On August 28th, 2008, Captain Rainbow will be released in Japan for the Wii, but that hasn’t stopped the gaming community from getting into a mild uproar over the Nintendo Channel previews of the game airing each week, especially after Birdo appeared in an episode shouting “bastard” and displaying a personality that challenges gender definitions.

Over the past two weeks, though, Nintendo fans took notice of the debut of a new character named Miss Tracy.  Link’s Awakening fans may notice this character shares an odd resemblance to Crazy Tracy.  You can check out two videos of Miss Tracy in action, video and translation courtesy of 23Makato23 on YouTube.

Sure-kill! Takamaru’s Infinite Iaigiri
The Fascinating Dynamite Body

Please note that even though the first video says “from Link’s Awakening” in parenthesis, the actual Japanese does not say that.  The Japanese for Link’s Awakening is ゼルダの伝説 夢をみる, which even if you can’t read Japanese, one can clearly see the characters don’t match. However, above her throne she has a portrait of Mario next to a Link portrait.

Rumors about whether or not this is related to Link’s Awakening at all is currently uncomfirmed, but hopefully some light will be shed on the issue once the game releases in three weeks.

Update: Famitsu has confirmed Tracy is indeed based on/actually is the character from Link’s Awakening.

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  • Tonchiki

    Heh heh, that’s amusing. What other obscure characters can they possibly throw into this game? I want to see the Balloon Fighter in here somewhere.

  • Tony

    Pretty nice… by the way, the name of link’s awakening in japanese is yume wo miru shima, you missed de shima 島 part on the text.

    • TSA

      Yep, I forgot the Shima. Fixing now.

  • The Maverickk

    Quite intruiging… this is by far the most unique thing I think coming from Nintendo in a while in terms of characters.

    All the subtleties are there, I wonder when they will really get into the game mechanics though and the purpose of the game. If you notice in every trailer each misfit and over looked character reassures the viewer that things aren’t as they appear and that the game is “not about ____insert said feature here___” but they don’t really mention so much what you will be doing (other then obviously helping each character get through some difficulty.

    It’s really interesting though I hope we get a chance to check this game out in North America. I wonder if it’s possible we will see Earthbound characters make an appearance… they seem like they would fit in nicely.

  • Aeroman

    Makes me think that htere making a cell-haded 3-d remake of alttp

  • Z-MAN7

    I like this. It’s great to see a new quirky game from nintendo that doesn’t invole Miis. If it comes overseas watch NoA screw up it’s awesomeness by censoring the stuff like Birdo being a guy and changeing the game’s name.