Essence of the Triforce? A new fragrance?

Zeldathon, the Zelda marathon and telethon is drawing to a close. Have you been over there to cheer them on? Have you donated at their site yet? Time is ticking! Get over there!

Besides watching fellow Zelda fans raise money to fight cancer, there is plenty silliness to witness. For instance, we pledged money to have the father of one of the game players imitate and preform Tingle’s magic words complete with spin. And did they deliver? Did they ever! We watched them suffer through four attempts at Ganon in A Link to the Past before they finally emerged victorious!

Currently they are working on finishing Majora’s Mask (they are about half-way done) and then plan to wrap up Wind Waker before Zeldathon ends on Tuesday June 22nd at 4:00pm. Head over to their site now!