You got a trophy!

According to a Guinness World Records readers vote in which over 13,000 votes were cast, Zelda finishes third in the category of “favorite videogame series.”

This list currently featured in the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition and credits Zelda “for providing players of all skill levels addictive and immersive gameplay, while also featuring one of gaming’s most recognizable heroes–Link.”

First place went to Halo, the “Best-Selling First-Person Shooter (FPS) Ever” while second place was snagged by by Call of Duty, noted for being “the most successful entertainment launch of all-time – boasts beautifully balanced gameplay with jaw-dropping set pieces and extensive multiplayer options.”

Voting this time around was done differently than usual. In their previous edition, Guinness World Records polled developers and journalists. This time, however, they felt they would ask “a different kind of expert: the players themselves!” They say they feel that this list better accurately represents the tastes of the average gamer and not just the critics.

Link may rank first here at Zelda Universe, but it’s still nice to know he ranks so highly in the gaming world at large.

The full top 50 list can be read at the gaming section of the Guinness World Records site.

Source: Guinness World Records
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  • Rew

    CoD I can kind of understand, but Halo? Halo should certainly be in the top 5, but not #1, IMO. I'm also amazed at no Mario representation.

    I believe the top 3 should've been Mario, Zelda, CoD.

    Side note: If this list had been compiled 3-5 years ago, GTA would've been #1 or at least in the top 3. =P

  • Teengamer

    Screw Halo and COD! GO Legend of Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ChainofTermina

    COD is evil. it just is. It's boring, it's pointless, its serves no reason for existing other than to give macho, meatheaded 7th graders jacked up on Testosterone a jolly. it has no strategy involved, no real story, no nothing other than EXTREME GUNS GUNS DEATH DESTROY GUNS KILL GUNS GUNS GUNS yadda yadda yadda i've said it all before.

    Halo seems to have an actual story but it's still boring because no one seems to care about it. All any body gives a crap about is the Goddamn Online Multiplayer. Thats the ONLY reason why COD and Halo are popular, the online Multiplayer. which is stupid. I hate Multiplayer. it's boring and uninteresting.

    • EDracon

      I agree with all you said except the multiplayer part. Ever play a game that is only multiplayer, as it has no singleplayer (Team Fortress 2), they can be very good… as long as you are playing with a good set of people, and not ragers.

      • ChainofTermina

        oh, well, yeah working WITH someone to play the game is okay, I just meant the Halo/COD kind of multiplayer, which is nothing but I WANNA KILL YOU I WILL KILL YOU EXTREME KILL YOU YOU DEAD I KILLED YOU HAHAHAHA I KILLED YOU YOU DEAD NOW I"M BETTER HAHAHAHA IM BETTER CAUSE I KILLED YOU EXTREME YOUR DEAD NOW HAHAHAHAHA EXTREME. I know the option to work with other people is available, but I highly doubt anyone ever does, judging by the type of people who play COD.

  • TheMaverickk

    I just think that the top three says buckets about gamers today.

    The fact the top two were FPS games says a lot about what current gamers believe to be the best video game franchises. It's a little sad to think that it's not even as if more then two genres are represented. People laugh and say it's not true that FPS titles are by and large the most popular game genre. This just proves it…

    Personally it's not that I don't enjoy FPS games, but to me they lack a LOT of substance. Most follow the same premise anyhow. You are some super soldier with great abilities and so on. It's your job to save the world from said corrupt government or aliens.

    I mean all genres have their stereotypes sure, but FPS in a lot of cases are more generic then others. I can't wait till people get over the FPS genre… then we don't have to deal with people who are like "all great games need online, multiplayer, DLC, action, guns, blah blah blah". It's sad to see great games like Tetris be considered "casual"… despite the fact most people who play FPS titles probably couldn't get past say level 30 of any puzzle game out there. They don't have the patience for something that doesn't have loud explosions.

    • EDracon

      what about FPS PUZZLES! 😀
      yes… you know what games I'm talking about. Portal, and to a lesser extent the Half-Life series.

      • TheMaverickk

        Yeah it's one of the best and most original FPS games to date. Sad thing is despite how great it is, it still doesn't enjoy the same fame as the Half-Life series or other large FPS series like Halo, Call of Duty, and others.

        It's just sad to think that Halo is apparently the greatest video game franchise ever. Considering it's a franchise which has only been around for the last 9 years, it really reflects how old some of us have gotten. I mean lets face it the older game franchises, the ones up from the get go of the video game industry are back burners these days.

        It's actually amazing that Zelda was in the top 3… surprised it wasn't God of War in the 3rd slot. Nintendo must have done something right at least with Zelda to make it still as relevant today as it was over 20 years ago.

  • Keith

    Not seeing the top 50 on that site anywhere. >_>

    • Morpheel

      Here it is if you haven't seen it.
      1. Halo
      2. Call of Duty
      3. The Legend of Zelda
      4. Guitar Hero
      5. Metal Gear
      6. Super Mario Bros.
      7. World of Warcraft
      8. Gears of War
      9. Super Smash Bros.
      10. Grand Theft Auto
      11. Pokemon
      12. Resident Evil
      13. Fallout
      14. Half-Life
      15. Sonic the Hedgehog
      16. Counter-Strike
      17. Runescape
      18. FIFA
      19. Kingdom Hearts
      20. Final Fantasy
      21. Pac-Man
      22. Madden NFL
      23. The Sims
      24. Tomb Raider
      25. WWE Smackdown vs. RAW
      26. Rock Band
      27. LittleBigPlanet
      28. Saints Row
      29. The Elder Scrolls
      30. God of War
      31. GoldenEye 007
      32. BioShock
      33. KillZone
      34. Skate
      35. Left 4 Dead
      36. Need for Speed
      37. Chrono Trigger
      38. Gran Turismo
      39. StarCraft
      40. Ratchet & Clank
      41. Pong
      42. Tom Clancy's
      43. Star Wars: Battlefront
      44. Battlefield
      45. Diablo
      46. Lego Batman
      47. Mario Kart
      48. Burnout
      49. Crash Bandicoot
      50. Pro Evolution Soccer

  • Shrub

    Zelda is third? FPS games are first and second?! NO. WAY.

    What were they basing this on anyway, actual game quality or sales? If sales then duh they win, Americans and most “hardcore” (I DETEST the term) gamers are stupid when it comes to good games. But I hope people didn’t vote based on sales. Legend of Zelda is a pure quality series that is awesome beyond description and has a ton of depth, lastability (is that a word?), and meaning. Whoever here talked about the 7th graders and the testosterone with the mainstream FPS’s was completely correct.

    And did I mention that LoZ doesn’t just slap on a few new guns/multiplayer options, throw in a single-digit-number-of-hours “campaign,” call it new game, then reproduce these like bunnies? Yes, with almost EVERY new Zelda title, we get an entire world/region/kingdom established (including races, geography, and tons of backstory on everything), and not only that, but, at least with the console games, we get a well over 30 hour long main story (which by the way is always very good and well-thought out), with a seemingly endless amount side quests, places to explore, and things to do. If this wasn’t enough for the story, the best part is that Hyrule has an over-arching history that has been written over these years with the Zeld games – they connect to each other (however vaguely, at least the solid six ;p)

    Granted, Halo has a good amount of story/backstory.

    Oh, and then there’s music! Every Zelda game usually has at least a few songs that are simply brilliant, and this of course adds up to a whole lotta songs. But every other song is always fitting and well placed. Also, there are series-staple songs, most often used to denote special meaning or connection (to other games) at the places they play. It is truly too hard to speak accurately of how great the music in Zelda is. This sounds like pure opinion (which most of this post is), but there’s one part that’s not – how the music is used. There is no denying the creativity and wonderful placement of much of the music and mixes, and this shows particularly in boss music. Listen close to some, you’ll be amazed at what tunes you know might have subtly been implemented for special reasons, and this goes for non-boss music as well.

    Not to mention that the series theme is simply one of the most epic songs ever. Granted, Halo has some really good tracks, it just lacks the quantity and plot-meaningful placement of LoZ music. But CoD? lol

    I am a crazed Zelda fanboy; my opinions are ultimate truth and those who disagree MUST DIE 8D

    CDi reference there :p

    • X x7

      I dont wanna die…

      but i do agree


    no way, like really. nobody will care about COD or Halo in 10 years… but where will Zelda be? It will still be the greatest video game series of all time. FPS come and go… but Zelda will be with us FOREVER

    • sugar

      "I'm really happy for ya Halo, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Zelda is the greatest video game series of all time. OF ALL TIME."

      • Shaelyn

        oh LOL!!!!

  • Rew

    CoD I can kind of understand, but Halo? Halo should certainly be in the top 5, but not #1, IMO. I'm also amazed at no Mario representation.

    I believe the top 3 should've been Mario, Zelda, CoD.

    Side note: If this list had been compiled 3-5 years ago, GTA would've been #1 or at least in the top 3. =P

  • Thareous33

    I agree with Rew; Mario should be listed above either Cod(fish) and the "circle of light" games| Above Zelda? Haha, never. The only Zelda game I was less enthusiastic about than Mario was, in truth, Wind Waker. Playing it one time through is awesome; twice is pretty cool, especially since Link is in his PJs the whole game. But three? Sorry, there is no luck in this instance of that number. My reason for thinking this? A friend once told me that when you get to the third section you could automatically play all the songs after retrieving the Wind Waker. I'm not dissing him…it's just that he can be a little misinformed at times.

    Zelda Forever!

  • Shrub

    @X x7

    Ahaha, I was just joking of course. Making a reference to the CDi Zelda games. Killing would be “illegal, you know” ;D

    MMMkay, I need to stop with the CDi references now D:

    Anyway, I forgot to mention something earlier, while ranting about short-lived “campaigns.” It seems that most modern gaming (at least mainstream) has turned to multiplayer as its main focus. It’s as if they see that the only chance their games are going to have any longivity whatsoever, they must have a full-fledged multiplayer. So it seems stories and care for the overall game declines greatly as a result of it. Multiplayer, while it can be fun, when it is used like this is a desperate and pathetic attempt to establish longivity, I think. And then they get away with it because most people who play them could really care less about story or overall quality.

    I mean, look at reviews. A review for a game like this with say a 6 hour long main mode won’t say a thing about the short, side-feel of it. Why is that? Because they know the game was made for the multiplayer and really nothing else. You say, “well, stories and music and all that really don’t fit or need to be in a game like this anyway.” I say ohohoho, you say that ONLY because games like CoD have defined the genre to be that way, when it has so much potential for greater things.

    Ah, whatever. Let them have their fun. I’m not so much against multiplayer games without a lot of story. For instance, I thouroughly enjoy Brawl (*cough*it has great music*cough*). My ranting stems mostly from my hate of mainstream FPS games. I can be rather opinionated, if you hadn’t noticed ;o

  • EDracon

    Why are so many people here against FPSs? well… COD sucks…. Halo turned into a multiplayer hype machine…. and Zelda, Mario, ICO (why isn't it on the list), and Half-Life ultimatley should be higher…

  • Michael

    Ew CoD?

    I find Halo and Zelda to be extremely satisfying games so I'm happy they're up there.

  • Death Killington

    That's retarded, asking the "players themselves". Everybody knows that most of these "hardcore gamers" are just a bunch of fucking dipshits who think that something like Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 3 are shitty games because you aren't in first-person and the graphics aren't amazing.

    I'm not saying LOZ is the best series ever, I disagree, but I do believe that they should have at least polled gamers with enough of a brain to realize that COD and Halo are far from the best video game series of all time.

    • Thareous33

      Yeah, and just think that they must be slandering this franchise at their little site forums. LOL! =P

  • Turtlez

    This is completely bias.

    • The 10th Rider

      It's done based on a poll of about 13,000 people, naturally those people are going to be under 16 and from North America. So yes, it is biased.

  • X x7

    Zelda deserves to be 1

  • Matt17

    I hate halo AND call of duty. I think call of duty is better than Halo.
    theres too many ppl that like call of duty, those are the ppl who hate zelda.
    all they do is overuse the online feature of call of duty, never play the campaign

  • Shaelyn

    this just goes to show that Link really should be Nintendo's mascot – not Mario.
    …of course, I'm just saying that because I want more crap with Link plastered all over it, and I can only find Mario stuff unless there's a new Zelda game out (and sometimes not even then…)
    Seriously Nintendo, take a hint…

  • Jonathan

    I think Halo's a cool guy. He kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything. In all seriousness, while I do agree that's it's more accurate to ask the players themselves, chances are you are going to get games that are currently in. Alot of people who think Halo is innovative probably hasn't played Goldeneye or Perfect Dark, and people who like CoD probably haven't played the original Call of Duty games, so really a lot of these polled I can conclude don't know any better.

  • Eric Crepeau

    Dude, have you guys looked at this list? If it's the same one from Zelda Informer, it has Runescape on it. Runescape!!! And LEGO Batman! As "franchises!" It is truly one of the worst lists of all time.

  • frank


    <furious>BUNGIE MUST DIE!!!!!!</furious>

    <furious>MICROSOFT MUST DIE!!!!!!</furious>

  • frank

    ok ok i've finally coolled down a bit….

    It's not the fact that Zelda is 3th place, its the fact it lost to such games as COD and Halo. Infact COD = HALO. If you've seen 1 FPS you've seen them all.

    I would gladly make room for games as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Mario, hell even Sonic the hedgehog….

    But COD and Halo

    (*shakes head*)

    gamers what became of us….

    • EDracon

      I disagree with the "you see 1 FPS you've seen them all" you must have never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Half-Life (doesn't matter which one), Portal, or a few others which slip my mind.

    • EDracon

      I disagree with the "you see 1 FPS you've seen them all" you must have never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Half-Life (doesn't matter which one), Portal, or a few others which slip my mind.

  • linkisourhero776

    OORR they could give Zelda Wii a epic multiplayer while retaining the cassic Zelda feeling and there will be no problem.

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  • Dwane

    Third not to shabby eh Link?

  • Mura

    Such a shame that online multiplayer can overshadow quality gaming.

  • Aeolus

    eh, if you really think about it, and only count games that actually should… count… so high (not Halo and CoD…) Then Zelda is the favorite! If the list were shaved down to just the series' with substance, thought, imagination and all that, Zelda comes out on top! pretty nice…

    • EDracon

      you mean like this?

      1. The Legend of Zelda
      2. Guitar Hero
      3. Metal Gear
      4. Super Mario Bros.
      5. World of Warcraft
      6. Grand Theft Auto
      7. Pokemon
      8. Resident Evil
      9. Fallout
      10. Half-Life
      11. Sonic the Hedgehog
      12. Final Fantasy
      13. The Sims
      14. Tomb Raider
      15. Rock Band
      16. The Elder Scrolls
      17. God of War
      18. GoldenEye 007
      19. BioShock
      20. Left 4 Dead
      21. Need for Speed
      22. Chrono Trigger
      23. Gran Turismo
      24. StarCraft
      25. Ratchet & Clank
      26. Tom Clancy's
      27. Star Wars
      28. Battlefield
      29. Diablo
      30. Burnout
      31. Crash Bandicoot

      Arcade games that had no actuall sequels to call them a "series", games with no substanance, and repeats, have been removed. also "popularity contest" games in-which the actual game is ignored (COD/Halo) have been removed. Counter-strike is part of Half-Life, so it is removed, Smash Bros and Mario Kart are part of the Mario series.
      Sports games don't really count as a series as no new game is ever a sequel, just a remake. L4D remains due to the well defined story told through the enviroment, also, great characters.

  • Jeremy

    What do you know, Zelda fanboys jump on the hate FPX?Halo-CoD bandwaggon. Wheeee

  • alex23

    i think halo is a bad ass game and all, lso call of duty but zelda is wat better all they need to do with this new zelda gme is just put bad ass gameplay and fix up the graphics a bit, oh and also take all the retarted shit out like the mail man from loz tp…