The Zeldathon challenge has begun – OoT, MM, WW and TP, the four 3d Zelda games, are being completed in 30 hours.

Update: It’s over but they didn’t quite make it.

  • This is oddly fascinating to watch

  • Anna

    It is, lol. They're fast. I totally caught that "Oh god the phone is ringing, oh god" "Does it concern women?" moment, lol.

    But an earlier moment with "Link's" acronym name was a bad choice.

  • cysero

    what was the order of the games being played? is it OoT, MM, WW to TP
    or what is the order its on oot now and im just curious

  • apexman13

    wow good luck thats all i can say!

  • AverageJoey543

    twilight princess will probably cause the most trouble, cause its long

    • apexman13

      i agree

  • Tingle

    sorry to be a pessimist, but this is an impossible feat!

    my guess is you'd need at least 50 hours to do this. TP will take at least 15 hours alone.

    • Anna

      lol, Hi Tingle xD

      Nah, TP is fairly easy. WW is longer because of all the traveling.

  • Nessa

    Good luck. I want to try that now lol.

  • nightshade

    This so interesting I can't stop watching it!

  • a cat falls down a window super funny. Oh and this is awsomme

  • Tanuki

    I agree. The traveling aspect of WW was very tedious and there's real real way to speed it up until you get the hurricane transport thing..

  • Twilight Princess can be beat in about 7 hours. WW will be a bitch though. Ha, major props to you guys for doing this. Listening to the background is entertainment in itself, especially while ordering food earlier today haha.

    Good luck.

  • one down, 3 more hahahaa

  • yessss I love Deku Palace music.

  • AverageJoey543

    I dont think windwaker will be that bad, its only 5 and a 1/2 dungeons and some triforce chart searching, the sailing isn't all that bad, it just seems long cause its so uneventful.
    That being said the cutscene at the start of windwaker is at least 4 hours long…

    • lol so true about cutscene

  • nathan

    wow that was wierd they just started the snowhead temple then all the sudden they were getting the zora mask hmmm??? cheaters! jk

  • Felix the Cat

    10 more hours to go to beat WW and TP.

    Ohh myyy.

    The Aliens on the ranch was so..intense o_o

    • Anna

      How did it go? :0

      • Felix the Cat

        The got 'em!

  • minishcap

    Will there be away to watch this again when its over? I mean not watching it live but afther.

    • nightshade

      Maybe you can on Youtube.

  • vfd

    whyd it go off air ?????

  • ben

    poor kids cant even beat majora 🙁

    • But without Fierce Diety, she's hard to beat. D:

      • ben

        not really i beat her with just my zoras mask. they took too much time trying to bounce her lazer into the other masks and her, its really quite sad that they couldnt beat her espesially with all those fairys. so maybe they can pull it together in TP now.

        • Well for me and a lot of other people, Majora is hard to beat with out the Fierce Diety mask. I'm sure I could beat Majora with out the mask, but I'd have to fight Majora several times before I figured out the best strategy to slap her until I see the ending credits. XDDD

  • nightshade

    In my opinion I don't think they will make it since their wasting so much time in Majora's Mask.

  • Stephen

    my name is stephen nd i believe that u guys r nvr going 2 make it i cant believe i donated $100!

    • Cody

      Why are you regretting money going towards a memorial fund? :/

  • Omar

    I believe that it is impossible, but anything can be achieved with determination and hard work!

  • Hydra

    They… took a long time with Majora. O_O How many times can one try doing that with 3 hearts and no fairies and fail each time?

  • ZFG

    These zelda marathons always depress me. Its always obvious they could have used much more practice and should have researched the fastest strategies for routes and bosses. The speed gamers last zelda marathon was the closest to "good" I've seen so far.

    • AverageJoey543

      there doing a marathon not a speedrun, they are clearly not sequence breaking speedruners, their just trying to raise money.

  • silverlink68

    Well, since they're doing it as a memorial for their friend, I would expect they care more about honoring him than doing it in under 30 hours.

  • Noah

    i like it i think they might make it they did have trouble on the final boss of mm

  • Ozzy


  • Business Shrub

    11 hours and 22 minutes left, they have just arrived to the Wind Temple in WW, I think they will be able to do it with time to spare. Unfortunatelly I havn't played TP yet, so I can't watch the rest. Some time next year I'm going to have 2 major Zeldas I havn't played.

  • Business Shrub

    8 hours and 12 minutes left, and they just started TP, according to what people say that should be a piece of cake. I wont be watching anymore.

  • Noah

    i never seen the end of tp

  • Sam

    5 hours and they're only in the second temple (assuming I remember TP right)? I'm doubtful. Good luck to them, though 😀

  • Glaceon

    That's the third temple now, if this person doesn't mess around too much, then he should make it in time. TP isn't too long if you don't stop for every upgrade really.

  • ben

    4 hours left and they haven't even beaten the water temple!

  • Dabydine

    wow it amazes me how stupid these guys are! they have wasted so much time it makes me sick! i cant even watch them anymore!!

  • apexman13

    now all i can say is, good luck beating the arbiter grounds,temple of time,snow mansion,twilight realm, and hyrule castle. in 3 hours………

  • Planders

    I don't think you really can make it, you have 5 dungeons left..

  • Anna

    Go go go go go go go :0

  • Lance

    Not gonna make it. 2 1/2 hours left and half of TP left? not gonna happen…

  • Sam

    Oh dear. They're pretty badly behind schedule as well. They gave it a pretty decent shot, I suppose.

  • nightshade

    Well that's to bad that they didn't make it. Next time I would add more hours.

  • AverageJoey543

    cant be arsed to watch the end so I'll just say good job guys now and go to sleep…

  • Noah

    no they lost darn darn darn i wanted to see them yell whoo whoooo whho yeah yea h wat now and all

  • gvan11ian

    they should retry but instead of 30 hours maybe a little more like 42? 😛 or less…still they did a awesome job

  • silverlink68

    They finished it in a little over 32. Multiple deaths to Majora set them back almost an hour so 30 wasn't incredibly far off.