Ownage of Time

After suffering a bitter defeat by Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the top spot at GameRankings, Link comes out on top at another game ranking site.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sports a 9.8 at GameStats, landing it in the top spot. So why the difference in ranking between the two sites? GameRankings averages all the professional published rankings together. GameStats takes that same averaged ranking and then averages it against what they call a Game Popularity Metric. The Game Popularity Metric gauges how popular a game is at the moment by compiling from IGN a list of data for every game regarding message board posts, article views, game page visits, FAQ views, collection activity, everything pertaining to the each game.

Probably thanks to the buzz about the 3DS remake, Ocarina of Time‘s popularity is on the rise, thus raising its overall ranking.

Can Ocarina of Time maintain its popularity? It’s up to you! Visit IGN’s site on the game and keep Ocarina popular!

Source: GameStats
  • Tonch

    Oh please, people need to accept the fact that there are better games than Ocarina of Time.

    Time to move on, people.

    • Jonathan

      no there isn't. ocarina of time re-shaped the gaming world, and everybody knows that you can't beat the classics. if you call your self a Zelda fan, you may want to keep decadent remarks like that of the net. and how dare you defile the Zelda name with slanderous filth like that.

      • EDracon

        I hope you're joking. Yes, Ocarina reshaped the gaming world, but it is not the best game out there. There are many good games out there, IMO Majora's Mask is much better than OoT, so are many other games. I love the Half-Life series because of it's storyline that can easily be taken out of the game and discussed and analysed. I love the Silent Hill games because of well…… they are just fantastic. I love the Mario games because a good amount of them are challenging and fun. Just because a game is classic doesn't mean it's the best, you're letting nostalgia take over too much.

      • Tonch

        You are hysterical.

    • Musky Melon

      I agree. Ocarina of Time is good but I never really saw why people think its so great. I really think it has more to do with a generation starting out on the N64 than the game itself.

    • Aleksandar

      oooh come on shut up

      • TheyCallMeTim

        Loved PH, hated ST, enjoyed my 1 time playthrough of TP (couldn't sit through it again :/), played WW more than TP, Beat LTP, tryed MM but somehow it wasnt my liking, and i can still say, the game i've beaten the most in my life is, and always will be. OOT 🙂

  • ZoraMikau

    yYs, I knew SMG2 wasn't going to last long, it seems like it will soon be blown away at Gamerankings with it's 3DS remake.

  • koipen

    Really, this seems kind of pathetic. It's good game, but really! Gamerankings and Metacritic both rank it lower than SMG2, and it is just something when it's pushed to the newspage when another small site ranks it higher.

  • Steven Santerre

    Metacritic ranks it higher, in fact its the highest on Metacritic's list.

  • Matt

    Everyone should lighten up. This is a site all about Zelda. The other Zeldas will never get the recognition they deserve. This is just a way to keep the zelda spirit alive.

    • Thareous33

      Zelda…spirit? XD Nice one!

      Seriously, we should be humbler than this. There is no reason to criticize OoT when it has stayed on top so long. Still, time erodes the fame of everything, which is later replaced by something greater. And SMG2 superseded it, despite its short duration.

  • eyy..

  • Aleksandar


  • TheMaverickk

    Why can't Zelda fans appreciate both equally? Is that impossible or something? I love both Zelda games and Mario, but each one for different reasons. Why does it matter if Super Mario Galaxy 2 beat out Ocarina of Time. You had one amazing game out rank another amazing game.

    Even then ranks and scores are all subjective and really don't mean a hell of a lot when they are that close. So I don't see why all the petty and juvenile dissing of SMG2 and OoT.

    Also in the case of Gamestats… which measures the "buzz" around a game as opposed to a critics score, I don't know why that would be something to be proud about. All that tells us is that right now Ocarina of Time is a popular topic right now. I mean look at everyone here talking about it.

    In any case I just think it's something people need to get over.

  • tommi

    smg2 and zelda are the best games in world and both made form same guy lol!!

  • Just A Comment

    Ocarina of Time – Forever #1!

  • Just A Comment

    And according to GameRankings… It’s BACK on TOP! 😀