It's a-me, Red Wii!

As part of their year long celebration of Mario’s 25 years, Nintendo is set to release a special Mario Red edition of the Wii, complete with the new Wii Remote Plus (which we discussed in our previous article) on November 11 this year in Japan.

As if hearkening back to the early days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, this special Red Wii also comes with the original Super Mario Bros. However, in this instance it is pre-installed on the Wii, and is a special version with the coin boxes now displaying “25” rather than “?” to further celebrate Mario’s 25th anniversary.

At about $243 US, this special red Wii bundle will be introduced in Japan on November 11 this year. There is no word yet on whether or not the bundle will be released in other regions.

With Zelda’s own 25th birthday swiftly approaching (February 21st, 2011), could we see a special gold Triforce Wii? We can only hope!

Source: Vooks