Hola, folks! It’s your resident webmaster Jason here once again, with site updates and information for you. I said a while back that I’d be investigating several issues around the site, so please read more to find out what’s been updated, what’s been fixed, and what you can expect to see in the future on the main site.

Scrolling Game Menu – revamped!

I’ve completely redone the game selection menu at the top of the layout. It runs on an entirely different engine now. It’s fancier, meaner, and leaner than before – and it scrolls the right distance every time. The animations should be nice and smooth, and for once every icon should light up when you move your mouse over it.

In the future, I will use this engine to add quick information tooltips to each menu item, so that people less familiar with the Zelda game abbreviations will be able to see the full title of the game, box art, release dates, and some other pertinent information just by hovering over the respective icon. That, of course, will also be in nice, fancy javascript.

Widgets.php error – fixed!

After nearly a year (this began last October) the infamous widgets.php fatal error has been nuked. The cause, for the nerdy among you, was a faulty caching script that we didn’t even know we were using – and obviously didn’t want to use, either. The “object cache” that had been enabled was known to cause the widgets.php error after a WordPress upgrade, because it leaves stale information inside the databases.

We’ve both disabled and deleted the caching script, so the error is gone entirely. No more server restarts, ever!

Temple layout – spruced up!

In addition to my previous changes to the main site’s skin (The Temple), I’ve now fixed up a few other miscellaneous parts, and will continue to run around and improve the layout as time goes by. I’ve changed the way many things around the site work (like the game selection menu) to load faster, use less space, and produce higher quality visuals. The header, in particular, should now be pixel-perfect in all browsers. IE6, of course, was not supported in these changes – the site may or may not still look alright in IE6.

My next task will most likely focus on tags, post navigation (viewing previous and next pages of posts), post pagination (viewing individual pages of a specific post), and search result styling (making searches prettier and more functional). By the end of this ecapade, you’ll see several minor interface changes that will hopefully make navigating the site easier and more fun for everybody!

So that’s everything recent in a nutshell – I hope you’ll enjoy the forthcoming uptime as much as I will 😛

  • The arrows of the scroll bar is not in the place it should be in Google Chrome…
    Any chance this can be fixed, as I can't scroll it right now…

  • As I said in the post, I'm aware of the issue. The menu still scrolls, the arrows are just slightly off-center. I'm going to try a few things to remedy it. It shouldn't be a big deal to fix, I believe.

  • Business Shrub

    What are the chances? I was also just working on site design, although my site isn't that advanced, but it's still a coincident. ZU is my favorite Zelda source!

  • Alright, everything works in Safari and Chrome now!

  • Rob

    The page doesn't render correctly on my browser (firefox 3.5.1).

    By the way, the site has always been sluggish after the revamp. Maybe, that's the next thing you should look into. The site is slow, and has a couple of glitches, at least that's my experience. The site looks beautiful, in fact it's the best looking site I've ever seen, but beauty comes at a price.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I'm sure it'll work out someday.

  • Lules

    That's wonderful, great job! The game menu really looks cooler. The only wrong thing now (that I noticed) is the Sheikah/Triforce symbol on the right.

    • That's not a Sheikah/Trifroce symbol that's the *get's muffled by various Zelda webmasters/site owners*

      What's wrong with it?

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  • Solaira

    the only problem I have is that it takes forever and a day to load everything up… I am using the most current safari, and it sometimes spazzes up to the top when I'm typing a comment