August is over – which means our last monthly poll is closed. After 3,353 votes, we’re happy to share the results. Direct your eyeholes to the statistics below!

Do you think that Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword?

1st (48%, 1610 votes) Yes, and I can’t wait!
2nd (21%, 692 votes) No, and I’m glad.

3rd (17%, 560 votes) Yes, but I’ll be disappointed if/when he does.
4th (14%, 491 votes) No, and it’s a shame!

As tradition dictates, a new monthly poll is now up. This time we’re curious about whether or not you think The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will ship with the Wii MotionPlus accessory.

Before you vote, consider that this next Zelda title requires the MotionPlus accessory for gameplay, so those who don’t own one will need to buy one. However, Nintendo has already shipped one title with MotionPlus before – Wii Sports Resort – and probably for the purpose of putting MotionPlus in their customers’ hands. Would they really do it a second time, especially if many already own MotionPlus?

The vote is yours, and yours alone – we’ll tally the results again at the end of the month!

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