It is true. I have finally took some time to punch out a mailbag for you guys. More inside.

It really is unfortunate that I have not really found time to visit ZU in the past months. My life has gotten the better of me. But, I made a promise to Mr. Jason to post a mailbag for the daily updates we are working on. It is also a good plan for me to make a comeback. The main comeback being that I help out as much as I can when E3 rolls around.

But, enough about me. This is the mailbag you are looking for.

Also, I am hoping to put out mailbags every Wednesdays, so that is your cue to put it in the bag.  The deadline for it would be probably be Tuesday afternoon, as I hope to work on it then.  Also, I have a bunch of Interactive Story emails in my mailbox, hopefully I can post that soon as well.  We’ll see.

Until next time.