Yes, we did just post a story in which we compared the screen shots of the original N64 version of Ocarina of Time to the new 3DS version. But some wonderful, wonderful people over on a Portuguese forum created and posted animated images of four scenes seen in Ocarina of Time 3DS and compared those to the corresponding scenes in the original version. The differences are even more striking now.

Hit the jump for the animated comparisons!


First let’s begin with an iconic moment from early in the game: Link practicing his sword moves after acquiring the Kokiri Sword:

N64 Kokiri Sword

3DS Kokiri Sword

And now everyone’s favorite carnivorous plant outside of Little Shop of Horrors:

N64 Deku Baba battle

3DS Deku Baba battle

Burning some Skulltula webs:

N64 Web burning

3DS Web burning

Battling that pain in the arachnid, Gohma:

N64 Gohma

3DS Ghoma

So what do you think? Dramatic improvement? Or something a bit subtler?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: UOL Jogos forum
  • Syron

    Hooo…. this is amazing. Definite improvement, can't wait to play it 8D

  • Arkamidis

    Obviously the story to OoT is awesome and can't be surpassed (my opinion) There is a great difference in details comparing the 3DS OoT with the N64 one. I would've liked to have seen more done like making this OoT take on the Twilight Princess look with the realism style it had. But we all can't get what we want right? Either way, I'll still buy it when it gets released.

    • Crazymallets

      I wanted a more twilight princess look as well. the graphics look too cartoony for OoT.

      • Ryoni

        this is more similar to the OoT artworks and I love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Pirgah

      Im happy it doesn't look like TP, people have always seemed to be under the impression that Ocarina of Time uses the realistic style (which seems really out of place in the zelda universe IMO). But OoT 3D's better graphics make Ocarina of Times style much more obvious, and closer to the official OoT artworks.

  • Majin Kai

    I prefer the original. The remake is just out of place with the characters, models, animations and textures.

    • Vibed

      Wha…? The 3DS one looks more like the original artwork, the textures look mostly the same, and the animations seem EXACTLY the same too.

      • Vibed

        Ok, now I noticed a few difference in the animations.

    • MLS262

      I agree, it really doesnt seem to good, i actually like the original better… it feels like the remake doesnt excite me as much as i thought it would…

  • Bolter

    To me the 3DS graphics are just smoother and maybe a bit brighter but other than that they're not too different.

  • Joko tree

    The 3DS vesion looks fantastic but I prefer the original.Maybe it's because when I was groing up I used to play the original version of this game,and it just dosen't feel the same with better graphics.

  • Link looks far more improved, especially since we get to see his face now. Though I wonder how the Ports managed to do this, since OoT 3D isn't released yet. Could they somehow have transferred the original game into a 3D ambience?

    • Juri238

      Certain scenes from the new game were given and the people did the same thing that was shown in the scenes in the old game.

      • It must have been a pain to get Gohma in next to that very pillar, in the original video-shot, then.

  • X x7

    It seems as though the 3DS one is more detailed, but not as colorful. The N64 is very colorful, not nowhere near as detailed, but you can also see the backaround MUCH better than the 3DS one. Also, the 3DS version seems to move faster than the original. I don't know if this is just the video or if it really is faster, but still.

    • X x7

      It really depresses me too, because after seeing this, I think that it's safe to say that this will just be a port with better graphics and new ways to equip items. I was really hoping for some new Gold Skutella locations, but there's still that same one in the Great Deku Tree, like always. The landscape looks exactly the same too.

      • John

        Speaking of the Gold skulltullas, look at them in video 2.They are so shiny and bright.also the torch in the backround is different in the video 2

  • Moochy

    I like how Link's hat actually moves in the new version, other than being stuck like a rock.

  • guy

    To me N64 looks better unless its the a bad quality video

  • Link

    N64 looks better to me unless its a bad quality video.

    • keimori

      these are highly compressed giffs, and theres still some development time left, I say resurve judgement untill you see the final product on the actual system.

    • JordanChi

      in what respects?

    • Jason

      It IS bad quality video. Just go to YouTube and watch an HD video of OoT 3D. It looks way better than the original.

  • smbmaster99

    I think it looks a lot more smooth and detailed ^( ^

    I love how the environment is more detailed and the flat stuff such as the deku shield are now models ^( ^

  • LoneWolfTao

    Hmm… I'm noticing a difference, but not significantly positive. Also, I kind of miss Young Link's puppy dog face with the limited graphics, I wish they hadn't changed his whole design.

    • LunarMew

      It's a remake. Of course they are going to redo the graphics. That's the POINT. lol

  • Joko tree

    Whoops.The water temple's not that bad.Sorry my keybord is acting up again.

    • Ezlo

      lol. I know it isn't. The dungeon that really had me screaming was the Shadow Temple. I don't even remember the water temple except that everyone says it was terrible. xD

  • Cody Gee

    I just can't wait to see how much the cutscene's have improved!

  • ShadowofLight

    Great comparison!
    I just wish the game is also playable on a bigger screen.

    Oh what am I saying, I should be thankful to them to do a remake of OOT ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Ganonscreature

    Just look at the backgound in each one, there are so many changes to the textures it's fantastic! oh and @Gamma – I think that's because even when you slice a Deku Baba to stun it, you still have to slice its body to break it, you can time it wrong and still attack the head making it shrivel, thus giving you deku seeds. it almost looks like 3DS link went straight through with his attack but N64 Link remained on the one side

  • DreamerJ

    I really like the improvement in the graphics. It makes the game look more real. But the images look like they're in slow motion. Is this what the real game is like, or just the images?

    • Violet

      The frame rate is actually better on the 3DS version, the N64 images here seem to run a little faster than the game itself does, probably because they were taken using an emulator.

  • Shaelyn

    Link's design is a vast improvement. he actually looks somewhat realistic! the eyes and the hair, his clothes, wow.
    but at the same time, the shadows seems different – and not in a good way. I don't see any shadows falling on Link in the new version, while the polygons did provide realistic play of light. I think this may be why the new version seems so much brighter.

    the spiderwebs actually have depth, awesome – as do the vines crawling up the walls. there's not really a change in the fire, which is disappointing. I like how Link's hat moves, and I like Gohma's redesign too.

    overall, I like it. Link's changed look is fantastic. here's hoping the system doesn't make me motion sick…

  • The D.O.C.

    I wish they'd just use the engine and make a new original zelda for the 3ds

    • Jvaa

      oh, i'm sure they will.But after skyward sword maybe.

  • Dzzy123

    Can't wait to see the Shadow Temple, and the Spirit Temple!!!

  • Zeldafanboy23ify

    ott 3d looks darker

  • Gordon

    Check it out! In the kokiri sword comparison, N64 version has a random ugly wall thing around Saria's house leading to the bridge. 3DS version has wooden support beams.

  • Reapus

    I like it and I don't. I'm hoping we'll be able to switch from classic to new. I like the new version but I also miss the original version of OoT. I honestly can't wait for this, it looks great. Now I'm hoping for news of a MM remake. I'd be the happiest guy alive.

    • Shadowknight1

      I highly doubt they'd put both the 3DS and N64 versions on the same cartridge. If you want Classic OoT, get it on the Virtual Console.

  • Ganondox

    Why is the 3ds one so fuzzy?

    • Vibed

      It's in a lower resolution.

      • No, man, some of us might not. ;P

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Wow, even though they may not be drastically different, they are still major changes when you look at them side by side. Except for Link, he's obviously much more smoother and cuter. I can't wait to see what adult Link looks like, as well as all the other characters that play a big role that I love. Aw man, I can't wait to see how Zelda looks, as well as Sheik, Impa, Nabooru, Ganondorf, Saria, and tons more I don't have time to mention.

    This is going to be so cool, and I can't wait. Nintendo knows what they're doing, and I thank them for doing something that so many of the fans are loving and wanting. They really know what their fans like, and they put hard work into it, hence the amazing graphics and amazing and heart felt story lines.

    This is going to be one amazing release, and I think it's going to be a big milestone in the journey of Nintendo's development.

    • Vibed

      We already know what Adult Link looks like…

  • Nao-kun

    Link's new face = reminds me of

    • Someone

      haha, it does look like that creepy majora's mask link staue thing… which was creepy

  • matt17

    These are waay better than the other comparison pics.

  • Pirra

    AWESOME!!!! really great improvments. I Can't wait to have it!!!

  • Endre

    His ears are bigger! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Endre

    Also OoT 3D is darker and has more contrast and brighter colors. Probably to enhance the 3D effect?

  • Spoon Link

    looks like a 3d minish cap

    i love it

  • Mr. Mister

    That's the thing i love about the DS: no Hud blocking my view. All that technical stuff is on the touch screen, letting me see more of the gorgeous visuals.

  • bastian

    It . . . IS . . . an English site. ๐Ÿ˜›

    However, yes, we realized the site was Brazilian (because of the .br) but the language is Portuguese which is what we were aiming for.

    But good point! And a thumbs up for you! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kamekosta

    They make link look a lot more like an elf this time around, and it kind of changes my whole outlook on the Zelda series. It feels more Christmas-like to me. Especially when you see him in the first image, I feel like his voice should be much more of a squeal than a yell. I hope adult link doesnt become too much more fairy-boy like. He's Hyrulian dammit, not an elf!

  • TrustMe

    Saria is in the background of the first comparison – she looks great! This is making me extremely excited. Especially about the cutscenes.

  • Ari


  • Steph


  • Whoever can't see differences is really not one of those with the graphical and analytical mind. No matter what, this is Zelda and the same game with bonus stuff and really improved graphics… saying you prefer the old version with rubbish graphics (despite how fantastic that was for it's time) is really strange and so many are really fussy about smallest things which aren't relevant – we're lucky to be getting this at all – at least they didnt just port it and throw it out into stores – these guys in Japan care about Zelda so much and know that we do too… After years of doing this job, they know what they're doing.

  • N4CR

    Cannot wait to play the actual game! Great improvements.

  • hextupleyoodot

    I really hope they make shadows better… the two little shadows at his feet… doesn't make any sense…

  • Eddy

    3DS = much more lush

  • Robino DX

    I love how its looking! It seems like they've really gone back to their original concepts for how everything should look and have done a beautiful job reproducing it.
    wish i could get a better look at the Character Model for Saria in that top one… I notice that her fairy seems a bit more purple than before…?

  • mrnjlw1090

    The difference is way beyond dramatic. Animation is smoother, textures are hi-res (well as high res as they will be on a handheld device) and overall it gives the game an entire new look, as if they were polishing it for the first time.

  • Commander Link

    With the deku baba thing actually, notice the place the hit marker is placed. (the yellow flash)
    as he hits it in N64 OoT it hits the stem, but in 3DS OoT it hits the head, thats why it dies into the ground differently.

  • Zelda fans0652

    they only made a little differences and some might can't see it………

  • Beer_and_Zelda

    Why are so many people saying there is barely any improvement? You do realize that the 3DS clips you are seeing are in 2D and not 3D, right? Once you see it running on the 3DS in person, the sense of depth is going to be amazing. It's not fair to judge a 3DS game based on 2D screens.

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  • Joe

    The graphics look awesome! But to be honest, even if the graphics weren't as good as the original, I would get it. The most amazing game in existence IN MY POCKET TO PLAY AS AND WHEN I PLEASE! I will feel like a king!

  • tetraxlink

    I like the original better Link doesn’t look as good on the 3ds to me. but Kokiri forest looks brillant on 3ds i cant wait.

  • Useless Spinner

    I like how in the first animation where he practices sword swings in the background of the 3DS version the house that starts that bridge is a wooden bridge unlike N64 where is…a wall.. and the house in 3DS looks more tree like and the N64….is an octagon… I love OOT 64 for what it is though i just like the change they added there makes it fel more….realistic..

  • Roxax

    In the web burning comparison, Navi leaves a trail in the n64 version!

  • tom

    what?? there's basically no difference, i'd even go as far as to say that the original looks better. Why have they made the graphics more cartoony in the new version….sellouts…it's not going to be as epic as the original now

  • Adden

    I like the clarity of picture in the original better. Though the updated graphics and the differences in the scenery are a definite improvement.

  • Lules

    i. want. this. game.

  • KURT

    Shoulda kept it the same.

  • EvergreenTerrace420

    This game is going to be amazing!! Does anyone else notice Link's sheathe is missing??

  • Afrolady114

    wow, total awesomeness. I would totally get a 3DS just to play this game again ๐Ÿ˜€

    I can't wait to see how the rest of OoT looks like now ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Zelda Fan

    I keep forgetting that the 3DS version is going to be viewed in 3D. This amazing feature will actually improve the graphics even more on the remake. I can't wait to get a 3DS and this game!

  • QueenxLink

    … The N64 OoT is much clearer than the 3Ds OoT… But I guess it's because it's a handheld system and handhelds don't always have that much resolution.

  • SnowLeopard48

    The facial expressions on Link are dramatically improved. It's a win for me.

  • heroshade

    It looks like they used the SSBM model as a base for link. I hope they at least change the dungeons and make them harder (except the water temple of course).

  • Mr. PWNGE

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! but, i like the original Gohma more. other than that, is is awesome! i'm gonna play 24/7 on this thing when i get it!

  • Link'sMasterSword

    dude i do see the difference like the backgroud ,
    look when he kill gohma look at the top of the room in Oot N64 its like tree branch or something like this but in 3DS its like spider webs DAM I WANT T BUY THIS GAME !! ๐Ÿ˜€ and on 3DS there no more "cube" on link's body and on monsters

  • Shielk

    Wow! 3DS looks way different! I'm surprized! In the 3ds version, you can't see Link's face. The 3ds version looks slower than the 64…….. But, I'm still gona buy it.

  • Someone

    hmm, some of it's better, but overall, based on what i've seen, i like the oot graphics better. I do think that the scenery has been improved, such as the entrance to Kakariko and death Mountain… it looks allot more mountain like iin the 3DS ๐Ÿ˜›
    However, I liked the realistic look of the characters in oot. While the crude angular graphics detracted from their appeal, they did look much more realistic than the one's in 3DS. The 3DS just has to much sharp color contrasts…
    and i know they stuck to the plot… but i do hope they made the owl and navi less annoying XD

  • Elite spaz


  • Hero of Time

    I see the improvement! But to me, the N64 looks a bit more 3D…and I have to say, I will miss those old N64 Zelda graphics. So original…
    Can't wait for Oot3DS and Skyward S!!!
    Hopefully, SS will clear up the location of the Oot Hyrule with the Tp Hyrule. AND Hopefully, since SS is BEFORE Oot, the Hyrule Castle will be the same or almost the same as Oot Hyrule Castle so if we can actually go into the Castle, we Zelda fans can get a feel of what the Oot Hyrule Castle looks like..hope that makes since!

    And for the Oot 3ds, Please Nintendo, PLEASE make us be able to go into Hyrule Castle. I know, people are like "what;s the big deal?", but we want to see what the inside of the castle looks like! WE want to look into more of the Mario Pics!


  • People, the picture quality on the 3DS shots is not as great. But the graphics themselves are indeed immprovements. It doesn't look better on the N64. It looks better on the 3DS, but the N64 gifs do look better. Shame that people are bashing the graphics based on a poor quality image.

  • thelostzelda

    ….I just realized something. how will the ocarina be translated?… many ways, what will they do?

  • James

    I'm so happy this remake is being…remade, but I still love the original. I think the original OOT has a funkier, more stylish color scheme. Look at the moody green tones in Gohma's lair, and the eerie depth in the ceiling. Also, Kokiri village in the original has this dark, shadowy, foreboding presence that is kind of washed clean in the new one. Then again, handheld Zeldas have always had less subtle color schemes…the fineness of contrasts and surfaces just doesn't come across when the screen is small and the lighting is unreliable. But just to push the argument a little further, Ocarina of Time is a game about Time, and all of its ramifications, including death. If the whole game is brightened up and freed of its muted, grainy contrasts, the themes of the game are going to be altered as well. It will be a new game, with all new reasons for playing it! I'm looking forward!

  • Monkscape

    I love the original, it looks great.
    But, come on who doesn't want to play Oot in 3d.
    Can't wait to see how ganondorf looks, and castle town.
    Image the final battle in 3d

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  • A Link to the Future


    Dramatic improvement. They changed EVERYTHING, but kept the STYLE so it FELT retro while using the technology of today. An excellent show of how a remake SHOULD be done. Don't have to make it ultra-realistic. Give us our nostalgia and make it look pretty :3

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  • Yunsung

    That roof from Ghoma in 64 looks amazing, way better than 3DS roof. Web burning door looks too metallic in 3DS, compared to the wood appearance in 64. Deku Baba battle however, is greatly improved in 3DS. Kokiri Sword stance looks way more determined in 64 Link’s face, however the graphics for Kokiri Forest greatly improved on 3DS

  • From Mario to Yu-Gi-Oh!

    I personally, having played the 3DS version more, appreciate it better. Not just by the graphics (Which are VERY good, except for the Gohma roof), but by the gaming opportunities. I haven’t beaten 64 yet, so I dunno if they have a Master Quest in that, but I know they do in 3DS. It’s a jumbled-up, inverted version of the original. Also, they have Shiekah Stones in the 3DS. What the 3DS Picture involving Link practicing his sword moves DOESN’T SHOW is what’s behind that big rock to his left. It’s a Shiekah Stone that allows you to see how to beat the game (Which, if you’ve played 64, you wouldn’t need). But overall, I prefer 3DS over 64.
    Also, the great Fairy scares me in 64 o.o