August is over – which means our last monthly poll is closed. After 3,353 votes, we’re happy to share the results. Direct your eyeholes to the statistics below!

Do you think that Ganondorf will make an appearance in Skyward Sword?

1st (48%, 1610 votes) Yes, and I can’t wait!
2nd (21%, 692 votes) No, and I’m glad.

3rd (17%, 560 votes) Yes, but I’ll be disappointed if/when he does.
4th (14%, 491 votes) No, and it’s a shame!

As tradition dictates, a new monthly poll is now up. This time we’re curious about whether or not you think The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will ship with the Wii MotionPlus accessory.

Before you vote, consider that this next Zelda title requires the MotionPlus accessory for gameplay, so those who don’t own one will need to buy one. However, Nintendo has already shipped one title with MotionPlus before – Wii Sports Resort – and probably for the purpose of putting MotionPlus in their customers’ hands. Would they really do it a second time, especially if many already own MotionPlus?

The vote is yours, and yours alone – we’ll tally the results again at the end of the month!

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  • This must be the article that is "very, very related to Skyward Sword" which Sugar mentioned. And it is v/v related to Skyward Sword.

    Vote Yes!

    • Actually, no! The article I hinted at is an actual, full-length article :]

      • Sweet! That pulls at my anticipation even more. =]

  • Rebecca

    I'm going to make the assumption that those who bought Wii Sports Resort are not part of the Zelda demographic so I sure hope that they package MotionPlus with the game.

  • Nick

    I think they'll have copies of Skyward Sword bundled with motion plus and copies that are just the game

  • Lightbringer

    Lol, anyone else notice how things are ranked?
    You've got 1st, which is fine, but
    then you've got "2th" which should be "2nd"
    and "3nd" which should be "3rd"
    and "4rd" which should be "4th."
    🙂 I don't know if that was an accident, no worries.
    But it made my day when i saw it. 🙂

    • Jason Rappaport

      Haha. That would be the result of moving them around and then only changing the numbers and not the letters that follow. XDD

      Nice catch.

  • matt17

    -voted yes-
    yea I think they will. on amazon, the price is 60$. it would be a 10$ discount if you bought the game with wiimote plus. besides, you cant play the game without it, it HAS to come with it. might come in a box. mario kart came with the wii wheel

  • LemCen

    takes place before OOT=NO GANONDORF

    • Demon

      Gerudo King is born every 100yrs. Could be a different Ganondorf like person in there,

      • Darktoonlink88

        That's actually a very interesting idea. While I hope to see Vaati again, and I don't want to much 1 time villians which are never used again, I think it would be awesome if they used another Gerudo king.

    • missing link

      thats what I thought as well, if gannondorfs in it it will ruin the whole storyline for me =/

  • fantasysign

    maybe itll come with a super awesomerific zelda looking motion plus edition. that'll look like the end of the master sword or something?

  • Ashmic

    did they up the price? more than just the game? (stupid question sorry)

  • James

    How can anybody vite ''No, and I'm glad''? Ganondoft kicks arse. Yeah I don't think he should be over used, but you shouldn't be glad he's not in a game.

    • Darktoonlink88

      Uh, why not? If he's overused, that would be a bad thing right? And the only 3D Zelda without Ganondorf was MM… And Ganondorf appeared in the latest two 3D Zeldas, WW and TP… So if they would use him again, most people would call that overusing. So it's a good thing that Ganondorf doesn't appear in all games and that there are some games without him. What you're saying is actually: 'I don't think he should be overused, but I think he should be overused.'…

    • TheMaverickk

      I voted "No, and I'm glad" because I think that Ganondorf really won't be the main villain of the game. I'm on the fence if he will appear in the game or not though. I just think Nintendo is going to give him a break this time since they've stated they want to mix things up formula wise. Maybe he will make a cameo or something, or maybe someone will prophecy the coming of the dark lord you know.

      I think Ganon/Ganondorf is awesome, he's a great character, and at the end of the day he will always be Link's arch nemesis. But at the same time I would be happy to not see him for a game or two because I've already played a lot of games that he's been in.

      Switching up the story elements would be surprising for Zelda fans and make the series a little fresher I think.

  • Gerudude

    WII sports resort has a much cheaper marketing around it to promote it I think.
    Which is why it was a good option to include the motion plus.
    If they do that with the new Zelda, things might get a bit to expensive, especially when they don't know what sales numbers to expect.

  • Darktoonlink88

    Well, in A Link to the Past, they said that ganon first was a Gerudo called Ganondorf and when he entered the sacred realm, he became the monster Ganon. So if he would be in the game, it would probably be as Ganondorf. Though I think in the final battle he would also appear as Ganon, because they've done that in every 3D Zelda. But Aonuma said they wanted to leave Ganondorf alone for a while, so they're probably not going to use him in SS.

    • Ashmic

      When did he say that?
      and, idk i still believe they are 2 different people, ganondorf is just a body for ganon to use, or somethin like that

  • Majin Kai

    Bagh, no Ganon pl0x.
    Dark Genie from Dark Cloud pl0x.

  • chuck

    no ganondworf
    maby ganon
    or something or someone new

  • I think they should use Majora.

    Just saying.

    yeah I don't care if it doesn't make sense.

  • triforceguy1 (Leon)

    I think it would, or at least there will be a bundle pack and a single pack

    Anyway, if it did, it wouldn’t be the second game to be bundled with WM+, there’ were games such as Red Steel 2 and some tenis game that was bundled with it.

  • Preston

    I think that Ganon will be in it but not Ganondorf. It comes before Ocarina of Time, but so does Minish Cap and in the beginning it shows Ganon and there are Moblins in it, so I think Ganon will.

    • Lightbringer

      There are moblins in quite a few Zelda games.

  • joshm

    if you have ever played wind waker then you would probably know the story at the beginning, it shows us that ganon was in his beast form. so i am taking a guess that ganon will be in SS but in a beast form

  • brian

    Ganon may make an appearance but there is a force even bigger than ganon in zelda. Ganaon is just the human form of the evil that causes all the evil in zelda games. Even ganon is just a mere puppet. We may see how the evil spirit first originated with ganon and how he evolved to be as powerful as he did in later zelda games.. Or I could be wrong and ganon may not exist in the game at all.

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