Well, I had an urge to surf the gaming sites tonight, looking for anything that looked juicy.  In addition to finding some more Mega Man 9 videos (which I can’t wait to play that and the original 6 again), I found an item sold on Ebay for $1,350 that isn’t what you would expect.

So, searching through Go Nintendo, I came across this item that was sold August 4th, 2008 for $1,350:

Nintendo Game Boy Factory Sealed

That’s right.  That is an original Game Boy that sold.  You remember, that big grey box that had no color, and had the controls similar to the original NES.

But that’s not all.  There are games above that item that the same guy is selling.  They are all original Game Boy games and they are ranging from $495 to $125.

That is crazy nostalgia right there.  I can’t tell right now if it’s for charity or just some guy selling his collectibles.  Who knows.

That’s what I have for now.

  • Wow, whoever bought it wasn’t thinking. What a rip off. The games I can get for $4 at Gamestop. The console goes for way, way less normally. I would never pay $1350 for a Lameboy, whether it’s deluxe or not. Talk about a waste of money.

  • edracon

    Gregdawg08> It’s not a rip off, those games are still factory sealed so their value is through the roof.

  • Yes it is a ripoff. Hm, should I buy a new Wii, new X-Box 360, new PS3, new PSP, new DS, and some new games, or a factory sealed Gameboy that has no color, a tiny screen, bad controls, and comes with lame factory sealed games? Hard descision there.

  • Artur

    rofl i have the old gameboy XD and some old games ..

  • TanukiMario

    I remember a while back, my friend also had the original. I’m really surprised by how pricey it is just because it is factory sealed. I wonder though if someone had actually just kind of intentionally bought those long ago and saved them all this time, knowing that they could make some good money off of it?

  • BillyBobBoy

    I have the original NES, with Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Paperboy, Jeperody, Duck Hunt with gun, and Track Star Game with the pad. But none of it is factory sealed.=(

  • Hylian Hobbit

    I just hope the guy bought it in the hopes of waiting even longer and then selling it for like 10 times more money than he bought it for. And not because he is such a nerd that he is willing to pay all that money for the sake of having an old gameboy.

  • edracon

    Gregdawg08> You ever heard of the word “COLLECTIBLE”? The people who buy those factory sealed games usually do not intend on even opening them, it’s for collection purposes.

    • Gregdawg08

      Yes edracon, I know what a collectable is. But he could probably find it cheaper someplace else. The point I was getting at was that if you were to buy all of the consoles and games I listed earlier, and saved THEM 10-15 years, you’d make A LOT more money then if you bought a Gameboy that went for, what? $80 or so when it came out? Trust me, you would be better off getting the new consoles. I don’t think there’s one person here, including you, that would spend close to $1400 on on, crappy console if they had a chance.

  • edracon

    stop calling good consoles crappy. old=/=crappy

    • Gregdawg08

      LoL. Compared to the consoles today, the gameboy is a bad console. Ok for it’s time, but really bad now. H’m, a 360, Wii, or PS3, or a Gameboy. Stop defending a console that has no color, a bad control setup, and a bad screen. Compare that even to the gameboy advance, and it already looks bad.

  • BillyBobBoy

    Yeah, the console is really bad compared to consoles these days.
    Like Gregdawg08 said, you’re better off getting all of the new consoles, keeping them factory sealed for 15 years, and selling them for lots of money. You’ll make even more money that way. It’s just not logical to buy one old console for that much money anyway.

  • edracon

    you people have no respect for the great consoles of the past. Non of the current consoles can live up to the greatness the past ones have acheived. The old consoles actually had many games that were many times better than the uninspired retarted games we get right now (I'm looking at you EA, Microsoft, and most of the games made by Nintendo v2.0)

    Sony isn't on the list cause they are actually trying to continue some of their franchises. Even though I hate sony, they seem to be the only ones that are trying to be innovative about their games (controls are nothing if they aren't used well Nintendo v2.0!)

    So, look back to the past and remember the times when games actually tried to acheive something other than thousands of dollars! Even if you weren't alive back then!

    • Megaman Man

      LOL. He's trying to protect the Gameboy?

      "None of the current consoles can live up to the greatness the past ones have acheived"

      This one makes me laugh. You're trying ot say the gameboy is better than all the new consoles? They have color, motion sensitivity, microphones, DVD players, online modes, innovative controls, great graphics, great music, etc. None of which the gameboy has. The console is close to NOTHING compared to what we have today. You don't think they were still trying to achieve money back then? In the gaming world, its ALWAYS been about the money.

      "uninspired retarted games we get right now"

      Uninsprired? Retarded? You myst be playing all the wrong games. What are you playing? Wii Fit? Also, saying people have no respect for "the great consoles of the past" is bogus. They respect it, but the games are not much compared to what we have today. Many, many people will back us here and agree that there are way better consoles than the gameboy. At least the NES had color.

  • edracon

    by “uninspired and Retarded” i mean the newer hardcore games.

  • GreyGhost

    I agree with him. Most of the games today are really stupid. It seems like all we have is a bunch of gimmicks and first person shooters…

    And I call out the thing about great graphics on the newer consoles. I think 2D Sprites, on average, were a lot more polished and perfect then 3D Models have been. There was a lot more innovation in music back in the day too. This day and age, all games seem to do is try to get licensed tracks from the most popular artists and stuff.

    And what the hell point does a DVD player have to do with games?

    The new systems are better technologically speaking, but creatively they are down the crapper.

    But, that is way too much for a gameboy that is probably just going to stay in its box and lose its value as the hardcore classic gamers and the economy go down…

  • Bond. James Bond.

    Oh come on. Not all of them are bad. You gotta play the right games.