Epic Mickey has been known about for a little while – it was originally in development for XBOX 360 and PS3, but shifted focus to become a Wii title. Looks like Disney made the right decision; the game looks and plays fantastic. Epic Mickey, for those not in the know, is a hybrid platforming-style RPG that features an innovative painting mechanic. This mechanic was heavily demoed at Nintendo’s E3 press conference.

In essence, since the entire world is made up of cartoon drawings, anything can be erased or re-added using paint – the medium of creation. Using Paint and Paint Thinner, you can guide Mickey Mouse around the world of Epic Mickey, erasing and adding characters and environments as you see fit, all for the purpose of completing the game. This ends up being one of the most creative morality systems we’ve ever heard of; the game judges you based on how you defeat (or don’t defeat) enemies, erase (or don’t erase) locations and characters, etc.

Epic Mickey will be out this holiday season, and looks worth checking out once it’s available.

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