Long before the Hero of Time. . .

Zelda fans love to debate the timeline. With each new game comes gradual statements by Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma about the title in question’s placement in the timeline. Sometimes, when these statements are made early in development, they are rescinded with newer and more concrete statements. Sometimes they are woefully mistranslated leading fans down the wrong path, as evidenced by the infamous Wind Waker “one hundred years” truly being “hundreds of years.”

However, as close as we are to the release of Skyward Sword, Mr. Aonuma’s new interview with Official Nintendo Magazine places Skyward Sword exactly where many of us have been certain it must be: pre-Ocarina of Time.

More details on this exciting matter after the jump!

While this certainly will come as no surprise to most of us, it will put a kibosh on some of the stranger early theories going around out there; one of the most interesting (and now provably wrong) ones floating about Zelda fandom being that this game takes place long after Wind Waker and that the Skyward Sword itself is in fact a brand new Master Sword–Master Sword 2.0? Well, we can lay that and any other such theories to rest.

Eiji Aonuma’s exact words on the matter are as follows:

“This title [Skyward Sword] takes place before Ocarina of Time. If I said a certain title was ‘the first Zelda game,’ then that means that we can’t ever make a title that takes place before that! So for us to be able to add titles to the series, we have to have a way of putting titles before or after each other.”

Also of interest is the ever-famous “master timeline document” that has been spoken of by Miyamoto and Aounuma for years now. Eiji Aounuma revealed just who is privy to this secret knowledge:

“Yes, there is a master timeline, but it is a confidential document! The only people who have access to that document are myself, Mr. Miyamoto, and the director of the [current] title [at the time]. We can’t share it with anyone else!”

So for those of you hoping that this “master timeline document” may someday be released to the hungry Zelda fanatics, please don’t hold your breath; it looks like that will never happen.

Well, there we have it: Skyward Sword takes place before Ocarina of Time.

But this fact only brings to light more questions, such as: if the Master Sword was created by the Sages to repel evil due to the uprising of Ganondorf, and the Skyward Sword is the Master Sword, then are we to see yet an earlier incarnation of Ganondorf? Or is there a much older evil for which the blade was originally forged?

We want to hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine (via Windwackster)
  • cuju

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!
    I have a feeling that this one is gonna be epic! I love how Nintendo isn't afraid to make revolutionary changes to the series will having an amazing and involving story. Like how Ocarina of Time became the lenghtiest Zelda game yet while making the difficult transition to 3D, and Skyward sword, Tackling 1:1 swordplay and motion controls while explaining the origin of the master sword!

  • cuju

    Hey, everybody vote for the pre-order of Skyward sword!

  • P.U.B.L.I.C


  • Chainoftermina

    I think it's a different source of evil. Come on, it's the Sword of Evil's Bane, not the Sword of Ganon's Bane. The Master Sword has to be effective against someone other than Ganon.

    um, is it me, or did Aonuma basically just say, "we like making prequels more than we like making sequels"? what's so bad about making games that take place AFTER past games? the AVGN had a point: why keep going back further and further? man, the Zelda guys just LOVE prequels, don't they?

    • eiyuu

      The've made a lot of sequels, we just got Spirit Tracks which follows Phantom Hourglass, which follows Wind Waker, which follows Ocarina of Time. We also got Twilight Princess not too far back that came after Ocarina of Time. I think its good they are starting to go back in time, there is room for at least a few good games, and with games before OoT, they don't have to worry about that stupid split

      • cuju

        Hey!The split is sexy, not stupid!!!

        • Muskiok

          Split… sexy…o.0 Am I missing something here?

      • Chainoftermina

        I know what Nintendo has said, but I can't possibly see how Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are sequels. I see them as the start of their own new saga in the time line, just like Four Swords. in order to be a sequel, it needs to be related to the original. similar items, dungeons, and even places are not enough, the actual story needs to be related. I suppose that Wind Waker could be considered a Sequel to OoT, though very distantly, but there is no way TP is adding on to OoT's plot, TP has it's own story that it starts.

        and how come sequels are always shoved aside onto the handhelds? MM and, maybe AOL i guess are the only sequels to be released on a home console. all the others are either prequels or the start of their own story.

        • cuju

          Twilight princess is the equivilent of the Wind Waker, only that it takes place after the childhood ending of Oot. They are not exactly sequels but they happen after Oot.

          • Chainoftermina

            Just because it's after OoT, that doesn't mean it's a sequel.

            the original point I was trying to make is that I think The Legend Of Zelda game series has enough prequels for now, and that Nintendo should focus on making making Sequels a little more, and should not focus specifically on prequels
            Aonuma sounded like he didn't want to have a game that was the official beginning of the timeline so they could have the freedom to keep going back. and I don't think Nintendo should keep going back just for the sake of going back. if a prequel is necessary, then fine, make a prequel, but if not, then go forward into time.

    • That's a good point. It is the Sword of EVIL'S Bane, not "Ganon's Bane" . . . However, I suspect the reason it exists is because the power that Ganon is imbued with due to the Triforce of Power is nigh unstoppable without being able to stun Ganondorf with his own power. For the Master Sword to be needed against a different adversary, it would mean said enemy can only be defeated in a similar sort of way, which would mean that they have somehow acquired the power of the gods, or similar?

      • GenoKID

        But, Ganon has had both the Triforce of Power and the whole thing. Point in fact, he's powerful. Is it not wholly possible that Ganon could backtrack and plot to destroy Link and Hyrule before either even existed!? If Link has done it (and Veran, an underling), surely Ganon can.

      • Chainoftermina

        maybe someone else got the ToP, or something just as powerful?

    • That is what I was thinking. Remembering back on the AVGN video he made about Zelda and how they just keep going further and further back. It does sound like they enjoy making prequels or maybe they keep going back to try and make more sense of the time line?

      Another thing is as they go further and further back… it sure makes the past seem more advanced than the future, doesn't it? Because the early Zelda games such as the first one was well… the first game made so it's not all that advanced with weapons and technology as the prequels seem to be.

    • alex

      love AVGN and al of cinemasacre. its always nice to find another fan. and agreed. I have every zelda game and know that the sequels are as exciting as prequels but in diferent ways. Sequels are god boecause it's a whole new story and the possibilities are endless but prequels can help you understand things better and make you think of ways the stories can be told like you never thought f before. I mean really, a world in the sky?! the forging of the master sword?! this story sounds amazing! i love the zelda story and everything about the series

  • cuju

    I wonder who voted for the zelda manga… Weird.

    • Paffe

      Whenever I want a Zelda manga, i just buy one. They're not that expensive! 🙂

      • Shadow Darkman

        I just look online. OneManga has them, as do a few others, I'm sure.

  • Shadowoflight

    That's what I love about it, it's a secret to everybody.

    • Bwahaha! But you see, I tried to my hardest to not include that little gem. This time. 😛

  • KingOfHeart

    Oh they'll release that time-line someday. I believe it will be when they put Zelda to rest though. Besides we now learned the ultimate truth. There is a time-line!

    • cuju

      The day that the Zelda franchise ends will be a very sad day indead…

      • TheHero-of-theWInds

        Zelda isnt going to end in a long time. Its to popular to end.

        • cuju

          Hell Yeah!

    • Paffe

      I want to see that timeline before I die!

      Zelda will never end!

      • ThatOneGuy

        Well nothing lasts forever, and the series will have to end eventually, but hopefully, that's not for a long, long, long time…

        • Shadow Darkman

          Oh, yes. I want to be very old when the series officially ends.

  • cuju

    I voted for the SS pre-order BTW

  • TheMaverickk

    I truly believe that the Skyward Sword won't look quite like the Master Sword when you first have it, simply strongly resemble it.

    Or that in order for the Skyward Sword to truly become a sword with the ability to "repel evil" it must go through a forging process… which would render the the sword form of the girl permanent most likely and involve the Sages in order to perform the forging (could be magical or spiritual forging event).

    What could potentially be up for debate is how the Skyward Sword came into existence, and why the spirit exists in the first place. Then again that may be explained through cut scenes in the game. Maybe the Skyward Sword was sent to find Link by the Goddesses, who knows. Can't wait to play the game though… and it's kind of neat to hear that there is Timeline document that Miyamoto and Aonuma have to keep track of things. Mind you it may be for the best if that is never released.

    • cuju

      Well said mate !

    • Haeil

      I hope its never released. That would ruin all the surprises of new games!

      • Shadow Darkman

        That's why I think the master timeline's release will be connected with the official end of the series.

  • Retrospect

    When I heard that NoA said that there was no time line and that we should stop guessing, I was devastated. Sure we could make our theories, but when Nintendo finally made a Zelda that would contradict everything, we'd be lost. But did you hear that folks? THERE IS A TIME LINE!!!! YEAH!

    • Paffe

      YEAH!!!! 😀

      • Tim


        • Shadow Darkman

          FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Thareous33

    I cannot help but wonder: why would Nintendo hide the true timeline from us??? Does it involve a new series of Legends they aspire to embark on? Will Skyward Sword open up to a third branch to quench all our questions on how the Legends play out? I would prefer this to be the reason rather than them just not wanting us to know all about Hyrulic history. There really is no basis to keep it hidden.

    Go MS!

    • Chainoftermina

      I just figured that it might have future games on it. {shrug}

    • Muskiok

      Erm, you don't mean a third branch of the time-line do you? Because that would be an epic disaster. But it could be that the official time-line does contain events from games we haven't seen yet. It may even have a beginning and an end. That would be a huge basis to keep it hidden.

      In fact, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if the whole Legend of Zelda had a beginning and an end that we simply don't know anything about yet. I can kind of infer from my personal experience of creating fiction (especially epic fantasy!!!) that there is always a greater plot. Sure, there are individual episodes that have their own beginning and end, but I would find it hard to survive on those alone and not make any other progress whatsoever. I would assume that it would be hard for Miyatomo and Aonuma as well. (Though, Japanese culture takes a much different angle on story telling than we do, so I could be wrong.)

      Anyway, I wouldn't worry about a third branch (unless there are seven branches total) or even hope for an answer to all the questions. As long as we want the overall Legend to continue, it's nice to know that we still just have small pieces of it. It's only when things start coming together and we start seeing a bigger picture that fits together logically that we need worry about the franchise climaxing. (Though, what a climax that would be!)

      So, if what any of what I said is even remotely true, isn't it a good thing that they keep that time-line a secret? I for one am glad that they're keeping it to themselves.

      • Thareous33

        By the third branch, I meant a merger of the other two timelines… Oh, no that wouldn't work, because a timeline is a different series of events that could not be interspersed with a secondary parallel…something like that. Hmm, there really us no way to disprove that statement. ,:-(

    • Noah

      well the reason why there keeping it hidden is probobly because it has information and storie boards about new zelda titles not yet known to anyone but a select few

      • noah

        and if you ask me at the rate the series is coming together in a timeline maybe no one will ever be-able to put the pices together miyamoto will proboly just keep adding on titles until everyone loses track of everything and that will be the ultimate middle finger to gamers everywhere T_T

  • Syron

    Well that's stupid, why not release the document? What is so secretive about the time line? It goes against all my logic T_T

  • WindWackster

    Haha, it is great to have my 5 seconds of fame in a website like Zeldauniverse XD
    I'm glad to help guys ;p

    • Thanks so much WindWackster!

  • Paffe

    Give me timeline!!!!

  • Athelstan

    Super-duper-secret-timeline? Seriously? I call bullsh*t.

    It's so well hidden even Miyamoto learned about its existence only a decade after the series' first title.

    • TheMaverickk

      They probably didn't have a time line up until after Ocarina of Time. Before Ocarina of Time there weren't that many Zelda titles. Now there's a whole load of them.

      For the most part there has been a greater effort to incorporate time line events into games.

      The Master Timeline probably didn't exist before Ocarina of Time. They were still kind of going with the flow of how they wanted to create the world of Zelda. As the series has grown and become more successful there has been a greater need to have some sort of continuity in order to keep it from become more convaluted.

      I have no doubt they've likely sat down now and come up with a Timeline guideline… it's much the way they are now careful about what they say in regards to when some games take place, since fans obviously have shown great amount of interest in having a coherent story in regards to how games are connected.

      So I'd say that it's likely not bullsh*t… but it probably didn't exist 10 years ago.

  • Zant

    They can present an “ancient evil” force that perhaps ruled Hyrule before the events of the other Zelda games. They had to make the master sword to deal with it, so imagine how threatening it can be. Master sword owns Ganondorf pretty easily, maybe the “villain” this time IS match for this sword.

  • cuju

    hey zant

  • TaffyPool

    I hesitantly accept the split timeline, though my gut tells me everything lines up on one. However, for this talk of a THIRD split, what if it happened? Or more exactly, what if they weren’t timeline splits, but different eras – the Age of Power, the Age of Wisdom and the Age of Courage? How would existing games line up there? Four swords – AoW? Ocarina of Time – AoP? Wind Waker – AoC? Et cetera…

  • Korok

    sound like Skyward Sword is first in the timeline so far…

  • ShadowHero31

    F**K YOU MIYAMOTO, AONUMA, AND GUY WHO DIRECTED SKYWARD SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day there will be a sight on the Internet just like WMB (Want Midna Back). I wish Aonuma will keep the same promise he kept when he said, "However, if we hear enough voices, how can we not?" If i made a sight like that and got enough people to join, Nintendo would eventually release the timeline!! (evil smile :)) But until then, all we can do is hopelessly try to get an exact timeline or just un-patciently wait until it is ever released.

    • Shadow Darkman

      Butthurt, much?

      Either way, that timeline will be the last thing they ever do with the series, as a sign that there will not be any more games in the series. Ever.

  • Valdek

    epic, just what i wanted

  • cuju

    Another small detail that makes this game look more pleasent than TP is how the buttons aren't just plain grey. They have gold around them! It adds personality, like Cheese Whiz!!! ( Canada is the best)

    • Haeil

      That's an interesting analogy 🙂

  • I hope Ganny will be back : ] I don't know why they can't share the master timeline with the world.

  • BlackLesnar

    I question the importance of the document. Between them, Miyamoto and Aonuma have verbally confirmed the placement of just about every Zelda title, and have yet to officially retcon any statement. I see no reason why this supposed Holy Grail of Zelda fandom would say anything contrary to what we have already heard: FS before Oot, ALttP after the original and such.
    As the fanatics we are, I'm sure that we want perfection from the Zelda franchise, which entails a flawless overall story…but that simply isn't going to happen. Being an obsessive I once studied this Gordian Knot for hours, but looking back I cannot help but feel that disregarding legitamate developer quotes based on friggin' boxart is ludicrous.
    Fandom begets Perfectionism: the theorists worst enemy. Overanalysing to the extreme. Seeing evidence where none was placed. Assuming that the developers are Tourette's sufferers. What when the timeline IS revealed and inevitably isn't accepted? Continued reassurance that black is white? Mass suicide? Or maybe, just maybe, we can finally admit that we don't know better than the people who MAKE THE RUDDY GAMES!
    Okay, place your bets on the number of thumbs down! come on, -5!

    • I liked it U___U thumbs up from me. Fans are scary.

    • Paffe

      I think you get at least +10! 😀

  • Ashmic

    i hope this gmae comes close to where ocarina starts throughout the game so i can see LITTLE GANNY!

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Well,I kind of figured out SS was pre-OoT because,well,how could it not be?Anyway,I can't wait for SS!!I was kind of annoyed at the graphics at first,but now I'm really looking forward to them,as odd as that may sound to some people.

  • Pete359

    Remember how a male is born into the Gerudo tribe only every hundred years. It's never said that Ganondorf was the first male ever, just the first male in a hundred years.

    So who knows, maybe the Sword of Evil's Bane was used to fight one of Ganondorf's ancestors.

    • TheMaverickk

      That's a very narrow thing to simply assume that every Gerudo male is evil. In fact if I'm not mistaken it's implied at least by Nabooru that in the Gerudo history there had been just Gerudo Kings who, although thieves, had honor like hers that the females followed (past Kings probably set up the idea that Gerudo thieves could be noble).

      It should be mentioned that in the past Hylians probably battled against Gorons, Zoras, and even Shiekahs in the past. Since there was an age of war before peace was found between the races.

      As well there were the "dark interlopers" who are the ancestors of the Twili (whether they were originally Sheikah or some other race is not known since it was long ago).

      Basically there is a lot of other evils that could've possibly existed which the Master Sword was created for.

  • Patrick

    I reckon that there is a split time line, but their is also another one where all of the other games go that don’t fit. So it kinda goes like this:
    /OoT–(Split time line)
    SS– CHILD MM–???–???
    ??? (Possibly 1st Zelda game)

    Who knows though, guess we’ll have to find out.

  • Mr. M

    does that mean that kakiriko village will not appear? Impa founded it didn't she? So if Skyward Sword takes place before that, will the landmarks have changed?

    • TheMaverickk

      Maybe there will be villages that we've never heard of before. That's the beauty of a prequel… it gives Miyamoto and Aonuma a lot of creative freedom to create new mythos.

      Maybe we will see a village of Sheikah that existed before they came under the servitude of the King of Hyrule.

      Interesting to note though is that perhaps we will see the sealing of some of the great evils of Hyrule. In Ocarina of Time there is a lot of history given. First of all there is the great hero Goron who originally defeated Volvagia… meaning that in ages past Volvagia may have been a stronger menace before his resurrection at Ganondorfs hands. There is also Bongo Bongo who has a lot of history.

      Since prior to Ocarina of Time's history Bongo Bongo was sealed in the Well. There's a lot of potential for there to be nods towards Ocarina of Time. These beasts and demons could be the evil lurking in the land below (possibly as a result of some peoples dark magic). Then as Link is searching the land below for his friend he helps these people get rid of such evils.

      This game has a lot of potential.

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  • Darkstar

    Maybe we'll see some of OoT's backstory explained in more detail. We may even get to witness a bit of the imprisoning war. That would epic.

  • linktastic

    Man i hope theres at least 20 more zelda games to come so when i become a game designer in like 4 years i;ll be part of the team……THUMPS UP IF YOU WANT TO BE A GAME DESIGNER LIKE ME……

  • sendazora

    hey guys, sorry to burst you bubbles, but THERE IS NO TIMELINE.

    Many zelda fans have thought hard about which game is after what but there is no order.

    Many different timeline theories were made and one of the best timeline theories out there, (the split-timeline theory) was brought to nintendo and nintendo clearly stated that there is no time line

    All the zelda games that were in SEPERATE UNIVERSES. So all heroes are called link, but two links never exist in the same universe.

    In the first Zelda game, link saves princess zelda
    and they live happily eva after, but then in
    the second zelda, it is a sequel.

    Then the developers thought that the franchise is too popular to keep making sequels of and made most of the different links from different universes.

    the only games that I am aware of being sequels is:

    1. Zelda 1, and The Adventure of Link
    2. Ocarina of TIme and Wind Waker

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually you are completely missing a lot of sequels…

      1. Zelda 1, and The Adventure of Link

      2. Ocarina of Time -> Majora's Mask

      3. Ocarina of Time -> Wind Waker -> Phantom Hourglass -> Spirit Tracks

      Those are undeniable sequels. In terms of other games it becomes much more loosely based and leaves a lot of room open for interpretation. Like Twilight Princess for example, we see connections to Ocarina of Time, but there is no clear evidence in the game to support that it is a solid sequel to Ocarina of Time… there aren't many references to events from Ocarina of Time… and what little there is becomes a bit like grasping at straw trying to make sense of the connections.

      We know that there are connections between Minish Cap, Four Sword, and Four Sword Adventure…. but trying to make sense of these connections and where they stand in connection to other Zelda titles like Link to the Past is difficult.

      Same with the Oracle games…. we speculate but there are no clear cut references to link to other games.

      Does that mean that there is no Timeline though? Not at all… Miyamoto and Aonuma are certainly trying to connect the games. The thing is that they don't want to create games in the traditional way video games are made…. they want more freedom to tell the stories of Zelda.

      • Shadow Darkman

        Four Swords -> Four Swords Adventures (It's mentioned in the prologue that Link once beat Vaati before the game began)

        ALttP -> Link's Awakening (confirmed at some point in LA's time)

    • Muskiok

      Actually, even if all the Legends take place in "separate universes", they still would have a time-line. Things would still have to happen in one order or another, we'd just have to add space-time and theoretical physics to our theories. Just face it dude, there's no stopping us Zelda fans. If we want a time-line, then we will have a time-line.

  • Sky

    Guys, they will never release this document. You do realize that with the confirmation of the timeline they're also hinting that there are more potential games in it that they haven't made and won't make for decades. They're telling a story through the release of all these games. To me, the secret behind the timeline is really exciting because it means that this franchise will be around for a very long time to come. If we knew the whole story we would basically have an expiration date on the LoZ where we could count it down with subsequent releases.

    • Muskiok

      That's basically what I said, but in a less confusing manner! Thanks! (Why do I always have to wait for someone else to phrase my thoughts for me? : / )

      • Elijah

        It happens to everyone lol

  • Majin Kai

    Well…I found out by reading the legend of zelda Majora's Mask manga that Majora was a giant, evil beast that terorized the land, untill the Fierce Diety came, killed the beast, and made a mask from the largest of it's scales upon it's back (It's not a dragon….It looks like a haggis.)

  • Elijah

    The reason why I can see them not releasing the timeline is because there may be few people who will start arguing about how messed up their timeline is if it's not based on his/her theory. I mean I'm just like everyone else, I want them to release the information, but maybe it's in our best way for them not to release it yet.

  • Shadow Hero31



  • Shadow Hero31

    BTW, Don't click on the link yet. It' not even a real site yet.

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  • Leftyrock91

    I don't want them to release the timeline, nor do I even care about it, well I do a little bit, but I'm not obsessed with it. I just want to play Skyward Sword in early 2011 and see how it relates to Ocarina of Time.

  • joe

    It always bothered me that they withheld timeline info without telling us why. It’s like an older brother holding your toy over his head where you can’t reach it just to be a jerk.

    Whatever they did to piece each game together must be something mind-bogglingly epic. Unless they just WANT us to think that, in which case it makes sense that they won’t reveal the truth.

  • Orgaya

    Well, in my opinion, not releasing the timeline is a lot like a magician not releasing his secrets. While I would like to see how they planned everything out, I'd actually prefer they keep it a secret. I like to come up with my own theories. And besides, I'm sure they have a reason as to why they don't wish to show it.

    But that's not what's bothering me. It's one flaw in this game's placement. Hyrule under evil, fine, Master Sword's preincarnation, cool, an evil before Ganondorf, this is all dandy with me… but what about Link's tunic? We all know where it originated: the Kokiri. In OOT, Link wore a green tunic because he lived among the Kokiri, and that became the symbol of heroism in later games. But before OOT, the tunic still exists? The only answer I could come up with is that the Kokiri are actually descendants of the people of Skyloft, which is why the Great Deku Tree somehow knew that there was a chosen one in OOT.

    Now, aside from all this, there is one question in particular that I would like answered. If this takes place before OOT, and Hyrule is under evil, and Ganondorf was shown to obtain his power in OOT thus making him mortal and unable to survive for as long as he has afterwards, could we possibly be looking at a recurrence of Majora and the Fierce Deity? After all, those two were said to exist long before Majora's Mask. While I am doubting this will happen, I have high hopes for such aspects.

  • kevinmerino

    it makes sense because in Oot it said some where that the sword was said to have been used before so maybe the skyward sword is just an undifined mastersword?

  • veeronic

    and this is news… how?

  • Guest 1


  • qman

    how is skyward sword a pre game when in ocrina of time link a kid?

  • Chuggaa's #1 Fan

    Keeping the timeline secret could be for many reasons. Here are my therories:

    1. There could be a game in between games that already exist! Such as a game between Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, for example.

    2. The timeline could be an absolutely key point in a future game. Remember Link is the Hero of Time. He could resume time traveling in a future game.

    And now for my extremely far-fetched idea:

    3. At some point in the fan's timeline, a new game introduces something that merges the two timelines. That would be a huge plot twist and surprise to many fans. They would have good reason to keep that secret.

  • Shadow Darkman

    The day the master timeline gets released is the day the series officially ends. Or the series will officially end, and then some time later the master timeline is released. Either way, the master timeline's release will definitely mean no more Zelda games. Ever.

    It just seems that way to me.

    • Shadow

      I can see this being true.

      But, I doubt Miyomoto or Aonuma have dedicated hours to writing any detailed interlinking plot. I reckon the 'master document' is simply a list of the order of the games. It would still give Nintendo large scope to fill the blanks with whatever inspires them at the time of development. In other words, I don't think the master timeline will hold many secrets.

      Plus, the beauty of having a series that spans centuries is that almost any conceivable order may be correct. Any gaps between adjacent games may simply be filled by creating further games in the future.

      One final thing I've gotta get off my chest:
      I don't follow the post-OoT split timeline theories. I feel as though any success on a timeline path that is not definitive is not a real success because it doesn't leave a definitive legacy within the overall plot. So let's not get all sci-fi with multiple dimensions of time and all that…

  • ZoraMikau

    Man! I really want that document someday! It must have every detail laid out on it……I can only imagine.

  • Colin

    Baby Ganondorf would be so friggin demonic looking ,I don't see why his mother didn,t kill him as soon as she saw his face o.O

  • Hmm…

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  • Azaz

    You have to run on the Wii fit board, use the virtual boy to see, use the motion plus to use your sword and use the nun-chuck to use your shield! Wow, it's gonna be just like being Link! Only the virtual boy's graphics are utter shite so yeeeeeeeeeeeeah…

  • lockerzking2

    i think that where it said every 100 years a boy will be born in gerudo that maybe that guy before ganondorf or a way earlier thery being it a 4th untold god that was shun by the 3 that made the world who ends up seeking revenge and posses a body full of evil and that after getting defeated he turns to gannons body. I even think it could be like majora becuase if there was a mask named after him then surely there had to be a majora who probaly is slain by the master sword but has a mask to reincarnate him and trap his power in that is intrusted to the tribe that the man talks about in majoras mask

  • I do not write a comment, however after reading some of the comments on this page Eiji Aonuma: Skyward Sword Takes Place Before Ocarina of Time » Zelda News – Zelda Universe. I do have 2 questions for you if it’s okay. Is it only me or do some of the remarks come across like they are written by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are posting at other online sites, I’d like to follow you. Could you post a list of the complete urls of all your social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?