It's a-me, Red Wii!

As part of their year long celebration of Mario’s 25 years, Nintendo is set to release a special Mario Red edition of the Wii, complete with the new Wii Remote Plus (which we discussed in our previous article) on November 11 this year in Japan.

As if hearkening back to the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, this special Red Wii also comes with the original Super Mario Bros. However, in this instance it is pre-installed on the Wii, and is a special version with the coin boxes now displaying “25” rather than “?” to further celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary.

At about $243 US, this special red Wii bundle will be introduced in Japan on November 11 this year. There is no word yet on whether or not the bundle will be released in other regions.

With Zelda’s own 25th birthday swiftly approaching (February 21st, 2011), could we see a special gold Triforce Wii? We can only hope!

Source: Vooks
  • triforceofawsome

    yay!hope they do a zelda wii!

  • bob


    • bradley


  • cuju

    You're retarded!
    Anyway, can't wait for this to come to Canada!

  • Hime

    Red… Looks nice, but I would rather get my hands on a triforce zelda wii if they make one.

  • majoras mask fan

    They should have also included the lost levels dokidoki panic 3 world and 64 as for the trifore wii should include zelda 1 2 3 links awakening and I don’t care it is a handheld game oot ura zelda i don’t care it was never relased mm and wind waker with the 10 missing dungans included and yes. It probably won’t include all of that

  • Google Says

    Lol, they'd rather release Skyward Sword on the 21st =P

  • sprocket07

    YEEEAAAAHHHH TRIFORCE WII!!!!! Heehee! Sorry. Maybe a wii with the triforce on either side and the master sword on the side with the buttons. That would rock! It would be a shame though, because those of us who don't want to give up disc info on our wii wouldn't be able to get it if we don't want to loose everything. Oh well…

  • Ashmic

    I tlooks cool^^ but I rather have an Older wii for obvious reasons

  • The red Wii is cool, but a Triforce edition would be much more awesome. Hopefully it will be available in North America also, and come with Skyward Sword. Having it brought overseas from Japan–if they only had it in Japan–would make the exporting costs plus the price list exceed the normal expense, but would be worth it.

  • Joko tree

    A Triforce WII would be awesome. 🙂

  • Blizz

    Who cares about a Zelda Wii? I'd rather see this Mario Wii with a disc including all his games. Kind of like how the Gamecube was released with a Zelda special collector's edition disc.

    • Joko tree

      This is a Zelda website not Mario.

      • Blizz


        • And you can't stuff all of Mario's games on a disc. Trust me, he has over 200 games of his own. You'd have better luck putting all sixteen Zelda games together. So no matter how ideal that thought may seem, it's not likely to happen with today's technology.

          • Blizz

            Well, you know the ones I mean. The basics. All the original Super Mario Bros. Super Mario World 1 & 2, and Super Mario 64. Mario RPG would be awesome as well. All of that could easily fit onto a disc.

          • Blizz

            Or if not onto a disc, it could all be preloaded onto the Wii's memory. That would be amazing.

  • lolxd

    triforce wii would be epic, and maybe bundled w the original zelda.that would be awesome. but one thing, wat if u already hav a wii, would you have to keep both, or could you transfer the data from one wii to another?

  • QueenxLink

    OMG a Triforce Wii would be awesome! Figuring red is my favorite color, I'd rather see a golden Wii with a Triforce anyday!

  • Shaelyn

    oh please…I don't have a wii yet, and a golden Zelda wii would be infinitely more awesome than a black wii.

    please please PLEASE!!!! ~fingers crossed~

    O.O y'know what would be awesome…if they released Skyward Sword with a special-edition Wii bundle ON Zelda's birthday.


  • ChainofTermina

    o.O I wanna red Wii! red is like my favorite color! well……..okay, so I really like gold yellow too………yeah, a gold yellow wii would be pretty sweet, but I'm not so sure Nintendo would do the exact same thing for Zelda's 25th.

  • scario

    maybe thats the release date of skyward sword

  • zoraluigi

    Moving off topic slightly, how about a special Zelda design 3DS preloaded/ packaged with a cartridge of the pre-GBA handheld Zelda games? I would take that over a new Wii, no doubt about that.

    Or OoT3D with it, though I'd prefer the handheld ones. Being able to play LA and OoX on a golden, Triforce emblazoned 3DS would be super awesome.

  • No Nintendo… Not this time. I bought the white Wii… and I bought the black Wii… But a red Wii? No. No Nintendo, no.

    I hope it doesn't get a US release. Cause every red Wii I find, I will kick.

    • LinksZelda12

      im gonna have to agree with you on that one man, Seriously, enough is enough. I bught the white, traded it in while my store had that special promotion wher you get extra credit and bought the black… The black one is sick enough. unless they come out with a zelda wii i am def not interested.

  • Blizz

    Europe gets an awesome bundle as well: Red with with Wiimote Plus, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports, and Donkey Kong preloaded.

    Now let's see what Nintendo has in store for North America…

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