After endless debate and speculation, we finally know Zelda Wii’s official name! The title of the new Zelda game is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

In addition, the game features cel shaded graphics a la The Wind Waker, but features adult Link a la Twilight Princess. Several new items also make an appearance, such as the Beetle, an innovative new item controlled entirely by tilting the motion plus.

Hit the jump for even more information about the next epic title in the Zelda franchise.

Although Miyamoto’s E3 demo was hindered by some faulty wireless controls, the MotionPlus capabilities of Skyward Sword were impressive. Every single item in Link’s arsenal has received a MotionPlus upgrade, and the nunchuk controls the position of Link’s shield. Although old favorites such as the bow and arrow make an appearance, the Whip also joins the console item set, straight out of Spirit Tracks.

MotionPlus controls include the ability to literally throw, roll and drop bombs, use slingshots and bows as the real thing, and even point Link’s sword in any conceivable direction. In fact, many demonstrated puzzles utilized the ability to swing Link’s sword naturally, including confusing an enemy by moving the sword in a circular pattern.

Of course, the game’s new title this merely begets more questions. First of all, what is meant by “Skyward Sword”? Will it cause Link to be able to fly? We’ve seen that by holding the sword pointing to the sky it causes the sword to be charged with a wind-like projectile, but is there more to it than that?

What role will this play in the story? We will surely learn more as time marches toward the official release date sometime in 2011! Stay tuned to Zelda Universe for more live E3 coverage!

  • twliightlord

    i think the title is pretty cool

  • Bolero

    Link has a jump button!

    • Wuhzam

      I Hope they still have auto jump when you run of a clif

      • Wuhzam

        sorry OFF and CLIFF

  • Callin

    Their demonstration is making me nervous. Miyamoto seems to be having trouble getting Link to do exactly what he wants…

    I hope it’s just a lack of practice and not unresponsive controls.

    • Seren

      Yeah imagine the interference they get in that room…. it makes me want to cry it's that bad.

  • Deku_Scrub

    I really couldn't have been happier with the graphics! They finally took a cartoonish direction whitout toon link! And the slashing effects looked really nice too. But I'm a little bit dissappointed in the motion controls, but I don't think i should've expected something better.

    Anyway, I think that the title "skyward sword" is refering to pointing the sword up and build power-tecnique. And YAY! DEKU SCRUBS FTW!

    • Deku_Scrub


    • Nick

      How are you happy about that? The thing I hate about the cell shaded games is how cartoony they look. Legend of Zelda shouldnt be cartoonish in any way

      • Brian

        Um, hello? A Link to the Past has cartoony graphics, but you don't recognize it!

  • Ashwinder

    I really wanted to be blown away I really did but…

    Still I will try to wait untill we know more before getting overly cynical!

    • Shadow

      I know the feeling. I think it's because the graphical style is so different to the impression the concept art gave us a year ago. I also think the trailer was too short to really get to grips with what to expect, and because the gameplay shots kept getting interrupted by Link's silly poses.

      Maybe Nintendo doesn't want us to expect too much though at this early stage? Remember, they found it hard to make Twilight Princess live up to its initial hype.

  • odel

    i missed the video…has any1 posted it up on the interwebs??? 🙁

    • Seren is where i'd go, otherwise youtube probably has it by now.

      Epic game, seems like they mixed mario and zelda and made a zelda game and as the gamers awed they cried"SUCK IT".

    • It's up on Zelda Universe's Youtube and also on the main page of our site. :]

    • linkpwns13

      Yeah, has got it.

  • Chainoftermina

    I saw a lot of stuff that was really cool (like how Link can sprint now! so awesome!) but unfortunately, I also saw a lot of stuff that people said they did not want and I fear there be an awful lot of complaints. I don't mind it though, i think there will be plenty of challenge form the new way of controlling it.

    However, I am disappointed that we didn't get any details on the plot. did they forget about the poster? they didn't even mention he Adelle girl. I want to know the story!

    oh, and yeah, the Master Sword is in the game. Link was using it in the Demo.

    • Chainoftermina

      oh, yeah, and look at the Graphics! It's like…………a Hybrid of TP graphics and WW graphics! Holy crap!

  • lifesavers2

    on the news article Bastian said "Wheres the master Sword?"
    He had it in the short opening trailer, so we dont need to worry.

    • TheMaverickk

      Agreed… also in the interview going on with Miyamoto and Aonuma they say that the title comes out of the fact that the focal points of the game revolve around the sword and the sky.

      The Master Sword is essentially Skyward in this game. lol… so people shouldn't think that the name of the sword is "skyward". From what I could see it was the master sword.

      I love the attacking demo though.. no more mindless slashing, you have to think and be precise to where you decide to attack a foe.

      • Chainoftermina

        well, maybe the Skyward Sword is a completely different sword. When they first showed TP at E3, the demo had the Ordon Sword. You know how the sword you get in the beginning of the game is always replaced with an upgraded sword? Well, Maybe this time the Master Sword is actually the first sword of the game, and then the 2nd, upgraded Sword is the Skyward Sword.

  • Xenithar

    The visual style of the game reminds me a lot of Ocarina of Time, which is neat, and the graphics are beautiful! I would probably get a Wii just to play this game.

  • apexman13

    i could not have said it better myself.

    i think im going to go commit scuicide now.

  • Hálvðanarson

    If they want to overcome the obstacle that OoT has been and make a game better than OoT, they are about to fail. "Skyward Sword" so far was really disappointing, it's a step down from TP, that's how I feel.

    • Hálvðanarson

      When a Mickey Mouse game get's more jubilation than a Zelda game, something's wrong..

    • lukas

      you're totally right, it looks awful

    • Chappiellama

      took the words right out of my mouth

  • Steven

    yeah there was unresponsive controls. Why don't you think he doesn't want to release til next yr instead of this year. They didn't even mention the sword girl.

    • Queenie

      Unresponsive controls is spelled W-I-R-E-L-E-S-S-I-N-T-E-R-F-E-R-E-N-C-E.

  • LoverOfLegend

    OH! I GET IT NOW! Emphasis on the fact Link is missing his sword? The title is Skyward Sword? Either Shigeru has gone sword crazy, or we actually DO learn where the master sword comes from! Me? I am guessing it has something to do with the Ooccoa. Why? Because, if they made the Hylians…. Perhaps they made the Master Sword as well… Or maybe, just maybe, we will get to see the Goddesses appear in this one!

    • Shaelyn

      …and now we know why the master sword has wings 😉

  • Locus
  • Alkunkunka

    HEY! Just saw the trailer on Youtube…….and the beggining made me wonder…will this game 'link' all the games? It sure feels like this is trying to mix the whole concept of all the games in one. Interesting…. Maybe it was just to show the audience the evolution, but I wonder…

  • Seren would be my choice, but youtube probably has it by now…

  • zeldaaaaah

    the trailer is… so good ^^

  • jc4d

    Yes, they are so focused in the gameplay that I think they forgot show the game (plot, intro) like TP back then, I still have chills when I see TP video, everybody screaming and went crazy and in this one barely a lonely applause in the background, but hey let's wait and see anyway 🙂

    • Aleksandar

      Yeah, just by hearing the reactions of the crowd and there were a lot of people, it didn´t really blow them away AT ALL!

  • Tanner

    SOOOOO MAD!!! It looks terrible, the graphics are terrible, I wish they kept Twilight Princess graphics!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Steelslasher

      They couldnt have Eiji had a greater influence on it hence WW-esque graphics

      • Brian

        Um, it was Miyamoto who changed the graphics, not Eiji Aonuma since he confirmed it was Miyamoto who told him to change the graphics!

    • skyward sword

      screw of,you jerk. the blend of TP and WW looks awsome.

    • LoZ

      Um, the graphics aren't the most important thing. If you're going to judge a game by the graphics alone, you really need to look at Ocarina of Time. In that game, everything looks like squares but that didn't keep Zelda fans from thoroughly enjoying it.

      • Aleksandar



    • lukas

      i'm very dissapointed too, the graphics are horrible, the worst i've seen in a zelda game, totally out of place, boring, cheesy, flat , the designs for the enemies and link's are pure garbage, the color palete is ridiculous, the pants are horrible, the face is horrible, and the items and weapons too.. this is the worst zelda presentation i've seen (and all of you know it, don't try to hide it out of love for the franchise!)

      • Aleksandar







      who is this??THE GAME LOOKS AWSOME

      • skyward sword

        YOUR NAME IS SAINT RULE?!WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Musky Melon

      Where have you been? Aside from Twilight Princess all the other Zelda games have been bright, colorful, and a bit cartoony. The lack of graphical power on the Wii makes realistic styled graphics just look dated.

    • Fanboy

      Agreed the whole idea behind legend of zelda is to have that appeal from OOT and TP. It isn't epic without it. That's why windwaker sucked.

      • Brian

        Wind Waker does not suck! You've never played Wind Waker, 7 year old fanboy!

    • none bees wax

      Whats rong with U

    • skyward sword

      eat a dick.i bet you tan little boys asses.

  • Heavenly Spoon

    According to interviews with attendants the controls are amazing, I guess trying to operate the game on the big screen did cause some interference.
    Anyhow, I truly like the art style. TP's was amazing, but somehow I still feel tWW had the better graphics, a combination of both should be good.

    Also, holding sword still = charge = genius.

  • ZoraMikau

    Ummmm, Bastian, link is holding the master sword. Unless there's another sword that looks like it.

  • Links wearing pants!

  • Matt17

    skyward sword was thought of from link pointing his sword towards the sky, thats what was mentioned in Iwata asks

    • Aleksandar

      still not really creative title!

  • Ashley

    I was very disappointed, the presentation was horrible and even disregarding miya-whatever presentation, it was still very bad i was so disappointed i was almost in tears. I was skeptical about windwaker and i loved it, well the character depth, but nintendo is like the baby station while sony and xbox have more mature games, did you see the gameplay, the forest had giant red anime-ish mushrooms, i want a realisitc game, more than TP, but nintendo let me down. I'm excited cause its a zelda game but more discouraged. I hope ganons in it, and its not completly kid-ish

    • Heather

      it seems the zelda series is not for you then. if you want to play a mature game then go and play something else. you cannot tell an entire series to change just for you. has zelda ever been mature? no. its meant for a younger audience.

    • TheMaverickk

      Dude… Ganon is over done… something new and interesting. Also if you were saying you were skeptical about WInd Waker and you gave it a chance and then loved it, then I'm sure you should be able to put your skepticism aside and realize that the visual style doesn't make a more mature game.

    • Queenie

      >I was very disappointed, the presentation was horrible and even disregarding miya-whatever presentation

      I stopped reading at "miya-whatever".

      • Aleksandar



  • Quill

    OMG OMG OMG!! I MUST go and buy a Wii right now!!

  • Jac7b

    if you point your sword towards the sky it charges it up, so i think that's where they get the title from.

    • TheMaverickk

      Actually the sword charges up when you maintain it at a still position. Basically as long your sword isn't being swung you are charging up energy to perform an attack.

      Basically you can hold your sword still and charge it while moving around and then unleash it. It's more efficient, and now you can use it more so on the fly.

  • Heavenly Spoon

    Just heard from a friend who was there:
    "I wasn't able to play Zelda for too long, but I have to say, Miyamoto did not fail. The controls were like butter. Easily the best Wii game I have ever played."

    So yeah.

  • Jac7b

    Also, SAME HERE TANNER! I loved the TP graphics, now this cell shaded bs again? just shows laziness on nintendo's part. Which do i want, 480p cell shaded graphics on the wii, or 1080p real graphics on the PS3/Xbox 360? Hmmm..

    still should be a great game though. just sorta pisses me off.

    • TheMaverickk

      yet the game already has 10x more style then TP's bland world. It's not just generic skeletons and spiders with generic swords and movements.

      It's not lazy, they are putting more thought into the creatures they create, instead of simply making things look realistic. Enemies that block your stikes… people are so dumb founded by the visual style they can't even appreciate what kind of action is taking place on the screen.

      • Brian

        I agree. Since people are so addicted to cell-shaded graphics, they couldn't tell a difference between a fantasy and a real story.

  • Steelslasher

    No they didnt

  • Steelslasher

    The level shown seems only to be a demo, the way its structured doesnt seem to show anything about the game, i assume the door was just a concept they were trying out

    • Aleksandar


  • TheMaverickk

    It's not really Cel Shaded… Cel Shaded implies that it will use the same technique as Wind Waker… which is flat colour planes… this Zelda doesn't use flat colour planes. Look closely ant there's a lot more texturingand blending going on within the colours and everything.

    It's a lot more detailed and intricate then Wind Waker thats for sure. You can tell that there's strong Twilight Princess elements though still… the stalfos is built on the TP model, but now he's got more character… double swords, curled blades.

    The game is beautiful. It may not be the "hyper-realism" people want, but lets face it realism is fleeting. Super Realistic today is dirt tomorrow you know. I'm incredibly impressed… the only aspect of the trailer I wasn't impressed about was the little snippets of 3D that weren't in game, where Link is holding an item or just standing there and slowly moving his sword. They just seemed awkward.

    The actual gameplay was honestly gorgeous. Also if people didn't notice there was a boss just sitting out in the open, obviously that forest areas is what is technically a dungeon, but they don't try to forcibly make it appear like a dungeon.

    I'm overall very impressed with the design. I hope they continue with it. I can't wait to play it.

  • TheMaverickk

    There's like 10,000 people in the theatre all with WiFi devices live blogging every second, there's always going to be interference, no matter how hard they try, lol.

    • trololol

      If they knew (they should have known!) they should have shown a video of Miyamoto playing it (in a wi-fi free area). This was just too awkward for some…

      On another note, I'm pretty confident this game will rock.

  • TheMaverickk

    It's not really Cel Shaded… Cel Shaded implies that it will use the same technique as Wind Waker… which is flat colour planes… this Zelda doesn't use flat colour planes. Look closely ant there's a lot more texturingand blending going on within the colours and everything.

  • TheMaverickk

    Your reaction is like that of a 7 year old who didn't get their way. Relax and simply love it for being Zelda. Appreciate another art style for once.

  • jarry

    who ever is bitching about this game is clearly no zelda fan. This game looks so polished, and thats just from what iv seen in the demo area. The controls were obviously gonna be affected by interference, its an e3 show, its risky business as it is with motion controls.

    • JMatt

      You are a complete idiot. If you think this game looks "so polished", you clearly have not played a video game since 2000. Game Cube games have looked better than this. The standard we should hold nintendo to is Mario Galaxy, and the graphics here are insulting. Wind Waker looked ten times better than this pixelated crap. Here's hoping the demo was just a rough product.

  • Matt

    I knew it!
    Cel-shaded graphics!!!
    Wow, I can not wait til’ next year…
    Damn you nintendo for your awesomeness!!! >;D

  • Emicon
  • Jonas
    • EDracon

      broken pics?

  • Diz

    You know, all you people that are complaining are kinda ridiculous.
    The trailers for TP were over the top to cause the viewer to "awe". Then what happened? Everyone was disappointed and thinks that TP is the worst Zelda ever. This one, their going at a slow pace and taking their time. the trailer may seem kinda boring now, but that's probably because the game is going to be amazing. Its the opposite situation than that of TP.

    • EDracon

      I loved TP, I played it three times already. Majoras Mask and WindWaker were better (yes), but TP was in no way a bad game.

    • Fuck you, Diz

      HA! I think twilight princess was by far the best because it had an extremely interesting and solid storyline, amazing graphics, and had everything zelda is noted for and more!

  • hero of twilight

    apart from the graphics i think this will be a good game, it anoyed me that the wind waker graphics were used instead of improved twilight princess graphics but you can't do anything, the combat looks good and the way you use your items now, im happy there was a whip in the trailer because i wanted a whip in the game (to grab and pull armour off enemies) after i acepted the graphics i reilised this will be a good game and i can't wait for it to come out shame its 2011

  • Zarco

    The graphical style is…new…
    I doubt people would be disappointed in a realistic style but nintendo has its ways.
    I'm excited about swordplay and motion-plus weapons, plus the possibility of seeing the Master Sword's origins (Oocca?) or flight- a vertical overworld would be awesome and get rid of warps but flying would defeat the purpose of many things in the game like platforming and secret unreachable grottos if you can fly there.

  • Railyn

    Cel-shaded was great for WW, but I didn't want to see more of that… especially for an adult Link.
    The teaser poster released last year was misleading and I'm trying hard not to be disappointed.
    Please let me be proven wrong.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I am not happy with the graphics, and don't thumb me down just for that you ignorant mindless people, it looks bad, they could've made an amazingly realistic game but went the kiddy route, wonderful -_-

    Link's legs look fat, his expressions are emotionless, and the overworld seems like something from a cheap cartoon

    But I have to say I'm liking the run and jump functions, the motion controls look unresponsive, who knows maybe the game will be great, but I can't help but feel disappointed, definitely NOT what I was expecting

  • A Dissapointed Dude

    I am going with the crowd in the theater on this one. Their faint clapping really said it all. The controls and concept might be awesome, but, I still can’t get past the cartoony visuals that remind me of a toddler’s vision of a Zelda/Mario game. It just felt less epic…I remembered I was so stoked about Twilight Princess. When I saw this, I just sat there and said nothing. I actually preferred all the other games they showed instead. I’m just disappointed in Nintendo. That’s my 2 cents.

    • Aleksandar

      Yeah me too. Didn´t see that coming!

  • Mfter

    uhh … december 31st 2010, might as well be in 2011

  • Rickles

    Nintendo. Why? Zelda fans seriously are the most hard core people in the world… We support a company that constantly refuses to satisfy the fans. So I will buy this game… I will kill ganon… and I will wait five more years, and hopefully then you will shoot for the stars. No gimmicks. Just the worderful artistic world and style that was so perfect back in the 90's brought up to speed with the current day. But this time I don't know if i can wait. I'm getting old nintendo and you are losing my faith. Anyway. Time to go play MM. The last great advancement in this franchise. (Notice I said great advancement. I'll Consider the rest as just good… Good when they could have been so much more)

    • Aleksandar



    • Completely agree.

  • Hálvðanarson

    I hope so. Now that I have digested it for a couple of hours, I'm hoping that they are going to tweek the graphics in another direction, because this is only a gameplay demo with the objective to show off the controls. I remember I've read somwhere a couple of months ago that they hadn't decided yet if they we're going to use cel-shaded, "modern", or develop a new graphics system.

    • Brian

      If you can find the link to that interview, can you send it here?

  • Quiznossubs

    Well i honestly dont know what to think of this so far. Going back to "wind wakerish" graphics isnt that big a deal for me because im still too worried about how the gameplay is going to turn out. My bigest fear is that the gameplay is going to turn out a bit gimmicky. I would absolutely hate to see one of my favorite series of all time suffer this fate as some other Wii titles have. Hopefully my fears will soon be ut to rest as we start getting new updated info on a game that im really anticipating.

  • LoZ

    This looks fantastic!!

    But I still wish they had shown or talked about the girl in the picture. And since they didn't, it made me much more curious to who she might be…

  • Majora

    Why is it that nintendo comes up with great ideas and uses them in the wrong places.

    Cel- shading I can handle. But the stupid eye puzzle, the rolling boulder thing, and the mushrooms make it look really stupid. They should have either used WW graphics or TP graphics, not combine them and then stupid toonish puzzles.

    I going to have to play OOT, MM, WW, TP to get over this.

    Maybe Nintendo will prove me wrong and SS will be the best zelda game.

    But with a title like Skyward Sword, I'm not very optinistic. Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess were great names. This isn't.

    • TheMaverickk

      I'm pretty sure the eye puzzle would seem more brilliant if they hadn't simply showed you how to solve it in the preview.

      I hate that they have new methods of creating puzzles… but then they showcase them. Then they look dumb, because everyone is like… oh well isn't that an easy puzzle, I would've figured that out.

  • Xenithar

    I find it interesting that the title has the crest of the royal family. I wonder what implications that could have?

    • OMFG

      yeah, exept almost EVERY SINGLE ZELDA GAME HAS THE CREST IN IT'S NAME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skies456

    Nintendo has just made me one very happy Zelda fan. The graphics look fresh, and unique, I like the scenery of WW because its simple and works well, but the only reason I prefer TP graphics is because of the Adult Link, so to use the best of both is a great idea. I also see similarities with the controls in the Wii Sports games, which is what I was wanting. Now just need to wait for the game, its been delayed of course but that was expected and it only means they are going to make it better.

  • bas

    have everyone the art work forgotten with the girl

  • Shaelyn

    wait…Link has PANTS now?!

    • lifesavers2

      He had pants earlier.

      If you wedge up against the wall the right way in TP the camera lets you see up links armor-pants.
      I know. Its wierd how I figured that out.

      • Salsa


        … You mean everyone doesn't try to carefully position the camera to see up his tunic-skirt? >.>

  • Linktri25

    You know i like how it looks…its a break from all the wow and amazement from TP but not as cartoon looking as WW..its like metroid and zelda are making they're characters look like they used to just better graphics..story might not be the best but im still really excited!

  • lifesavers2


  • Aaronrules380

    Appearantly, it was just techncal issues mostly, as IGN and such have reported the gameplay is actually really good, and don't forget it's still in development

  • ancient fan

    I haven't seen the videos, I am so waiting for this game. I am not getting my hopes up, I hate the fighting part, it gets old and is just not my thing, I am more into the puzzles and the finding things. I want to explore houses and find side quests, discover hidden areas. I am a hardcore fan since the very beginning, I will buy and I will be sad when I finish the game and wish I could give Nintento some tips, but I will play again and then visit these forums and waste my life away waiting for the next installment.

  • lukas

    this is not god, they have to do a miracle to save this game, it looks terrible, and that issue at the beginning of the conference made me feel so embarrased, and i even wasn't there, i wait YEARS for this moment, i practically consume all my friends lifes telling about this day and how the new zelda for wii would be the next best thing since the invention of the internet, and all i have is this piece of s·%·$!

    after what nintendo do with mario galaxy 1 & 2 the best games in the world! i thought the next zelda would raise the bar, and after twilight princess which is a great game by the way, i expect nothing but perfection, and you give me this crap? if not for the other announcements this could had been the worst dissapoinment of my gaming life!

  • Aaronrules380

    How can you guys be such harsh judes of a game you HAVEN'tTEVEN PLAYED YET, and one that is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT. Plus, from everyone who played it on the show floor, the controls are actually really good. ANd the graphics look great to me, things don't need to be hyper realistic to be good. I'd rather have vibrant, fun graphics than boring realistic ones

  • TheGerudoDragon

    I HATE CEL-SHADED GRAPHICS!!!!!! Why is Nintendo only making games for 7-year-olds now?!?!? I heard this game was going to use all of the Wii's processing power to make amazing graphics. THESE GRAPHICS SUCK!!!!!! They could have made this crap for the Gamecube. And what kind of stupid title is Skyward Sword?! I remember as recently as four years ago Nintendo wasn't quite yet apposed to being cool. But now it is all about sales, appeal to little girls, appeal to people in nursing homes, and of course embarrassing good ol Myamoto. What Nintendo needs is Zelda, Kirby, Starfox, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Mario, Pokemon, Pikmin, Sonic, and Metroid lined up with console games (not handheld games that almost look 3D in the sense you are looking into a box) that have crisp (not cel-shaded), brawl-style graphics, perhaps have something called difficulty (where a toddler can't just pick up a wii stick and beat the crap out of it), and mature, interesting, and epic plots relating them to the originals. Don't misunderstand though. That doesn't mean they should use the WORD epic in the titles over and over. Oh and no offense to all of you NES lovers in denial, but 2D side-scrollers stopped being made for a reason!

    • Aaronrules380

      The 3DS looks amazing, and from what I;v'e heard, the actual 3d is appearantly better than actual 3d glasses. And don't call a game for kids just because it has cartoony graphics. THat's just stupid and close minded, and honestly, EXTREMELY IMMATURE. And who cares about the ttle, how about waiting to see how the game actually plays?

      • TheGerudoDragon

        I'm not calling it a game for kids because of the graphics. Notice how there wasn't a single cutscene. Notice how there was absolutely no dark edge or sign of turmoil in hyrule. Just happy, brightly colored, pointless gameplay. Have you even seen the 3DS footage from months ago? It's like looking in a box. I'm not necessarily judging the game, but the trailer and all around E3 presentation of it sucked.

    • Musky Melon

      Cel-shading is a shading technique not a graphical style. Further, you obviously have no idea about how all this stuff works. Having a graphical style that is cartoony doesn't mean it is easy to process. Cell-shading isn't easy to process than say flat shading.

      • TheGerudoDragon

        Cel-shading obviously is a shading technique but it affects the graphics. It makes them look, as you said, cartoony. Unlike all of you annoying, easily-angered 8-year-olds out there, I don't like Zelda to be childish and cartoony. I never said I was judging the plot yet. But based on the graphics I am disapointed. Also, one would assume that when the graphics are monotone and playdough-like due to the shading style, it would take less processing power than when there is very detailed, crisp graphics. Think about this: Which is more complicated? A dark green tunic that is tattered by dirt in various hues and has detailed shadowing corresponding to the environment, or all light green? And what makes you the graphics expert? You're just saying what you hope is true to disprove me, and trying to act like you actually do know what you are talking about. But obviously you have no idea how all this stuff works.

        • Don't bother arguing Mr. Dragon w/ these defenders of cel-shading; they have to argue that the style, graphics, or whatever is still impressive b/c if they didn't they wouldn't be able to defend this game and the plethora of terrible looking, and equally un-innovative games. Other than the soon to be released Other M, I don't like or care for any Wii game.

  • Chessa

    I realize graphics don't make the game, but for me they play abig part. If it bothers me to look at a game, I won't want to look at and play it.

    I played OoT after Twilight Princess, and the graphics really didn't bother me. The story was lighter, and so were the colors (that, and that's all they could do at the time).

    I think they should keep the cartoon-like style to the cartoon-like proportioned games. Having a more realistically proportioned Link with bright cartoon colors honestly makes me remember the 80s cartoon, which is going to bother me.

  • Dark Link


  • saints rule

    I want to know the release date

  • Salsa

    I'm… Really kind of disappointed. Not quite to the degree my roommate is, she saw the graphics and you would have thought the world was ending, but it wasn't what I was hoping for. What Nintendo gave me cause to expect.

    I don't mind the cel-shading all that much, but I 1.) believe we were misled, and 2.) feel like it's a graphical style much more suited to the DS than the Wii. When I'm playing a console game, I tend to — to borrow Nintendo's own phrasing — set the bar a little higher for what I expect out of the graphics. Maybe when I see the game in action, in person, I'll feel a little differently (the gameplay looks fun enough to make up for it, which I'm kind of banking on), but it honestly seems to me like they intentionally sacrificed the graphics. And for what exactly? The game engine was finished before the graphics were, purportedly, and it certainly isn't being released -sooner- than projected due to the downgrade– and you can't tell me it wasn't a downgrade, because they don't do realistic concept art for their cel-shaded titles, and that was exactly what we got. (The comments made about mimicking Monster Hunter for the next Zelda title also come to mind… What happened to that?)

    I'd think I'd rather have waited until even 2013 for the game I thought we were getting, with the knowledge that it was going to be at its best and most polished, than get it next year as it looks now. Which is not to say I won't be in line at midnight with the rest of you shelling out my money for it, but… this is not the game I've waited the last 5 years for. I think they had more than enough time to do better.

    Anyway, to sum this up: Nintendo, here's a protip. Keep the less graphically intense style on the less graphically capable device. Other developers are doing a better job utilizing your console's graphical capabilities than you are, and this subpar offering you've made belongs to your franchise with the absolute craziest, most hardcore fanbase. And we are no longer children. You need to raise that bar of yours for real, because I for one am starting to feel kind of embarrassed for you. Either abandon all pretenses and make pure your purely fluff, "innovative" games, or put some actual effort into making your graphics as awesome as your gameplay… Because the Move and Kinect are coming, and they are more innovative than your Wiimotes, and even their respective consoles' token cel-shaded games have higher quality graphics than this. I still love you… but I'm just sayin'.

    (…Fingers crossed that they don't fail us in regards to the story.)

    • Hálvðanarson

      You pointed it out exactly the way I feel it, this wasn't what I expected of a Zelda game. We we're hoping for an more ambitious effort from Nintendo than this. It's just pure disappointment and sadness.

      • bl0g

        It's a waste of time and I waited four years for this? All about gimmicks and making money from the Japanese people because they like bright colors and stuff, but no, we Westerners like realism. They have to think about everyone not just one group.

        I agree about third party games intensifying the graphics on the Wii more than Nintendo is doing for its very own console right now. How sad.

        • Musky Melon

          You act like realism is the only thing that pushes your graphics card. It isn't. Second, realistic graphics on the Wii would look seriously dated and they do.

    • Aleksandar





  • Aleksandar



  • Aleksandar




  • Salsa

    "selling games which arent even complete…"

    Um, like Ocarina of Time?

    I'm not bashing it. I love that game hardcore. But it wasn't finished, and didn't have the benefit of existing in a day in age where games that suffer due to their deadlines -could- be updated with patches. Continuing to update and work on your game as the players encounter problems or become bored with the original release isn't laziness, it's dedication, and I for one would be thrilled to see Nintendo doing more of it.

  • BigMan

    Not to be to cynical here, but I loved Twilight Princesses's darker side of the story and most definitely the graphics. Move on from the crappy cel-shading Nintendo, there is plenty of that on the handhelds, I personally want to see what the Wii can do running at full blast, not half power. What happened to being encouraged by Monster Hunter Tri, these graphics are crap compared to those. Well, now that I got that out of my system, I realized this is just my opinion so don't take it to seriously. But honestly, I would've been more excited about a "Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, part 2" than "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword." But you've also pulled miracles out of your sleeve before Nintendo, PLEASE let me be wrong…

  • AngryKokiri

    I seriously think…kids these days. Why are you fucking complaining! I'm 20 and not even Minish Cap or Phantom Hourglas dissapointed me even if they looked childish. In fatc, they were awesome. You just talk about graphics and…aaaghh. All of you should go buy a N64 or SNES and come back after playing for some months. And if you did play those and still think graphics make a game, then you do not ENJOY gaming and do not deserve to give an opinion.

    I just wait the plot is good and that it's harder than previous games.

    • Zelda Fan

      I liked the graphics but not as good as twilight princess. I think they could do better. but i am dying for that game. i played twilight princess, ocarina of time, majoras mask phantom hourglass, spirit tracks, wind waker, and the original legend of zelda. but that is the game i am really wating for.

    • I'm 25 and have played those Zelda's you speak of and these graphics still suck, but mostly, the gameplay looks exactly the same as previously. No innovation, no evolution, not worth the price.

  • Shaelyn

    Wind Waker bothered me because I saw its cel-shaded-ness as a bit of a cop-out. there wasn't much detail in it. hell, half the time you couldn't even tell link's hat wasn't a part of his tunic.

    this is showing much more detail, much more promise graphically.

    cel-shaded isn't bad…when it's done right 😉 Okami had it done right. Wind Waker did not. I think though, Nintendo's learning.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    Aaahh,I was kind-of hoping it would look really realistic.:(Not that I'm sad or angry that they're doing cel-shaded graphics,'cause it's high time Adult Link got toon-ized and the style got another console title,I was just kind-of expecting a unbelievably realistic Zelda,that's all.And I know the graghics aren't done yet,but I'm just gonna say they better change the way the moblins or whatever they were look because they remind me way too much of those teddy-bear guys from PH.Anyway,so that you don't all think I'm Mr.Pessimism,I'm just gonna say I love cel-shaded graphics and Skyward Sword is awesome!!!!!!!:D

  • typhoonx

    i wasnt expecting cell shaded but i wasnt mad, i liked that they put little puzzle to kill enemies for example like the deku plants u have to slash it in the direction the deku mouth is open and also slashing horizontally to slash the giant scopians eye (im guessing its yet again the new "queen gohma". it looks alright. i really do wanna know the story. i really REALLY DO, right now they havnt blew me away with anything but i think the graphics is not something to concentrate on. i think gameplay and story will blow us away. the graphic arnt bad, not at all. they tried to mix zelda twilight princess and windwaker (tring to get the best of both worlds i guess). i like the items ive seen so far like jthe whip and the flying bug grapple thing. i like the sword beam and i hope there is alot more to the master sword that just the beam. skyward sword could mean alot of things and im guessing it has something to do with flying. at the end of the trailer link (or whatever his name is now ,if it has changed) jumps off of a cliff top and drops, im gonna guess his not EMO and trying to commit sucide, so im guessing his gonna do something from stoping himself go "SLAT". in all it looks alright so far, but i need to wait for more story and gameplay b4 i can guess if its a step forward or back from zelda twilight princess. i like it and i hope it only gets better

  • guest

    I can tell a lot of people are bashing this game, mostly because of the graphics, and I just want to say SHUT UP. First off, Nintendo stated that a major part of the development of this game through the rest of the year is POLISHING THE GRAPHICS. The game that we'll get is going to look much better than what we saw today (which I didn't even think was that bad). And then there's everyone complaining about how the graphics are less detailed and how they should've stuck with the TP graphics. I personally think that that's a terrible way to look at graphic design. Remember how there were MILLIONS of flamers that whined about wind waker's graphics when it was revealed and then the game turned out to be awesome? Just because something doesn't have advanced lighting or a bunch of bump mapping doesn't mean you should hate it. The artistic side of graphic design is just as important as the technical. I LOVE these new graphics, personally. It's kind of a hybrid of TP and WW, taking the best elements from both: the less cartoony character and item design of twilight princess, and the vibrant, painting-like colors of wind waker. Yes, some polish is needed, but I think it's going to turn out great by release time. As long as the controls are good, the story is engaging (Zant going from an intimidating badass to an annoying douchebag at the last second? Yeah, let's try to avoid doing something like that again), and the graphics reach their full potential, I think this game will be great. So please, don't judge the freaking game until you play it.

  • Josh

    I'm glad that they took a brighter, toonish style while still making Link an adult. It reminds me of the oldschool art in the instruction booklets for games like AoL or LA.

  • asdSA

    the game ghapics arnt bad there just different style i like it, but the graphic isnt what nintendo is known for its the gameplay and the story line

  • S.P.

    noooooooooooooooo …….. looks bad, I'm sad and disappointed

  • fatcat

    zelda universe, the only fucking site where nerds bitch about FUCKING GRAPHICS (that look good, btw. i like the combo between two games i love, TP and WW.) instead of miyamoto taking 10 swings to kill a deku baba.

  • fatcat

    not to mention you fucking retards judging a game IN ITS ALPHA STAGE by its graphics.

    • Why don't you lose some weight and stop making worthless comments.

  • Filip

    Oh man, this makes me so sad i dont even know where to start. Ive been waiting for the 15th of june for sooo long just to get a peek of the new Zelda, and my reaction as i sit down and press play to watch the videos of the game are just …WTF IS going on! Please please please Nintendo do not, for the sake of god, turn the Zelda-series into som mushroomy, childish, gimmicky, ugly, bullshit-franschise. Those items and graphics play well on the DS but seriosely, is it too much to ask for decent graphics 2010!?

    And Fatcat, in case you havent noticed before, the graphics have never changed much in a zelda game from the first "look" to the finnished game.

    Man, im 23 years old and ive been a Zelda-fan all my life, but twilight might seriosely be where I stop.

  • pat


  • Ok Yong

    What's really pissing me off about all these comments is that people are judging by the trailer. Because honestly, it's just a trailer. It's not the actual game. You may rant and rage and flame if the game—and only the game; do not judge games by trailers—really is bad in content.

    It's not fair to compare this trailer to the TP trailer because the TP trailer created far to much hype. TP was a good game, but many were disappointed because it didn't live up to the hype the trailer started. The reason why Nintendo hasn't released a trailer until now is because they're afraid of this hype.

    If what they really are doing is avoiding hype, then OBVIOUSLY this trailer may disappoint people. They're trying to tone it down, keep all the good things tucked away and saved for the actual finished product. So it didn't make you say wow. So you didn't hyperventilate with amazement. It's just a trailer, and you should wait until the game to pass judgement.

    The graphics are just graphics. What you should be judging on is content, because what makes a game is really the content, after all. And who knows? The graphics may get better. Remember the trailer graphics for TP? Those graphics weren't quite the same as the finished product.

    But again, judge on content, and content may only be judged when it is released. If the content is good when it is released and you still cannot get over the graphics, then that is your own fault for being superficial.

  • sho-zee

    The official story from Nintendo round table
    Eiji Aonuma says:
    In this Zelda, Link is a little boy born into a land above the clouds called Skyloft. One day, he learns there is a land below the clouds ruled by evil forces. However, the revelation prompts a series of events which forces him to go to the land beneath the clouds.The reason he goes down is in the title–it's the Skyward Sword. The sword possesses intelligence, and will assume the semi-human form in the teaser poster shown last year. It's the "master sword."The Skyward Sword will become the Master Sword, apparently. The sky is also very important to the game, apparently. He said when you play the game, the cloud banks are "very impactful" and they wanted to make the art style highlight them.

  • Im just saying

    Im just saying my opinion. I think that people should stop whining about the "childish" approach. I mean seriously just because we have all grown up doesn't mean the younger kids should miss out. Its just like saying (in my opinion) 'ahh I've grown up now why isn't Postman Pat as mature?" Zelda games are still fun even if it has a cartoonish look. I reckon it looked impressive. Enjoy it because it is super mad and let everyone play instead of whining because you grew up. There are plenty of 'mature' games out there. I believe you are mature by accepting zelda how it is and how they want it.

  • Hálvðanarson

    I have an announcement to make:

    I have sent an email to Nintendo of America where I hoped to get through with som fan feedback. I wanted to put it shorlty out that the new Zelda game: Skyward Sword wasn't good enough and that the graphics and style they're using where out dated.

    And although some of you might consider this a little hasty, I found it important to let them know my concerns for the upcoming game, maybe push them a little to get the finishing product better than what we saw at the E3 show. We have waited 4 years for this game and only to be disappointed (so far).

    But, as you know, one mail from me won't help. If there are intelligent Zelda fans out there who are as disappointed or a little worried, that can write objective e-mails to Nintendo, then maybe they're willing to listen. Constructive feedback hasn't hurt anybody, and it might help them to get a direct link to the fans.

    • Hálvðanarson

      Here's the response I got;


      Thank you for your email about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rest assured that your comments about the products announced at this year's show will be documented and made available for other departments at the company to use as they see fit. It might interest you to know that feedback sent in by our consumers is often reviewed to assist with new development decisions.


      Mike Chandler
      Nintendo of America Inc.

      • What is the website you emailed. I would like to express my disappointment in not only the graphics, but the redundancy of the series as a whole

  • Archist

    You guys shouldn't complain. You actually shouldn't complain one bit. All we saw was 5 minutes of footage, and the game isn't all the way done with yet. No one really has the right to say this game will be bad or good.

    • Hálvðanarson

      It might be a good game, and I'm crossing my fingers and toes for that. But as fans of The Legend of Zelda, it's consumers, we have every right to be sceptical. The discussion has becomed a little political, it has to have an opposition in order to become democratic, so that things can change to the better, we can't always agree on everything.

      It isn't all totaly about the graphics, trust me I really enjoyed Wind Waker, but after TP one would expect the next game that is Skyward Sword to take advantage of the whole power of the Nintendo Wii. So you can't blame people to be disappointed or sceptical. Too me, what we have seen so far, I feel that the graphics are worse than Wind Waker.

      Actually, even after the two Super Mario Galaxy games, you would expect SS to become huge and I mean HUGE, but so far and it's still early it doesn't look good. But one thing that did cross my mind was that the graphics seemed to be better on Link and the enemies, the forest-ish world we saw looked abysmal in comparison, I'm hoping it changes to the better.

  • osca

    To those of you who seem to be perfectely pleased with what youve seen so far and cant understand why other people dislikes it.
    1. its not at all just based on a trailer!? Havent you watched the E3 demo gameplay yet? Looks just as bad as the trailer.
    2. No, its not ONLY about the graphics, but its very important. Twilight was made for Gamecube and the graphics were old alreday when it was released on the Wii. What made people love the graphics in that game was not the technical part, but the level of artistic design. skyward sword looks like a mix between a 7 year old and a 4 year old game (windwaker and twilight).
    i remember when i played "starfox adventures", 8 years ago and thought, man, one day ill play a zelda game with graphics like this! the funny thing is that it still didnt happen yet…

    And about the childish part….Its not cause im older….I still play Ocarina of time, Majoras mask, windwaker and twilight, and i still dont think their childish at all ( well, maybe windwaker, a bit…)

    A mix between content and graphics would be great.

    I guess ill never see Hyrule with water that reflects links face, dynamic lightning and shadows, grass and dirt that are actually not just flat textures.
    But hey, maybe in 5 years or something.

  • Rinku_fan_001

    awesome!! 😀

  • I definitely don't care for the graphics much… I am liking the plot so far, though.


    Apparently, the Skyward Sword… becomes the Master Sword. Also, Link's home in this game is on a floating continent, Skyloft. There's also a land beneath the clouds that Link later finds, which can be assumed to be Hyrule. The Skyward Sword is probably called that because it allows Link to travel between the skyworld and between Hyrule.

    This soooo gives me a City in the Sky vibe. I'm hoping that this game contains lots of references to other titles. But yeah, rumors of it taking place before Ocarina of Time are true, sense if this game covers the Master Sword's origins then it MUST take place a significant amount of time before OoT.

  • Levus

    Graphically, this game is a lot more appealing then Twilight Princess. TP was grim, brown and bloomy and just not that appealing. It was like Majora's Mask atmosphere done wrong.

    This, however, look gorgeous and creative albeit Nintendo isn't the first to come up with this art style (Okami had an artstyle akin to a painting).

    • Dallas

      yeah TP might have SLIGHTLY looked like that because it had OUT OF DATE GRAPHICS. you have to remember that TP was made only for Game cube, but was ported to wii, which is why the graphics still looked the same on both. now that this one is only for wii, TP style graphics should just be simply amazing.

  • Craziness

    You see that button on your keyboard that says "Caps Lock"? Yeah, turn it off. Anywho, I kinda like the graphics, it reminds me of a painting. The demo didn't show a whole lot surrounding the whole game in my opinion. I can't wait until more info comes out.
    And you seem to be going "over the top" yourself, Aleksander. Cool off.

  • DaNieL_07

    i hate the cel shaded graphics!! i really expected something more of the TP style damn! i don't see the point of trying to make it more cartoonish

  • ZeldaGurl_

    O.K. I'm going to say something that I watched the other day. It was on the Nintendo channel, which I'm sure a lot of ya'll look at. Well, they recently put all the E3 trailers from Nintendo up and I was watching them. They also put up the E3 clips "Iwata Asks", where Iwata asks questions about some things that were revealed at E3.

    Well, he interviewed Miyamoto and Aonuma about Skyward Sword and he asked them what made them name it Skyward Sword. And, their reason to naming it what it is, is because in Twilight Princess they had tried to get a sense of power from Link when he would raise his sword while riding Epona into battle.

    They stated that they hadn't really accomplished the true feeling of him doing so though, and that it was rather just a waste. So, in order to better achieve that effect and sense of power, they made the move to charge the sword upward, receiving power from the heavens. This truly brought a sense of power to the player, and it emphasized the point that they had tried to complete in Twilight Princess.

    So in a way, it all makes sense and I understand the meaning. But, I hope this helps (if anyone else hadn't already mentioned it). I think they've done a good job at surprising us all, and we know that everything is only going to get better. But lets all hope that we can keep the positive in mind when we actually get or hands on the game. And, the fact that they brought the best of both graphic worlds together really shows that they were listening to us in how the game should look.

    Although I am a little irked that we found out that it'll be til 2011 to come out, I only know that Nintendo does that, and that usually, the longer we wait, the better it'll get.

  • loool at this

    its just a game lol, if u dnt like a games for ppl 16 and below (if even that) then play something else lol, its look really awsome for ppl who like zelda games, u can never exspect a game to be gd enough for everyone. love zelda for zelda lol. the games just be annouced if u jugde a game on graphics alone u shouldnt be playing game, just go watch avatar over and over again, that has gd graphics

  • Zeldarules

    I was looking forward to a more photorealistic title, but when i saw the demo being played My jaw dropped, and i started squeeling like a little kid!

  • TheyCallMeTim

    Am i the only one who kinda was embarrassed for Miyamoto when he was trying to show us the "accurate" motion controls lol he made link look retarded when he was running with his sword high over his head lol

  • sarah

    Link Looks awfu…l in tp he looked really good ^ ^ to me what made me annoyed is link looks so awful. i thought he was meant to look older more mature! and his legs… i hope they change that. But they have a year to work on it. what ever the outcome i will be lining up the first day its out XD

  • Elijah

    I personally think it's going to be a great game. People are judging too early, they only showed the game play and graphics. They didn't tell about the plot yet so how can we tell a game by its cover (both literally and not literally). It may supprise us, I'm really excited about this game!

  • Criso

    I kind of dissappointed with the graphics, i´d rather the TP graphics. Besides that the gameplay looks great and the motion plus will make it much more fun

  • Wow…. I HATE IT HOW EVERYBODY IS FUCKING GETTING PISSED ABOUT THE GAME!!! If your a real zelda fan, you wouldn't be mad about the art style changing…. Also, its not even out yet and people are FUCKING SAYING THAT ITS GOING TO SUCK! HAVE YOU HATERS EVEN PLAYED THE GAME?!!? And seriously…when was the last zelda game bad?!?! All you haters should play the game before you judge it….All of you are going to probably buy the game anyway so SHUT THE FUCK UP HATERS!

  • Elmer Q

    Whom ever has played Ocarina of Time and loved it… Has no room to say this game is going to suck because of it's graphics. It's not that serious , as long as the storyline and gameplay are flawless they can go back to OoT graphics for all I care.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Yes, and Miyamoto and Aonuma stated in an interview that they were mainly thinking of putting the player into the game. They did mention that the graphics and story line are going to be perfected as time goes on, but know that the choice of graphics was put to best fit the style of gameplay, and the level of flexibility Link, as well as other characters, can have in the game without looking too absurd for the graphic level.

    The more I watch the trailer, the more I see where they're coming from and the more I like it. Although I was hoping for more Twilight Princess graphics, I'm glad that both Wind Waker graphics and Twilight Princess graphics were brought into one entity. I can't wait to see how everything goes as time passes and more clips and trailers are revealed!!

  • Dallas

    Fuck you! by mature, im pretty sure we mean TP style graphics. not bulshit WW graphics

  • Angry Nintendo Fan

    I just can't get over how dissapointed I am in this. Sure, the motion controls are amazing, but more cell-shaded graphics? I HATED those in WW and I'll hate them in this game too. I remember when I seen the trailer for TP. I was blown away and filled with exitment and was still bursting with exitment through the entire game. After seeing this trailer, I felt embarrased and angry and the opposite of blown away, probably because I knew Nintendo was gonna fuck it up again with the cell-shaded graphics. To be honest, I might just give up on Nintendo and cell all my Wii and DS shit and by PS3 and PSP.

  • Fucker

    fuck you

  • Dallas

    well, with all the money the probably make with all the gimmick shit, i dont think it would hurt them to satisfy hardcore fans just once

  • Dark Link

    Despite awful art (I dont like museum impresionis art whatever) the gameplay looks very very cool, because it will increase the challenge when fighting bosses

  • skyward sword

    MANY YAZZEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mehran

    ahhhh!!!!! c'mon! the only cool thing about zelda was that it was serious business!
    and yet again, a cartoonish zelda! can't anyone see the difference between the TP trailer and this piece of shit?! Screw motion plus! what's the point when the graphics are cel shaded-childish? the name isn't that bad…but the music, and the stupid graphics…this game really suck's! theres not even a horror scene in this like TP! all just fundamental and childish cel shaded graphics, Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask is a lot more better than this!
    this really disapointed me!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Another disappointment for r e a l gamers.
    Is that only my imagination or is it true, that nintendo became an only profit orientated wannabe sony, that doesn't care for the core of there customers – the passionated gamers. I was never this disappointed about nintendos team.
    It's a shame to make this game so colorful, that the CSD could march through the screen every moment. Zelda means not Kirbys Dreamland !!!!!!

  • I was really exciting about this Zelda, but after watching the trailer, I actually cancelled my pre-ordered copy. Here a couple of reasons for my decision

    1. Starting w/ the graphics. I constantly hear that Zelda has always been cartoony (look at Link to the Past people say) or that Wind Waker has "stood the test of time". Look I loved Zelda, but I'm not a blind loyalist. Generally, all NES or SNES games looked cartoony, so to say Zelda has always been cartoony is disingenuous. Even "adult" games from that era like Super Castlevania or Contra III I believe had that cartoon look. Saying that Wind Waker was a success is just a complete lie. Even after websites like IGN lavished that game w/ unnecessary praise, the sales numbers were disappointing compared to other Zelda. If you don't believe me, look it up on wikipedia guys. Why else do you think Twilight Princess was man in a completely contrary style? The decision to go back to cel-shading is a mistake, and has already pushed people away from the game. People are less inclined to play a kiddy-like cartoon game, I didn't really hear anyone say they weren't going to play Twilight Princess b/c it was too realistic. Simply put, this art style will lose you more buyers and fans than earn you fans or buyers.

    2. Now, I'm not an idiot, and obviously graphics aren't everything, so I 'm going to comment about the controls. I hated both TP and WW b/c the controls felt exactly the same to Ocarina. TP was better in the sense that it gave you those hidden skills or whatever, but you back-flipped, jumped side-to-side in the same manner as OoT. Looking at the trailer, and ignoring the interference, Link looked to once again back-flip, roll, etc in the SAME way as OoT. Really, a decade plus removed from that great game, and you can't give me something more? I've read people drool about Link being able to jump or some shit, but are you serious. How can anyone be happy about such a pathetic "evolution" of controls. I know people will say the wiimote will work to make combat "revolutionary"; i'm holding my breath personally. The "interference" that occurred at the trailer is something that exemplifies the problem w/ the wii. Everyone has had trouble w/ their controller suddenly losing signal. This will continue to happen. Also, the motion controls will make the game either impossible to play or ridiculously easy to play, like TP. And the fact you have to have wii motion plus to play the game; way to be a capitalists whore Nintendo.

    3. If you've read this far, I applaud you. My last point is just about nothing new in the game. Link was fighting in a forest. Haven't seen that the last 100x. Oh Link can roll bombs. Yay, I don't care. Same old bombs, I mean they even look the same as the last 3 or 4 games. Same old hookshot, bow and arrow, and slingshot (stupid ass weapon by the way). Am I expected to fall in love w/ a game that introduces one nice weapon (the whip) and one stupid looking device (that beetle thing)? How can I get excited if I've used all these weapons in the same fashion for over a decade, fighting in the same areas, against the same moblins or deku things? I've heard the story is supposed to be interesting, but I don't buy that either. I hate WW, but at least they tried to put a good story there, even I thought the execution was faulty. But TP's story was just awful. Now I hear that Link is from some cloud city? Okay, I can live w/ how weird that sounds, but I'm sure the creators have all but given up in giving fans any continuity to all the games. And that has frustrated me over the years.

    I don't think this game will be bad, b/c no Zelda game really is, but the game isn't an automatic purchase. It's grown into every other game; a game that needs to be rented prior to a purchase. Something unthinkable in the past for such a once great series.

  • Shut up.

  • Okay. Graphics and everything else aside…what's with this complete recycling of Zelda? Seriously. From what I've seen in the videos (which isn't much) There aren't really any new or novel boss conceps introduced…which is the CORE of Zelda battling…man, the first time I fought Majora in MM, my eyes nearly fell out of my head! I'd never seen a boss like him before…and probably won't again. 🙁 And to further that point, MM was the last game (chronologically) to me that was a serious challenge. I blazed through WW, and TP was decent, but not as much as OoT or MM. I think that the Zelda franchise needs to grow up with its fanbase….not keep catering to the "mario-age" crowd. I mean, that's what they have Mario for in the first place…

  • It's spelt Oocca, dude.

    Sheesh, what an arrogant douche…

  • zoyd

    All the beatiful malls at ROBLOX are amusing in ROBLOX

  • guest


  • zelda

    zelda is great

  • zelda

    my best zelda game is wind wake i love it

  • zelda246

    i love zelda

  • zelda246

    my best zelda game is wind waker its BOSS

  • zelda246

    wind waker it was the first zelda game i played

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  • Sig

    cel-shading *tut tut tut* another game i can't buy and play 🙁

  • Rob likes xbox

    I am a huge zelda fan, ever since I was 10(I am 22 now). I have played and beat every zelda game until ww I bought ww in release day played 5 min and had to throw it straight into the garbage. To tell you the truth I’m not to far off from just tossing skyward sword aswell. The games are just to childish. I remember having nightares from oot. It was playable for everyone but had enough of a dark side to keep older gamers happy. They must havedesided to just give up on making games for the fans and just make them for the teeny bopers who thought ww was a good game. If you think skyward sword or ww are good games you are not a true gamer. Ww came out years ago why should I pay $60 for an old design with poorly designed controls. I wont be buying skyward sword. It’s nothing more than the 3d movies they consentrate on the motion itself instead of the story. Our while society is just becoming dumber and dumber.