We’ve been waiting for so long–well, since E3 this past June–but we finally are blessed with not only more details about the much anticipated Ocarina of Time 3DS, but also screenshots and even a bit of video as well!

Hit the jump for the full details, screenshots, and video!

First of all, the HUD has been dramatically revised. With the bottom screen reserved for the map and the HUD, things have been moved around to make accessing items and such more accessible. It would appear you can assign items to the actual X and Y buttons, but that you can also assign three other items to touch screen buttons on the far corners of the screen. The screenshot above shows that Deku Nuts have been assigned to the top right touch screen button and Red Potions have been assigned to the bottom right. The Ocarina sits in a touch screen button at the bottom left. Could that be a permanent place? Or also equipable as the player sees fit? That remains unclear.

Now with fashionable shoulder strap!

Link’s design, while not dramatically different from the original Ocarina of Time (except, of course, the massive upgrade in quality) has changed slightly. Most noticeable is the new shoulder strap, which though was featured in the official art for Ocarina of Time, was not included in that original game.

And thicker shield for extra durability!

The Deku Shield is also considerably thicker and no longer just a flat texture.

And lastly, Nintendo offered up a video at their conference showcasing the 3DS titles currently in development. And, you guessed it! Ocarina of Time 3DS received some screen time. It’s mere seconds, but certainly fun to watch! If you want to just skip straight to the Zelda stuff, skip to the 2:30 mark.

Stay tuned to ZU for up-to-date Ocarina of Time 3DS news!

Source: Nintendo
  • maefreak

    A lot of the videos seemed jerky. I think its just the video itself.

  • Joko tree

    I was just playing OOT a second ago.And now; when I look at this I think wow the graphics on this is amazing.I can't wait to play it,but I hope the iron boot are less of a pain to use than in the original N64 game. 🙂

    • Josh

      I'm fairly certain that Miyamoto or somebody said that they would be… Maybe Aonuma…

      • xzz

        Yeah, Aonuma.

        • Joko tree

          Thanks for the info. 🙂

  • ChainofTermina

    oh my God! this looks so cool! although I kinda liked the absence of the shoulder strap. some of those other games looked neat as well, like that Pit game. what was that game in between the Paper Mario and Mario Cart ones?

    • bastian

      Pilotwings Resort. 😀

  • Talise

    As long as I don't have to blow into something……like the zampona incident……

    • Hahahahahaha I felt retarded doing that in like airports or when I was playing in between classes lmfao

  • Wow, a lot of those games, such as Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart, really caught my sights, but OoT still takes the cake for m! 8D

  • donkey

    wow not much of a difference

    • Joko tree

      Oh my god you realy are an asteroid.(I'm not swearing so I use the zubc changes so a** is changed to asteroid)

    • ashmic

      I agree…

    • Not only is the video quality bad on this particular video but you need to view the screenshots and the video closely to see that the graphics have in fact been improved greatly… No more cardboard cut-out walls or fences and shield etc… Smoother textures and some completely new textures replacing pixelated old ones etc… Improved Link sprite and animations too. It's never going to look like Twilight Princess, it's not supposed to – they want it to look like Ocarina of Time not make it unrecognisable.

    • xzz


      • Joko tree

        That's it NO MORE RACISM AND SWEARING ! you are ruining this site for others.

  • TheyCallMeTim?

    i've been staring at the menu on the bottom screen.. i think it could work 😀 and i think their remodeled Link is the exact look that they were trying to make in the 1st place…If you looked at the booklet that came with OOT you would see a link sitting around wit navi…and back then the booklet link and in game link differed drastically, but now..they r twins!! i love it :3

  • Pyrobomber

    I actually let out a cry of joy a seeing this… now my sister's looking at me weird.

    • Joko tree

      Just tell your sister ….. Oh feng shui; I've got nothing.(Looks like you'r on your own)

      • Joko tree

        Sorry bad joke.

  • Sakume

    New 3D Zelda rehash of the best Zelda game of all time? Sold.

  • Link

    Yes! this will be awesome or as chuggaconroy says "Fabuuulaas"

    • ShadowStarX


  • matt17

    prepare yourselves to see over 100 posts :p

    the map of kokiri forest has a small extra area at the bottom left

    • that's always been there………..getting me excited *grumpy*

    • TrustMe

      The "extra area" at the bottom is where you found the sword. You know, where you crawl in the hole and see a giant boulder going in squares?

  • WWfangirl

    Wow! OoT 3DS looks WAAAAAAY better graphically than the original. I love it!

    • Joko tree

      I can't wait to play it. 🙂

  • TrustMe

    Holy crap… I'M SO EXCITED!

  • ShadowStarX

    Here are the ones I want to buy. (If I hopefully get a 3DS!!) I'm just making up names for some of them so don't make fun of me or whatever.
    Kid Icarus Uprising
    Paper Mario 3DS
    PilotWings Resort
    Mario Kart 3DS
    Super Monkey Ball 3DS
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

    Yeah so I'm not a Snake fan. Sue me 😛

    • xzz

      Oh,I will sue the hell out of you.

  • NAR

    My question is will it still play regular DS and GBA games? And did I hear somewhere that they were redoing the first Kingdom Hearts game too? Zelda and Kingdom Hearts doesn't get much better than that!!!! ^^

    • bastian

      Yes to DS, no to GBA.

    • Foh

      Yes, they are remaking KH1 but they're changing some of it too.

      • Brian

        Kingdom Hearts 3DS is a totally different game. It takes place after Kingdom Hearts: Coded.

    • You really need to look at the current dsi for that info

  • Scrivs

    I love how happy music is playing while zombies are being murdered at 0:42

    • Zorathan

      that's exactly what I was thinking.

  • Way better graphics better assignments and quicker fighting? This is not happening this is going to be like Skyward Sword Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time all at once!!!

  • Sabbo

    Ha. That first pic was staged. You can't have a bottle or the Adult's Wallet before lighting those torches.

    As for the assignable buttons, only the two on the right will be assignable – notice the numbers next to them? (1&2)

    Finally, to the above commenter matt17, that "extra" bit in the map of Kokiri Forest is not extra at all – that's where the Kokiri Sword is found.

    • bastian

      I took the numbers next to the Deku Nuts and Potion to represent quantity… I could be wrong, of course.

      • Sabbo

        Well the Deku Nuts have two numbers next to them. the 10 is the quantity, while the 1 is just like the X and Y on the buttons below it.

        • bastian

          Right you are! Good eyes! 😀

  • Dongo

    wow, im actually more excited for this than Skyward sword. I guess thats mainly the Nostalgia talking though 🙂

  • X x7

    My (delayed) Christmas list is:
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Mario Kart 3D
    Pilot Wings Resort
    Star For 64 3D
    Cannot wait for this thing to come out!

    • John

      lol don't forget to add the 3ds to you list. otherwise you would have a lot of 3ds games and not be able to play 'em

  • Ezlo

    I'm excited for Ocarina of Time, Animal Crossing, prof. Layton, and Mario Kart. That's about it. XD

  • Lach Menel

    WOW! Am I really the only one who noteced this! Alow me to type it loud and clear, LIKE HAS AN OCARINA WHEN HE FIRST GOSE INTO THE FLAPPING(Dragon Quest IX referance:D) DEKU TREE!!! How do I know that he is in there for the first time? Easy, look at the torches, he`s lighting them, and tourches stay lit in our beloved Zelda. So, long story short, the plot will chang so that Sari gives Link her ocarina before he enters the Great Deku Tree. Dose this mean the colosial tree will be in a different location?

    • twilian

      Or…it was just an edited shot?

    • Gordon

      It's uh…in BETA form. When they first showed footage from Wind Waker, they used the scene where he gets flung into the Forbidden Fortress and looses his sword. He had like ten hearts in that video. But it's only possible to have three hearts at that point when actually playing the game. You can't use details like that to determine the in-game order of events. (Though, admittedly, I only remember that instance because I made the same mistake (trying to convince everyone that that scene couldn't be from the beginning of the game because, "Look how many hearts he has!"))

    • Sabbo

      Without a doubt, he has the ocarina purely because they wanted to show where the ocarina goes on the bottom screen.

      And anyway, you seem to miss how he has a bottle and more than 99 rupees.

    • DarttheLegend

      all they are doing is showing off the new graphics, and those kind of torches don't stay lit for long, if you remember

  • Juan

    I think you can customize the items in the R, X and Y buttons (Deku Seed, Slingshot and Deku Stick), but I suposse that the Ocarina and the Potions are gonna stay in there forever.

    • Zorathan

      The R button is for the shield. >.>

    • Sabbo

      How could you assign all those potions to one touchscreen button though?

      No, the potions and Deku nuts are shown here in assignable touchscreen buttons, while the Ocarina is in a fixed location.

  • flypi

    @LachMenel. I see what you are saying, however i don't think this is the case. Its more likely that they acquired those items then went back to the deku tree so that they could have a screenshot that shows a range of HUD items…because when u are first in the deku tree you haven't gotten that many items yet…if that makes sense…

  • xzz


    • Somebody's about to go if he doesn't drop his expletives…

    • Joko tree

      Dude, I have had enough of the rude comments.Children look at this site as well.

  • carlos

    i wanna buy it

  • twilian

    Man, oh man, I cannot wait for this release! It just keeps looking better and better <3

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    I am looking forward to this more than Skyward Sword. The graphics are AMAZING! And guess what? Navi's back!

    • Joko tree

      Yeah but its a shame Nintendo can't make like the Taco show.

      • Joko tree

        Yeah but its a shame Nintendo can't make it like the Taco show.

  • MrBaconsock

    Thumbs up for Animal Crossing!! 😀

  • HarmanStalefish

    does anyone know what the japanese words say from the screenshot with the HUD visible. I mean, at a guess I can assume that the word underneath the eyeball says 'look' or something similar, but I'm just curious what the three headings on the tabs down the bottom of the screen say.

    • bastian

      The middle button says "Map" is all we know right now.

      • Sabbo

        You speak as if they're not terribly simple to translate.

        Equipment. Map. Items.

        • bastian

          "Terribly simple" to you, perhaps. But to those of us without any Japanese skills, "terribly difficult" is more like. 😀 Thanks for translating that for us!

          • Sabbo


            Seems pretty simple to me.

            (Or if you don't know the names of the Japanese writing systems, you can go from Wikipedia's page on "Japanese" – which is a disambiguation – to "Japanese language", wherein reading the introduction will lead you to the right pages.)

    • Sabbo

      From left to right: Equipment*, Map, Item.

      *Unlike the other two, this is in hiragana, and so actually says "soubi". This is Japanese for equipment. The others say mappu and aitemu respectively.

  • bradley

    My computer has a Pentium II and runs Windows XP slowly and it was not jerky at all for me.

  • Ben

    i wonder how you z-target…

    • Alessandra

      Probably like the GameCube version, you L-Target

  • mrnjlw1090

    I just hope that they include the Unicorn Fountain & Sword Beam (as a dungeon) this time around. Preferably after you beat the Water Temple, Zora's Domain should unfreeze right away, then you can go to that Dungeon as an optional side quest.

  • Icy

    They are jerky…

  • Icy


  • Z-man

    Ha,all the yells in the other games sound exactly like Link's!Anyway,I really hate to say this,but Animal Crossing's graphics kind of looked better than any of the others to me,but a big improvement on OoT's part.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Omigosh! Amaaaziiing. 😀

    I cannot wait whatsoever for this to come out! I'm also excited about Animal Crossing, and Kid Icarus looks pretty cool as well. Not even to mention the 3D graphics that will play into affect!

    I'm counting down the days….or the relevant days…. until it comes out. The graphics look so awesome, yet they still feel like the Ocarina of Time we know, and I don't really mind the minor costume change. But you know what I'm really looking forward too now??? Seeing how Princess Zelda is going to look now. If Link looks that good, then I bet Zelda is going to be gorgeous! 😀

  • Callin

    This lineup needs more 2D titles.

    Makes me sad…

  • Complainer

    This does look good, but I wish they would have used this same engine to build a different game with a different story. Ocarina of Time already has a "feel" for me on the N64. I want to experience a new story on this console using these amazing graphics. Well amazing for a handheld device anyway. Maybe the effort we put forth to rehash a previous classic should have been used to finish Skyward Sword a little quicker. It's hard to get excited about that game when it's release is TBA 2011. It could technically be relaesed next Christmas. So I don't want to call OOT 3DS a waste of time… but it sort of is.

    • bastian

      It's highly unlikely that the team working on OoT 3DS had any impact on SS. They've had two separate Zelda teams (console and handheld) for quite a while now.

    • John

      I heard they might release Ocarina of Time 3D when the 3DS comes out which is in March.

  • Alessandra

    This looks awesome! I like what they did with the entire game! 🙂

  • Shadowknight1

    To anyone who doesn't believe that the shots of OoT3DS are of a Beta version used for advertising, or of a WIP….look at Link's back. Where exactly is he keeping his sword? 😉

    Anyways, it looks fantastic, but it looks like it'll be 2011 for both Zelda games, and with my luck, the 3DS, OoT, and Skyward Sword will be out the same day. 🙁

  • Alex Chastain

    everyone commenting on the fact he has items before he is supposed to. gotta remember this thing called developers, they can do anything they want in the game. that includes giving items to show the game off i.e. the demo area is SS

  • Link879

    I hope they fix the problem, that zora's domain is still frozen after the water temple!

  • Hero of time 1

    My favorite game ever, remastered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zelda fans

    I wish there are more news about 3DS and Skyward Sword soon……anyway there's no news about Skyward Sword lately

  • seacher99

    I would like to see after Ocarina of Time 3D an Majoras Mask 3D remake and then a new 3D game that is adjacent to MM (maybe with adult Link) and that exposes the transactions between Majoras Mask and Twilight Princess (eg how Ganon was banned in the shadow area).
    Who agrees with me?

  • Happy Mask Salesman

    I'm liking what I see with OoT3Ds so far! The Young Link sprite reminds me of his design in SSBM, nice!

    • Now that you mention it, he does! It makes him seem much more mature and a tad bit more realistic. A good comparison to what Skyward Sword Link might look like.

  • aw9000

    I think I like the new look, nothing really changed that much to say its new, but it looks alot nicer to me. Im gonna have fun playing this game, and I only hope it lives up to the widness and greatness of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, I hope theres alot more to explore in this game.

  • Greenwind

    Looks even more toonish! but Luv it!!!! mwahahaha!!! it's like…like it has some things of the OoT-64,,, but it looks even cooler!!!,,,,and the legend continues

  • Kevin-Linked

    Eye candy ^^

  • Sabbo

    The Start button, perhaps? Select? The N64 didn't have a Select button, but they're gonna have to do something with it.

    That would be nice, but don't get your hopes up. :/

  • Ari

    IT LOOKS SO REAL!! IT'S BETTER THAN THE WII!! Imagine what the successor to the Wii will be like! Take that play station and x box!! HA!!

    • I completely agree. The graphics on this (as shown by the trailer) excelled my expectations. I can't wait till we can try it out!

  • DreamerJ

    Sweet! I can't wait to try it!

  • Sabbo

    Oh, and for the curious, in the screenshot we can see the touchscreen of, the word under the eye is "kamera" (Camera)

  • fantasysign


  • Shadowknight1

    By the by, is anyone else somewhat disappointed that Metal Gear Solid 3D got an 8 minute trailer, but OoT3D only got about 7 seconds worth of video in a montage of other 3DS games? Where's my OoT3D trailer? 🙁

  • Disappointed in the lack of shadow in the Gohma 3DS shot. 🙁 It's not all spooky like the N64 version. Link looks exactly as well lit as he did when he was outside.

  • keimori

    the styles akin to how lik looked in soul caliber 2

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  • Jonas

    :O I think I´m comming