There is no mailbag this week. The reason? You didn’t give me the mail to respond. Why am I telling you this? So you can SEND ME SOME!

Updated 7/9/2008

That’s right, I didn’t receive any mail. This is either due to a miscue on our end, or no one really sent me some mail. That can be remedied!

This is the link you will need. Click on it and you will find all you need to send me some mail. If I end up getting mail, I will post next week.

Also, E3 is next week. Stay tuned here as we will keep you in touch on what we find out next week.

That is all.

Update: I checked the reason.  Jason put the old email address in the form, rather than the new one he created when we switched.  I fixed it, so if you sent me an email, resend it.  It will get through this time.

  • BBD

    I sent in a letter……… <_<

    It was asking about Hyrularity, and whether or not we could get it finished by another member…. THE QUEST MUST GO ONNNNN!!

  • Luisa

    I did send in a letter… Why didn’t you receive it? >_>

    Oh, God. I can’t wait for E3. Hopefully we’ll be getting some information about the new Zelda.

  • James

    Ok, everyone. Try now, it should work.