ surrogate mother(s) is Twinrova aka Koume and Kotake

  • chickenpoop

    I'm not sure how they are going to do it, but it would be awesome if gannon wasn't in it. I think he will need to be mentioned in some way because he is such an intergeral part of the series ala zelda, and link…I mean, he has the triforce of power…BUT I think it would be great if we saw a female villain, if i'm right we've only seen the one (Veran).

    The master sword was made to defeat evils bane.
    Which has a few definitions; a) A cause of harm, ruin, or death:
    b) A source of persistent annoyance or exasperation (ganon)

    I'd love to see the Gerudo again. Maybe it'll be his father. since there is a male figure born into the tribe every 100 years…but then again the royal family would have knowledge of him…idk. too hard to guess…lets just hope its original.

    • Zarco

      1. Many people believe Majora is female, look at any version of the Tower of Babel theory.
      2. Hate to be a grammar nazi, or use the phrase "grammar nazi", but something's bane is what kills that something. Either defeats evil, or it is evil's bane. Not both, you said the MS kills guys who kill evil.

      • chickenpoop

        In reply;

        1. Nintendo has NEVER stated Majora's gender…The "Tower of Babel Theory" is just that…a theory…

        2. Thank you grammar Nazi…your words, not mine…

  • pori123

    I think Ganondorf is not going to appear on this game, but scince it’s before ocarina of time we should think that there will appear a boss from previous games. Scince it is said that Hyrule is going to be invavded by EVIL forces, I think there is no more evil boss than dark link. Since it is the reverse of Link think that everything is on reverse. Link in sky, dark Link in Hyrule (ground).

  • whitewolfos

    My hope is that it'll either be Dark Link, Interlopers, or just a completely new villain (possibly another female).

    But I would think it would be amazing if we saw Gannondorf in the game… But as a little kid. OR the villain could be some sort of spirit that merges with somebody to turn them pure evil. Then the very last scene in the game would be of Gannondorf being born, with the spirit entering his body…

  • 0xer

    isnt cody a lot sexier now with that lil bit o' hair on his chin? i certainly think so :]

    • ZoraMikau

      I saw this too!! lol

    • QueenxLink

      OH GOSH @[email protected] Y'know what I said to the screen when I saw that? "SHAVE THAT OFF, BOY!"

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Hey man, this is so exciting. I can't wait to figure out who it's going to be!

    We all know how there is always a different Link and different Zelda for each game (with the exception of WW & PH Link and Zelda, and OoT & MM Link and Zelda), so why can't people realize that the same rule applies to Ganondorf (Well, except when he is locked away in the Sacred Realm….that just stinks)?

    Anyway, I think having Ganondorf in here again would be really cool, and if they didn't have him straight forward as being the bad guy, have something dramatic happen to cause him to become evil. Maybe like having someone betray him as a child or as a young Gerudo. Just like this will be on the origins of the Master Sword, why wouldn't it be on the Origin's of the very Legend we know today? We're always wanting to know what happened to cause "this" or "that", so maybe we should just let Nintendo work their magic and show us what they're trying to tell us.

    I'm excited either way, just as long as Link and Zelda are respectable characters and are pulled off the right way I'll be happy. I would be kind of sad to not see Ganondorf (or atleast the origins of Ganondorf) and Epona in the game, but hey, they were talking about making the game all about function and getting the player used to the new generation of Zelda games, so maybe they'll bring it all in by the next game.

    Oh, and hey! They might just mention the very beginnings of our beloved Hero and Princess as well. I mean, after all, Link is the Hero because he has the Blade of Evil's Bane, no? (Atleast in most of the games, so why not start from the very beginning?)

    • GenoKID

      I've never thought of a pre-Ganondorf before. I'm just too used to the idea of one, I guess.

  • Aquanam

    I beleive it will be somewhat a backstory to Ganondorf, and not Ganondorf himself being a villan. I support this with a wobbly fact, but why would they re-release Ocarina of Time if they weren't planning on having OoT being the sequel to Skyward Sword? If you think about it, it makes sense. If you make a prequel to a really old game, it's only natural to re-release it so players who are ignorant to the fact it was also for N64/GC can have the chance to play the sequel.

    • QueenxLink


  • Aquanam

    Oh PS Cody i still think your hot and i want you to move to America. Nice beard you're growing there, btw.

    • Aquanam

      Why did i get the most thumbs down >:O?

  • ivan

    just 1 word: vaati

  • Lizzy

    Nice beard cody. You now look your age.

  • Britt

    I'd really like to see Vaati in one of the console games, so I'm rooting for him to be the villain… Plus there were the posters in the shooting gallery in Ocarina of time that shown a creature that looks like one of his forms, but who knows what that was about. On the other hand though, I wouldn't mind an entirely new villain or the dark interlopers that were seen in Twilight Princess. As for Ganondorf, there's no logic to him being the villain, so I hope Nintendo keeps him out of it.

    • Nitemares

      i hope they keep Vaati out of it, Vaati was a minish and they explained his origin story in Minish Cap and you know Skyward Sword is an origin story.

  • Rohan

    If Ganondorf had a mentor, the character would have to be a woman considering Ganondorf is the only male Gerudo in a hundred years, then again, they never specified how many years Gerudos live, did they?
    Anyway, a woman as the final boss would be quite interesting, as Ashmic mentioned, it could be Twinrova, but that would be weird if Twinrova was the "mentor" because they fall under the "minion" category
    A completely new, powerful woman villain, that would make for an interesting last battle.
    This brings Mother Brain from the Metroid series to mind. I haven't played many games in the Metroid series, so don't shoot me if I'm wrong. Maybe the villain is the origin, the mother of all evil, including Ganondorf, Majora, etc.
    Anyway, I can't wait for this game.

    • Ashmic

      Well I think it was twinrova, because they did raise him, or at least kinda "took him under his wing" you can still be a minion and a mentor, Im assuming she/they were.
      In OoT/ and the manga they were devoted minions but at the same time had their own authority, meh who knows, but if I do get to see a little ganondorf I will be very excited :]

      • Joko tree

        Ganondorf's father (Ganondad) could be his mentor,because you don't realy see him in OOT.PS Cody was the one that thought up Ganondad.

        • Ashmic

          nah i don't think he'd have a father, i assume the gerudo before him dies before the next one, and i don't think they reproduce that way anyway (shudder)

    • Tyler

      What about Veran? I mean we dont know where she originated from exactly and technically we only know her to be from Labrynna so I mean shes a possible female candidate.

      • ashmic

        i think they need to make a zelda game with ganon, veran, onox, twinrova, and vaati lol like seriously

        • Rohan

          you forgot Majora haha.
          Miyamoto said in an interview that this game would be more compact, but a lot more dense than TP, so basically the relationship we see here is OoT is to MM as TP is to SS. If that's the case (which I kinda hope it is since I loved MM) I hope we'll be able to see how the evil of this new villain, possibly Ganon's mentor, Majora, or some other older being, will make the people of Hyrule, or Skyloft, go insane, kinda like in Termina.
          Whoever the new villain is, I sure hope they emphasize the extent his/her evil, just like they did with Majora.

          • Joko tree

            You know what I would love to see Majora before he/she was turned into a mask.

          • Rohan

            Majora is indeed in the manga, which I happen to own ๐Ÿ™‚ He is portrayed as this giant, ugly looking beast thing (kinda looks like a mutant woolly mammoth) and the story goes that a strange traveler enters his world. Majora is tired of living, all he's done in his enire life is devour humans that pass by. The traveler pulls out a pair of hand drums and Majora dances for three straight days until he drops dead. The traveler then proceeds to carve a mask out of his dead body.
            Like Ashmic said, seeing Majora in SS or any future Zelda game is probably not going to happen, oh well.

          • The Great pond

            Major will not be the final Boss…Not gonna happen.

          • Tyler

            my guess is that Majora is a he. but who am I to judge. it could be either way.

    • zeldarules

      I think that's an awesome idea, I actually think Female villains are much creepier (no offense to the ladies.)

  • Molly

    I think that the final boss may be Cole , Midna (Posssedsed) or even Ganondorf again…….

  • Molly

    It would be cool if Cole is the Skyward Sword's Final boss…It would be quite a shock and surprise for Link and whoever is his new sidekick ….I just personally think that Cole is a good character (even though he's VERY ANNOYING!) And maby he might invent a Demon Train2! (With HOPEFULLY the Demon Train's COOL soundtrack from Spirit tracks)!!

    • Joko tree

      Also stop booing her she might be new and not know alot about the Legend of Zelda timeline.I didn't know anything about the timeline before I joined.

  • Molly

    I've never played Ocarina Of Time…But I STILL don't understand it being AFTER Spirit Tracks…Everyone says that it was the 1st Zelda game EVER MADE!!!! What a Time-Twisting series……

    • Nitemares

      play the other games and you'll understand, Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask is one Link, the next one is a few hundred years later with Windwaker & Phantom Hourglass, then 100 years later is Spirit Tracks and an untold time after that is Twilight Princess, just cause the games were made in order doesn't necesarily mean it belongs right after in the timeline.

    • Tyler

      Legend of Zelda is the first ever Zelda game created. OoT is the 5th game in the series. Majora's Mask seems to be a follow up of OoT because you have Link riding Epona still, but u also get that story from the Skull Kid that he remembers Link from before (i.e. the Lost Woods when Link played Saria's Song) OoT.

  • Molly

    Maybe it's ZANT… After all Zant actually was STILL ALIVE after the battle… He was the one who finished off Ganondorf(for now…I don't really know much about Ganondorf)But It might actually be Zant as the Final Boss…

    • Nitemares

      this is a prequel before Ocarina Of Time, NO Cole, NO Midna & Zant, Cole's time is like a few hundred years later of OoT and Midna & Zant is longer than that, so how can they be around a couple or few hundred years before OoT, they didn't mean that, just cause the order of the games were made doesn't mean it's the timeline, OoT was the first in timeline before but now Skyward Sword is the first.

    • Tyler

      Link techinically killed Ganondorf while Zant sealed the deal by snapping his neck.

      • The Great pond

        Well, i mean even if Zant did or…didn't die in T?? SS comes before OOT and TP…so it couldnt be any of the forementioned Boss' otherwise they'd all be dead…or resurrected, considering their games come after SS, and you usualy defeat or banish each boss at the end of the game…Who the F knows. lmao.

        I'd Love to see Midna Back…not as a boss tho. =P

        • Tyler

          well Great Pond, were not sure of the beginning of the Twili so as far as we know, Midna, Zant and the other Twili could have been at any possible time. we just dont have all the facts yet.

          • The Great Pond

            Yes Tyler, however I must dissagree when you say that they could have been at any possible time. They could only be before TP. Which would be OOT and SS. They aren't mentioned in OOT…SO they must come before. We know that they were The Twili descended from a tribe of sorcerers known only as the Interlopers, who attempted to seize control of the Sacred Realm after the creation of the Triforce.

            So it may well be the story of how they became the Twili…but then again wouldn't Midna say anything about the Master sword…who knows! =)

          • Tyler

            The Triforce was created before OoT and SS though so that doesnt mean that the Twili couldnt be in SS. Although they were not mentioned until TP, they could still have a full backstory that we dont know about yet. They were only somewhat mentioned and given a short story in TP. It would be cool to have access to another realm in SS other than Skyloft. Oracle of Seasons had subrosia (yes thats only 1 place) but Its still a possibility. We dont know what all is in the game other than whats given currently on this site. Lets just see what else is introduced later on.

          • Tyler

            And besides if you go to then type in interlopers in the searchbar, it tells you all about the interlopers plus certain insight between the relations of the Sheikah and the Twili. Also says that the entrance to Stone Tower Temple in MM resembles Zant's mask. The twili have had multiple cameos in most of the games but they werent formally introduced until Twilight Princess.

  • zay

    everybody is forgetting about plumm, because he was rejected by all of you he will come and smite you all and he will go back in time and kill everybody because he only has one fan (ME) and yoour all forgetting he gives you an easy heart piece so technically he helps you beat ganondory because you die less he litrally gave you hs heart and you turned you back on him…shame on you all!!!!!

    • Joko tree

      Zay's rant everybody.

    • Gunsarfun77

      Ganondory xP

    • zeldarules


      • sicci

        who the F is plumm?

  • One thing for sure… he will want to take over the world! Of course! ( Those who seen NC know of that, where he uses that M.Bison clip whenever it is someone who wants to take over the world)

  • Xenithar

    I hope they come up with a new villain.

    • Nitemares

      i agree, there has to be a bigger bad guy out there originally before Ganon's time.

      • Joko tree

        We don't Know Ganondorfs age In OOT.

  • Dan

    I think they should find a way to make SS the back story to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. The Zelda in that game was the first princess Zelda and the one after whom all other Princess Zeldas are named. For anyone who doesn't know, she was put to a magical sleep by a wizard at the request of her brother. I'd like to see Nintendo tie a new game into more of the original games. It seems that lately they only reference games after OoT.

  • Nitemares

    No Ganon please, i always knew there was a backstory considering Shiek told Link, you standing there you really do look like the mythical hero of time, so you know it's at least 200+ years if they're talking about the Link in Skyward Sword. Didn't they say that SS is time traveling also?

    • Joko tree

      Not to sure.

  • fabio

    eu acho que vai ser o dark link

  • Joko tree

    He could use the Ocarina or the Harp or maybe Kidnap Nayru (the oracle of ages) there's many different ways of time travel in The Legend of Zelda.

    • Joko tree

      Before the Wind Waker the flood time as I call it Link wasn't there to stop Ganondorf.

      • Ashmic

        thats because he was in majora land XD ( i know its not called that lol, termina )

        • zeldarules

          Actually He's not, because MM is on the other side of the timeline.

  • Joko tree

    does anybody know ganondorfs age ?

    • Ashmic

      no 1/2 the stuff in zelda we knew we just assume, we will never know, nintendo needs to release the small details

  • Taha Soysal

    I really think that it could be Ganon, because of the fact that the Skyward Sword is the Master Sword. Ganon and the Master Sword pretty much go together.

  • Darth Goron

    expanding on the Ganondorf's mentor idea: TWINROVA. they are incredibly old in Ocarina and could quite possibly be the primary antagonist of SS, though i think not.

  • majoras mask fan

    I think that the final boss will be a crush link has on zelda. You know like ina highschool setting. All disney and nick zitcoms are like that. Imagine a zelda game like that. It would suck

  • Wia

    Maybe it's the Master Sword itself? Or something like it's form before becoming the Master Sword?

  • X x7

    Shadow Link would be cool, and Majora would be cool like you said, but I'm aiming more towards a new villain. I don't know who, but if they were to, I think they should have Shadow Link as one of his henchmen.

  • Neran

    I thinks they should make a new boss, but.. make Ganondorf or Ganon as a secret/superboss to fight as an optional. I think that would be awesome!

  • Brandon

    What if you where all wrong, and Princess zelda…..was the antagonist…
    yea… Princess zelda, oh, constantly putting link in danger…. isnt she already the bad one??? think about it…
    Oh. i think it should be a mix.
    ex-Link uses the ocarania of time, and transfers some powers into the harp that naryu[w/e] has
    evil person goes and steals the naryaus or w/e harp of time crap.
    goes to the furture.
    gets a young gannondorf
    trains him to kill link
    Link kills majora beast and makes the mask [as seen in the manga]
    Twinrova seeks someone to posses.
    finds the majora mask.
    uses it on gannon to posses him.
    Link saves the day.
    Happy mask guy takes the mask while nobody is looking
    BAM~ in a few orgins one

    • Gunsarfun77

      …no… just no…

  • lifesavers2

    How about the story of how Ganon (the pig one) is all connected to Ganondorf and junk…
    And I like how Ganondorf blasts off…
    And not Team Rocket…
    for the 664th time… [I counted (or miscounted)]

    • Nitemares

      same person, the pig is the inner greed that shaped form.

  • Phantom LInk

    I've been thinking about this for some time and I think that the Villain in Skyward Sword could be Vaati. I mean the Chris Cross media Time line had Minish Cap and the Four Sword games before Ocarina of Time. In the Minish Cap there were the wind tribe people and they could be related to the people of Skyloft in Skyward Sword. So what if Vaati is the villain in Skyward Sword and then after the events of Skyward Sword the people of Skyloft disperse into Hyrule and the ones who remain in the sky are the people at the cloud tops. Does that make sense?

    • Ashmic

      yes but official nintendo confirmed OoT was first in the timeline aparently, so vaati isn't in the picture besides,
      (spoiler alert for minish cap)

      vaati was just a simple minish who was corrupt and
      im assuming he dies at the end of minish cap, once the cap is off, hes a regular minish, not a villan

      • Phantom Link

        Oh…I knew that he was a Minish and I did play Minish cap. What about the monster Vaati from the Four Swords games?

        • Mugen Kagemaru

          "What about the monster Vaati from the Four Swords games?"

          Same entity.

          "official nintendo confirmed OoT was first in the timeline"

          Same people confirmed that Skyward Sword takes place before OoT, so you're WROOONNNGGG!!!

          • Mugen Kagemaru

            Last one was to Ashmic

  • Zarco

    I doubt Ganon will be in it, after criticism of TP (which wasn't too bad, at least it connected OoT and TP) Nintendo will try something different.

    Vaati's origin story is MC, so unless MC is retconned to the beginning again, he probably won't be in it. Plus, he only shows up with the Four Sword. Skyward Sword is about the Master Sword.

    I doubt they will reuse Majora, (s)he was a one-time thing, and though Majora was a good villain, I'm glad she won't be brought back. For her background story, check out the game-evidence supported Tower of Babel theory.

    I think they will either use dark Link or some other new main villain based on shadows to represent the shadows that inhabit Hyrule. I see SS as being the Kingdom of Hyrule's origin story in some way.

  • TriforceGod

    Perhaps in SS the villian will be Ganon, the ORIGINAL demon/king of darkness. In FSA they said that Ganon was Ganondorf but an ancient demon reborn when he got the trident. Thoughts?

    • Nitemares

      true, but i always thought his appearance as the pig was the inner self which is "greedy like a pig" took form, but when he gets the trident he is more powerful, he is behind the resurrection of vaati and behind zant and the ones from oracle games, i see ganon/ganondorf as a manipulator.

  • Superbleh11

    I like the idea of Ganondorf's mentor or something being the ultimate villain. I'm with you in the sense that he was a much better character overall in Wind Waker than in Twilight Princess, but I didn't feel that it was necessarily contrived the way that he appeared, given that he is the third part of the Triforce puzzle (along with Link and Zelda). Still, would have been better to see much much more of him and see him get developed a ton more.

    Overall, I think this villain will probably be at least somewhat new, which is fine with me, as long as the villain is more of a character and less an evil entity. I was so disappointed with Spirit Tracks and Phantom Hourglass because their villains were such… generic things. While the little advisor guy and his lackey were cool in Spirit Tracks, I felt the final boss was just some sort of presence without any real definition, and it was hard to have any sort of emotional attachment in beating him, or Bellum from Phantom Hourglass. The Zelda villains fare much better when there is a more specific character involved, such as Ganondorf, Vaati, Zant or the Skull Kid. With those villains, you had characters driving the story and adding emotional presence to what you were doing. Here's hoping that whoever this new (or old) villain is, its an actual character and not some sort of faceless entity!

  • Jol

    I know this is kind of far-fetched, but what if Ganon (the spirit that possesed Ganondorf at the end of OOT) and Majora were one and the same, and that a bunch of ancient sages, in some great banishing ritual, split the spirit, with one half being imprisoned in Majora's mask and the other sent to some other realm from which it escaped to posses each successive Ganondorf?

  • zeldarules

    I hope it's not another one of those stupid, brainless monsters that have been reccuring in the DS Zelda titles.
    I want the villain of the game to be someone You really hate!
    Not some lurching, mindless blob of flesh and teeth!
    I actually like Ganon as a villain, because think about it, in OOT they talk about how a male Gerudo is only born every hundred years.
    So, if this takes place 100 years before OOT, then…yeah it could be possible.
    I also would rather have Ganondorf as a villain, than a stupid gimmick like what has been going on for SO many titles.
    I like Zant, and I agree they killed Him off too quick.
    It would be nice to see a villain that isn't, crazy, stupid, or just plain violent.
    I want a motive!
    Why would someone go through all the trouble of capturing the land, if He has no motive! Maybe He (or She, it would be cool to have a chick villain for ONCE, yeah I know Veran.) has a debt to settle with the royal family, or SOMETHING!

    I just don't want another "Oh yeah, I am just going to destroy the land, just for the heck of it!" villain.

    • TrustMe101

      True. The "Oh yeah, I'm gonna destroy the land for the heck of it!" villains get pretty old sometimes. They don't seem to have that deep of a character.

    • TYler

      Zant is not dead. Do you remember at the end of TP when you delivered the final blow to Ganondorf, and sometime after that, Zant appeared and used his twilight magic to kill off Ganondorf. Zant is still alive, just not under the influence of Ganondorf anymore.

  • The Great pond

    The Master Sword (ใƒžใ‚นใ‚ฟใƒผใ‚ฝใƒผใƒ‰, Masutฤ Sลdo?), also known as "The Blade of Evil's Bane", is a magic sword that often acts as the ultimate weapon for Link as the chosen hero to defeat Ganon and doubles as a key to the Sacred Realm. It has the power to "repel evil", which enables it to overcome powerful dark magic and evil beings and keep them from using the sword. It was forged at the direction of the gods in order to prevent the Triforce from falling into evil hands.

    SS hopefuly will inform us more about the sacred realm & the godesses. Sjyloft must have a great deal to do with all of this. lets cross our fingers that a lot of unaswered questions will be answered…and that we aren't going to be left with even more to ponder…that would be sucky.

  • The Great pond

    Maybe its…wait for it…TINGLE???!!!

  • TrustMe101

    I'd rather not have Ganondorf. Too much of him gets annoying and too predictable. Majora or Vaati would be insanely awesome, but I'm happy with whatever antagonist Nintendo wants. They're too talented to make a crappy villain. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • The Great Pond

    I am really hoping that it will be the backstory to the Twili and the Sheika!! Here's Hoping!

    • Tyler

      they r hinted in majoras mask, Oot, and many others. even the GBC games of Oracle of Seasons/Ages

  • Someone

    Pete359 is almost right. I read somewhere that the Master Sword was built by the sages to have the power to defeat those who hold the triforce (ALTTP probably). How about someone who was the owner of the triforce of power before ganondorf?

    • Joko tree

      The Master sword was forged by the Sages to destroy evil hence its title The blade of evils bane.

  • Joko tree

    I hope if Nintendo do bring back Majora they give him the wips he has when he transforms into Majora's Wrath.

  • kokiri star

    The dark interlopers/tribe could be involved in some way…,i mean they are hinted in many games-look them up on zelda wiki

  • QueenxLink

    Wow, Cody is awesomely lame… ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Joko tree

      Yeah also doesn't rant as much as he used to yay.

  • choochoo

    Here's my two cents. I think the spirit of the sword is the sage of Skyloft, and what helps link go back and forth between the world above and Hyrule…She will eventualy be captured, leaving link unable to travel home. The spirit will then be rescude when link collects a certain amount of something…The more he uses the sword to battle evil the less she is able to leave the sword until she is locked within it forever, with the promise that she will forever protect the land of Hyrule from an evil…

  • Zeldina

    I wonder is the bird on the hyrule shield symbolises the hero that came from the sky (link coming from skyloft)?????

    • mewfy

      Yes and that wol from OOT is an ancient sage from skyloft….it makes soo much sense now…

  • Aquanam

    Hi Queen!!! Who are you?? Zelda's Mom?

  • ian

    I’ve read a few comments here that say spirit tracks comes before Oot… wtf people… spirit tracks is the sequel to phantom hourglass, which is the sequel to ww which clearly states it came after ocarina of time. So stop hurting your heads. Oot came before everything (except SS but nintendo feels like being mean and not telling nothing about the story).

  • ian

    Oh and zeldina, that is an excellent theory. Makes the most sense out of all of these and also raises some excited thoughts.

  • tb23

    Well, if everyone remembers, Ocarina of Time WAS Ganondorf's story. It basically told how he came to Hyrule, gain the King's trust, then betray that trust and take over Hyrule, with the help of the Triforce of course.

  • Watties

    Every major (LoZ, AlttP, OoT, WW, TP) Zelda game to this point has had Ganon as the last boss. SS will be no different.

  • nessa

    omg I want a villian okays. Not ganon or dark link but i don know

  • Mugen Kagemaru

    Can you prove that? All we know is they are very loyal to him and they were his surrogate mothers.

  • evilbilby695

    scince skyward sword is set before hyrule i think ganondorfs ancestors

  • Joko tree

    I'm thinking the villain should be Bowser and If there will be a Super Mario galaxy 3 the villain should be Ganondorf just to see what it would be like.PS SMG3 would be awesome but very difficult.

  • Have to luv admn for this blog. Excellent timing with the current headlines.

  • chibi

    did you just compare ganon to team rocket?

  • SharpestThorn

    i'll admit, i havent read all of the comments here
    but i havent seen anything about shadow link as a possiblity
    i mean think about it, the embodiment of the evil that lies even in the hero of time
    the manifestation of the darkness that the master sword is just as capable of commiting
    he hasnt been enough of a threat since LoZ-2
    i mean, he was a test of link's abilities in OoT, and was some annoyance when fighting veran in OoA
    i think those are the only games he even appears in, and i wouldn't be surprised if, since this game does discuss the creation of the master sword, we learn a little more about what it can do

  • josh

    perhaps it will be a young hylian villain who befriends link early in the game but is being possessed by ganondorf through some medium who is trapped in the sacred realm (or another dark force). while link is absent, the young hylian may do the real villains evil deeds but because the young hylian is simply a puppet, this will not be revealed until the end! awesome

  • Scott The Brave

    It should be the big blue pig gannon with the red waist coat on, the colour scheme would fit really well with the style of graphics and I just think that a less villian based zelda story would be more original, like they've been saying theywanted to do.


    ganon’s been one of the many constants of the zelda series. not only that, but one the main constants that make it work. long story short: i think ganon will be in this game, but chances are that he’ll be younger and less thraetening…

    which would suck…

  • Justafanboy999

    I think link should fight BEN.

  • Oliver

    Majoras Mask 's origin would be nice, Gannondorf's origin was OoT Vatti is a minish Not imortal so, either Majora or someone else.

  • zeldafan9999999999999

    if you look at this ss trailer
    i think the guy in 0:50 is the villen.

  • Zeldafan1782

    if you look at this tralier

    0:50 i think that guy is the villen.

    • majora

      that guy looks really bored or frustrated. Do villains usually look like that? He looks more like a captive. Could he be Majora? Probably not. Don't know who he is.

  • majora

    If the main villain is majora('s mask) then I think that we will get some sort of 'sign' either in another trailer or at the end of OOT 3DS. If he is not mentioned in each of these AT ALL then he obviously won't even be mentioned in Skyward Sword let alone be a villain and I think (and hopefully, so do alot of other people) think that that would be terrible because he/she/it is such a good villain.

  • kevin

    i think it will be dark link just guessin