Well, Nintendo really went “above and beyond” for a guy named John. John had a Wii that just wasn’t working properly and as you’ll soon see, Nintendo isn’t all about sales and making money 24/7 but rather that they still care about their customers.

“I’ve had a Wii for 2 years now and had my first problem with it about a month ago. When playing a game, specifically Resident Evil 4, green digital artifacts would show on the screen. It was also happening with Guitar Hero World Tour. I [went] to the Nintendo website, looked up my serial number, and was informed that it was out of warranty (which I expected) and I would have to pay $75 for it to be fixed.

I decided to call the customer service number and see if anything else could be done. I spoke to a very friendly woman who was in California. She looked up my serial number and informed me that it was, in fact, “still under warranty” and promptly took down the problem and e-mailed me a printable Fedex shipping label. I sent off the Wii and anxiously awaited its return. The next week my Wii came back, and on the paper detailing the repairs, it stated that they were not able to duplicate the problem. “Oh great” I thought to myself, but upon further reading I discovered that they had replaced the motherboard because it was the “suspected cause” of the problem, and also sent me 2 brand new copies of Resident Evil 4 and Guitar Hero World Tour, all at no cost. For my 2 year old Wii, I would say this is above and beyond the call of duty and wanted others to know.”

Source: The Consumerist
  • zombiefragger

    It is nice to see at least one company out there that honors its warranty and takes it’s customers problems seriously. At least Nintendo is not like the auto makers who say that the product you buy is of quality and value until it comes time to use the warranty, then they are like the repair was not covered because you didn’t follow the maintenance schedule or you used non factory parts on your last vehicle service. I saying this because Hyundai has a clause in their warranty where if you take you new Hyundai car to say jiffy lube for an oil change they can void your warranty because they say jiffy lube’s oil filters will cause damage to the cars engine which by the way is false. And to add to the thought of Hyundai’s warranty clause it is illegal in the U.S. under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

  • The Maverickk

    Actually this is the exact problem I had with my Wii (before they even knew what it was… I described it to the tech service and they had no idea what the issue was) almost 3 months after purchasing. I sadly couldn’t have it repaired till my semester was over though (I didn’t want to go without my Wii while at university I would’ve gone insane)…

    Either way when I finally got around to it Nintendo took care of it flawlessly and all the shipping was taken care of by them, I didn’t lose any of my data and my Wii was only gone for about a week.

    When I got it back it worked better then new. I have never had a problem with Nintendo maintenance, they’ve always been helpful.

  • Nitram

    My friend kept on having trouble with his Wii, he had to send it in a few times and finally for a reason I forgot they just replaced it. It would have gone out of warranty but every time they fix it they extend it.

  • Waddy

    I have a problem with my wii. It plays any game at all apart from Super Smash Bros Brawl (unlucky eh?!) Guess ill end having to send mine off to. Better make sure iv saved all my data to an sd card (just in case ya know) dunno if i can survive without it though 🙁

    • gunner

      i have the exact same problem with my wii my wii wont read my brawl my neighbors brawl or my friends brawl geus i will have to send my wii in also

  • bign_95

    I had a similar experence dealing with Nintendo involving my DS. In Febuary of 2005, three months after the DS came out, I accidently dropped my DS. As a result, the top screen broke. I called up Nintendo and told them my problem. My DS was still under warrenty at the time, but they told me that that repair, repalacing the screen, was not covered under the warrenty. They did tell me, however, that since the system was still very new at the time, they would replace the unit at no charge, as long as I sent in the old unit for them to examine. It was called the Advance Replacement Service, or somthing like that. I got it within a weeks time, sent the old unit in and contiued marveling at how much of an awsome system the DS was. I hear similar stories like mine and I am glad that a huge corporation like Nintendo still values their customers like that.

    • CaptainZM

      Sounds like they wanted to see how it broke and make changes to the durability.

  • rob110

    Nintendo make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. For a corporation who is reeling in the cash you don’t need to feel guilty supporting them the way you do with others.

    Fan boy for life…

  • Many years ago when the original gameboy came out they didn't sell tetris separately because it was the pack in game. My neighbor lost his copy somehow while traveling and called nintendo up to see if they would sell him a replacement. Instead they sent out a new copy no questions asked. Nintendo has had solid customer service for decades now.

  • Quiteblank

    Something similar happened to me recently, as well. My 4-year-old Wii started having disk read errors a while ago, so I went to check on its warranty, expecting that it was expired. Instead, I was able to send it in free of charge and got back a replacement Wii that looked good as new, complete with all of my data. I must say, Nintendo is pretty awesome.

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  • frank roberts

    It is rare that a company would do that. They didn’t lose anything by doing what they for you and gained so much more..