Take THAT scorpion-Gohma!

Predictably, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is on the top of everyone’s Wii games list. Including GameInformer’s.

About the game winning their Best of Wii E3, they had this to say:

Everyone knew we’d be seeing a new Zelda title this year, but that didn’t take away any of our excitement for it. After some unfortunate technical hiccups during the Nintendo presser, we were thrilled to find that the game handled like a dream. Considering the only other Zelda on the system is essentially a Gamecube port, it’s great to see a built-from-the-ground-up adventure made just for the Wii.

And we couldn’t agree more!

Have a look at their site for the rest of their “Best of E3” lists.

Source: GameInformer
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  • Ryan

    well no duh

    • Haha! My sentiment exactly. 😉

  • This was top of the list like, months before before E3 was even here. 😛

  • Thareous33

    If we considered everything told to us thus far, it might seems as the best, or at least one of the best, Wii titles. I wish I did not have to belabor this so much: I cannot wait for 2011 when this emerges into the general public. Nintendo has done well to add most of the things we requested and continues to improve the game.


    Actually, Skyward sword is going to suck. In fact it is going to be the most terrible controls of all time. How can we all be sure? Because even though the game plays perfectly in real life, the presentation had technical difficulties. So thats proof that Skyward Sword sucks and the controls are bad.

    • UltimateLink

      There is not a Zelda Game out there that sucks there is just some better then others and if the controls where that bad that they knew they where going to have trouble with it they wouldnt have showed the controls at E3. I'm pretty sure if you played a wii game on a stage with thousands of people in it with all sorts of electronic devises you would have technical difficulties too. And to finish the demo on the show floor worked perfectly.

      • Keimori

        Agreed, they wouldn't name it best of wii if it's controls actualy sucked and Nintendo knows way better than to put it as a playable demo it it did. they would even try to show the controls if there were serrious problems for real.

        • Keimori

          would not*

          • Hero of Time

            I am the hardest of the hardcore LoZ fanboy thingys whatever. I've been religiously playing zelda since it came out for nintendo. I have every zelda game ever made (at least I'm pretty sure). I think zelda is awesome. I have a tatto of the triforce of courage on my left hand. I own a master sword. I own all the manga. With that being said. I think this game sucks. Rather than work on the storyline or work up from what they did with TP. They just combined all the recent zeldas, and wii resort. It's just twilight princess with wind waker rendering, with a hint of spirit tracks, and wii resort controls. I'm very depressed. This game was solely made to make money. I think they should've kept it with a dark feel instead of making it cartoony. It looks childish. Don't get me wrong. I'm still gonna buy it and beat it. But it does look like it's gonna suck. I guess that makes me dumb for paying them to be lazy. But you shouldn't just say it's good because there is zelda in the title. It shames the series as a whole.

    • Or it's just proof that wii remotes are susceptible to wireless interference in crowded rooms.

      that is, if you're not being sarcastic.

      or if you're not enough of a loser to be trolling in comments on a Zelda fansite. :] I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      • Geo

        Any wireless device can be a vitcim of wireless interference. Case and point. My wireless internet router makes it so i can't play my ps3 or xbox360 while it is running. It bleeds into the frequency range of the wireless remotes. As for Nintendo's showcasing of the skyward sword demo. They wouldn't even put out a demo that wasn't highly polished and the controls air tight.

    • linkdude101

      Zelda sucks? How about Halo, HALOGAMER? KILL ALIENS WITH NO PLOT!! MASTER CHIEF!!!!

    • Either Your posing as a zelda hater and just making them look stupid. Or your actually serious and making yourself look stupid

  • Adam

    Did you all know that IGN named "Epic Mickey" the best game for the Wii at E3!?!?!

  • NoshundaTROLL!

    IF anything on the Wii, theirs a godlike chance it will suck. Nintendo is the laziest gameing company. The game need voice actors, and that like who is alwaying the back round should have a chance to speak up .They sias skyward sword should stick to history, stick to tradition. I NEVER GOT THAT! DAY MADE IT 3D, THEY ADDED A POOR EXUSE FOR A CONTOLER, AND MANY MANT MORE. I loved zelda, but dis takes the r-tard cake. We wish nintendo accually listens to their fans, they see it, but do give. They made a terible exuse for a change in scripts and voice acting. And we wish it STUCK TO TRADITION LIKE 360 AND PS3! WII IS NOT EVEN WORTH MENTIONING SO WHY AM I TROLLING IN DA FIRST PLACE? I shall smack miyamoto of his thron and show him how ITS DONE! Nah, why bother im just going to play xbox.

  • NOshundaTroll

    srry i meant to say link, i have aterrible speeling

  • the zelda fan

    well i think the game is actuelly good but some dumb ideas like the scorpian with eyes in its claws and when you point out your sword and turl it around. and link does not have a personality like useul and no voice acters and comfermed you have to use your right hand im left handed. just one question when are you going to put in the boomerang in the demo. well im going to get this game because zelda is the most popular game in the school and any ways why do people think the controls are bad how about the new ps3 and xbox360 kinect its not bad controls.

  • the zelda fan

    oh yah zelda is my favorite series of gaming but will the dungeons be easy plz because it looks easy thats what helped it =) love you only nintendo series that is amazing

  • NOshundaTroll

    The Good:
    Wii is accually improving, sort of, thanks to the wii motion plus. It seems to have a great feel to it and its dead on solid. Its very accuate and sword fights accually feel like one. *Applaues* the graphics are truly amazing; water color was the right tint to the games personallity and artwork. Some people don’t appreciat it, but I know I do.

  • NOshundaTroll

    The Bad:
    Nintendo has been annoying us lately, so as not listening to their fans either. They made some poor exuses, that definiatly shamed the company and espacially zelda. The story seems just as flat as the previous games. Nothing new, no new twists, but im not so sure of it yet. Anyway, it was confirmed that nintend is not going to have voice actors or even link; he aint talking. They said it will “ruin” the game and “tradition”. Now what are they talking about? Its 3d, had motion controls, missions instead of dungeons, and more of this junk. But this? Man, that is a great example of a pathetic exuse their! *appluase* I’ll give you that. The demo has been disapointing. As zelda fan says about the scorpion with the Eyeballs in its claws!? ARE u serious?! Most clech’e thing I ever heard. The game mancanics are great but not enough, some it also has some crappy was to show it off. Kinda like that on were you had to circle the wii remote the eye to make it dizzy to pass through!

    • Name

      Response to no voice actors: Youtube Zelda CD-I, or "link excuse me princess" that's why it would ruin the game…

  • NOshundaTroll

    This game is greatly polished, but due to nintendos reputation and horrible exuses lately. I highly sugguest you don’t get this game unless your 100% sure you want it. Due to all of this, Nintendo is only doing this to make money. And leave a great tear on everyones face.
    Even the hardest of the hardcore fan said this game will sux, Man!
    Their end of discussion, I made my point. And you should to the same.

  • battlesofparadise

    This zelda game looks the worst!!! play the N64 zeldas,they are so
    much better than this crap!

  • cody123

    I agree,this game just don't feel as epic as the pevious zeldas games,and
    motion plus is horrible in my opinion,they need to make a regular controller I
    mean come on nintendo,is that too much to ask for.

  • zeldaman

    Is it just me or is nintendo taking steps backwards,I mean look at their
    controller it uses batteries what kind of controller uses batteries???!!!!!!!!!!

  • kom

    The game cube is better than the wii

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  • Robert

    Have only played the game about 4 hours but I think it's going to be a great game – except for the most epic fail I've seen in a long time.

    The game graphics are horrible when compared to Twilight Princess. The creators decided to go with "water mark" colors, i.e. bland, insipid, lifeless coloring that makes the game look as if it were very hastily colored by Chinese labor camp workers being paid about three US dollars per year. Even worse than that is the artwork itself. I suppose the cartoonish look is intentional, but again the appearance is of Nintendo trying to save time and money by not hiring the best artists. It is very pixelated (did they not think the game would be played on big-screen tv's?) and clunky.

    Bottom line: good game so far, graphics suck big time.