Yes, there is another group that will be playing Zelda for a charity. The group is called The Returners, and they are going to attempt to play all thirteen Zelda games in under 72 hours and will be streaming it live. The charity they are raising money for is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

About a week before the marathon, they will open up donation so that people can either go to the website to click on a direct link to the charity or by using a Chipln widget that directly donates to the charity. The donation window will be open during the marathon till about a week after the marathon.

This marathon will take place at 5:00pm CST on March 20th to 5:00pm CST March 23rd. During the marathon they will be interactive with the viewers and answering questions as well as doing various skits live online while they take donations. They hope to give out prizes to their top donors, but they are currently  unsure if they will be able to do so.

They hope to reach their $5,ooo goal with our support.

More information about this can be found at their website.