After endless debate and speculation, we finally know Zelda Wii’s official name! The title of the new Zelda game is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In addition, the game features cel shaded graphics a la The Wind Waker, but features adult Link a la Twilight Princess. Several new items also make an appearance, such as the Beetle, an innovative new item controlled entirely by tilting the motion plus.

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Although Miyamoto’s E3 demo was hindered by some faulty wireless controls, the MotionPlus capabilities of Skyward Sword were impressive. Every single item in Link’s arsenal has received a MotionPlus upgrade, and the nunchuk controls the position of Link’s shield. Although old favorites such as the bow and arrow make an appearance, the Whip also joins the console item set, straight out of Spirit Tracks.

MotionPlus controls include the ability to literally throw, roll and drop bombs, use slingshots and bows as the real thing, and even point Link’s sword in any conceivable direction. In fact, many demonstrated puzzles utilized the ability to swing Link’s sword naturally, including confusing an enemy by moving the sword in a circular pattern.

Of course, the game’s new title this merely begets more questions. First of all, what is meant by “Skyward Sword”? Will it cause Link to be able to fly? We’ve seen that by holding the sword pointing to the sky it causes the sword to be charged with a wind-like projectile, but is there more to it than that?

What role will this play in the story? We will surely learn more as time marches toward the official release date sometime in 2011! Stay tuned to Zelda Universe for more live E3 coverage!