Zelda: bringing nerds and jocks together since 1987

By now you’ve certainly heard of 3D Dot Game Heroes, the PS3 exclusive action-adventure game created as an homage to the original The Legend of Zelda.

Well, they’ve taken it one step further: a parody of the infamous 1987 commercial for The Legend of Zelda. Everything from the structure of the rap, down to the “wiki wiki” in the middle and the “Your parents help you hook it up!” at the end.

Even as old as I am, I don’t remember that commercial from when it first aired (I do, however, remember this insane alternate commercial), so for those unfamiliar with the original that this parodies: it featured a “nerdy kid” inducting a (supposedly) “cool kid” into the glory that was The Legend of Zelda while a rap described the game as they played it. While the parody doesn’t include the two kids, the rap is blatantly winking at 1987 commercial.  Have a look at the original commercial here.

It would seem that Atlus fully embraces 3D Dot Game Heroes obvious links to Zelda, and is having some fun at their own expense in the process.