Hey guys, Unknown Hero here with some gaming news. First off, the Nintendo Wii, which 50 million of you now have, has reached it’s 50 millionth milestone. It’s truly amazing to see how fast it reached such an achieving milestone. In other news, we got to keep you people in Australia happy, so we found that Club Nintendo opens in Australia.

The Nintendo Wii news is pretty self explanatory, so I’ll expand more club Nintendo opening in Australia.

Club Nintendo has finally launched in Australia, offering a hybrid version of the older European Stars Catalogue and the US/Japan Club Nintendo models. Like the new US Club, the Australian site offers exclusive goods in exchange for points earned by purchasing games; however, the store uses the same Stars Catalogue nomenclature used for Europe’s offerings.

The new Catalogue currently has five items available, but that list of five includes the Game & Watch Collection and one item we that  US doesn’t has: the Mario face towels. They cost 1300 Stars, 250 of which you can get for signing up.

Source:  Zentendo: http://zentendo.com/news.php?newsId=2035

In short, Austrailians can  now get exclusive gods with Stars, which include the Mario face Towel. 😛