The Wii Food Delivery Channel

The Wii Food Delivery Channel

Ah, the fruits of our new Submit News button are paying off. Apparently another interesting channel will be coming to Japanese Wii owners soon. Set for launch next Spring, the Food Delivery Channel will work in concert with to bring the hungry their sustenance. The channel will also have the ability to randomly select a meal for you, for the indecisive among us.

No word on a US release, but I’m sure if one were to be released it wouldn’t be filled with the Chinese and Japanese food of this Japanese incarnation. Though I can say I do have a soft spot for

Source: MyWii News (Thanks Cereal, our first news tipster!)
  • Cereal

    YAY! My article got posted. And the first one!

    • Triforce of the Gods

      I would of submitted this earlier if the option was available. By the time it was implemented, this was buried in ZI’s news archives. Now I have to find something else. TO THE INTERNET! *sixties Batman jingle*

  • Tanuki

    So umm you order food through the Wii, and they deliver it to you?

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Yeah, pretty much.

  • Microwave Cart `

    sometimes i get too lazy to cook my own food so i would have to call the food delivery service~;*

  • food deliveries are very convienient that is why me mostly order our lunch from several food delivery services here in NY ‘:”