In possibly the most unexpected move of the day, Nintendo announced that it will be refreshing some of its older GameCube titles, remarketing them as the “Play On Wii Selection.” These remarketed games will feature new control schemes, similar to Twilight Princess, though perhaps not as feature-filled. Known titles to be released so far are Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Pikmin.

To give a short example of how this will work, Dokey Kong Jungle Beat will forgo the bongo peripheral and instead use the Wiimote + Nunchuk combo. Pikmin will have a cursor on the screen, a la Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, etc.

As for our old friend the Wii Speak, which debuted at E3 earlier this year, it has been given a November 20th release date in Japan, no word on a US release date. It will cost 7800 Yen, or about $74 USD, which is significantly higher than the US price of $29.99.

Along with the Wii Speak will come the Wii Speak Channel, which allows users to, you guessed it, talk through the internet with each other. The Wii Speak Channel, which debuts on November 16th in North America, will be free of charge to anyone with a Wii Speak, which will come with a code that allows you to download the channel. And yes, you heard right – the Wii Speak Channel is coming out in North America before we even know the American release date for the peripheral its meant to be used with. Ah, well – WiiSkype (Skiip?), anyone?