Yes, we did just post a story in which we compared the screen shots of the original N64 version of Ocarina of Time to the new 3DS version. But some wonderful, wonderful people over on a Portuguese forum created and posted animated images of four scenes seen in Ocarina of Time 3DS and compared those to the corresponding scenes in the original version. The differences are even more striking now.

Hit the jump for the animated comparisons!


First let’s begin with an iconic moment from early in the game: Link practicing his sword moves after acquiring the Kokiri Sword:

N64 Kokiri Sword

3DS Kokiri Sword

And now everyone’s favorite carnivorous plant outside of Little Shop of Horrors:

N64 Deku Baba battle

3DS Deku Baba battle

Burning some Skulltula webs:

N64 Web burning

3DS Web burning

Battling that pain in the arachnid, Gohma:

N64 Gohma

3DS Ghoma

So what do you think? Dramatic improvement? Or something a bit subtler?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: UOL Jogos forum