Nintendo and Taito are together working on a real-time RPG for the Wii.

There, do I have your attention? Good.

Takt of Magic is, as stated before, an RPG for the Wii with a real time battle and exploration system. It features easy to use controls such as simply pointing the Wii remote and pressing A.

Combat in this game works much like any other RPG; you and the rest of the party travel together, run into a baddie, and fight it out. You will lay traps, cast spells, and dodge enemy attacks by simply pointing and clicking the Wii remote.

Each character’s current status is marked by, painfully, a smiley or frowney face floating above their head. Still, at least it makes it easy to see who needs healing and you don’t have to squint at tiny status bars at the bottom of the screen.

Their are apparently over 100 magic spells in the game, activated by opening your magic interface and drawing simple shapes. Examples so far include a zigzag shape to create a wall of earth to be used as a shield.

Takt of Magic is to be released May 21 in Japan, no word yet on a US release date.

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