I have just posted the speakers that Nintendo are sending to the stage. Now IGN is reporting a rumor that they will announce a new slim DS that will be released.

They aren’t announcing this as a truth, because they can’t verify it with many source, but they have heard a few birdies mentioning that there is a new DS on the way. It will be slimmer, it will be cheaper, and it will have a new feature. It will feature an accelerometer, which will detect motion and tilt automatically. The main thing missing from it? The GBA slot will be non-existent.

This is still just a rumor and won’t be confirmed until either tomorrow at E3, or later on. We’ll keep you informed if we find anything else out.


  • Kaepora

    No way!! Thay can’t do that!!

  • That would be a stupid move by Nintendo. I hope it’s a farce.

  • An accelerometer? Looks like they're locking in on the iPhone. Smart move, because unless they add motion sensing abilities the iPhone will have it beat in both graphics AND innovation.

    By the way, LOVING my iPhone 3G 😀

  • Tonchiki

    NO! I do NOT want to have to buy a new DS! I’ve had my original one since I got it on launch day! Don’t do this to me, Ninty! At least it wasn’t necessary to buy the Lite, but this adds a feature!
    …Unless they release a GBA tilt sensor that does the same thing. Then, it’s no biggie.

  • NO!! I don’t want to have to buy a new DS either! i only had to buy a lite because my DS broke, and the GBA port will be more useful to me than a sensor.

  • What about this?
    this is a “prototype” I saw that looks pretty cool

    I saw a pic of the “slim” ds and it looked like they shopped it with a PS3. It didn’t look real to me.