Well, I had an urge to surf the gaming sites tonight, looking for anything that looked juicy.  In addition to finding some more Mega Man 9 videos (which I can’t wait to play that and the original 6 again), I found an item sold on Ebay for $1,350 that isn’t what you would expect.

So, searching through Go Nintendo, I came across this item that was sold August 4th, 2008 for $1,350:

Nintendo Game Boy Factory Sealed

That’s right.  That is an original Game Boy that sold.  You remember, that big grey box that had no color, and had the controls similar to the original NES.

But that’s not all.  There are games above that item that the same guy is selling.  They are all original Game Boy games and they are ranging from $495 to $125.

That is crazy nostalgia right there.  I can’t tell right now if it’s for charity or just some guy selling his collectibles.  Who knows.

That’s what I have for now.