Zelda: bringing nerds and jocks together since 1987

By now you’ve certainly heard of 3D Dot Game Heroes, the PS3 exclusive action-adventure game created as an homage to the original The Legend of Zelda.

Well, they’ve taken it one step further: a parody of the infamous 1987 commercial for The Legend of Zelda. Everything from the structure of the rap, down to the “wiki wiki” in the middle and the “Your parents help you hook it up!” at the end.

Even as old as I am, I don’t remember that commercial from when it first aired (I do, however, remember this insane alternate commercial), so for those unfamiliar with the original that this parodies: it featured a “nerdy kid” inducting a (supposedly) “cool kid” into the glory that was The Legend of Zelda while a rap described the game as they played it. While the parody doesn’t include the two kids, the rap is blatantly winking at 1987 commercial.  Have a look at the original commercial here.

It would seem that Atlus fully embraces 3D Dot Game Heroes obvious links to Zelda, and is having some fun at their own expense in the process.

  • Linksoer

    RIP OFF!!!

    • Z-MAN7

      More like a throwback or tribute to the old days.

      Dammit this game needs to be on other systems!

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  • zeldaperson

    Oh, I can't wait to get this game! I think that Atlus is trying to make this game as close to a Zelda game as possible. I think they know that they will be criticized by fanboys for ripping off of Zelda, but maybe that's their goal. SInce Zelda is such a huge success, maybe they just want to create a game very similar to it so new age gamers can experience the same thing people did 20 some years ago.

    • hmm.

      If they are looking for the chance to experience a similar gameplay then why not just play the originals?

      • zeldaperson

        Not everyone has the means to play the original games. Not everyone has a NES or SNES, and even if they did, a lot of new gamers are turned off by dated graphics.

        • víctor zeppelin

          If they don't like the old graphics, that's their problem. And there's a bigger problem too: the Zelda experience is simply irreplaceable.

  • Gena is MAD

    Omg, have you checked out the official website for that game? *rage* Who the heck would wanna play that game anyway?, Everythings too… blocky.

  • Guest

    LINK!!! 0:17

    • Gena

      Holy FFFFF! >.>

  • ChainofTermina

    I can't see the original commercials. I think you did that once before, when you had a link and it just made a black box appear and it was just blank black it didn't do anything. thats what i'm seeing now, just a black box that doesn't do anything. make a real link that goes all the way to youtube or something

    • ChainofTermina

      oh, okay, it's working now………..je-jesus, holy……WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!?

      • Thareous33

        Relax, Chain; nobody's going to reprimand you for not being able to see something on a screen. They have had the same problems, I guarantee you.

  • Feri-san

    These 3D Dot guys really can't think up their own shit, can they? They need to rip everything off Zelda? This "homage" thing is smelling like bullshit now.

  • sdgdg

    If they wanted a homage to Zelda, they would have put it on Wiiware. You know, where 95% of Zelda fans will be able to get it. It is on the PS3, away from the Zelda fanbase. Rip-off

    • zeldaperson

      Maybe their aiming at non-Zelda fans. Besides, the game just doesn't rip off of Zelda, there are also Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest elements in it too.

    • Shaelyn

      maybe they had issues with Nintendo in doing so and went with the console they could put it on? or maybe the game is too big to put on Wiiware?

      they pulled from more games than just Zelda, anyway.

  • LoZyMugglegater

    They shouldn't have put this on the PS3,I don't have one and I have no desire to have one except for the Medal Gear Solid series.Which isn't near enough to make me actually get one.never-the-less, it looks like a fun game.

  • bgschoolcraft

    Picture of link made of blocks at 0:18 seconds.

  • Shaelyn

    good lord, you guys are scathing. I don't think they're ripping off Zelda so much as paying homage to many oldschool RPGs. I won't know it til I play it, though.

  • Thareous33

    What does that mean when they said exclusively for PS3? Is it only going to be for that platform, like the other Zelda homages are with their respective stations? A huge pity. I would consider getting something like this, something so fresh, so new, except for the prospect that it takes place after LoZ.

  • cukeman

    love the graphics and music, but the swords looks to be so big it'll be too easy

    • cukeman

      if Nintendo had been on the ball – they'd have done something like this already -ripoff? no way. simply overdue gaming

  • LuX

    HAHA Omg Cant ait se what the next 3D dot game heroes is going to be….Well I assume from the title there wil be more 'heroeS'

    Oh and @ 0:18 There is part of Links original sprite!

  • Ripply

    As the nerdy kid said; INTENSE.

  • LizMara

    LOL Not a rip off, but an obvious parody in my opinion.

    • Linksoer

      Then would you say the PS move is a parody or homage to the wiimote?
      I think not. I know what a homage to a game is but this is a ripoff

  • Shaelyn

    there's more:

    • Shaelyn

      …and this one also has a strong windwaker feel:

  • Vic George

    Why should only Nintendo system owners have all the fun of having a Zelda-type adventure game to play?