Jason was meant to start this up, but he went to sleep and told me to do it. <_<

Alright – this poll, which is to decide the next Webmaster, has two choices.

Firstly, we have Cody, a Super Moderator and Site Staff from Nayru who does much of the behind-the-scenes work on the main site and hosts the soon-to-be released Zelda Podcast.

We also have Power Shot, a Super Moderator from Farore and member of the BA Council who manages the Battle Arena tournaments and loves to create comics in the Sprite Comic board.

There were innumerable others who wished to become candidates, but only these two were approved by Jason as possible choices, so let the voting begin! The voting will be anonymous as to protect the privacy of the voters.

The polls will be open for 48 hours and end at 12:00AM EST on November 6th.

The thread with the poll is here.

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  • Anonymous

    Go Cody+Mccain+Palin 08′!

  • Anonymous

    Cody+Obama 08′!

    • Aaron

      Mccain/Cody 08′!

  • Anonymous

    Cody+Nader ’08! Rock the Greens!

  • Aaron

    LoL Nader XP

  • Jamie

    Cobama 08!

  • Greg

    McCain/Cody! The TRUE mavericks!

  • Gregdawg08

    Yes! ZU is yes on 8! Wooohoo!