Galloping to you SOON!

According to TopNews, a UK news site, the Nintendo 3DS arrives on British shelves in March 2011.

Japan? Retailers have been listing the release date as just before Christmas, simultaneously with North America.

We may have the 3DS a whole lot sooner than we’d expected!

Of course, please bear in mind these are only unconfirmed rumors and the actual release dates have not yet been officially confirmed by Nintendo.

Stay tuned to Zelda Universe for actual confirmation when we receive it!

Source: TopNews (tipped by triforceguy1)
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  • TheTyler0013

    I WANT IT!!!! OoT Should be a Launch Title. IF so I will Wait in line for one. =D

  • Hylian Chozo

    Looks like it's gonna be epic! OoT deserves to have a remake, but Majora's Mask does too! They also need t make a Metroid Prime Hunters 2. Imagine that in 3D! Even if it will suck, me and my sister are getting it no matter what! 😀

    • Majora16

      I don't they'll redo that many games. Aren't they also redoing Starfox 64 as well? I guess they could have a VC much like the Wii's but with games redone in 3D. That would be amazing.

      I do, however, think that MM deserves to have a 3D remake. I think MM is more artisticly beautiful than OoT. It has more color and designs that I think would go well in 3D. Just imagine taking off your goron/zora/deku mask with that strange colorful aura around your mask as you take it off, in 3D. Or all those paintings on the walls of Clock Town or the outside of Stone Tower Temple in 3D. AMAZING. I think remaking OoT in 3D is just a fanservice because it's generally more popular.

  • I'd love to get it before Christmas.

  • This would be perfect if it comes true!

  • triforceguy1

    thanks for posting the news 😉

    I think OoT 3DS is going to be a launch title (hope so)

  • Chainoftermina

    I want this so bad, but i can't imagine how I'm gonna be able to afford it by Christmas, along with all the other new games coming out.

  • It would be cool if it came soon but… I am thinking that sure I want Zelda OoT as a launch title and all but I am thinking the longer it is put off, the more it is being improved and tweaked. In that sense I can wait until March for a better Zelda OoT remake than if it came out sooner.

    But then again it all depends on when they started working on the remake as well. If it hasn't been as long as it should be for a near perfect Zelda then I'd want to wait more. I do wonder of the screenshots we seen are early versions of it and that the field and places in general have been improved more since then. That has been done in the past with games that we see screenshots or scenes that don't look like the final game or don't appear in the final game. I don't find too much a problem with how Link was re-done but the background on the other hand still looks flat with a texture over it such as on those cliffs. And if they further improve the Link model, though I don't see how they could, that would be cool too.

    I wonder when more information and screenshots will be released about the OoT remake. I also wonder how long until a better improved model of the 3DS would be released as well which normally I would wait for but in this case with the Zelda OoT remake well…

    • triforceguy1

      I guess you're right, I wouldn't mind waiting a while if it ment the game being much better

      • triforceguy1

        I also hope that the D-Pad moves to a etter place because where it is now, I can just see my wrists aching from the awkward positioning.

  • Perfect. My mum's birthday is in March. I can by myself a 3DS in celebration 😛 (Any excuse)

  • zeldamaster2143

    i think they should switch the d-pad and the 3D circle thing.

  • Holy Crap That means Pokemonz Black Nd White Will come out in the same month O_o

  • Bubba

    The only reason I want the 3DS is for Zelda. c:

  • angel

    ok that true im sure cause nintendo now that now everyone want 3d thing and are more popular but yeah it is truefor those that never check nintendo page yeah it there so just accept that it is true for those who now it true your awesome

  • triforceguy1(Leon)

    Wohoo, the rumour is true