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In our excitement and eagerness to share with you some of the details from the recent Nintendo Power interview with producer Eiji Aonuma in our previous article, we managed to overlook some sizable tidbits! You certainly let us know, and for that we thank you!

First of all, accept our humblest apologies.

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THIS is Hyrule!

One of the most intriguing things that we forgot to mention in our previous article on the Nintendo Power interview with Mr. Aonuma was the demo area seen in the E3 trailer. Many people (including Craig Harris of IGN fame) assumed that this area seen in the demo was simply a demo area constructed solely for the demo–a sandbox–and would not feature within the final game. Not so, according to Eiji Aonuma. This is actually one of the first bits of Hyrule that Link travels down to from Skyloft:

“It represents a very early stage where Link, for the first time, travels down to the realm below the clouds.”

Mr. Aonuma goes on to explain why, although that area will be in the final game, we shouldn’t take everything we saw in it as finalized:

“That being said, the giant skeleton that you fight when you go inside the tree, and the giant scorpion, aren’t in those locations within the game. We just put them there for the demo version.”

He also clarifies that while this area seems an awful lot like a dungeon, it is still considered a “field”  thereby representing their new take on the dungeon/overworld structure that they have been mentioning in interviews for the better part of a year now.

Also, we should not take the eight item slots (as seen in the demo) as fact. That HUD was built specifically for E3 and there may be more item slots than eight.

And finally, Link has the ability to travel between Hyrule and Skyloft, and this is not done via a Pegasus version of Epona. So what is Link’s method of transportation? Mr. Aonuma would not say, but we’d love to hear what you think! How will Link travel back and forth between Hyrule and Skyloft? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Power
  • linkdude101

    First! Obviously it's Hyrule. Death Mountain, anyone?

    • ThatOneGuy

      It could have been a different mountain, you never know.

      • Ulises

        Yeah but what was the first thing you though when you saw it for the first time? (be honest).

        It just have to be Death Mountain.

    • if this is set in hyrule before the creation of the master sword then it fits in fine, mountains take a tremendous amount of time to grow so i am sure it will fit in nicely

    • Phantom7

      Or maybe it's Woodfall's Hylian counterpart…

      • Volroc

        that WAS death mountain

    • zelda freak

      well any ways its a new game it could be something else

  • I think that there might be portals you jab the Skyward Sword into and that takes you back to Skyloft somehow. You know, like in TP and OoT where you discover the Master Sword to be in? Thos coud actually be portals with certain abilities (i.e., traveling through time and opening the doors to the Temple of Time).

    • Oops, sorry–I meant to put "Those could" in the last sentence.

      And don't worry, Bastian; this didn't inconvenience us at all. It's actually nice to have a pair of separate articles to debate on. ;-}

  • Scrivs

    pegasus epona would be epic!!!! Maybe in a future game?? HOPEFULLY

  • Paffe

    Maybe you have to stand still in a place while raising the sword high up in the air!

    And, of course, apology accepted!

    • freedom410

      raising the sword high charges it for power moves. That's stated in the full interview.

  • zeldarules

    A cannon? That could explain what the heck a huge cannon was doing in Renado's basement in TP.

    • Lightbringer

      whoah! good observation!

  • Portroy

    There will probably be portals or "hotspots" in Skyloft that correspond to different areas in Hyrule. One area might take you to the summit of Death Mountain, while another might take you to Lake Hylia… and vice versa

    • Ashmic

      like in TP with midna? thats theroy makes the most sense

    • DanMan

      like the song of soaring in majoras mask

      • zelda freak

        ya but is there a ocarina or flute in this game hmm

  • Majora

    I bet its Skydiving like at the end of the trailer or it could possibly be something to do with the Skyward Sword.

  • The Doctor

    cannot wait to hear the new hyrule field music… it's going to be epic!

    • zelda freak

      heck ya

  • Chad

    I'm hoping the scorpion isn't a boss maybe a mini boss that would be fun but it looks to easy for a boss.

    • zelda freak

      ya kinda

  • Cannons would be nice to go up. And the way down could be done with some sort of parachute. and it could be some micro-stage during the path, like controlling Link to avoid obstacles in the air, and picking the correct time to open the parachute, whit awesome skydiving feelings.

    Maybe it could be done only the first time the "warp point" is used, so it wouldn't become boring (as meny people think of the ST train scheme — I personally love it).

    But it's more likely that the sword gains teleport abilities at certain point. With the canon/parachute idea it isn't possible to travel from, e.g., death mountain to Lake Hylia instantly.

  • pruc811

    i think it should be some version of the ocarina of time, which was "passed by the royal family of hyrule", and since that they have some connection to the ancient people of hyrule, why shouldn't they have the connection with skyloft? and also, the ocarina of time was used as a magic/transporter item in OoT and MM.

  • P.U.B.L.I.C

    well Aunoma said that his son asked him if link was gonna fly next….im thinkin Link's literally gonna fly down and up to hyrule. i mean look at the end of the trailer

    • P.U.B.L.I.C

      Oops i ment Aonuma=p

    • Chainoftermina

      you know, I really, REALLY wish that were true, but something else Aonuma said in this article was "….I can guarantee that [Link]'s not going to be flying around like [Pit from] Kid Icarus."

      so, I know it sucks, but It looks like Link won't be flying on his own.

      • Lightbringer

        he could have one of those suits that has the air pockets on it. you know, like a flying squirrel? and then he would have to jump off a ledge and ride air currents. that would be fun with wii motion plus.

        • misterquin

          This is good speculation. They did say Wii Sports Resort influenced them to use motionplus and the whole skydiving thing was a game in sports resort.

  • Bupsy

    you know i'm really starting to like these graphics

    • zelda freak

      i know right

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  • You know of the wings on the hilt of the Skyward Sword? I think that those carry Link up to the sky and they turn into like huge wings. It may sound a little weird, but it's the best I got.

  • Britt

    I say its gonna be that bird or phoenix that's always seen on the Hylian shield, and it'll give Link rides to and from Hyrule like the owl Kaepora Gaebora from Ocarina of Time.

  • Shadowoflight

    It is a possibility that the Sky Cannon will be used to travel between these worlds.
    In twilight Princess this is said to be a ancient device used to travel to the City in the sky. Legend has it that the Oocca is one of the closest beings to a god.

    Second possibility is that the sword/spirit is used to travel between these worlds.

    These two are the most likely possibilities.
    I could write a whole set of theries, but it would be way too long to post in a comments page.

    • "I could write a whole set of theories, but it would be way too long to post"
      I dare you!

    • strongfan

      THOSE this are the closest things to Gods? Well, if Gods have six boobs and squawk like a chicken then yes they are.

  • its either, in my opinion going to be a the sky cannon or something to do with raising the sword in certain locations that will elevate you to skyloft

  • I'm hoping it's the phoenix/bird from the Hylian emblem, but I have a feeling that it won't be anything like that. In Twilight Princess, Link got to the sky by a gigantic canon. Why not something that again?

    At the end of the trailer he leaped down into the clouds, so maybe that's how he gets to Hyrule, but then in order to get back up he has to charge some canons with "sky power" or something so he can catapult himself back to his homeland.

    Zelda is known for having mechanical oddities (such as the hookshot) so I don't see why they wouldn't try to make a return for the giant canon. And after all, the canon is connected to the Oocca people/sky people. Maybe we'll learn some origins of it.

    • Bendi

      ARGHHH i hated the cannon…

      but just imagine Link riding a giant flaming pheonix!!!!
      would that not be epic sauce

      • Silver-Lynx4

        actually…i taught about it…REMEMBER the HAWK in TP?
        a giant hawk! 😛

  • Phantom7

    This is based entirely on theory and speculation, but since I think SkyLoft and City in the Sky (TP) are related, you may be able to travel back and forth via cannons similar to the ones in TP.

  • Bendi

    let's not have a cannon please.
    (i hated that in TP, it's so cheesy)
    i would LOVE <3 to see Link riding a giant pheonix like Epona (if you could choose what to call it i would say Epwna XD)
    allthough that is highly unlikely

    • Bendi

      but flying in the sky would make it feel really open and non linear

    • Molly

      In Zelda games there are ALWAYS cannons! I want Link to ride Epona(PegasusPheonix)!

  • TheMaverickk

    I called this… I knew the area wasn't a sand box.

    It looked too polished and appeared to have a lot of design elements in it that suggested a lot of work went into the area. There was no way it was going to be scrapped or modified a lot more.

    The enemy placement thing though I will say I also thought was the case. I mean that such bosses and enemies may not particularly belong because of how much damage some of them do.

    In any case I'm happy to hear that the area will be in the game. It makes me curious to know what the place is and called. It's almost safe to say that the mountain in the background is Death Mountain now. Still obviously needs confirmation.

    • Dzzy123

      Yeah, and maybe that rushing waterfall could be Lake Hylia. I think that this forest area might be the Kokiri Forest, or The Lost Woods.

      • TheMaverickk

        I don't think the rushing waterfalls are a part of Lake Hylia… I think the area we saw in the demo is closest to being a sort of pre-Kokori forest realm. Although perhaps there is no Great Deku Tree yet… and it may not even be known as the Kokori forest either.

        There were waterfalls and rivers in Kokiri forest so it's not that weird to see waterfalls, pools of water and such.

  • Bluelink92

    I imideatly thought that was Death Mountain when I saw it,wonder if it is?The sword girl will probably have something to do to get to Skyloft.
    Im excited that there would maybe be more items!

    • skyward G

      yes its going to be the skyward swords "spirt girl"

      • zelda freak

        i cant wait ether

  • Kingempoleon

    Maybe it's really just the Wind Waker Link all grown up and Medli gave him her wings so he could fly to Skyloft. Too bad this really is an early Link.

    • Hálfdanarson

      I just have to reply on this one..maybe Link have to drink a mysterious drink that gives him wings, say..Redbull?

      • Ashmic

        Hálfdanarson, you sir, win

        • Ah, that's just a bunch of Redbull! XD

  • I'm not sure how travel between Skyloft and Hyrule will take place… though warp points and cannons sound most likely. It would explain the cannons in TP if they were used… but I can also sort of imagine the warp points acting in a similar way to the rays of light that teleport you out of dungeons in OoT, for example. Hey, they may be one in the same.

  • Hálfdanarson

    It would be very epic, if in some part of the game, when you first fall down from the sky, that you have to find a way up again.

    And that the solution is that you have to fight a dragon. When defeated, the evil spirits will repeal from the dragon and the dragon becomes your closest friend and also the transportation between Hyrule and Skyloft, and maybe elsewhere as well, not just between the two worlds.

  • matt17

    link will prob teleport, or maybe he can gain wings. or maybe the skyward sword helps him.
    I hope that dungeon/field thing works out good, its an experiment that can turn out good or bad

  • LadyBastet

    The cannon would make sense, but if they use it, I hope they don't have a cheesy/silly-looking one like in TP. A classy, maybe stone-looking one would be okay. I'd be surprised if they had a Pegasus mount, because while that would be fun (for some) it may be too fairy-tale-esque for hardcore Zelda fans, since this is the 'mature' game series from Nintendo. Personally, I'd like a flying horse, but I doubt it will happen.

    If its not technology or magic getting Link to/from Skyloft, I bet its a bird of sorts. Any of the options have an equal chance from what I can tell.

    And mentioning Medli made me think; maybe the Rito people will make an appearance? I'd be surprised if the Ooccoa did not.

    And yes, its got to be Death Mountain 🙂

  • I wonder if the Whistle from LoZ will make a reappearance and cause a wind to whisk Link up to Skyloft? Or the Flute/Bird from ALttP?

    But the other ideas I think are more likely are the Skyward Sword's wing-shapped hilt transforming into actual wings and flying him up there. Or a series of cannons. (Secret of Mana, anyone?)

  • Pete359

    Link will skydive to get down, that much is obvious from the trailer.

    Getting up to Skyloft I'll assume makes use of the Skyward Sword. Much like in TP, talking to Midna Link could teleport I'm guessing talking to that fairy chick would zoom Link up to Skyloft.

    I just hope to the Goddesses that it isn't with cannons. I hated having to use a cannon to get out of Lake Hylia… hello anyone heard of a ladder?

    • Molly

      I just hope that Anouma DOESN'T talk like MIDNA!





    • Bob

      That'd be awesome, but idk it seems like a little far off..

    • strongfan


  • MLS262

    Oh my Goddesses.
    I just realised, does that mean that eventualy the people of sky loft evolve into half turkey half bird things? the Ooccoo people in TP?
    they do look strangely like people also..

    • Molly

      ummmmmmm Okay…………….(shocked)

      • zelda freak

        what the heck

  • ShadowLink

    Flyin epona would b gay, i don’t care how they do it. Just not that way, PLEZZ!

    • TelepathicPebble

      Don't use the word 'gay' as a synonym for stupid.

  • fantasysign

    Link will clearly just jump off from Skyloft to his doom like a G. & then when he wants to go back up he'll have to just clap his hands & believe. Oh & pixie dust of course.

    lol, j/k. I have no idea.

    • misterquin

      seems logical bro

    • Molly

      ….Pixie dust…..!

    • zelda freak

      haa haha ha LOL ya like peter pan

      i dont think so

  • Lucas

    I think the teleport will be possible by using the sword abilities somehow.
    I'm pretty sure that will be something like the ocarina on OoT

  • dAnIeL

    I think that link is going to have icarus wings or something like that

  • TheMaverickk

    My two cents on travel between Skyloft and the world below (Hyrule I suppose is what is is)… is that Link will only be able to travel between the lands at specific points based on geographic formations.

    As well that the Skyward Sword itself has the power to transport Link between the two lands via these points.

    I don't think Link will need anything extra in order to travel between the lands… I don't think he will get a dragon… or a Pegasus Epona… or a phoenix even. There may be instances where a creature will transport Link to a new area through the sky, but they won't be permanent. It will be like how in TP you got carried by the bird to get up Zora river.

    I do think you will get some sort of vehicle though once you are a 3rd into the game though which will allow the player to fly through the sky… similarly to how Link sailed the seas in Wind Waker. Thus giving players a chance to explore on their own and find new points to access the world below.

    • Molly

      I think that it will be a….Flying Thing (like a Honk bird TP Twilight Bird).

  • strongfan

    They already said he'll use the Skyward Sword to travel between Hyrule/Skyloft

  • misterquin

    Link will fly in this next game.

  • Ganonscreature

    i want a pegepona.

  • Aleksandar

    He´s either gonna use a staff like Goku ^^ when he traveled to God´s palace or a flying cloud like Jindujun XDD!

  • Keith

    Link flies on his own.


    • Molly

      Well…..he can't even talk so…..

  • Ashmic

    the best thing about your posts on this site is reading the text under the picture and trying to figure out what the posts about b4 reading it haha

  • Chris

    The beetle will be used to travel back and forth…

  • SorceruzLink

    I heard a leak that link would have to go up tall enough mountains to reach the sky city. There's a character named Skyfiens that will befriend link promising he would help him build a ladder.

    • I hope that's not true. In most Legend of Zelda games, ladders take forever to climb. In either OoT or MM (maybe both), Link would sort of studder-step up the rungs. That is, he'd bring one foot up, hesitate, and then have the other foot follow. At least Nintendo learned this might become frustrating, because in other games, like Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Link would just climb up the ladder without hesitating. ;-]

  • Xenithar

    Probably a warp system like in the other games. Maybe Link will gain some magic abilities that allow him to warp and stuff – that would be cool to see.

  • Rinku

    When I look back on WiiSports Resort, I can definitely see the obvious "testing" they have for some of the games for Skyward Sword.

    Bowling for the bombs, archery for the bow&arrow, swordplay (wonder where that came from?, and so on.

    So what of the skydiving and the airplane games?
    We saw Link jump off the cliff at E3, and there was a Skydiving game, so maybe that will be incorporated into it? And perhaps Link commands a plane?

    I guess we'll find out soon!

    • Molly

      Sword play probably came from Tennis.

  • Dean

    flying….like Peter Pan.
    Look, hes got the green, he even had a fairy in OoT. Besides I really do think it would be cool if he could fly.

  • Corson

    @Rinku im pretty sure the beetle is like the plane flying game on wii sports resort. And also im guessing there will be a skydiving when you dive into hyrule. Also what about the other games in wii sports resort? lol what if we could throw a sawblade like the frisbies? =)

  • Cynthal

    ….well…has anyone considered a hot-air balloon or something? I mean Pegasus Epona sounds Awesome! but a hot-air balloon would be cool-ish.

  • Steve

    I'm happy to hear that this HUD was for the demo,'cause I thought it would be distracting having the silluete of the controller painted on your screen all the time.
    I also didn't liked the cannon idea somone said,and that's because it's a very popular cliche to launch to worlds via canons at the Super Mario series since Super Mario 64,and honestly I don't want once again to put myself at a cannon to launch for another world. I've been doing that for 12 years at all Mario games Nintendo made during that time.

  • it is actually hard to master archery, it took me 2 long years to be a master of archery ..

  • TheInstigator

    Pegasus boots that actually fly.

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  • when i was a kid i idolize robin hood that is why i love archery today`~,

  • my girlfriend likes to be an archer and she is great both in Archery and Volleyball “

  • THE REAL Link

    wats the price!!!!

  • nascar24489

    Maybe travelling by warp? idk.

  • ???