Ownage of Time

After suffering a bitter defeat by Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the top spot at GameRankings, Link comes out on top at another game ranking site.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sports a 9.8 at GameStats, landing it in the top spot. So why the difference in ranking between the two sites? GameRankings averages all the professional published rankings together. GameStats takes that same averaged ranking and then averages it against what they call a Game Popularity Metric. The Game Popularity Metric gauges how popular a game is at the moment by compiling from IGN a list of data for every game regarding message board posts, article views, game page visits, FAQ views, collection activity, everything pertaining to the each game.

Probably thanks to the buzz about the 3DS remake, Ocarina of Time‘s popularity is on the rise, thus raising its overall ranking.

Can Ocarina of Time maintain its popularity? It’s up to you! Visit IGN’s site on the game and keep Ocarina popular!

Source: GameStats