In a recent interview with Gamespot, Eiji Aonuma shed a little more light on some of the changes Skyward Sword will bring to the Zelda series.

Most notably, Aonuma stated that the basic gameplay structure of the new title will be different:

“If you look at The Legend of Zelda as a series, there are some things that are fairly traditional in the structure of the game in that you have a traditional field area and then a dungeon area. So, maybe we won’t have the dungeon area be that place where you go and you fight enemies and you solve a puzzle and beat the boss, but maybe we can make some field areas that operate sort of like dungeons. Or maybe we’ll have dungeons where you’re not just going in to battle enemies, but maybe a dungeon where you go in and you lose your sword, and you have to flee from the enemies and solve puzzles.”

The statement that this game will remove some of the “borders between dungeons and fields” is a pretty clear indication that the dungeon-field-dungeon method will be shaken up a bit this time around. Many people have been calling for a change to this traditional method of gameplay, and it will certainly add a new level of excitement and unpredictability to Skyward Sword.

Hit the jump for new plot information, Aonuma’s explanation of Skyward Sword‘s art style and full video of the interview.

In giving the brief plot summary that we’ve all become familiar with since E3, Aonuma revealed a new detail which, while small, could prove to be significant:

“Basically [the story] starts with Link, and Link is a young man who lives in Skyloft, which is a floating land that floats above the clouds … there’s an incident that occurs that reveals to him the existence of another land below the clouds, and that land is something that has been dominated by some evil force. Link has to go there, and so, with Link traveling back and forth between Skyloft and this other land, the story unfolds and part of it is that he’s searching for a lost or a valuable friend.

Could this “valuable” friend be part of Link’s motivation to venture to the land below the clouds? And who is this friend?  Unfortunately, we can only wait to find out.

Aonuma also revealed that the Skyward Sword’s art style partially stemmed from the increased accuracy of the swordplay with the Wii MotionPlus. How are controls related to art style, you ask? Well, Aonuma went on to explain that enemies were designed with exaggerated features in order to help players defeat them, and that when such exaggeration was used in the enemy design of a more realistic art style like that of Twilight Princess, it just didn’t seem to fit. So, for those of us who are disappointed at Nintendo’s deviation from the art style of Twilight Princess, I suppose the Wii MotionPlus is to blame!

Source: Gamespot
  • Psywing

    Could his lost friend be Navi?

    • Sarahahaha

      Isn't this supposed to take place before the rest of the Zelda games? How would he know Navi???

      • William

        Hmmm… perhaps the friend might be an ancestor of Navi, huh?
        That would explain their… "friendship", in Oot

    • 131213D

      Since this game takes place before OoT he did not know Navi.

      • Well, how do u know that? Maybe Navi is really old and only befriended the Great Deku Tree later. Speaking of which, it would be cul if you could see the Kokiri when they were young!

        • DrFeelGood

          >_> They are forest spirits. They have no age. Although I do think that we will have a quest in this game where we have to find "pure hearted" people to give their spirits to the forest to become the Kokiri.

    • MLink96


    • Reign

      Skyward Sword is long, long BEFORE Ocarina of Time.

      It's not Navi.

  • Cody Gee


  • Awsomeness

    That wouldn't work, this is before OoT….

    • rawr

      Did someone confirm that? I never heard anyone say that. It involves the timeline so its not definate.

      • Shadow Darkman

        This game explains the origins of the Master Sword, which the Skyward Sword becomes over the course of the game. Put 2 and 2 together and it means this game precedes OoT.

    • Tyler

      actually even if it is before this might be the reason navi knows everything there is to know about every enemy in the game

      • Z z z zelda!

        Hmm….good point! Navi doesn't have a specific age….but that wouldn't make sense of Link going to search for a "lost or valuable friend" if he hasn't even met him since the game takes place BEFORE OOT (Oot is where Link meets him, just saying!)!

        • Z z z zelda!

          CORRECTION:* Oot is where Link meets Navi*

  • Furious_monkey_boy

    Ugh, the more I read up on Skyward Sword, the more hyped up I get about it's release. I could see how removing the boundaries between field and dungeon could make gameplay smoother. It would also remove the usual feature of
    "This item is for this dungeon" type of gameplay.

    it could also mean that dungeons may be a part of the field itself, and the possibility of having to revisit "dungeons" could be more likely.

    If the dungeons are a part of the field, it could mean having to work your way through sections of the "dungeons" in order to explore more of the world. This way, all items would be required in all "dungeons" in order to explore them fully.

    God, even while im typing this, my body feels all tingly.

    • Renzo

      ye, your right though, they should have it so that like a previous item can be PRTIALY used for dungeon, and like that the main item you get in dungeons isin't ALWAYS for the boss…

    • Desmond Washington

      Totally right


  • Thareous33

    A lost and valuable friend? I hope they turn this into a sort of story which will touch us, as they did with Twilight Princess. The TP Link and Colin, the boy who admired him, made such a poignant pair. Whoever the friend is in this game, may they be as pensive as Colin.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      I think it's Zelda…
      i mean…in the trailer i saw some sort of (romantic :3) attraction between the two…
      Aonuma said they were childhood friends right?
      well, then, why not?

  • Mr. Spontaneous

    The friend could be Zelda in some form. It definately sets the tone of the rest of the series. Zelda and Link were once together in the sky…

  • Crazymallets

    I hope there isn't a dungeon where I lose my sword and have to run and hide like a chicken. It's been done in several Zelda games now and I hate having to run from enemies.

    • RushLight

      I agree, when playing Wind Waker trying to sneak through the Forsaken Fortress… It was such a relief to get my sword back.

    • ZeldaNoob

      Well, by losing a sword, i dont think he meant "losing" it. Because t would be over-used. You know how the sword has a human-like form? maybe it turns into her and goes on into the dungeon alone. Then you have no sword.

    • Frank

      Several? Really? I can honestly only remember doing it in WW, and I though it made for some interesting puzzles and a nice shift in the way you were expected to play the game.

  • the_stig

    "maybe a dungeon where you go in and you lose your sword"
    I'm pretty sure when you first go to the Forsaken Fortress in wind waker you lose your sword and have to get it back.

  • Bravo

    If they want a dungeon where you have to run and hide from enemies, instead of taking his sword away, how about just making the baddies ridiculously overpowered and practically impossible to defeat without taking massive damage?

  • Matt17

    I guess whatever they're doing, its an experiment and nobody knows how this can turn out. I never liked the sneaking part in wind waker

  • Ze epic monkey

    Maybe his friend is that sword person Adelle and she fell off skyloft or something like that……..

    • Byron123

      I've been wondering…. where did people get the idea for the name of Adelle anyway? Has the sword's been mentioned in interviews or something. Well, not any interviews I read.

      • Byron123

        *Has the sword's NAME been mentioned*

        • X x7

          its the SKYWARD sword, and all that they said is that the girl IS the skyward sword, and I really dont think that theyre gonna give a name to it.

          • Shadow Darkman

            Honestly, they really should. I mean, we can't call her "Skyward Sword" when actually addressing her. Now the blade itself, not the person it becomes, can be called that.

        • LinkFan

          no, but called her zordiana, don't know where they got that name

        • Silver-Lynx4

          i wanted a better name…but the thruth, is that her name is PHI

          D: What the Brown?

    • renzo

      the skayward sword/adelle is baisicly your navi i thi one, cause they said shell guide u thru dungeons, and actuly she wouldn't fall off, ause she tells you theres stuff out of the islind

  • X x7

    the lost and valuable friend doesn’t make sense to be anyone that we know, so it probably is someone that lives in skyloft with link that fell off it.

    • Lucas

      I'm confused in that Link was looking for a "lost and valuable friend" in Majoras Mask as well. Could these have some connection? Plus, I want another Zelda game that scares the crap out of me when I play it like MM did. Skull Kid was die hard evil.

  • TheMaverickk

    Personally I like the idea of losing your sword for an entire dungeon. I mean it was pretty cool when you lost it in the final battle of Ocarina of Time, forcing players to improvise with the items you had in your inventory.

    It's a great way to force players to actually make use of items in their inventory and be creative. Either way these are all steps in the right direction in terms of creating a better Zelda and making it a memorable one.

    • Desmond Washington

      Bad part about that was you had the biggoron sword too

      • Carly

        yeah i had the big sword too haha "thats ok! i have another sword!" =D

  • KingOfHeart

    Video is not working

    • Thareous33

      Now it does. ;]

  • LuX

    lose his sword? … I'm not here to question the great Nintendo, Miyamoto or Anouma, but I realllllllllly didn't like Forsaken Fortress when Link lost his sword 🙁

    And isn't Link a master of weapons and items? Surely he would use something?

    But I have full faith in you Nintendo 😀

  • Lancelot-sama!

    obviously it's not navi & i don't think it's adelle either, since when he jumped off the cliff he did have the sword, unless that's just how he goes back to the world below & whatnot. maybe this "lost" character might be important too, so far we have adelle & link as 2 important key characters maybe this person might be the third or something.

    • Tyler

      like i said above there is a possibility of navi since navi knows every enemy in the zelda games so this game being a prequel might explain why navi does have info on everything cause maybe navi has done it before

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Well, he did say "lost or valuable", so it could be Adelle/Zelda based on the fact that she is pretty valuable… I mean she's the sword for crying out loud. Just think, perhaps this "incident" are the baddies from Dark Hyrule invading to get Zelda/Adelle knowing her value, Link finds out, she tells him about the land below, and Adventure Get. It could also very well be a new character we do not know about.

    And the new details about the new dungeon format excites me to no end, since it's pretty much what I've been thinking they'd do. I'm also excited at the possibility of a swordless dungeon, because I personally loved fighting Ganon without the Master Sword as well as sneaking through the Forsaken Fortress, however I think that they will combine both of these to make a swordless puzzle much more awesome. Forsaken Fortress was mostly a chore because of the sheer lack of items – you're at the start of the game, only with your sword, which is lost immediately, and shield – of course your only option is to run and hide. I think the swordless dungeon would be much more like the fight with Ganon – yes your weapon is unavailable, but you still have some variety of other tools to use instead. This way, with a concept similar to Forsaken Fortress but with an arsenal similar to OoTs final boss, makes envisioning a swordless dungeon much more fascinating. And honestly, Nintendo always improves of their faults. It'll be awesome.

    • Renzo

      actualy…baed on most zlda wikis and gained info…adilede kinda partially tells you theres stuff bleow the island

  • n88r

    The lost friend is obviously the chick from tp. You see, this happens in between oot and tp, but before mm, and it turns out the skyward sword soul girl turns into the chick in tp. Bam. (/sarcasm with a little hope some noob bashes this even still)

  • Matt

    @n88r- u stupid f*ck this game taks plase be4 ooot moron…


  • Haeil

    I love the ideas for the new dungeon/field layout, but the idea of having to "flee from enemies" seems so…unLinkish too me. Isn't our hero supposed to be brave and all that jazz? I'd like the idea of a swordless dungeon so much better if you still get to use other objects and your own ingenuity to fight. This still only makes me more excited for the game though!

    • Yea he has the triforce of COURAGE he shouldnt flee

  • 209116032

    I'm kind of getting sick of the "friendship" theme in these Zelda games. It's way too safe. Why can't Link be saving his betrothed or seeking revenge or something? Eh…nevertheless, still excited for SS.

    • renzo

      sorry everyone aposing…but he/ she has got a very good pint…

      • Emilie

        I remarked that friendship is a very important theme for Japanese and they also do not promote revenge.
        But I agree they could try new in game sotrylines!
        However, I don't see Link getting revenge on anybody, since he is supposed to be the nice guy.

  • Frankitus!

    thatd be frickin wild (tho unlikely) that this Link is OoT's young Link who SOMEHOW came back from Termina but ended up in the past. Like when he went into another dimension, entering Termina; this time when coming FROM the other dimension the portal that transported him sent him in backward time to the past. And he's still searching for navi lol. I highly doubt it cuz OoT is aware of his homeland…(unless hes unaware that he's back in Hyrule) but its a fun idea to throw out there I guess lol.

    • Tyler

      actually since it is a prequel it might mean link got some and that had the kid link in OoT since the mother died and she was hylian

  • ApocolypticMuffin

    The ” losing your sword” thing could be implimneted by an extremely overpowered enemy, but he might respawn I’d you do manage to defeat him. And if you do, you would have taken major damage. Like te phantoms from the DS games.

  • A Sah Shi

    "maybe a dungeon where you go in and you lose your sword"


    Bad Aounuma! Bad! Did we learn nothing from the Forsaken Fortress? Taking away the sword from the player in a game based around sword combat equals very, very bad idea! Can you imagine a Mario game where they take away your ability to jump? Or a Metroid game where you have no gun? Oh wait, we did. It was called the end of Zero Mission. And guess what, people hated that too. I get the desire to mix things up a bit, but you can't remove the foundation of the game. The sword is an integral part of the gameplay. Removing that from the game, even for one dungeon or so, is destroying the foundation upon which the game is built.

    On the other hand…

    "maybe we can make some field areas that operate sort of like dungeons."

    Yes! Good Aounuma! Good! Make the overworld more than just a hub and path from one dungeon to the next, make it dangerous and interesting like it was in A Link to the Past. Make the overworld feel as threatening as the dungeons rather than being the "safe area" that its sort of turned into. I'd much rather be running towards my goal while slaying beasts along the way than just sitting on Epona or a boat for 5 minutes as I head towards the next dungeon.

    • Haeil

      Sheesh, overreacting much?

    • Molly

      I agree with you. There really ARE "Good" and "Bad" things about NOT having a sword! The only thing I'm really worried about is if Midna DOESN'T return (in her "True Form"),no SWOOOOORD, and if Link ISN'T attractive like in T.P!

  • rich

    the lost friend may be the zora child

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  • Bijou-chan

    I really dont get why they made this story where the sword isnt used much, yet they're making the sword controlls more phsysical to fit the Wii… its a waste of time really. Make Link left-handed again! At least make a Left-handed Wii and Left-handed Link version of the game!

    I'm thinking the friend may be either Zelda, the Skyward Sword girl, or a completely new character.

    • Silver-Lynx4

      my vote goes 2 Zelly

  • Dan

    If you complain about losing your sword in Wind Waker then I think you missed the point. Losing your sword wasn't just a gimmick. It makes you think outside the norm. Link in that game couldn't be more than 10 or 12 years old. He's in a fortress full of enemies ready to kill him as soon as they see him. But as a player, you don't feel that if everything goes according to plan. To the player, it doesn't matter how old your character is because you've been playing Zelda games since you were a kid. You know what to do. Link thought he knew what he was doing too. However Link loses his sword in an attempt to put the player in Link's shoes. Link is in way over his head, and now the player feels that way too. If they want to make Link lose his sword for a little while, I say go for it. I'm sure it won't be an empty experience.
    That being said, waving your sword in a circle to make the eye/lock mechanism dizzy in order to open a locked door seems really pointless and empty. It's like someone at a development meeting thought that game didn't already have enough going on with the motion controls that they had to invent this locking system. This isn't really a big deal in the long run, but this is the kind of thing we don't need more of.

  • Joey Summers

    well at the end OoT Link and Zelda are in the sky together when Link gives the ocarina back to Zelda. At least I'm pretty sure they are in the sky at the end from what I remember.

  • ShadowHero31

    I would like the "Lost and Valuable Friend' to be Zelda. Maybe she fell off Skyloft or something. Maybe when she fell off she was captured by the main villain. Link has to save her or something. This also supports the idea that the Hylians desended from Skyloft. Maybe in the events of Skyward Sword, Hyrule is occupied by humans and the other races. But if Zelda isn't the "Lost Friend", then how will Zelda fit into the game???? And who is this "friend"???

    • Nick

      I like your idea, I have a idea that the City in The Sky, in TP, is Skyloft. Then again who really knows?

  • zeldork

    hello, guys? that whole "lost friend" thing is torn right out of majora's mask

    • Shadow Darkman

      It's why he left Hyrule, not why he was running around Termina.

  • scrivs

    maybe this ancient Link was friends with a young Ganondorf?

  • Elijah

    The thoughts of it being exactly like the Forsaken Fortress aren't likely. When they did it with the Forsaken Fortress it was a little irratating but not really that bad. Besides this is a new game with a whole of new ideas, the whole loosing the sword may not be as bad as we think. Remember it's not the Forsaken Fortress, it's most likely something different.

  • Lucas

    ooh ooh long lost friend, MIDNA!!!!

    • Sarah

      Good, I wasn't the only one hoping for that. XD Too bad it's insanely unlikely…

    • Silver-Lynx4

      Mdna doesn't even EXIST (in that time)

  • Mariah

    I know this isn't strictly on topic about the new development but… Do you all remember in Wind Waker where the story went that Ganon invaded Hyrule and the people all hoped and prayed for the Hero of Time to show up, but he never did so the Goddess flooded the old land of Hyrule? Well, what if a hero DID come, and this is that hero? What if Link just fails to completely stop Ganon? That would be a real twist on the story, and a tear jerker at that. He'd be a real barer of the Triforce of courage, sacrificing himself so the people had the time to get up the mountains, the last ditch effort to at least slow Ganon's rise to power so the next hero can finish what he started…

    It's probably not a very likely scenario, but the fact that in this game Link lives among the clouds just reminded me about when in Wind Waker it says the Goddesses commanded people to live on mountain tops before flooding Hyrule.

  • mastersword07

    if im gonna loose my sword for a whole dungeon, then give me a megaton hammer or dins fire or something. I hated loosing my sword in WW.

  • Shadow Darkman

    Meh, I wasn't fond of the Stealth thing. It wasn't even like Metal Gear. Now the thing in Zero Mission, that was actually pretty good, even though it was annoying as hell.

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  • Tony

    do you think sword beams will work like in majoras mask when you're oni link?

  • PizzaMikeyLover

    What if, this game takes place After MM and for some reson the master sword seperates into two, on half The Skyward Sword and the other is still the master sword, and after MM link is sent to the cloud because of somthing . Years later Link is still in the Sky, and he like,lives there now and he learns that an evel force has taken over in Hyrule and remembers Navi. So He has to find the other half of the master sword (skyward sword) so he can traz=vel back down. While he saves Hyrule, He also Looks For Navi…………Also Tony, No, it does not work Like the sword beams in MM>

  • Ceko

    This is after Wind waker and Wind waker is after OOT So this is after OOT ty ty 🙂

    • ceko

      So The lost frend may be Navi i mean look at the trailer From the begining it goes like OOT-MM-WW-TP

      • PizzaMikeyLover

        That made me think.a while ago, i read a article on how link(ROMER) might travet though time. link might travel trhough time betwen the defer ent end of the time line. That how ever is kinda unlikly this WHY WOULD HE????

        • Tyler

          yeah the traveling through time thing might be annoying having to get your bearings every hour after changing times but i thought it was just showing the timeline that would come after because the link of the game is bhind the areas by how the twilight wolf moves


    I REALLY hope his friend is Zeld11 Shes a confirmed Charactor and everything.. They already made a game where he looks for navi/saria and no offence if you li e navi but shes annoying. I also love Zelink so that would be awsome but it can't be midna.. I mean shes gone forever… So thats my opinoin i hope its Zelda! ZEINK FTW

    • Midna<3

      *sniffle* Midna…

      God, I hope they bring her back sometime soon. Somehow. ;-;

      Anyways, I hope the sword girl doesn't act like she looks- a party pooper. ;l

    • Silver-Lynx4

      ZeLink FTW :3
      and YEES i think there is some sort of atraction between the two…see the lastest trailer 😀

  • Potatoguy7

    ok that lost friend HAS to be Navi, but to be Navi there is only one way, fairies dont die right? so maybe Navi is 200 years old in OoT, and in SS maybe she is old a few years old and wanders off somewhere below Skyloft, Link goes to get the Skyward sword to fly down there somehow, gets sidetracked because of the evil in hyrule, forgets about Navi, and apperently Navi lives around a young deku tree, and that would be why Navi is in Kokri Forest with the Deku Tree and knows of her destiny to help Link kill Gannondorf, and maybe at the end of SS it reminds you of Navi in a way, but you know, just a thought, i could be wrong and it could be a completly different character new to Zelda

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  • chrissy

    In case anyone hasn't noticed, the "valuable friend" that Link is searching for was what Majora's Mask's storyline was about. Before he ran into the Skull Kid in the beginning of Majora's Mask, Link was in the Lost Woods searching for his valuable friend.
    As to who this "valuable friend" could be, I have no idea. I have a few speculations, and before I read that Skyward Sword takes place BEFORE Ocarina of Time, I would have thought it was Navi, as well. I'm glad that the creators of this game are finally (maybe) going to be giving us some insight on who this person might be.
    The suspense is KILLING me!!

  • nick

    Every time a new zelda game comes out, people are always saying how bad it looks. Since Oot people said MM looked like a bad grab at more money, people mocked the cel-shading of the WW (Forsaken Fortress part wasn`t even bad…mbe people just dont have the patience for it) and everyone said it would be too childish, and the worst was TP when everyone was complaining how a gamecube game shouldn`t be brouhgt to the wii aswell. Every time the world has been proven wrong. Nintendo truely knows what we want more than we do. Let Aonuma and the rest of the zelda crew do their thing, and come early 2011 Skyward Sword will be another game that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

  • LegendOfHyrule31

    Why do you guys all think this lost friend is Navi or Skull Kid or Midna? I don't know if you guys know this but this is Pre-OOT,and therefore, Link has not met any of these people as far as we know. It is probably Zelda or a new character. I HATED the Forsaken Fortress. Why would they put in a swordless dungeon? I'm sorry Nintendo, but I think you've lost your minds. The whole point of Skyward Sword was to introduce and get the WiiMotion Plus into the normal system. If the main focus of the game is the sword, why take it away in the dungeon? Although this could support the idea that Nintendo also wants to experiment with items using the Motion Plus. But overall, so far, Skyward Sword doesn't look so hot.

  • Link Elf

    Hey, how about using your fists to fight. If you lose your sword, maybe you will be able to punch and kick your enemies. Maybe you even get a glove item, or a claw. Now wouldn't it be awesome?! I'm already iching to play it.
    Also, another suggestion: why don't they add more magic to the story, like the medallions in A Link to the Past or the crystals in Ocarina of Time (Din's fire, Farore's wind and Nayru's Love). I miss that a lot in the series! Anyhow, it's gonna be one heck of a game, like all Zelda games, and I'll buy it as soon as it launches.

  • marisol

    what would be REALLY AWSOME is if when he got hurt he didn't just get some heart life gone but that he would actualy get cuts so we can see how he gets hurt and then he would have to heal in some way. 🙂 that would be soooo cool! it would be so real 😀

  • Steve

    I'll bet you all that the "lost/valuable friend" is actually… *drumroll*


    Since SS is the 1st game in the chronology, I'll bet it's revealed that Link and Ganondorf were once friends. The power of the triforce led Ganondorf to be insane… Setting the tone for why he is "the way he is" in future games.

    Kinda makes U think…….

    • Nick

      I really do love what you just put Steve! Never thought about that, there's even evidence to support it too. He was the leader of a band of thieves who invaded Hyrule in the hopes of establishing dominion over the Sacred Realm, maybe SS will be the Great War? Plus Ganondorf also is very close to the Royal Family, maybe in SS it's a peaceful ending. IT would kind of make sense for it to be a more peaceful ending, seeing as Ganondorf is trusted by the king of Hyrule. Or maybe towards the end of SS Ganondorf becomes evil and is not seen again until OOT?

  • Link

    Why do people think this game is a pre-sequel to Ocarina of Time? Do you people have any proof of that? In the trailer it shows OoT, MM, Wind Waker, and Twilight Princess Link's. So I'm guessing that this is another game all to it's self, There is no proof yet that Skyward Sword is a pre-sequel to Ocarina of Time.

  • Eddie Nero

    This game is the story about the birth of the Master Sword, so it’s very likely to be a prequel to OoT. And I’m pretty sure that the “friend” Link and the girlie sword will look for is the first Zelda, who will find a place on earth as the guardian of the Triforce and the Master Sword after Skyloft is (maybe?) destroyed or… kinda sent far away by a powerful evil force… like, ehr… Ganon’s FATHER!!! Or GRANDFATHER!!! Orrr… ANCESTOR!!! COUSIN!!!! Something like that…
    Dunno, but I’m quite excited by all these speculations!! 🙂

  • I wouldn't be surprised a bit if Link's reason to go to Hyrule was mainly to save his friend. Why else would he go to a land he had never known about? And besides, that's also how Link's adventure begins in The Wind Waker, he sailing away to the ocean to rescue his sister.

  • I wouldn't be surprised a bit if Link's reason to go to Hyrule was mainly to save his friend. Why else would he go to a land he had never known about? And besides, that's also how Link's adventure begins in The Wind Waker, him sailing away to the ocean to rescue his sister.

  • Molly

    I REALLY want to know who the "Special friend " is ! I'm either going to guess Midna or (more likely) Lilla. (after all in Twilight Princess Midna says that she's holding the "Secret To the SKY.

  • Molly

    Hey Steve! Imagion If Link's actually his son?!

    I don't know much about Ganondorf anyway, because I've only played Spirit Tracks,Phantom Hourglass And Twilight Princess…….

  • Emilie

    Maybe his friend is the master sword? Or maybe it's Zelda or Ganondorf (if this game is being the very first, timeline wise)? It is getting more and more interesting! I wish it will get released soon!TT3TT

  • $Minda$

    It May be be Minda!!!! Because in TP Minda Said See you later There was a story how this all Happended and In OOT it cant be navi Because its been to long The Story is Base on TP and OOT its Problay Minda Because she Was problay going to say i Love you link Before she cracked the mirrior the sword problay Helps Link go in the twilight Relam But i HAve read like SO many news Letters People Have been saying something about minda Being The lost charactor Because she did Disapper and Link Was with For Months In the story you know Like I Mean Months In the Story it makes it months not days 🙁 anyways Hopefully its minda Because when I Finished TP I Was Kinda Sad Because it was sad at the end Lmao 😛

    I Hope the Lost charactor is minda It M U S T B E also the sword looks like minda XD

    • LinkFan

      It's before Ocarina of Time

  • Hero of Time

    Well, I guess we will have to wait until later in the year because the game IS ONLY OVER HALF COMPLETE! Now That could mean 50%-99%, but It's definitely not going to be the planned early 2011 release. At least they are taking their time so that they can add better detail and an epic adventure. Us Zelda fans son't want a story that was thrown together and confusing like TP.

    • Hero of Time


  • Justin

    I hope that the game will have villages…. I loved to go in town and play around. If they keep that then the game should be great. Otherwise….

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  • Molly

    I think that it could be Midna (the lost/valuable friend).