There are many ways to challenge yourself in a Zelda game – the three hearts challenge, always wearing iron boots, using the worst swords, and so on, and I’m sure we’ve all tried at least one of them, done it, and considered ourselves masters of Zelda.

But those are just minor challenges, not even worthy of consideration next to the big one: completing a Zelda blindfolded. Or, in this case, just blind. Which is why I was utterly astounded to find out about Jordan, born blind, and yet still managing to complete Ocarina of Time.

“My name is Jordan and I have been blind since birth. I have always been a fan of Ocarina of Time, and here I will show videos of me playing through it (and other games such as Castlevania, pokemon and possibly other Zelda’s) to the best of my abilities. To navigate on my Computer I use a program called JAWS. It reads the words to me and allows me to navigate my pc with ease…To type I’ve memorized the keys. Just so you know, I have done all of these bosses MANY times.”

And for those of you who want to help, he’s looking for directions to some of the later parts of Ocarina of Time. If you think you know the game like the back of your hand, why not have a look?

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