Finding Zordiana in a forest.

Beloved SNES masterpiece A Link to the Past won top honors in VGChartz‘s Top Ten Super Nintendo Games.

The chart was compiled via voting on their forums, with members listing their top five SNES games in order with numerical values applied to the rankings.

A Link to the Past is in great company, with amazing games like Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy IV, and Super Mario World. Yet clearly the fans agree – A Link to the Past is the best of the best.

It is also the game that invented the current Zelda structure. Many features that would later reappear again and again in the Zelda franchise found their beginnings in this little epic game. Everything from the Master Sword to Kakariko Village, from Hyrule Castle to the Sages, from “Ganondorf” to the Spin Attack: their origins can all be traced back to A Link to the Past

Take a look at VGChartz site for the full top ten list.

Source: VGChartz
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