Another day, another update – we got a few reports that there were some broken links on two more soundtrack pages after we posted our last update about broken links on a different soundtrack page (we promise, one day these will all be gone).

This time around, the Majora’s Mask OST and SSBM Smashing… Live! soundtrack pages have been fixed up. There’s still an issue with Disc 2, Track 5 on the Majora’s Mask OST, but we’ll be fixing that up ASAP as soon as we can snatch our good backup of the track.

If you ever find out that some of our music has broken links, just let us know in the comments or contact us!

  • Thareous33

    Got it! Thank you so much, Jason! I was fairly disappointed the first time I attempted to get the ones I couldn't before, but I knew it would pull through, and all credit is due to this marvelous staff. This is why I love ZU!

  • starwebs1

    Holly Sanderson fan music links are broken.

    • I'll get to fixing those right away! I heard some other fan music links might be broken. I'm going to give them all a once-over and make another newspost when it's all fixed up. Thanks for the info 🙂

  • X x7

    well thats just dandy.