It’s time for a new poll, so we polled the members of our Facebook page, and several suggested that we should have a poll on what our next poll should be. That’s right, our poll has resulted in a poll about what we should poll about. Hit the jump for the results of our previous poll about the mysterious Zelda Wii poster.


Previous Poll: Who is the mysterious girl in the Zelda Wii poster?

1st (855 Votes) The Master Sword
(573 Votes): Nintendo is going to go with something completely unexpected
3rd (238 Votes): Both the Master Sword and Queen of Fairies
4th (190 Votes): The Queen of Fairies
5th (122 Votes): Other
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  • Reed

    FIRST! And, I didn't know ZU has a FB.

  • Business Shrub

    Congrats to first! I didn't know you had facebook either, can I become a fan? I'm going to vote FOR:
    "Should Japan port the next Tingle game to America?"
    It's a really usefull question! Personally I don't live in America, but it's a great country, but however I gather that Tingle isn't very popular in America, why is that so? Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Rupee Land, yeah! We need more Tingle games in America.
    Tingle is cool
    Tingle rules
    The women drooles!
    I'm also looking forward for the new Zelda for Wii, I think it's the Master Sword somehow btw. I've been "saving" TP all these years, my plan is to be able to play two Zelda right after each other, hope Zelda Wii will be a sequel, just like MM after OoT or something!