I was contacted by Joe Rovang, a Zelda fan who – surprisingly – had only recently picked up The Wind Waker. To help himself remember where certain objects and places were within the expanse of the Great Sea, he had created an incredible high-resolution map. When I saw it, I knew precisely what had to be done.

Zelda Universe’s Wind Waker maps have long been in need of a touch-up, and I’m happy to say that Joe’s map is exactly what ZU’s Wind Waker section needed. Please have a look at the map, which I’ve dubbed the Ultimate Sea Chart, by clicking here. And thanks, Joe, for making it!

As a result of this map, I’ve also gotten rid of ZU’s old maps. For those of you who are nostalgic about them, I deeply apologize… but their time had come. They’re still lingering around the server, though, just in case. The following pages in The Wind Waker section of ZU have had their maps deleted and replaced with a note to look at the new Ultimate Sea Chart:

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