Colin Sebastian, game analyst for Lazard Capital Market, predicts a new Zelda announcement in 2009 with a release in 2010.

Of course this is speculation, if it wasn’t everyone here at ZU would be jumping up and down, and I may have posted the news in all caps (just kidding overlord Jason).

What does this mean for you? It means more hopes and dreams. This is just another rumor. Only time will tell if it is true or not. My advice? Don’t get your hopes up just yet. Wouldn’t you rather wait for a good Zelda game? Back when each title seemed to be amazing, there were almost 5 years between releases. Now There seems to be one every two years, and I feel it to be a bit much. This is just me of course, I’m sure many of you out there would love to see the next installment released tomorrow.

Source: Gamespot

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  • Artorium

    We all complain when it takes a while for a new Zelda to be released. We agonise over how long its taken even if the last one just came out a couple months before…we complain we want a new one; but thats becasue they always leave us wanting more. Thats a good thing, obviously.
    Well I’m glad they take as long as they do as should we all. The games seem more special and are far better quality than pumping out Zelda titles whenever they can. It would be a premium breed of games along side names as Final Fantasy and all that if they did.
    I can wait until 2010 if i have too…as long as its quality 😛

  • Triton The Penguin

    That would be friggin awesome!

  • Twilight64

    I’m not getting my hopes up, but it would be pretty awesome if they did do that. 2010 though seems like they’re pushing it though.

  • By_Farore

    A 2009 announcement won’t surprise me, but a 2010 release? Unless they’ve been hidden their entire production from us all that time, I doubt a quality, ”refreshing” Zelda game would come out that quickly.
    Anyway, speculation speculation. I’ll be happy waiting with only concept art on my hands, as long as it promises to keep the Zelda franchise alive and kicking.

  • Nick

    Why should a Zelda game have to take several years to come out with? When they do make a Zelda game they only spend a year or two actually making it. The extra span between them is just Nintendo not working on one of their franchise games.

    I bet you that OOT had just as much time spent on it as TP did. The amount of years between each game makes hardly any difference. It could be two entirely different teams working on each Zelda game.

  • Gerudude

    Yeah. If there would be an announcement in 2009 would´nt there be some leaked out stuff like sketches or something by now?
    And on what platform will it be released?
    What about the storyline. (hope it´s not that stupid idea about replacing Link by some wannabe).

    • Gerudude

      I completely agree with myself.

  • Z-MAN7

    That seems about right, I am sure Nintendo has enough of the game finished to produce a trailer and screenshots.

  • I do not see how this is a shock! They come out with a new Zelda game at least once a year.

  • Azumizai

    Oh I am excited. I am positive they’ll announce a new game in 2009, but as people said, I doubt that it’ll be released in any of the first three quarters of 2010. It’d probably (if released that year) end up coming out near christmas time, just in time for people to buy it for their Zelda-crazed family and friends.

    And… How long since Twilight Princess? I doubt that the Zelda team only works on ONE GAME at a time. Obviously Phantom Hourglass was being put together around the time of the Twilight Princess production too. Games take a while.

    So I gather that they’ve been working on a new Zelda title for the Wii (at least I hope it’s a console game, and not a hand-held one), they have already been working on it for a while.