Yes you’ve read right, The DSi system is already out in Japan, but for the rest of the world, you will have to wait until at least summer of next year. It was released for ¥18,900 or about $192. The price has gone up since about a month ago because of a skyrocket in the yen. Hit the jump to find out more.

It seems as if Japan knows nothing of the economic troubles facing most of the rest of the world. Nintendo is rearing up to have 300,000 units available for launch this week in Japan. Will all of these units sell? Only time will tell.

I dunno, I’m sort of in the middle on this. Yet again Nintendo just offers a handheld upgrade, and not an entirely new system. Of course I could eat my words, and see exclusive DSi games, and its link with Nintendo’s WiFi is neat, but I can’t get that excited for something that feels like nothing. What do you think?

Source: Engadget and Engadget again

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  • Master Jedi

    I agree that it seems like nothing. I would never buy it because it gets rid of the GBA slot. It really doesn’t add anything people with a cell phone already have anyway.

  • ZantDarksage

    lol, seriously folks. Nintendo DS version 3. This is an ENTIRE waste of time. Making money is the only reason for release. Obviously DS sales are dropping, every ****er who wants one has one already.

    “Come on Vicar and some guy with no upper limbs – buy this! IT’S GREAT! Wow, guy with no upper limbs HAS a DS??, Uhhh… THIS IS TONS BETTER.”

    Nintendo. What ARE you doing.

  • Dark Gerudo

    Although I don’t have a DS (I can’t afford but at least I finally got a Wii), even I have to admit that this DS 3.0 isn’t impressing me.

    Top it all off it loses the GBA slot? I’ll just stick to my trusty SP thank-you-very-much.

  • Tanuki

    I agree. The DSi seriously isn’t all that impressive and i’m sure many of us can do the same thing we can with a DS as we can on our cellphones or whatever.

  • Matt

    yep. definitely a waste of money.
    It’s a DS lite and a cell phone put together. It’s really quite pointless and probably gonna be hella expensive!
    and is that a webcam next to the mic?

    You know what WOULD be a good idea? A “lite” version or a slimmer Wii. Something that could be like a laptop for means of portability. so you could bring it on holiday or to parties! =D
    Kinda like the ps2 slim but with an attachable screen? dunno.

    Thats just an idea me and my friend made up. but hey, we can dream.

  • john b438

    the dsi has some good and bad points about it like no gba slot wow like what if you broke your gba and your ds you couldn’t play them (well not to soon anyway). but sd slot,bigger screen and camera thats what would draw me towards itbut back to bad points HELLO ITS FREAKIN REGION LOCKED WHAT WERE NINTENDO THINKING (okay i think i should calm down)they just took all the good bits of the ds out and but all different things in.but again we will wait to see whats like before we start ranting any more

  • Ray

    I’ll get it depending on the exclusives, it could be a worthy upgrade. I never got the DS Light because it seemed like a big waste of money but the DSI does offer some appeal when the word exclusives was thrown in, so time will tell…

  • Triforce of the Gods

    It’s the GBA all over again. By the time I get around to having enough money for one, the SP was out, so I bought that. Then the next day they came out with a brighter back lite screen.

    Now its the fact that by the time I get around to having enough money for a DS, the Lite was out, so I bought that and half a year later they come out with this.

    Except this time I may need to upgrade?! Your killing me, Nintendo. -_-;

  • I’m glad Nintendo is getting ripped on because of this. We are starting to get fed up.

    This is basically an itouch and a ds combined. There isn’t much reason to get it if you have a perectly good DS or DS Lite.

  • Naokohiro

    The main thing that gets me interested about it is the DS-ware, which everyone here seems to have forgotten. Cheap, easily downloadable games that I can take with me, not to mention all of the free DS-ware they may have. I liked Wiiware a lot, so on the DS it would be nice. They might also have a virtual console, eventually, too. (GB, GBC, GBA?) You never know.

    • DS-Ware. Another chance for Nintedndo to rake in the dough.

  • I cant wait for the new DSi, and the dsiware store will bring some great apps and extra addons for the dsi.
    roll on the 5th April.