Nintendo finally announced the release dates for the Wii Remote Plus for everywhere but the Americas.

Europe will be the first to receive the new and improved device on November 5th. Japan follows nearly a week later on November 11th.

But what about North America? Though there has been no official word from Nintendo of America, Amazon does list FlingSmash (which bundles the new Wii Remote Plus in Europe and Japan) for November 7th. It’s reasonable to assume that the North American version will follow suit and release with the Wii Remote Plus.

The Wii Remote Plus comes in White, Black, Blue, and Pink.

The Wii Remote Plus devices also come in the Mario 25th Anniversary Red Wii bundle in a bright red color (of course), but Nintendo of America has no word on whether or not we will be expecting to see that bundle stateside. This releases in Europe on October 29th and has been erroneously listed across cyberland as the US release date as well. This is unlikely.

Stay tuned to ZU for a confirmed US release date.

Assuming Skyward Sword will not come with the Wii Remote Plus bundled (we can still hope for a gold-colored one!) will you have to purchase one? Or do you already have the Wii MotionPlus accessory?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • LinksZelda12

    1st Comment!

    Wii remote plus is an excellent idea, way to go nintendo.

    And also by the way, Skyward sword is definitely coming with the wii motion plus at the very least, we got an email from corporate where I work. Pre-order customers at gamestop will definitely get a WMP bundled!

    I cant wait.

    • LoZisSo69

      Dam I really want one NAAAAOOOO.

    • Zarco

      I really would like a gold Triforce WiiMote Plus with SS. I can't wait to see if this happens. I have 2 remotes and a WiiMotion Plus, but I could always use another of both!

    • bradley

      Thats awesome, but why did you have to say first comment.

      • LinksZelda12

        Idk lol i thought everyone gets all excited when they get first comment so i said it for fun but hey, next time i wont =) maybe my coments wont get rated down.

        • bradley

          They won't, unless trolls are running rampant or you said something extraordinarily stupid or trollish.
          But why did you think your comment would not be rated down in the first place?

    • bradley

      This article is wrong. The Wii Remote PPlus will be released on October 29h in North America, November 5th in Europe, and November 11 in Japan.

    • Keith

      I hate to be a nuisance, but how can we believe you? You provide no proof of this. I do want SS to be bundled with WM+, but without proof its not believable in the least. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can say they got an email/letter/text/whatever saying one thing or another. So I do have to wonder why you would get the email. Do you work at GameStop or something?

      • LinksZelda12

        Yeah kerith why else would i meantion pre orders at gamestop. The proof was already there, when ZU posted the picture of the skyward sword release date. When you see WMP next to a game in the preorder lists at gamestop, it means its coming with the wii motion plus. It was like that for wii sports resort, and red steel 2.

    • Dark Link

      I knew they would make something like this a while after I found out about Wii Motion Plus.

  • Askorak


    • bradley

      You're an idiot.

  • Tomdabomb

    It's good nintendo is trying to make the wii better so it can seriously rival the ps3 and xbox360 (i like the wii more too, but let's face it, the wii doesn't stand a chance now, it even got less a chance since you can buy the 'ps3 move accersory' or something like that. The wii motion plus should've been there all along, now we have to buy a new wii mote, because nintendo didn't make the first one right.
    Is that fair?

    Sigh, let's hope the games that need WMP are worth buying it.

    • Shadowknight1

      The Playstation Move is doomed to failure. Most of the people who passed up the Wii for the XBox 360 or PS3 did so because they didn't want to play with motion controls. And any who have both probably won't get the Move because they already have the Wii. Not to mention just how much money you'd have to spend for the Move. Remote=$50; Sensor camera=$40; nunchuk-like attachment=$30. And then, another remote is required for some games, so there's another $50. And if you want to play with friends? Two more remotes, and another nunchuk! Sony is just trying to capitalize on Nintendo's popularity, which is something that they've done for years. Why do you think we haven't heard anything about the Wii's successor? Yes, it probably won't be ready for years, BUT! Any news about it now, and people will already begin to try and imitate it.

      • ILiekZelda

        Ummm I am a Nintendo fan but i have to prove you wrong there, first of all when you do the math, add everything up with one remote, its 120, less than HALF the price of the Wii when it first came out, and add another remote, its 180 still cheaper than the Wii's price right NOW!Now add the other two remotes and you got 280, only 30 MORE bucks than the Wii bundle, when it came out and about 80 bucks now.Also since it just came out they will probably lower it in the next 2-3 years.Also remember the Wii bundle when it came out had ONE remote and its 30 more bucks for the Playstation Move with FOUR controllers and everything else!So the Playstation Move is cheaper.

        • bastian

          Except that you're not factoring in the price of a PS3 as well.

          • Ezlo

            Exactly. You can't even play the "playstation move" without the console. Therefore, it's cheaper to get a wii. And more fun. =P

  • ChainofTermina

    …….How come nobody ever calls it "Wiimote" anymore?

    • Blizz

      Because it is now the Wiimote Plus. :3

      • matt17

        because of some copyright thing. something had the same name before wiimote.
        but yea, I'd rather call it wiimote, its easier

        • ChainofTermina

          what!? what else has the name "wiimote"?

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    Hehehe… Wiimote+, Here I Come, and if you don't have a Triforce mark on you, or a Master Sword, prepare TO DIE NINTENDO!

  • Oxling

    Apparently Australia is part of the Americas…

  • Ashmic

    im not a girly girl, but that pink one looks freakin awesome lol
    the only thing that bugs me is they should've just gave these remots out ya know, forget the wiimote regular, but yes i know it owuldn't work with some games but still ya know, another gimmik for money i guess

  • Regardless of the release date, I still plan on getting one of these for Skyward Sword. I'm content to wait for its release also, but I just pray it comes out before SS. And that it just comes out…in the Americas.

  • lifesavers2

    Excluding America seems to be a recurring issue with Nintendo…

    • chad

      It might be for a reason though *Cough*Skyward Sword*Cough*

      • chad

        haha another thing is we're one f their biggest markets by holding out on info they make us want it more. Basiclly they want to boost sales

  • Ezlo

    You know how they have fake tennis racket and sports equipment to insert your remote into when you play wiisports? Well, I want a fake master sword attachment for my wiimote. lol.

    • There is such a thing. Master Sword and Hylian Shield

  • I already have Wii MotionPlus. It's up to my brother to buy the WiiMotePlus if he wants it. I can't take the Wii with me to college, so I don't play it enough to buy a brand new controller like that.

  • ThatOneGuy

    I wonder if I could trade in my old Wii remotes to get a discount for these? They're still in good shape, so I don't see why not. Is there anyone who works at Gamestop/Anywhere else that sells games that can answer my question, and about how much they would cost with trade ins (if that's possible).

    • chad

      you might have to pay a little more than a person trading the wii motion plus + controller but I'm pretty sure you can!

    • LinksZelda12

      Yeah i work at gamestop man, the trade in value for a wii remote i believe is like 10 dollars or less im not 100% sure. Its not alot but hey at least its something

      • ThatOneGuy

        Thanks, as long as it's some kind of discount, I'm fine with it.

  • matt17

    I hate it when America gets excluded. if they make us wait over a month, then it won't be fair

  • Chad

    Hmm holding out on information do I sense a possible SS+ Wiimotionplus bundle?

  • Merkku

    I have one Wii Motion+, but I'm kinda wanting that pink Wiimote… Or if SS is bundled with a special gold one, I'll want to get that. We'll see.

  • humulos

    Still no word on Price eh? I am seriously hoping they let it be 40 USD, otherwise there is no point in buying one, seeing as how Nyko sells the exact same thing right now. I shall wait and see.

  • X4dennis24

    the only reason im getting it is for SS, that and smash bros is all i even got my Wii for really

    • x4dennis24

      oh, and pikmin 🙂

  • MLink96

    I hope Its will come with SS 😀

  • I love wii remote. It is just a magical device.