There’s been a lot of buzz flying around, and with good cause – E3 is coming up, and Nintendo is anticipated to do something huge. We don’t know what it is yet, but some images from Nintendo power might shed some light on the issue. Hit the jump to see a “sword in the stone” inspirat illustration courtesy of Mr. BlurryCam, taken from the “next month” section of the August 2008 issue of Nintendo Power.

Click the thumbnail images for larger versions. I’m actually working today to make this gallery work nicer so that it doesn’t break the page when you view the larger version – that’s a problem WordPress is having (it refuses to make smaller versions that fit in the page).

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  • TStarboy

    Wow. Now Nintendo is teasing Mother fans? O_O

  • PTC

    Thank God its a sword in the stone, not a gun. *Phew*.

    • A Gun in the stone!
      Teh mazter gunz! o.O


  • zantdarksage

    am i missing something?

    taken from the SEPTEMBER 2008 issue?
    it’s july 1st, is this a future leak-preview?

  • Actally, that was from the Next Month Section in the August issue. I just got the issue yesterday. Sometime Nintendo Power sends me them a little early.

  • Goronlove

    Ya but only like 15 days earl…. wait, wait a minute maybe they did this so that we wouldn’t know anything from E3 unless Nintendo power isn’t like Game informer which gives you august issue on like July 15. And this is cool but I can’t help but think of other sword games by Nintendo (Kid Icuris?).

  • Ferilink

    But it says mother three underneath?? OR is the drawing unrelated to the description below?

    I don’t know, I don’t want to get my hopes up inc ase that sword is from another game im not excited about xD;

    Pretty much the games I’m dying for are Zelda, foremost, and Kid Icarus.

    I’ve never played Mother, so I can’t really anticipate it as much as those who have.

  • Breana

    Gah, where is my Nintendo Power? I hope I get the August issue soon.

    -stalks mailbox-

  • Nagrom

    If this is true: this is a really strange Zelda. The main character isn’t link? that’s just wrong. Especially if they make him deranged. Ew. Also, there shouldn’t be guns. That’s lame. What would the point of swords be then?

  • Final Fantasy VII had guns and swords in a semi-futuristic world and it worked beautifully. The idea is that the swords look more modern at times – more machine precision-crafted. I suspect the same would apply in this situation, should this game be real.

  • addy_reilly

    Sounds like Kingdom Hearts to me. “fit for a king?” “a lot of heart?”

    I hope I’m wrong and it’s Zelda tho!

  • link_is_my_luvr

    Yeah, but that sword really doesn’t look like a Keyblade to me. :/

    • addy_reilly

      Doesn’t look like a master sword either :/

  • Vaddix

    Come on, its Kingdom Hearts 3 they’re describing, although its probably mis-info. The clues point right to it, but I believe Nintendo was misinformed by Square-Enix. There are still the three KH games to come for the DS, PSP, and Cell Phone, so its way too early anyways to reveal a KH3 for the Wii.

  • Arkamidis

    I think it could be KH3. But if it turns out to be a zelda game, i hope it’s twice as difficult and realistic looking than Twilight Princess. And the dungeons twice as creepy/scary/eye-popping/extremly challenging. (I’m a big fan of LoZ)And the environment big and spread out.

    Who knows?…but I still think it’s leading to KH3. As for Mother or Kid Icarus I’m not really feelin them.

  • Dodongo Buster

    I saw many forums about this teaser, most of them were related to Kingdom Hearts 3 but when i saw the sword I thought of Zelda straight away!
    Since there are two opinions I thought about joining them, just like i had never thought i’d see Solid Snake or Sonic in Brawl or Disney and Square make a game together we could also be looking at a game where Disney, Square Enix and Nintendo are joined in one… maybe Zelda characters in KH3? but thats not very likely to happen.

    Whatever the case it’s really really intriguing!

    Btw sorry for the bad english

  • zorasriver

    Compared to Kindom Hearts I think there’ll be a lot more people who would like to see another revolution in the Zelda series. They’re talking about the next 20 years. :

    It doesn’t look like a (realistic) Master Sword to me, so if its Zelda than maybe another shell shaded? Like already said, it doesn’t looks like a key-thingy to me either…

    I can’t wait ’till next month!!
    Hell, hell this modern world…

  • Atomic_raddish

    “…cover story fit for a King…” Could that be about Little King’s Story, the upcoming RPG for the Wii?…