We’ve been waiting for so long–well, since E3 this past June–but we finally are blessed with not only more details about the much anticipated Ocarina of Time 3DS, but also screenshots and even a bit of video as well!

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First of all, the HUD has been dramatically revised. With the bottom screen reserved for the map and the HUD, things have been moved around to make accessing items and such more accessible. It would appear you can assign items to the actual X and Y buttons, but that you can also assign three other items to touch screen buttons on the far corners of the screen. The screenshot above shows that Deku Nuts have been assigned to the top right touch screen button and Red Potions have been assigned to the bottom right. The Ocarina sits in a touch screen button at the bottom left. Could that be a permanent place? Or also equipable as the player sees fit? That remains unclear.

Now with fashionable shoulder strap!

Link’s design, while not dramatically different from the original Ocarina of Time (except, of course, the massive upgrade in quality) has changed slightly. Most noticeable is the new shoulder strap, which though was featured in the official art for Ocarina of Time, was not included in that original game.

And thicker shield for extra durability!

The Deku Shield is also considerably thicker and no longer just a flat texture.

And lastly, Nintendo offered up a video at their conference showcasing the 3DS titles currently in development. And, you guessed it! Ocarina of Time 3DS received some screen time. It’s mere seconds, but certainly fun to watch! If you want to just skip straight to the Zelda stuff, skip to the 2:30 mark.

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Source: Nintendo