Second Banana of Time

For over a decade The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has held the title of the highest ranked videogame of all time, as evidenced by its top ranking on Suddenly, its days of glory are over.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 received glowing reviews when it first arrived. For a while it ranked second, just below Ocarina of Time. Then as more reviews poured it, it tied with the Zelda title. Now, as of this writing, the average from the reviews ranks it less than a tenth of a percent higher than the beloved Zelda game.

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If only Link had a floating blue dino...

This, however, is based on the disparity of the quantity of reviews. Super Mario Galaxy 2 has amassed 44 published professional reviews and counting. And surely by the time it levels out, it will be pushing 80 reviews (the original Super Mario Galaxy received 77 published reviews). Ocarina of Time, in comparison, received a paltry 25 reviews.

This seems to showcase the evolution in the videogame media’s growing presence. More than half of the game review publications did not exist at the time of Ocarina’s release, so the few bad rankings would then have a more detrimental affect on its overall ranking than would that same number have on a modern game.

Of course, a tenth of a percent is negligible, really. Whether it’s ranked first or second place, Ocarina of Time remains one of the best videogames ever created, and will so remain for all time.

Source: GameRankings (tipped by gladerider101)
  • ZoraMikau

    Ha, at first I was worried, but we have OoT 3DS coming out, so this isn't going to last long.

    • TrevorM

      Just because a remake is being made doesn't mean it's gonna be better. If Nintendo added more to the game then it would have the chance to be better but considering 1. Its on a handheld and 2. It most likely will only have better graphics, it won't take back the top spot. Not to mention The best video game is all personal preference anyways.

    • Fareti

      Exactly what I was thinking. As soon as it gets looked at again with fresh eyes and more critics it will dwarf Mario.

      • TheMaverickk

        Actually the game is likely to be critiqued a lot harder then it was back in 1998 and by more people. Meaning that it would have to be one hell of a remake. The graphics may be getting a face lift, but it's not as if the graphics will be on par of the most powerful systems out there.

        Also they would need to fix and add content to the game to make it surpass the original. Simply remaking it exactly the same with just graphics won't get the OoT remake above an 85 score.

        In reality I could see the OoT remake getting a good score, but no where near the originals score.

  • linkdude101

    Mario Galaxy 2 is awesome. But in NO WAY does it dserve to be ranked better than Oot. This is a sad day.

    • I agree, so much so that I'd die for Oot… metaphorically anyway.

  • arkazain

    If we compare the ranking according to the numbers of reviews, Oot's is higher I guess?

  • ZoraMikau

    OoT will always be higher, but we have a new OoT coming out. Watch Miyamoto stop making Mario games all together because of this.

    • Well, in the words of Steve Jobs: "If anybody's going to cannibalize our sales, I want it to be us."

      I doubt they'll stop making Mario, since either Zelda sales or Mario sales both make them gobs of money 😛

      • ZoraMikau

        I hope you know I was being sarcastic. The day Miyamoto retires is the day nintendo ends. Uh, did I just use the words Miyamoto and retire in the same sentence? I'll never do that again.

        • Oh, I know you were! 😉 but still, not like they care what's gettin' sold. Also, one day Miyamoto will retire, and fire and brimstone shall rain upon the earth. Fire shall mingle with the hail and run along upon the ground. All the inhabitants of Canaan shall melt away.

          • ZoraMikau

            Yes, and Cody will try to cheer up people with his rants, and they'll just get even more afraid.

  • Ham

    *stops laughing and reloads revolver*

    • ZeldaGurl_

      'Scuse me, Mr. Ham, but maybe you should take your own advice and close that hole in your face that you call your mouth. Galaxy will never be as great as Ocarina of Time, period. And for those who love Ocarina of Time, they know a good game when they play one.

      Ocarina of Time will ALWAYS be the top. It was the first 3D legend brought to this world, and it deserves the best credit.

      • ultimatezeldafan

        u tell him Zgurl. though he may not understand. an IQ of less than 4 is what escapes from that mouth(ass)

  • WHO

    Dependent on the rapid expansion of video-game media, the more reviewers their will be. Thus the ratio per generation of gaming will be significantly different than what it was for the previous game that held best-title. It can be concluded that eventually Zelda will be looked at as the best for its time period – and possibly the longest.

    I doubt this game, nor others after it for some time, will hold as many years OoT had as best game of all time

    Zelda > Mario

    • ZoraMikau

      Okay, I didn't understand half of that. But if they put SMG2 in first, something's going to get above it soon, standards have went down. But we have OoT 3DS coming out, so it will make a comeback, and ,if you look at the different amount or reviews the games got, OoT would actually win, since it got less.

  • Ridiculous! I mean, i've owned every Mario game since they came out but OoT will never be outranked! On another note… OoT held up a pretty big fight.

  • I love both these games, but in my opinion Ocarina of Time will always be number one. The challenges it offered were incredible and the game play changed video games forever. Ocarina of Time will always be #1 😀

  • You know, I have hopes of Skyward Sword ending up in that direction.

    • ZoraMikau

      Yes, maybe this is because of SS, and SS is going to take that place, then we can say Zelda has had 2 of the best games ever. I was hoping that if OoT got outranked, it was by another zelda game. At least it's not my sims that won this, or else someone would be dead.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    I still think Oot will still have the record for holding this record for the longest time. As it has already been mentioned, SMG2 will not hold out long. So there will still be a statistic to brag about!

    Now only if the Sims hadn't knocked Myst off of the alter it deserved 🙁

  • Lancelot-sama!

    i'm not worried, because once OoT remake is out on the 3DS, everyone will reawaken to how epic the game is. of course, there's a chance it may not happen, but i'm just saying super mario galaxy 2 might want to enjoy 1st place while it can. 🙂

    • ZoraMikau

      Exactly what I was saying 😉

  • Zelda Forever

    OOT 3d will get 8.5 at max lol, nobody would ever give it a ten, its stiil outdated even with updated graphics
    (never thought the game was that great anyways, but its better than MM so what the heck)

    • ZoraMikau

      They are putting more i it, not just updated graphics.

  • Keith

    Good. OoT is too overhyped. It needed to be brought down sooner or later. MM, WW, and ALttP are far superior.

    • ZoraMikau

      Have you even played OoT?

      • Keith

        yes and I grew bored.

        • ultimatezeldafan

          that might be because your IQ wasnt up to the challenge of the game. It should read on the box"must have an IQ of at least 4 to play this game, otherwise you may not understand, and in turn, not like, this game"

          • ultimatezeldafan

            plus WW is nowhere near Oot's range

  • Ham

    Even though I agree with Zelda > Mario, it still irritates me to no end that people literally worship OoT.

    • ZoraMikau

      Yes, but OoT was a good game, it's still the best game ever, look at how many reviews both got, OoT got less and was in 1st for a long time. it sometimes bugs me to, but OoT was really good, well, it matter what game it is, if you played it after TP it might not have been as good, and OoT revolutionized gaming forever.

  • pessoa

    Like, the game is 12 years old. It's natural someday a game would be better reviewed than OOT.

  • wildcat

    Oot is the BEST game ever! I have the original on Nintendo 64, so I think even if when they come out with Oot on 3DS the original will always be better. ( Even with its' "outdated" gameplay) LOL 🙂

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    this is a sad day for zelda fans…

  • frank

    Ow dear goddesses please let skyward sword be so good that it kicks that overweighted plummer back ito the sewers.

  • Sciece

    Awesome. They're both fantastic games, but SMG2 deserves it, in my humble opinion.

  • Valdek

    i agree with ZeldaGurl, OoT will always be on top.
    people are going a little insane over Super Mario Galaxy 2, its a good game, but not worthy of being over Ocarina of Time.

  • TheMaverickk

    Ocarina of Time was a great game, but it was only a matter of time you know. It's been the top game for 12 years, that's something to be proud of.

    Also it may one of the overall best games of all time, but it isn't the greatest. Personally Majora's Mask was a superior title in every shape and form it just didn't get the rankings from critics who were still blinded by the wow of OoT.

    • ultimatezeldafan

      in my opinion( and many others) Oot had a better storyline, and a better way of doing things. MM, while being a great game, didn't have the oomf(if you will) that Oot had. Part of it had to do with it coming as a squeal to Oot, but not all of it. while the mask thing is cool, it can also be frustrating at times. overall, Oot is better, but MM is still a really good game. better than ww, ph ,and ss

  • Keith

    OoT fanboys piss me off. "OH LAWL BEST GAME EVAR!". Yeah, uh…no. There are tons of better games: MM, ALttP, SMG, SMS, SMG 2, WW, FFX, HG/SS, etc. OoT is outdated and its about time it falls. I know i'll get negged for this but it proves ZU's nothing but a bunch of OoT fanboys who are closed-minded and won't accept opinions. God, this is so pathetic…

    • skyward sword

      what the fuck is FFX?

      • Keith

        Final Fantasy X noob

    • ultimatezeldafan

      guess what, ALttP was made b4 Oot,and your calling Oot outdated? and you know something else, zelda "fanboys" must be everywhere because most people(and everyone with and IQ above 4) loves Oot, and even if they dont , they still highly respect it for being innovative in the zelda design. Plus I wouldnt call anyone a noob, especially when your one. And just so you know, before you start tellin me i dont know what im talking about or callin me a noob myself, i have played all consoles ever made (mag odyssey, atari 2600, intellivision to ps1,2 ,and 3, n64, cube ,xbox, 360) and have played a s**t load of games on each( and yes i have a life, games are just something i do when i get board and i get board alot) so i just might know more about this topic than you do. plus, Oot is back at #1 so stick that in your juice box and suck it!

    • Molly

      …..All I can say is tha you are NOT WELCOME to this website if you're going to say RUDE things about ZELDA!!!!!!!

  • Valdek

    hey Maverikk, i agree that MM was better in certain ways (plus the water temple in OoT was annoying) OoT deserves the title more than MM. now if the MM world was bigger i might agree, but its not. but i did like the whole mask thing in MM, being a Zora was awesome, but i still think OoT is best.

    • MikeLong08

      I agree…

      • TheMaverickk

        Actually are actually basically the exact same size.. compare the maps and you can see that Termina Field and Hyrule Field are pretty equal in size. Possibly Hyrule FIeld may be a tad bigger, but lets face it… it's just one big open empty space. Each region around Termina Field is much larger then any of the areas surrounding Hyrule field, with a lot more content in them then any area in Ocarina of Time.

        I'm not denying OoT's greatness, it was a very important and pivotal game in terms of setting the standard of games that followed, but it wasn't perfect.

    • Sara

      I actually like the fact that MM had so few dungeons, because it allowed space and time for more side quests. I think that Ocarina had around nine temples…? More or less, anyway. That makes nine heart containers that you acquire by default. MM, comparably, had only four temples, and only four heart containers acquired by default. Which means that MM had at least twenty more heart pieces to be found than OoT did.

      I'm a sucker for side quests, so I really, really liked that aspect of the gameplay 🙂 But to each their own, after all.

  • Valdek

    Keith, you shut up right now! you are an inexperienced idiot who pretty much knows nothing about good games! if you hate ZU so much why don’t you find another website to go rant on. Oh by the way ZU is one of the most popular Zelda websites thank you very much. and not everyone here is an OoT fanboy, i like a lot of other games like Halo, Cod, Metroid, Golden Sun, etc. i pretty sure that other people here are the same. So yeah, just shut up.

    • ZoraMikau

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • Keith

      So since I hate OoT I'm "inexperienced". Shut your god damned mouth. Not everyone will, or should, praise the holy fuck outta OoT. I tried it several times and wanted to hang myself. It is such a pathetic entry to the LoZ franchise. It never deserved #1. Hell, SMS deserved it more tbqh. The graphics were choppy, story was pathetic, and it was just boring to the extreme. I much preferred its sequel, MM.

      • The Fuzz

        Usually, people will take you more seriously if you aren't swearing every 2 sentences 😉

  • Zelda4ever

    In my opinion, Zelda OOT will always be on top, though I have to give props to SMG2. And atleast nintendo beat itself instead of some other company. (YES, I'm talking to you sony. Techno hippies….)

    • Molly

      YEAH!!!!Sony games have WAY TOO MUCH fighting in them!!! "Techno Hippies"(LOL)!!

  • Aleksandar

    Well, guess the next Zelda needs to get the first spot back??

    LOOL, I´m not so sure of that!

  • Tsubasa_Zero

    i don't get why Mg2 is so good. I don't fifn it to be a real good game, nor is it a new thing. it's just the same as MG1 (which i didn't like that well either, I likes sunshine better) but with more option. Aldo the have improved somethings it's true. lets just wait for the LoZ;SS revieuws XD it will take time but SS will get number one.

  • I refuse to accept this.

  • wayofthesheikah

    Man, I remember I was eight years old when I first rented OoT from the video store down the street (which has since gone out of business) and was first absorbed into the vast world of Hyrule. The entire game astounded me and opened my imagination, and to this day I've never experienced the same feeling from any other game, Zelda included (although TP came close, but was more nostalgic than anything. Hearing those monks sing the Song of Time when you first enter the Temple of Time in the Sacred Grove brought tears to my eyes, haha).

    This news of SMG2 outranking OoT after ten years saddens me (and makes me feel old, =p) but I agree with the others that SMG2 will most likely not be keeping the top spot for long. Plus, the game review world has grown exponentially in the last ten years, so naturally the scores would reflect this.

    Now, I've played the first SMG, and I can see why it and SMG2 receive so much hype, but in all honesty neither really did anything for me (I enjoyed Sunshine and SM64 more, frankly), and I know a few people who feel the same way. I don't know, maybe it's because of my age, or because my generation grew up with the N64 and GCN when they were first revolutionary, but compared to today's games, I still think OoT beats them all.

    And Keith, I respect your opinion and understand your frustration with so-called OoT "fanboys," but you don't have to lash out in such an immature manner. There are more intelligent ways to voice your opinion without sounding like a twelve year old.

  • LoverOfLegend

    Does it seem odd that about 5 minutes after i heard tihs new is started raining like crazy at my house? We had to run around in the rain and get all our stuff and … Ehhh.. ~shivers~ terrible o.o

  • I think that all of us, as Zelda fans we are a little sad and angry, but, yes.. It is a great game OoT, and, WE must keep in mind that no matter what that thing says, we know the best game ever, will be OoT…
    SMG2, could be better, but again, 12 years of first place with a Zelda of Nintendo 64 it's a great achievement even if a game of the new generation has beaten Zelda! then, remove that sad face, and let's do the next Zelda game the best game ever!

  • Timothy

    Personally, WW/MM are my favorite Zeldas. I have played OoT, and it is an excellent game. It may not be the “best” (which is totally subjective), but it revolutionized gaming. It brought innovation that the industry hadn’t seen before (Z-Targeting for one). That is why people say it’s the best. It may not be everyones favorite Zelda (or game overall), but you can’t deny its role in shaping modern gaming.

  • Chaioftermina

    for some weird reason, this doesn't upset me. Actually I'm a lot more relieved than upset; relieved that the "Best Game of all time" is still at least a Nintendo game and isn't some sh**y FPS like COD or…… of the other Quadrillion FPS's out there. looking at the Gameing Media, I've been getting the impression that they think the FPS is the only kind of game genre worth existing.

    • Chainoftermina

      OH FUCK!!!! I misspelled my name! what an idiot……….

    • Goro

      Yes. We should be thankful that it was Nintendo that outdone themselves. Beside, it Mario. He's the most iconic video game franchise next to Link and Sonic. It's only natrual that he would be at the top spot one day.

      Before Ocarina of Time, it was Super Mario Brothers 3 that was the best game of all time. And before that it was the First Zelda, then Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Pong, that virtual tennis thing that was made in the 60s. Games outrank other game eventually, it's only natural.

  • Valdek

    well Keith, in your last comment i noticed that you forgot to ridicule what i said about you leaving ZU and all that, so that could mean you are leaving 🙂 also i never said anything about everyone has to praise OoT. and i do agree MM was better, storyline was a bit dull in OoT . But if OoT was never made some Zelda games may not be in existence, some other games may not exist either.

    Maverickk, i see what your saying, so yeah

  • Calm friggin' down everyone. From your logic, it seems like the reviewers should be saying, "WHOA THIS SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 IS INCREDIBLE! Oh wait I shouldn't give it a 10/10, because then it might replace OoT as the highest rated game of all time…"

    See, review scores are things that people get unnecessarily angry about. They're just numbers, and all they really tell you is if a game is bad, terrible, decent, good, or incredible.

    It seems to me like we use OoT's high review scores as a way to set its greatness in stone: an official decree that it's the best game out there. But what's the point, anyway? If it's an excellent game, it's an excellent game. Whether or not it's "the best game ever"…doesn't truly matter.

    Annnnd I can't think of any good way to close this. Soooo YEAH.

  • Just A Comment

    Ocarina of Time – Forever #1

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  • Ihavenoname

    Its funny how ps3 and xbox360 are always on the hype, especially xbox360 and yet none of their games can top the list. Its funny, nintendo is still on top, when i clicked on this i expected to see call of duty, or halo at top. But it was mario, so that was a shocker. Well OOT is great. it created targeting.

  • Aaron Reynolds

    Oot for the 3DS is gonna pwn this ranking out the window.

  • tommi

    guys at ign and lot of other sites zelda 1# game of all time so mario and zelda are number 1 both:) and mario and zelda are my fav games:)

  • tommi look everybody please

  • dark_link121

    hey, no, mario galaxy go away, Oot is too awsome to be pushed down to second place

  • Someone

    OOT has, what, 25 reviews? It is really not fair for it to be first because it is MUCH harder nowadays for a game to top it because of the increased number of reviews available. Mario Galaxy 2 has about 20 MORE than OOT and still maintained a higher average, so yes, it does deserve to dethrone it.

  • Guest

    OOT is fantastic in its own right, but so is Mario Galaxy 2. The two Galaxy titles hearken back to Mario's 2D days and contain some of the most inventive and clever level designs I've ever seen in a game. Don't hate–rather, be happy that Nintendo currently has the two best ranked games ever.

  • Nick

    This is stupid, you have to average it according to how many reviews were received by each game, otherwise the ratings become inflated and thus invalid

  • Aleksandar


  • Aleksandar

    Hmm and I thought it will score worse with time and with more reviews being published!

    Hmm I guess I was wrong, fuck Mario, I hate this prick now, I never liked him to begin with!

  • Vibed

    Really guys?

    Both sides are acting immature as ****. OoT is a good game in it’s own right, so is SMG2, but why feel so sad that this game is being over throne? If anything, you should be happy many people found that Nintendo outdone THEMSELVES, and not by another company. If It’s prized in your book that’s fine too, don’t bother another who has a different favorite game.

    Also, whoever thinks SMG 1 and 2 won’t be classics in another 15-20 years is an idiot. All main Mario platformers are to become classics!

    MM is my personal favorite, and I’m happy OoT has been outdone, because there will be less worshiping of a GAME. I don’t worship MM!

    • Vibed

      Oh and OoT did leave a big mark on the history of gaming with Z-targeting and such, but other games improved on such a (fantastic) achievement.

      Critics weren't as hard on games back then because compared to today, they didn't need as much innovation to keep them entertained.

  • I see a lot of people here saying that OoT deserves the top spot because it's revolutionary. A game's quality, though, should be detached from its influence. Dragon Warrior 1 paved the way for later RPGs like Final Fantasy 6. However, I have more fun playing Final Fantasy 6. Why? Because it's a refinement upon the original formula. Ocarina of Time is invaluable for its contributions to gaming, but Super Mario Galaxy 2 is wonderful because it is a refinement of previously established gameplay mechanics and game structures.

  • Zybera

    I visited GameRankings recently, and it looks like OOT is back on top!

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  • Kokomo

    It's an honor to be beaten by such a solid Nintendo game. OoT does not hold up to 3D gaming standards of today. It's a very very good game, and worty of any honor it has ever recieved, but it's not a game that could be released today and recieve the scores that it did back in '96 when it came out, even if it had a graphics update. To hear that it's scores held up for 14 years is astounding…

  • Witinfuser

    Wow, i love how all the OoT fanboys cant grow up and realize that there are better games out there. Anytime a website says a game is better than OoT, all the fanboys flip their shit and flood the comments. Ocarina of time was an alright game, it doesnt deserve the praise it has gotten.

  • Fanboys

    lots of oot fanboys here

  • Fanboys

    So glad that Mario beat oot. That game is waaaay overrated. Yes, I have beaten oot and it was good, but is not the best game of all time. But it still beats that halo and gears of war crap

  • Marko

    Actually for me, ocarina of time will be the best game ever, because of course 10 years ago there wasn't the same technology that we have now, so 10 years ago, wouldn't possible to create something like super mario galaxy 2.
    Personally: it's stupid to comparer, ocarina of time (1998) with mario galaxy (2010)

  • Squishy

    I could understand this if Mario Galaxy 2 was the first game to come out for a new and innovative console, but it didn’t. Galaxy is just another Mario game on a console we have gotten used to by now. If it had come out on some holographic virtual reality kind of thing AND it was one of the first for that console, then I might accept these reviews. People were too hyped up when Galaxy 2 came out and wanted it to be amazing, so their brains registered the game as though it was what they wanted it to be.

  • Molly

    MARIO TAKES OVER ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Skyward Sword WILL NOT be released until December unfortunately thanks to MARIO!!!!! Now Ocarina Of Time is DOWN even LOWER than BEFORE!!!!! Poor Zelda being "Taken Over by…M..MARIO!!!!!!!!!" (Cry,Cry!)

  • Molly

    I'm annoyed because zelda OOT seems SO WIMPY!!!Everyone says how AMAZING it is though. When will it get better?!!(If it WILL get better) Does it get better AFTER the Water Temple when I ge the third stone?!!

  • Nintendo follower

    Give it a rest! Its obvious that more people like galaxy 2 better! Itoo, love oot, but face the facts that the day has come when oot is topped!

  • Virat

    OoT may be one extremely amazing game, and the Zelda Series be one of the best selling, but Mario is revolutionary. Now, look at the top 3 best games of all time. Number one is Super Mario Galaxy 2, of course. Second is Zelda: Ocarina of Time and third is… again Super Mario Galaxy. Give me ONE time when a prequel and a sequel were both hailed in the Greatest-Games-Of-All-Time-List, that too in the top 3.

    What I'm trying to say is that even though OoT sorted how gaming should be like, Galaxy 2 is just as challenging, and it was LONGER than OoT, had an equal replay value and had A LOT MORE extras than OoT. And no game can be "The Best" forever, can it?

    And more to this, Mario franchise is a lot better than Zelda's. I mean, think of it. Without Mario, we'd miss Mario Kart, Mario Sluggers, Paper Mario, Mario Party, etc. Without Zelda, we'd miss… Link's Archery Training.

    Basically, Super Mario Galaxy 2 > The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by a mere margin.